The Fire Within Us (A New and Different Version)

The Fire Within Us (A New and Different Version)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


The first few chapters are the same, a little bit, not by much, but I had thought of a few to rearrange things in the story, add some new characters, add more parts to others that were in the other story, and of course have a completely different ending. I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think, I know the other story got read a lot but only got a little feedback, and I appreciate the wonderful feedback that the ones that did comment. But, please let me know, I’m sure you guys and girls will love this one too especially if you loved the other one.


The first few chapters are the same, a little bit, not by much, but I had thought of a few to rearrange things in the story, add some new characters, add more parts to others that were in the other story, and of course have a completely different ending.
I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think, I know the other story got read a lot but only got a little feedback, and I appreciate the wonderful feedback that the ones that did comment. But, please let me know, I’m sure you guys and girls will love this one too especially if you loved the other one.

Chapter1 (v.1) - INTRO

Author Chapter Note

Let me know what you think, I took the other story, started it off the same, for the first couple chapters are the same, but its going to be different situations, different characters added, different scenes, and of course of course a different ending. Please let know what you think.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 24, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 24, 2017



I woke this morning feeling refreshed feeling nervous, feeling anxious. It was first day at a new job. I had moved from Texas all the way to California for this job. You see I was a certified paramedic and fire fighter. I had worked hard for this career. This type of career was a dog eat dog world. It was honestly a man’s world, and I was a female. It was hard. But I made it. I graduated top in my graduating class. I got many job offers, I did want out of the state of Texas, and I applied with every major city that I could. And San Diego fire department. I had flown out there of a job interview with the city, they loved me. Then I had an interview through skype with one of the fire chiefs and at the end of the interview he offered me a job. I took it. I wanted to go somewhere else. I wanted to start somewhere fresh. Given I worked in Texas for a few years and my fire chief and bosses all gave me high recommendations and of course wished me the best of luck when I moved. It was sad to see it go, I met a lot of great people, worked with some fantastic ones, but it was time for a change.

And I left. I moved clear across the country for a job.

I don’t know why I was drawn to San Diego but I was. After the first time, I visited with the first interview, I fell in love. And I knew I wanted to be here. I had never been to California in my life. But I knew I wanted to be here. It felt right from the first time I was here, until when I drove through. In my little mustang, with my dog in the front seat. I rolled down the window and let that breeze come off the beach and hit me right in the face. I had found an apartment online, I didn’t even visit it, it was such a good deal and when I had called about it, the relator told me that it would go off the market really fast. Just because of the location and the price. It wouldn’t last. So, I went ahead and agreed, signed my lease over an email. I sent the deposit and first month’s rent through PayPal. And the relator mailed me the keys overnight Fed Ex to my apartment in Dallas. So, I was all set and ready to go. I had a cross country moving company pick up all my things, they picked them up a day before I had left, but they were supposed to be there around the same time that I arrived. And they were. The apartment was breath taking. I had an amazing view. I could literally walk 500 ft. and be at the beach. I was in love with it. And the first night I was there my dog Susie and I ran up and down the beach. She loved it too.

When I woke up this morning, you could tell she didn’t want me to get up. But I snuggled my face next to her, and told her mommy has got to go make some money or neither one of us is going to be eating. She just yawned, stretched and rolled over.

Silly dog.

I got up, got dressed. I had picked up my uniforms the other days. I had met some of my co-workers but not all of them. There was a couple that I didn’t. I was told that there was 5 other people on my shift. There are 6 including me. I met only 4 of them. The other two was another female, who her and I would be the only females, and another guy. They told me his name was Todd, and the girls name was Emily.

I was excited. I was nervous, but this is what I wanted. I wanted this. I had to make it happen. I was going to make it happen.

I got to work and everyone was there but me it seemed. My lieutenant told me to meet him in the front office and he would show me around. Introduce me to the previous shift, the others that I didn’t get to meet the other day, and show me around so we can start check offs. At the beginning of each shift you have check offs of everything in every ambulance, fire truck, fire engine. It was a good couple hour process if you didn’t get interrupted but it was protocol. 

I walked into the station carrying my overnight bag, since I did work 24 hours, I did get to know my neighbor. I ran into her down at the beach and she offered to let out Susie and watch her while I worked. Which was fine with me. I trusted her so far. But she screws up once, then I’m done I don’t give second chances. My old job let me bring my dog to work with me in the evening time so if they let me here I will run home and get her and let her stay here with me at nights.

“Hello Leigh” I looked up to my LT. standing in front of one of the ambulances. This fire station two ambulances and two fire engines. It was small. But they told me it was fairly busy because of the neighborhood.

“Hey Daniel”

“Welcome to station 14. Are you nervous yet?”

“A little. It is going to be hard seeing how everyone else works and works with patients. I know that everyone is different”

“That we are. I figured if we get a call today. I will let you take over and let the others see how you work. If that is something you want? or you can just watch and see how they work first? It doesn’t matter?”

“Let me see how they work first”

He nodded

“That works. Let me introduce you to Emily and Todd. They are already here. Mostly people get here around 6:30 just FYI”

“I will make note of that” I giggled

“Emily, this is Leigh, the new one I was telling you about”

Emily actually looked and was built a lot like me. She was tall like me, she was built a little, she had long brown hair.

“Hi Leigh! How are you? I heard you are from Texas? Wow that is a long random move” she giggled as we shook hands.

“Yeah it was pretty random, but I needed something new”

“This is a good start. You will love it here. And if any of the guys give you shit, let me know I will fucking kill them”

“Thank you but I can handle myself. I will let you join in though”

“Who is joining who?” I heard a voice

I turned around and looked it was another man that I had met. He seemed like a perv when I met him the other day, and now with that comment just confirmed it.

“She is hands off Brett!” Emily snapped at him

“What? I didn’t do anything. I just stated something that was obvious. If you two are having a thing for each other, then at least let people watch”

“Holy shit, shut the fuck up! And get back to back checking off Medic 1”

“Yes Ma’am” he smarted off to her and started kissing the air at her with his lips.

“He is an idiot, but you grow to love him. you just got to handle his dirty sense of humor” she explained

“It is ok, this is not my first rodeo with men like him”

We all three laughed. Which I didn’t mind.

I had my back facing the other ambulance, while Emily and Daniel were facing me.

“There he is. There is Todd” Daniel said as I turned around.

My mouth just dropped.

I knew him. I know of him.

We have talked before. It was years ago, but he didn’t recognize me because he had no idea what I looked like. But I knew who he was.

You see when I was 17, I was just starting out my career, I was still in high school when I was going through EMT school as well. But anyway, I was really into online chatting and I met Todd. He sent me pictures of him but I never sent him pictures of me. We talked almost every day. But one day he found out that I was 18. He flipped out, even though we didn’t do anything (like phone sex or exchange pictures) but we did talk about it sometimes, and sometimes talk about a future. He did send me something for my 18th birthday, well he thought I was turning 21, but I was turning 18. But anyway, it wasn’t anything bad it was a couple of medic movies, one was mother, jugs, and speed, and other was back draft. He sent me some chocolates, and a t-shirt from his fire department. The one that I work at now. At the time he was 33, all the memories we had, the conversations, everything came flooding back to me.

But he had no clue who I was. Because I had never sent him a picture of me because I looked young and I didn’t want him to figure out my true age at the time. But he did know my name, and that I was from Texas.

“Hi I’m Todd.” He put his hand out.

“I’m Leigh. Nice to meet you”

But in my head, I said it is nice to meet you finally.

I completely forgot about Todd. He was good looking then and damn he is fucking good looking now.

"Are you ok there? You look like a deee caught in the head lights?" Emily asked me as Todd walked off

"Yeah I'm fine. He just looks familiar"

"Todd? Todd is kind of a loner he has been here for 15-16 years I think. Then man is I think 42-43. He was supposed to retire a couple years ago because he got injured but they let him stay. He fought the system passed all the tests and physicals and they let him back"

"How did he get hurt?" I asked her

" He feel through a house. They were up on top trying to release some pressure and he fell through. He was out of work for almost a year. Broke his back and everything but he managed to come back. He is one lucky man. But you will rarely hear from him. He doesn't talk much, he keeps to himself and does his job and leaves. He's never been married, no kids, I think he only has his father alive. His mother died years ago. He has no siblings. He is just a straight loaner. But he can talk his way into patients I've seen it many times. Especially children"

"Wow he is lucky and that's a great trait especially in this job a lot of children hate medical people" I sighed

He was lucky, but then again, I had not spoken to him in about 10 years. The last time he talked to me he was yelling at me over the phone because he found out I was 18 and not 21. But that was all my fault I kept that from him. I was young and stupid. He was my first real crush and even though we lived states apart I liked him. I liked him a lot.

"I wonder why he never married?" I asked Emily

"Rumor has it about 10-11 years ago he met someone online, like fell hard core in love with her, but he never told her he loved her. And she broke his heart somehow. And since then he doesn't want to trust another woman he just keeps to himself and his dog. And I think his father lives with him. But that's all we know. But who knows if that rumor is even true."

My heart just sank. That girl was me and oh my god he was in love with me. I believe that just by the way I remember our conversations when we talked he would smile through the phone I could tell. I just thought he really liked me, I didn't think someone could fall in love with someone over the phone. Someone you have never met before. And I was working with him. I was 20 ft from him. And he had no idea. Do I even tell him? I mean, should I? Should I let him figure it out on his own? Will he ever figure it out? He is a smart man from what I remember.

I can’t believe that I forgot about Todd. It took me honestly to forget him. I was attached to him. I remember he used to joke and say I was his young sexy medic. That made me smile again. Just thinking about him. I'm still in ahhh that it is him. It is really him. But it did take me a while to get over him. I had to completely block him out of my life to totally forget about him.

But being drawn to San Diego maybe was a sign to reconnect with him. Maybe? I don't know there's a million things going through my mind right now. It still wonders if he has figured out it is me yet. I still remember the last conversation we had he was telling me how upset and used he felt figuring out that when we started talking I was 17. I still can't remember why or how he found out. Still something's are a blur on what and how thing went down with us. But it is starting to slowly come back to me.


The shift wasn’t that bad, we had a few calls. I didn't talk to Todd the rest of the shift. We did make eye contact a few times but that was it. I was scared yet nervous he knew who I was. But then again it was 10 years ago, and he had no idea what I looked like. So, who knows.

After, I got off work I went over to this coffee shop that was by my apartment. It was kind of a tradition or routine that after work every morning I went and got me a cup of coffee, and pastry. And when I got home I sat on my patio, just enjoying the morning, drinking coffee, having my breakfast, and well having a cigarette as well. I don’t smoke a whole lot but it’s just something about having a cigarette after a shift, it just relaxes me and lets me clear my mind. You see and experience so much with this job, sometimes you just must clear your mind somehow and this was mine.

I walked into this coffee shop, I hope it was good. I haven’t found a true place yet.

"What can I get you?" the young land behind the counter asked.

"Just plain coffee, a large please"

"Room for cream and sugar?"

"Yes please"

"And surprise me with some kind of pastry" I suggested

"Would a blueberry muffin work? That is all we have left"


"5.92" she said

I gave her my credit card. And within seconds another worker had my coffee and muffin sitting right in front of me.

"Thank you"

I picked up my things.

"You are welcome. Have a good day" she smiled at me as I walked off, towards the front door.

"Following me?" I heard someone snap at me

"Excuse me?" I turned and looked it was Todd.

"For your information, I live over here and I was getting some coffee and heading home. But why am I even explaining things to you, it is none of your business" I snapped at him.

"Well excuse me. Miss. No, it all" he smirked at me.

"What is your problem? you have been giving me shit since yesterday"

He stood up from the table he was at, walked over in front of me.

"I don’t know. Something about you that I just want to tease and mess with" he looked at me.

I just had to say it.

"Do you even know me? Who I’m?"

"You are a spoiled brat is who you are. You need some work in your life, to make you respect people. Especially your elders"

"Wow. I respect lots of people for your information. But it’s the ones that think they know it all, or are complete assholes to me. That of course I'm going to stand my ground and fight back with"

"Why am I even standing here arguing with you. You are the one that started it just to mess with me. What is it because I'm new I 'm the amateur now? I've been through that before, this is not my first day of the job, my first rodeo experience. I have been doing this job now for almost 8 years."

"And I have been doing it for almost 20. I know what I'm doing. I know what to do. And I don’t know why the chief hired such a...  such a unqualified person. Someone who doesn’t have as much experience as the rest"

"Maybe it is before the ones he has need to retire because they keep injuring themselves. They are getting up the ladder their buddy with age, and making mistakes on the job. And they can’t have that kind of shit"

His mouth about dropped when I told him that. I guess he didn’t know that I knew about his past, how he was injured and they wanted him to retire.

"Have a lovely day Todd. I got stuff to do instead of arguing with someone so pointless"

I turned and walked out of the coffee shop. I heard footsteps behind me I knew it was him, he was following me.

"What do you want? Why are you following me?" I turned and snapped at him.

And I was right it was him.

I could feel my fists tightening up. I wanted to punch him. I wanted to hit him. But I looked right into his eyes. They were light blue, they were smooth looking. I remember his eyes from the pictures in the past. He looked like he didn’t age at all. He was still sexy.

He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me into him.

He pressed his lips on to mine, slowly sliding his tongue into my mouth. I just fell, my body was at all. It was melting literally right there on the side walk.

I pulled away from him and just looked at him.

"What was that for?" I mumbled

"I don’t know. I just wanted to do it. Something told me to do it. I don’t know why, it seems like I have known you my whole life, for many years. And that’s not the case I just only met you yesterday"

He doesn’t know it is me. He doesn’t know! He just has that feeling that he knows me. I don’t think he figured it out.

I just nodded at him and agreed.


That was all I could say. I didn’t know what else to say to him.

"I don’t know what else to say or do. I'm sorry if that kiss upset you or offended you. I will try to get the smart ass down at work. I do respect you. I read your file. Very impressive."

"Thank you" I smiled at him.

"I guess I will see you next shift" he suggested at me.

I don’t know why I just said it but it came out. It was like a mess of my mouth.

"Unless you want to come back to my place? You can help me unpack?" he started laughing.

"Tempting. I don’t know about the unpacking part"

"You can just watch me if you want to?"

"I will take that offer"

He smiled as he leaned and pressed his lips against mine again. I was lost in kiss. I didn’t know what else to do but to just let him kiss me.

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