The Dark Soul

The Dark Soul The Dark Soul

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


I had nothing, I was nothing. My fiance' left me in the middle of the night a year ago, and no one knows where he is at. I dont want a man, I dont want my life to be happy. I just want to go out and try to be a happy me. But when a man finds everything everything I do a coincidence. It is hard to get him out of my mind. But I don't want any of that. I just want meaningless sex, but he wants more and I will not have it. Even if I have to run myself.


I had nothing, I was nothing. My fiance' left me in the middle of the night a year ago, and no one knows where he is at. I dont want a man, I dont want my life to be happy. I just want to go out and try to be a happy me. But when a man finds everything everything I do a coincidence. It is hard to get him out of my mind. But I don't want any of that. I just want meaningless sex, but he wants more and I will not have it. Even if I have to run myself.

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How can you get over your first love? The man that could melt you without even trying. A man who loved you so much that you knew he was the one from the first-time you guys met. That was me, and I lost him. I lost him before we got married. I lost him before we could spend our lives together. There to me is not another man in the world that could get me to feel the way I did about him. The man I was in love with, the man I knew would be my soul-mate. He left me. He left me in the middle of the night one night and never came back. I don’t know why he left. No one knows why he left. He just did. I thought everything was perfect, we lived together, we planned our futures together, and it was just gone. It was gone in the split of second. I don’t know what I did, or what I did wrong. I don’t know if he was scared. If he was worrying. He was confused himself but he left. He left me. He left everything we had. Even his friends, his parents have no idea where he is.

It has been a year to the day, that he left.

I still have the rest of his belongings in a box in my bedroom closet. I never got rid of them. I can’t do it. I just can’t. I loved him. I still love him. But what he did to me. It changed me. To the point, my whole life is turned upside down. I am not the same person I was before. I turned into a dark soul, that I know no one can pull me out of it. Except him. And I have learned and excepted that he will not come back.

So here I am, I am about to go out.

I ended up leaving the house that him and I had. I moved in a small one bedroom apartment. I have simple things, like a couch, on TV, just a bed in my bedroom. But I had a closet full of clothes. I liked to look good, I liked to hide my depression, my anxiety, my looks.

I used to be nurse.

I couldn’t even show my face at work after he left me. My ex-co-workers knew that I was engaged, that we had a wedding planned. That we had everything planned for us. I was happy, I was excited. But about three months before the wedding, is when he left. He left me. He left our future. He left it all. But I couldn’t face them. They knew how happy I was and the first day I went back to work, everyone knew. Everyone knew that he left me. And there was so many whispering behind my back. People were talking about him, how they felt sorry for me now, how I looked sad, miserable, depressed. I looked worse than I did before-hand. I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I clocked out, and never went back.

I used my savings to live off for a little bit. The house I was in, well we were in, was a rent house, so I just left without giving a notice. I got the apartment and just became a dark miserable person.

Except at night.

At night, I knew how I needed to make myself a little better.

And that is when I would walk the streets, go to clubs, go to bars, I find…well I find one night stands.

I dressed sexy, I knew I was. That was the only time I felt good was dressing that way. And being with these men, that I only see once. I will not go to repeat “offenders” as I like to call them. It is the only time that I feel good about myself. I let them take advantage of me. I go back to their place, a hotel, the back seat of a car, the club bathroom, anywhere we can get to honestly.

During the time, we have sex, I just let him do it. It takes away all the pain that is built up inside of me. I just let it go while this random man was inside of me. It was the only way, the only time, that I could feel free. The only time, that I felt no pain. But as soon as the rush was over, and when I got home. I was back to myself. I was back to the dark, sad self.

I got dressed, in this black short skirt, with low cut blue top. I put on some black high heels. I had long brown hair that was down to the middle of my back, I curled it. To me I looked better with curly hair. I did light natural make-up. And I actually smiled at myself in the mirror.

I didn’t want you thinking that I did this every night. But for sure on the weekend.

I did get a new job, that I do work during the week, I have made new friends at that job. But I did not go out with them. I didn’t socialize with them, except at work. They have asked me to go out to have drinks with them, but I always declined. I made up an excuse that I had a part time job on the weekends and I cannot go out late because I had to get up early. I never did want to tell them that I did go out, I did have some feelings for them. And when I did go out, I went out to cities that were 3-4 hours away. I would get off work Friday afternoon, I would already have an over-night packed, sometimes even get a hotel. I have never taken them back to my place. Well, one, I was always a few hours away from the clubs, bars that I went to so it would be pointless to drive that far, and well, it was a one night stand, we got it on anywhere that was fast, easy to get to, and sometimes they did come back to the hotel I was staying out. But after we were done I would kick them out.

I don’t like cuddling, I don’t like being touched. I don’t like any of the snuggling stuff. I don’t like any of that. So, after the sex, the fucking, the whatever you want to call it. I always told them, they needed to get dressed and leave. And I have never had a guy object to it. He felt the same way I did, he just wanted to get his dick wet, he wanted to have a good fuck, he wanted to have sex. That is what both of us got, that is what both of us needed, it happens, and he leaves. And I never see them again.

This weekend, I was about three and half hours away from my apartment. I had gotten a hotel.

I called a taxi, and was waiting outside for him to get there.

I heard some people talking behind me, but I really didn’t pay attention to them. I just heard what it sounded like two guys, and one female talking.

I saw the taxi pull up, as I was shoving my cell phone back in my purse.

I turned back around and ran into, literally ran into one of the guys that was behind me talking.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry!” I looked at him

He just smiled.

“It’s ok. Don’t worry about it” he smiled at me.

I didn’t really notice anything about him, except that he was taller than me. And he had on some expensive ass shoes. They were leather Italian black shoes. Just by looking at them, I knew they were expensive as fuck.

I did look at him again, he was smiling at me. He had deep brown eyes. He looked Italian maybe? I am not sure.

He turned and started going towards the taxi, the taxi that I ordered.

“I think that is my taxi!” I kind of snapped at him.

He turned back around at me.

“No this is mine, I am pretty sure”

“No, it is mine.” I pulled out my phone and looked at it.

This was my taxi, it shows it is mine.

“See it is mine!” I turned my phone back around at him, he stopped, looked at it.

“I guess you are right” he sighed

“Well shit, I thought this was my taxi. I have to get somewhere, and in a hurry”

I just sighed, there was a small, a really small part of me, that felt sorry for him.

“You can have it... I guess” I looked over at him.

“You are kidding me, right?” he was shocked that I told him, he could have my taxi.

“Yes, it is fine. Just take it before I change my mind”

“Well where are you heading tonight?” he asked me “Maybe we could share?”

“I am just going to be going out, have not decided yet. So, since you are running late somewhere, have at it. Take it” I said

“You are a lifesaver. Thank you. I owe you. Are you going to be here tomorrow?” he asked me

“Unfortunately, no, I am only here tonight, I will leave in the morning”

“Oh ok. Well again, I appreciate it so much. I got to run. But again, thank you”

He opened the back door to the taxi, sat down and winked at me.

I just smirked, I’m sure like a goofy idiot.

I got my phone back out, requested another taxi, and luckily one was near and picked me up in about five minutes.

I asked the taxi driver, just to take me to the newest coolest club in the city. He told me about a place that just opened tonight. That it was supposed to be newest hottest place. I just smiled and agreed to it. And if it was busy, then it would not be hard to find someone to have sex with me.


He pulled up to the club, it was huge, I could hear the music thumping from the street. There was a line of people waiting to get in. Ugh. I thought to myself, I really didn’t want to wait in that line. But, to get in, I guess I better.

I paid the taxi driver, got out, walked back to the back of the line, and just waited.

I was waiting for a good 15 minutes, I was playing some lame game on my phone while the line was slowly moving.

“Excuse me Miss?”

I looked up and saw one of the security guys standing next to me.


“The owner of the club, requests that I come get you. He didn’t want you waiting in line”

“Umm ok I guess, sure”

I didn’t object, I think he thought I was someone else, but I just followed him up to the front door to the club. He opened the door to the club and motioned for me to go inside.

“Thank you” I said

“Have a goodnight miss. And enjoy yourself” he said as I walked in.

I just walked into club, it was nice. Lights flashing everywhere. It was two stories. It had a massive dance floor. I saw multiple bar stations, but I just walked up to the nearest one and ordered me a cocktail.

I walked over to the railing that kind of separated the dance floor from the floor that had the couches, tables.

I just watched the dancers, kind of watching around the dance floor. It is entertaining to me to watch people dance. I see the happy couples. It makes me happy that others have their prince charming and they didn’t get burn and heart broken. Like I did.

“Looks like you got out of that line”

I turned around, and it was the man. The man that I gave my taxi to.

“Oh, so did you enjoy my taxi?” I smarted to him

“I did. Thank you. It got me to work”

“Your welcome” I sighed

“Jeez, maybe I should have left your ass outside”

Once he said that it realized that he was the owner of this club.

I just laughed.

“It would not have phased me any, this place kind of sucks”

His eyes got huge.

“Does it now? You have only gotten you one drink and made your way about 50 ft into this place”

“And? That is all it takes. People get impressions from the first things they see, and well the first drinks they have. And I got to say you drinks you are serving are not correct. They are made incorrectly”

“Oh yeah?” he yanked the drink out of my hand, and actually took a sip out of out.

He moved the liquid around inside of his mouth, and the swallowed.

“Told you!” I cocked an attitude with him

“And you can do better?”

“I know I can.”

“Then go show up my bartender, you do better, I will fire her. And I will give you $500 bucks”

Five hundred dollars did sound nice. I could use the money and I know damn well I can make a better drink than that woman.


He grabbed my hand walked me back to the bar, he walked behind the bar, taking me with him.

“I need you to make me cosmo” he told the bartender.

She just looked at him, and nodded.

She made one.

She handed it to him.

He sat it down on the top of the bar.

“Ok now you”

I just rolled my eyes, gathered a glass and made one. I made on in half of the time she made one.

“Here” I handed it to him and stepped back out of the bar.

He took both glasses and grabbed a random guest. Two guests actually. They were a couple. He asked them to try both and tell him which one they liked better.

They both, tried both drinks and told him what they thought.

He came back to the bar, poured the drinks into the sink, we over to the safe that was under the cabinet, opened it with the key he had on his key chain. Took out an envelope and came back to me.

He opened the envelope, took out five, one hundred dollar bills.

“They liked yours better. I even tried it as well. You are right here you go” he shoved the money into my hand.

“Again, told you!”

I turned to walk out from behind the bar, shoving the cash into my purse.

I walked back up to the front door of the club, I walked out, was heading down the steps that lead to the main street, but I felt someone grab my arm and turn me around.

“I fired her” he said

“Good, she sucked. You need better bartenders”

“Work for me” he demanded


“Why not?”

“I don’t do this as a career no more, and well I live almost four hours away from here. Not going to happen”

He just looked shocked that I turned him down. Like women don’t turn him down.

“Have a goodnight Mr.?” I asked

“Mr. Jackson. And your name is?”


I didn’t lie. Which was a first. I never told my real name. And it just came out.

He picked up my hand and kissed it.

“It is a pleasure meeting you Adrianne. I would love to get to know you. I would.”

“Your first name?” I smarted


“Well Landon, have a goodnight with your club, it still sucks”

I turned and just started walking off. I didn’t want to get to know anyone. It was not my thing, and it was not going to happen.

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