The Dark Side of Love

The Dark Side of Love The Dark Side of Love

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Mia has had ups and downs in her life, going from an abusive father, moving out to being with a bdsm husband, and now her husband has kicked her out and she has become friends with someone new, could it be someone she could feel or fall in love with? or some one that is just going to use her for her body like her father and husband?


Mia has had ups and downs in her life, going from an abusive father, moving out to being with a bdsm husband, and now her husband has kicked her out and she has become friends with someone new, could it be someone she could feel or fall in love with? or some one that is just going to use her for her body like her father and husband?

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“I know you don’t fucking love me, you never have, you are only just saying that to be in MY house, in my mansion. I…I should have fucking left you were I found you. You are nothing to me anymore.”

“Absolutely fucking NOTHING!” he snapped at me harder.

He had this serious look on his face like he was about to punch me, that he was about to just start swing at me. I had only seen that look one other time. But that’s a story for another time. Even though I hated this man, I fucking hated him for the way he has treated me in the past, for what he did to me, but I grew to love him. I grew to hold on to his soul, and I wanted to be with him.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE!” he yelled but in a stern way.

“I will have Jefferey take you anywhere you want to go, within reason. And I never want to hear from you again!”

I gulped and just looked at him. Before our fight it had been a night evening, it was our anniversary. Our two-year wedding anniversary. We were married quickly actually after we started dating. We had only been dating about six weeks when he purposed to me, and of course I said yes. I’m not going to lie I said yes to him just so I could get away from my father. My father beat me daily and made me work three jobs. One of them was a stripper, one of them was a bartender and the other cleaning houses during the day time. At night is when I made most of my money. And at night is when I had the most clients. And yes, I said it clients. I was a “call girl” if that’s how you want to put it. A lot of the girls at the strip club I worked at had clients outside of the night club. And I would go home with them, fill their fantasy’s, and get paid a lot more, way more than just dancing on a pole. But, a lot of that money I would hide from my father I had almost 1000 saved in a box I had hidden in the air conditioner vent, but one day it was raining so hard, that the shitty little wooden framed house we lived in started to flood, and of course my room was the one that roof leaked so bad that the ceiling caved in. And when it did, my father found the box of money I had hidden. I got the shit beaten out of me that night. I thought I was going to die honestly. But of course, he wouldn’t kill me off yet, because I had money to make for him. With a broken nose, busted lip, black eye, bruised ribs I still went to work the next night.

And that was the night, that I meet Damien.

Damien was a high-powered defense attorney in this city, let alone in this state. He has gotten some of the most hated guilty criminals off and free from going to jail. I didn’t know that until after we started dating. He never told me what he did as a job, he honestly didn’t tell me anything about his personal life. I just learned things as it came out later. But I was just happy that someone was giving me attention and in a positive way, well at least now anyway, once we got married and I moved into his house that changed, and it changed the day I moved in. He instantly wanted to control me, tell me when I could leave the house, and only Jefferey could take me if he approved of it. Jefferey was a body guard/ driver for him. He would take Damien to work early in the morning about 6:30, and come back and pretty much watch my every move. Every room I went into (the ones I could go in anyway) he wasn’t too far behind me. If was sitting out on the back porch with my cat (he finally let me have a cat after months of begging for one), I asked for a dog at first but he said hell no to that. He suggested that I get a fish or something that didn’t require much attention. But on our one year anniversary he got me a little kitten, a little orange white tabby one. He said that I was a good girl for the first year we were married and since I was, he trusted me with a kitten. The cat is honestly the only friend that I have. Jefferey didn’t really speak to me, only ask me if I could do this or that? and if he didn’t believe me (which was a lot of the time) he would call up Damien and ask him if I could do certain things or go certain places. It was annoying, but it bets going back to my father’s house. Damien made me quit all my jobs. Which was fine with me, I didn’t want to go back there anyway. In his house, he had a special room for me. It was my bedroom. It has a small full-size bed in it, a dresser, a small TV, a desk that sat in front of the window, a closet full of clothes, and a bathroom with just a sink and simple shower. I slept alone every night in that room. Damien never wanted to sleep in the same bed together. He said he made him feel uncomfortable. And I guess that was fine. But when we wanted sex, he would come right into my room, crawl on top of me and just have his way with me. We never had sex in his bedroom. I had only been in his room one day, and it was because he showed it to me the day I moved in, and every day when he left to go to work, he locked the door. When we had sex, even before we had sex when I moved in he told me that I was going straight on birth control, and I was also taking a morning after pill as soon as we finished having sex. That he did not want any children, he never planned on it and he never will. And he said and I quote “You are not going to be the bitch that gives me any children” so during the last two years of being married, when we had sex, he would bust inside of me every time. He didn’t like to make a mess or be a messy person. So, he was either in the pussy or in the ass every time. I wasn’t a fan of anal sex but I did it for him, I let him. And we were having sex almost every night. Except when it was “Shark week” as Damien liked to call it. He didn’t even speak to me when I was on my period. He would have my dinner sent up to my room, he had me isolated while I was on my period week. It was weird. But out of the crazy things he did, the crazy rules he had. I honestly did love him and I know he loved me. I knew he did. He just showed it differently that other normal relationships. I would see the way he would smile at me sometimes, or the way his eyes would lock into mine while we were having sex, while he was on top of me. He liked to fuck, I mean good hard core, the head board was slamming into the wall sex. But, there were time when he would open my bedroom door and just smile at me. He would start stripping his clothes off as he was walking towards me. Most of the time I would be asleep but I knew he was coming into my room. He would slide back the covers and slide up behind me. I could feel his breath hiss on the back of my neck as he would start kissing it softly. I would moan softly as I knew that’s what turned him on. I could feel his soft big hands slide down the outside of my thigh as he moved his hand around to the front and started going after my pussy. Eventually I would hear him whisper “Roll over baby” as I did he would roll over on top of me. He had a rule any way that I have to sleep naked, and which I didn’t mind but I think this was the main reason why he wanted me to so, when he did come into room at night it was one thing that got in his way.

He would look down into my eyes as he knew how to direct his cock up against my throbbing wet pussy. Leaning down shoving his tongue softly into my mouth as the wetness from our tongues touched as his thick cock made its way inside of me, stretching me out. I would arch my back in pleasure as I was already dripping wet and he was thrusting in and out of me. He would look deep into my eyes, I could tell those eyes loved me. Leaning back making his cock go deeper inside of me. I would start moving with him, he loved that, moving my hips with the rhythm of his hips. I don’t know if it pleasured him that good, but it for sure did make him cum faster. And he would get a little upset about that, I would read his lips and he would have mumbled “ugh here it comes” he would crack a smile though, lean down press his lips on mine, grabbing my hips at the same time. He would grunt through the kiss as he started unloading his hot sperm inside of me. He would jerk a few times as he kept releasing sperm. Eventually he would either collapse on me, wait a few minutes, letting himself catch his breath. Or he would instantly pull out, see the white cream cum that I left all over his cock, and just smile.

“That’s right, damn baby. I did that”

He did, he was amazing at sex, and me made me cum multiple times every time we had sex.



But the night of our two-year anniversary, things changed.

I don’t know what had happened. He had told me earlier in the day to be ready about 7 pm we were going out to dinner and maybe a little something. And I was ready for him. He had bought me a dress and it was delivered to the house, and I was all ready to go for him, and when 7 o’clock went I was in the living room waiting for him. When he came in the front door I smiled at him. He didn’t smile back and walked right upstairs.

I waited to see maybe if he was going to just change clothes, but never came down stairs. Eventually Jefferey came down and just looked at me. I nodded at him. I knew we weren’t going to go nowhere.

“Jefferey do you think it is ok if I make something for dinner then since we are not going out?” I stood up off the couch and asked him.

“That is fine. Just clean up your mess and make it fast. Mr. Damien wants peace and quiet tonight”

I smiled and nodded.

I know what that means, it just means make some quick, take to my room and don’t come out the rest of the evening.

That’s what I did. I just made me a turkey sandwich, a plate of chips, grabbed a few cookies form the pantry, a couple of bottles of water to last me the rest of the night and went to my room. I knew better than to leave the room once I hear he needs peace and quiet time.

And that is what I did. I ate my dinner, I took a shower, I got into my pajamas, and I laid down. I fell asleep but was woken up to him coming into my bedroom door literally he didn’t even open the door he used his force and pushed it open.

He started yelling about how he wanted me out of his house, how he wanted everything of mine gone. And I was shocked from all of this, something happened that night that he wanted me gone that fast. Not even giving me a notice just making me leave suddenly and I had no other choice. You see when we got married I signed a prenup so nothing in the house was mine, I wasn’t entitled to any money, that if he ever wanted a divorce I had to leave the house. He had a massive prenup and contract drawn up, trust me I read it all but I just signed it.


“Fine, ok I will pack my things I will leave”

The only thing he let me take was the clothes which was fine because I didn’t come into this house with much clothes. All of the clothes that I was able to take plus some personal items fit into two big suit cases he gave me. I had changed into a pair of jeans, tank top, put a hoodie over because it was fall time, at night he got about 50 degrees out with a cold wind.

I walked down stairs with the two suit cases. He was waiting at the front door with Jefferey.

“He will take you where you want to go. And here. Here is 100 dollars, just in case you need to get a hotel for the night or tomorrow night. But I don’t want to hear from you, I don’t want to see you, I want nothing to do with you no more. I will take care of the divorce. You don’t even have to sign for it. I will file a missing spouse divorce tomorrow morning and within 90 days we will be divorced.”

I just nodded and took the money from him and shoved it into my pocket.

Jefferey picked up one bag while I had the other and we walked out the front door to the car that was already parked out in front. I didn’t even look back, I didn’t want to know why all of this just happened.

I got into the car after helping put the bags in the trunk. I looked over at the house as we were driving away he was outside watching, it was odd from the way he had just treated me, that suddenly he was acting like a lost puppy, or a dear caught in the head lights. Something was off, but I wasn’t going to fight with him, I learned that out a long time ago.

“Oh my god, WAIT my cat!” I yelled at Jefferey.

He stopped the car and picked up his phone assuming he was calling Damien.

“Ok I will be right back”

He circled around and went back to the house.

“I will get the cat Mia” Jefferey threw the car into park and got out. I looked over and Damien came outside with my cat in her cat carrier and a plastic bag I assume the bag had her food dish and food. And I was right.

Once Jefferey got back in he handed me the cat carrier, she was crying already wanting to get out.

“Ok where to?” he asked me.

“Just where Damien found me before”

Which was the strip club. I wasn’t going to go dance there, but there is like an abandoned tree house a couple of blocks from it. There used to be a couple of houses behind it but they got abandoned and one of the had an old tree house, like a wooden kids tree house. And I knew that some of the dancers who were homeless used to stay in it.
I was just hoping that it was still there.


About fifteen minutes later we arrived, he helped me get my bags out of the back of the car. while I had my cat in the other.

“Alright Mia, I hate to leave you, to me this part is shitty of him. But I have to go by his orders. I’m sorry things didn’t work between you two”

“Yes, me too and its ok. I have been in worse situations than this. I will just have to be back into street mode”


He turned and walked back to the car, got in and zoomed off. So much for caring, you asshole.

Oh well.

I got all my bags (barely) and my cat and headed over to what I still hope was there, the tree house.


Thank god that it still is.

I had to climb a fucking tree to get up it but I did it. I made several trips carrying one bag at a time, and then the cat.

I got up in the tree house and it looked like someone had blocked off and repaired a lot of it since the last time I was up here. Which is beneficial to me right now.

I found another piece of wood and blocked off the entrance so no one will come up. That was a sign that it was being occupied and I didn’t want anyone bothering me.

I had packed up a pillow and blanket without Damien knowing. I laid out the blanket, it was a thick one and laid out some of my clothes underneath it to make it a little more soft and comfortable.

I laid out the cat a bowl of food and opened her carrier so she could come out.

But she didn’t want to, she was just as much scared as I was.

I laid down on the blanket I had made.

I looked at my watch it was 3 am.

I started crying. I cannot believe that this was happening. This was happening to me.



I woke up a few hours later to my cat crawling up next to me, she was purring.

I just smiled at least she was being loving right now.

The sun was rising, I looked at it was 7 am.

I needed to find a hotel with the 100 dollars he gave me. I needed to do something.

I gathered up my things again, put kitty back in her carrier, lowered everything down out of the treehouse and started my adventure.

It was going to be a bitch but I had to do it. I was going to do it.


I found this cheap hotel that would let me rent out a room for $20 bucks a night. I went ahead and signed up for four nights. I wanted to save some money so I could get some food later.

I went into room, unpacked a little, let the cat out of the carrier and laid on the bed. Within minutes I was out.


I woke up several hours later to the cat meowing, she was hungry. I got up fed her. I needed to go to the store and get some cat litter and a few groceries. I got dressed and walked down to this dollar store.

I got buggy full of things I guess I didn’t realize how much I had gotten but it was more than the cash that I had on me. I felt embarrassed when the lady at the checkout told me it was 28 and some changed. I thought maybe I had some in my purse that I had or something, I kept looking for more money and that money wasn’t appearing.

“Here I got it”

I looked up and saw this gentleman, he gave the cashier $30 dollars and paid for all of my stuff. I was shocked.

But then again, I didn’t know why this type of man was in this part of town, in a dollar store. You could tell he had money.

“Umm” I just mumbled I didn’t know what to say.

“Thank you” I finally spit it out.

“No problem you look like you could need the help”

I just sighed if he only knew. And I couldn’t help but to say it.

“Shit if you only knew the night and morning I had”

I grabbed the bags off the counter and just smiled at him.

“Care to share with me? over coffee?”

“Really me? you don’t even know me?”

“But I want to. Something is pulling me into you, and want to learn more”

I just smiled, after the shitty night I had, someone who wanted to hear about my day, someone who wanted to hear about me, for once.  And it was a good feeling.

“Sure, I guess”

He paid for the things that he bought, and we walked outside together.

“Here put your things in my car, then we can walk across the street to the diner. They have some good coffee”

“Ok” I nodded as we both put our bags in the trunk of his car, and then proceeded to walk across the street.

“I’m Matt by the way”

“I’m Mia. It is nice to meet you”

“It is nice to meet you as well Mia. So, what brings you to this side of town?” he asked as we started walking across the street.



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