The Dark Side of Love

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Mia has had ups and downs in her life, going from an abusive father, moving out to being with a bdsm husband, and now her husband has kicked her out and she has become friends with someone new, could it be someone she could feel or fall in love with? or some one that is just going to use her for her body like her father and husband?

Table of Contents


“I know you don’t fucking love me, you never have, you are only just saying that to be in MY house, in my mansion. I…I should have ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

 A little more than two year ago…   “What is your name sweetie?” I was working at the strip club, a few hours... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

"Wow so beautiful! Thank you"  It was my birthday  Damien gave me this beautiful heart necklace. "You didnt have to... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

"You are so beautiful" Damien kissed the top of my forehead then down my neck across to my lips.  He was still inside of me, we ju... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

"Want this cock Mia! This fucking cock to drill that pussy!" Damien grunted at me He has me bent over the bed, grabbing my hips, thru... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

I walked over to the diner, to meet Matt. I guess I did owe him that much since he paid for me a place to stay for a month. A whole month... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Damien help me!  Damien help me!  Damien help me! I was running, I was screaming, I didn't know who was chasing me but ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

I found this story that I started last year, if you can read and catch up only a few chapters. I figured out how to finish it and go with it! Please let me know what you think! Read Chapter

Chapter 9

"I love your body, it's so perfect"  Damien was laying behind me in my bed, he was kissing my neck, moving his tongue around the... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Matt ended up buying me a few outfits, they were classy, fancy. I had never owned anything really like this. Damien did buy me fancy clot... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

"I hope Damien did not bother you today. I just don't want him to try to get back into your life and hurt you"  Matt sent me a t... Read Chapter