The Beauty

The Beauty The Beauty

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


this is a simple love story with some twists and turns like my other books. i hope you enjoy and let me know.


this is a simple love story with some twists and turns like my other books. i hope you enjoy and let me know.

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Submitted: May 26, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 26, 2020



"A Hockey Game? Really a Hockey Game?" 

I was home visiting my family and friends, which I had not done so in a couple of years. I moved off to the west coast for a job I got. I was a pediatric nurse in a childrens hospital. My family was up Oregon/Washington area, it was always cold, raining, not much do to do. Most people were farmers, no one really let the state unless there was something better out there. You were raised there, you went to school, you graduated, you got married, you popped out a few kids and you stayed. The cycle just continued over and over. There were big cities but you had to travel for them, these little towns were isolated, they stayed to themselves and people enjoyed it. 

"Yes! It would be fun! I can meet you at the arena in Seattle!" 

She was one of my  best friends, I had known her since kindergarten, we were both 25 right now. I left she did not. She got engaged to her high school sweetheart. They were getting married this summer, and I was the maid of honor. 

"Jake got tickets, he will be there too, you know he works for the arena"

Her fiance Jake was a sports news reporter he didnt really work for the arena, he worked for the news station, but he was on the few that got a "big city" job and would leave to go to work in the city and come back home in the country.

"I guess, I guess that is fine." I sighed. 

I never did like hockey, I tried to watch it back in my childhood, because it was the only sport besides football, now that sport I will watch. I loved it. 

Ella was going to come into Seattle with her fiance and wanted to know if we could meet up before I headed out to the country living and visited my parents. I only lived in California, but I loved it. I lived in by the beach, I had a condo 40 feet from the water. I could lay in my bed at night with the windows open and listen to the waves. It was breath taking, it was magical, it was something I did not want to leave. I loved it here. I had been here since I was 21 years old. I was home, this was my home now. 

If I went to visit my parents or friends it was only for a weekend, they never came to see me. My parents didnt like flying, nor driving. They didnt like to even go to Seattle to get away from their country living just for the weekend. So, if we wanted to meet up, i was the one that had to make it happen. At first I would come every holiday, it was fun, but since I got no effort from other people. I stayed home a lot more. 

So, here I'm flying into Seattle. renting a car, going to the arena to watch this hockey game with Ella. And then I will drive to my parents house. Yes, that late at night. They will not be thrilled. They lock their doors up at 8 pm and are in bed by 9. It is tempting to just get a hotel and stay the night in Seattle and then adventure out to the see them the next day. It is their 50th wedding anniversary after all, so I didnt want to upset them or anger them anyway. I know my mother is going all out for it. They are having a big party at the community center, yes the community center, if there are parties, showers, graduations, anything you rented out the community center, that is where it was. And everyone brought food, lots and lots of food. Thats all they did was sit around eat, gossip and in my case they will critisize my life choices, ask me why I'm not married yet, why I have no children, why I have not come home, why this and why that!! It will get annoying within the first 30 minutes I'm there.

"Yes  you will love it, what can I say, it is angry Canadians, in shorts, hitting each other" she giggled. 

This was actually her sport! her thing! and when Jake would get her tickets to these games she would go insane about it. She got all dressed out into a jersey, sometimes painted her face, drank beer and yelled and screamed at the players. She was a true fan.

"Ok, sounds good. I will see you tonight then, I got to head to the airport"

"Perfect, I will meet you at the west entrance of the arena at 6:45, the puck drops at 7 and I dont want to miss it!" she made her self perfectly clear

"I will be there my flights lands at 4, so I will have plenty of time to get my rental car and get over there"

"See you tonight Autumn" 


I hung up the phone with her it was about 10 am, I had a little packing to do, I was sitting out on my patio, drinking a cup of coffee enjoying the beach, before the sun even rises you can start to see the early morning surfers come out. They like to hit the waves early, I have been told before the sun rises the waves are higher, more powerful so they like to hit them before hand.

I had to get to the airport by 12, my flight was at 2, it was not a long flight only 2 hours. I can handle that. I dont like long flights. I have the tendency to get sick. But it is better than driving. I can handle it. I usually get to the airport early and hit up the bar and get me a couple shots down before hand, so that way I can settle my nerves and once I get on the flight and once the flight takes off, leaves out I crash. 

I finished packing, I sat out the cat food for my baby girl, she was a senior cat, I adopted her from a shelter a couple years ago, she was going to get put down if she didnt get adopted, I do have my neighbor coming over every day to check on her, feed her, and clean out her litter box. Shes an old girl she is no trouble. I always tell my landlord that I pay rent for my cat, I usually work 90% of the time and I'm never home, so I'm paying rent to a place for my cat to sleep in all day.

I got me a UBER and headed to the airport, it was Friday , their party was Saturday night, I would spend Sunday with them and be back home Monday early afternoon. I can do this. Short sweet weekend, and I wont be coming back until August when it was Ella's wedding. 

I got checked in, I only had one carry on bag and my purse, I just got my tickets from the kisok and walked through security. It was quick and easy and I made my way down to the bar. I ordered me a shot of tequilla and a chaser or a margarita. The bartender just laughed at me and asked me if I was a good flyer, I rolled my eyes took my drinks and sat down at the table. 

I hung around there reading a book on my tablet until it was time to board, quick and fast flight I kept telling myself. I can do it. I always do it. And everything turns out ok.

Once the plane took off and leveled out, that is always my toughest part, I put in my headphones, blasted some hard rock music and fell asleep.

I woke up as the plane was jerking as it was landing. I fell a little bit into the seat in front of me.

"Son of a bitch" I mumbled as the guy next to me started laughing

"Well that is one way to wake up" He joked

"Something like that" I smarted off to him as I guess I was drooling and wipped my face a little bit.


I headed down to the rental company as fast as I could. I texted Ella and told her I had landed, I was getting my car, and that I was going to get a hotel room and after the game stay here. I had plenty of time to check into the hotel, I was going to find one by the arena, and I would meet her at the entrance.

And I did just that, I got everything done, got the car, checked into the hotel, and was walking over to the arena, it was that close, only a couple blocks and with the game there is going to be traffic, and there would be no point in driving over there.

I saw her standing out by the entrance wearing some faded blue jeans and a jersey of her favorite hockey team. 

She saw me and started squilling.

"Autumn!!" she skipped and hugged me,.I do get excited when I see Ella, I had to beg her and Jake to come to my parents anniversary party to keep me sane and well sneek me drinks.

"Ella, it is so good to see you!" I hugged her tight.

"Here this is for you" she gave me a jersey of the hockey team that was playing tonight, well the home team, her team.

"Thanks I guess"

"Oh just put it on, I have a surprise for you"

I put the jersey on as she grabbed me by the hand and led me into the area

"Oh yeah" she turned and put a landyard over my head, and the pass that was hanging from it fell onto my chest

"Jake got us passes to go to the locker room"

She giggled like a school girl who just got her first kiss.

"I see, sounds great" I was trying to be excited for her, I know this is her thing, her team, her fun time.

I just followed her throught the crowd with these passes we were able to get into the area faster, and got to walk down to the locker rooms

Apparently you get to hang out with the players as they get to "pep" talk themselves before the game, and after the game after they change and start to leave you get to hang out with them as well. 

I have never heard of that, but oh well. Maybe it will be fun, who knows.

We walked into this room where all these hockey players were just standing around talking, some where leaning up again the wall, they were holding bottles of water, they were honestly starring us down like we didnt belong there.

"This is akward" I whispered to her.

"Dont let it be, Jake is in here some where, he is interviewing a couple of them..." she was looking around for him and suddenly spotted him, he was standing up by a locker with two hockey players, Jake was interviewing them for his sport segment.

We walked up and just kind of stood to the side as Jake was asking these two guys questions.

I honestly understand what Jake was talking about, it was all hockey terms and things I had no idea what was going on.

I just stood and watched as Ella was in aww. 

I couldn't help but to honestly laugh at her a little bit, she was like a kid in a candy store and now she was surrounded by these hockey players who were like celebrities.

"What did you think of my interview?" Jake asked me

"What? Oh it was great....and it is nice to see you" I changed the subject as we leaned in and hugged each other. As I was hugging him I looked up and happened to make eye contact with one of the guys we was interviewing.

"Hi" he mouthed to me

"Hi" I smiled and said back. 

He was sexy, he was gorgeous, it was eye dropping, I think I was hugging Jake a little longer just so I could look at this man longer.

He noticed it too and just smirked a little bit at me.

I pulled away from the hug, as Jake was preparing to leave, I guess we are going to follow him.

"Thank you again gentlemen" Jake shook their hands.

"Is this your wife?" he guy asked Jake

"Oh no, this is my wifes friend, this lady over here is my wife"

"I was hoping you would say that" he smiled at me

I couldnt help it, I smiled back at him.

It was like a connection.

I could feel it, and I think, well pretty sure he could too.

"Earth to Autumn, we got to get going" Ella snapped her fingers in front of my face.

"Oh ok, I got to go" I said it kind of slowly to him.

"Yeah, I got a game I have to go play in" It was like he didnt know what to say. And that was the first time that was blurrted out.

"Coming back after the game? since you have the pass" he pointed at that was around my neck

"Yeah" I just nodded. 

"I will come back"

"I look forward to it, Autumn, what that your name?" he was standing in front of me with his hand out.

"Yes Autumn" I shook his hand.

"I will be back later" 

He just smiled at me as Ella was taking my hand and pulling me a way so we could get to our seats.

As I turned around I could hear his friend, team player ask him who that is and all he said was " Beauty"


If you dont know hockey terms, beauty means  a pretty beautiful  play, and he was referring to her as  the most beautiful 

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