The Beauty

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

this is a simple love story with some twists and turns like my other books. i hope you enjoy and let me know.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

"A Hockey Game? Really a Hockey Game?"  I was home visiting my family and friends, which I had not done so in a couple of years.... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

"Do you know who that was?" Ella asked me as we sat down in our seats "No" "That is Brett Davis, is the best offensive player thi... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Three glasses of wine later we were both sitting up in my hotel bed, just talking. We had a movie on HBO in the back ground, we had order... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Let me know what think so far of this story Read Chapter

Chapter 5

I was standing in the bathroom of the community center, I was looking at my neck. My freaking neck. Had three bite marks, and they were t... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

I left my parents house really early. I did give them benefit of the doubt and tell them I would stay the night there. The party was over... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

I got home late in the afternoons after my plane landed I texted Brett and told him I landed he told me he was just now getting on his pl... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

The days he was gone actually went by pretty fast, next thing I knew he was back in Seattle that Wednesday, I was working but he went hom... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

A couple of months had past, in a few weeks was Ella's wedding. I still not asked Brett if he wanted to be my date, occording to his sche... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

It was about 1 am or so, I had been home for a few hours, I had to drive myself home and that was the most painful, empty car ride I've e... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

"I will be fine, you need to go, or you will miss your flight!" I was being demanding with him, he did not want to leave after what h... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

The ended up winning the game, they are going to the play offs! His team cheered and celebrated all night, on the ice with the fans, frie... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

I was just sitting on his couch looking at him, glaring at him. I was waiting for him to start. Start speaking, start talking. He had sta... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Little short but I’ll write more later let me know what think of book so far haven’t heard much feed back Read Chapter

Chapter 15

"Do you regret it?" I asked him as we were sitting on the plane back to Seattle. "Regret what?" "Marrying me" "Honey it was t... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

It was a couple hours before his game, He had left with his team to go out of town, and I went back to California. I would meet back up w... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Today was Ella's wedding. The night before I went up to Seattle to meet up with Brett. I did go back to California to start packing up an... Read Chapter