The Bachelor Part II

The Bachelor Part II The Bachelor Part II

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


What happens when Robert escapes from prison and the only person he wants to get is Carrie, and kill or kidnap anyone to get her...including going after Kyle and their new baby girl.


What happens when Robert escapes from prison and the only person he wants to get is Carrie, and kill or kidnap anyone to get her...including going after Kyle and their new baby girl.

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It had been six months since we brought our daughter home from the hospital. She was growing everyday, and she looked more and more like Kyle every day. She developed his smile, his laugh, his green eyes, his nose, his chin, the only thing she got from me was her hair color, and her sassy attitude. She loved every toy you put in front of her that made noise, Kyle wasnt a fan of most of the them because she would bang them against the coffee table, the wall, or anything she could and Kyle would tell her to stop and she would just laugh at Kyle and keep doing it. But Kyle could never get mad at her, her smile and laugh made him laugh at what she was doing. She has him wrapped around her little finger and she knows it. 

I never did go back to work. I want to. I really do but we havent decided who or what or where we are going to do about someone watching her during the day. But I am going to have to figure out something, I got to get back to work soon. Kyle and my father will not admit how swamped they are, and they dont want to ask me to come back. They both know I am going to flip shit the first day I leave her alone. It is going to break my heart. It will but it is something I am going to have to get used to and except as she is growing older.

I was getting dinner ready, waiting for Kyle to come home. Since the baby has been here like I said there has been so much more work going on at the office, that it seems he comes home later and later each day. I wish they would tell me how much they need me down at the office but I know they never will. And I know I am going to have to tell them when I am ready to get back to work. 

Kyle and I had been dating over a year and we havent even celebrated it yet. I have tried to hint around that I wanted a date night or do something. The only time we have really gotten out is when I got my mom to watch the baby, and it wasnt even a sleep over, she just watched her for like 2-3 hours while we went out to dinner and came back to the house. But I hate to say it I want a night to ourselves with out the baby here. I think I can get him to do it, just have to find the person to help me. Maybe...just maybe I have an idea we can go to. But with the office being super fucking busy hopefully my dad will let him leave...or shit we can just go away for the weekend. So only ask dad off for Friday off.

I sat the kitchen table, texted Kyle and asked him when he was going to be home, I havent heard from him yet but I had to feed the kiddo. I put her in her high chair and started getting her food ready. I sat me a plate down of pasta for me, and some baby food for her. I felt my phone vibrate. it was Kyle.

"It is going to be a long night again sweetheart I am sorry"

"Why? I thought you finished up everything earlier this week"

"Kinda did. But got more to do, more clients for your dad now"

"Why dont I just come back to work then?" I said

"Do you think that is a good idea, she is still young, she is still a baby" he said

"And I am going to have to go back to work some time"

"I know she is still a baby though" 

"I know she is. I am here with her all day everyday. You are not" I snapped

"What is that supposed to mean? I have to work that is what your father hired me for"

"Yeah but it doesnt mean you have to work all night long..several nights a father knows you have a kid...and a wife...well a wife you havent married yet!"

"I know"

"We were supposed to get married what 3-4 months ago?, and we pushed it off, because you were working more"

"I know baby I know, we will get married..soon"

"When? when our daughter is 18 and going off to college?...or when I am in labor having our second child?"

"Damn what has gotten into you?" he asked

"What do you mean what has gotten into me? I need you around more..our daughter needs you around are gone before she wakes up and you get home after she goes to bed...when was the last time you actually woke up with her? What Saturday? that was 4-5 days ago"

"Holy shit, what was that for? you know I love our daughter more than anything.. I love you just as much, trust me it hurts me just as much. I missing alot of what she is doing during the day, and when you send me pics and videos of her during the day it hurts me" he said

"Then come home earlier, ask my dad to give you a break or I will do it!" I was getting to be a smart ass about it but I was right. I needed him home more.

"Ok I will talk to him tomorrow"

"Ok so when are you coming home?" I asked

"Within the hour..please keep her awake for me"

"I put her down at 8, rather you are here or not. I dont want to mess up her schedule"

"Ok I will be home soon"

Ok it was 6:45, I hope he makes it home to put her to bed. He hasnt done it in several days. I finished eating and finished feeding her. I put her down in a play pen as I cleaned up the kitchen really quick. I put him a plate in the microwave, turned the kitchen lights off, picked her up and headed up stairs. It was 7:30, she was getting a bath, and then a bottle and she is going to bed. 

I got her out of the bath, dressed into a sleep wear, we went back down stairs to get a bottle ready. 

I saw Kyle sitting at the kitchen table eating.

"Welcome home" I said walking into the kitchen

"I missed my two favorite girls" he said looking up at us. He had taken off his jacket, tie, his dress shirt and was just sitting there in his black slacks and white tank top.

"We missed you too" 

He stood up and stood in front of me, kissing me really hard actually, running his tongue into my mouth.

"Hey baby girl, daddy loves you" he said taking her out of my arms.

I went into the kitchen to get her bottle ready. He was home and you could tell she loves him. She lights up every time she seems him. And seeing him even for a few minutes before going to bed just made her night.

I came over with the bottle.

"You want to?" I asked showing him the bottle

"Lets both do it" he smiled

I just smiled back as we both went upstairs.

He fed her while rocked her to sleep. It doesnt take her to long to fall asleep actually. She was an over all good baby. He fell asleep and Kyle laid her in her crib, while I turned off the light. He walked out in the hall way as I pulled the door shut and cracked it about half way.

I walked down to our bedroom as he followed me. As soon as I walked in he grabbed my waist and spun me around. We were about face to face.

"I am sorry." he whispered


"Not being home enough. I cant do that shit, when I have you and her to think about"

"Yeah you do" I smiled up at him, he moved my arms around his neck as we just stood there...dancing with out any music on.

Until his phone starts to ring...

"If it my father I am going to beat his ass" I snapped

"Its a private a number?" he looked at me

"It is probably my father they block their house number"


"Hello?" he answered

"Yes this is he" he looked over at me

"Who is it?" I mouthed

He stuck out his pointer finger at me and mouthed " Just a minute"

"Ok, Ok, I understand, thank you for telling me" 

"Have a goodnight" he hung up the phone.

"Who was it?" I said coming out of the bathroom with my toothbrush in my mouth.

"Umm that was my lawyer"


"Well my lawyers office..but is about.."

"Who about who?" I asked


"What?" I asked

"He escaped out of prison"

"What the fuck?" I yelled as I heard the baby start crying. I guess me getting louder woke her up.

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