The Bachelor

The Bachelor The Bachelor

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I come from a rich family, my dad owns a company that helps other companies invest their money to make money. My dad was good at it. His company grew highly, but what happens when my dad hires the most hottest riches bachelor in the state? You instantly become attracted to each other and want nothing more than hot fucking sex all the time. But he is also the type that does not want a relationship and does not want me to be in one with another man. What can I do keep fucking this man who is the best sex I have ever had and it go no where in the future, or forget about this man and date a man who actually wants a future with me and wants to marry me. A Tough decision torn between two men.


I come from a rich family, my dad owns a company that helps other companies invest their money to make money. My dad was good at it. His company grew highly, but what happens when my dad hires the most hottest riches bachelor in the state? You instantly become attracted to each other and want nothing more than hot fucking sex all the time. But he is also the type that does not want a relationship and does not want me to be in one with another man. What can I do keep fucking this man who is the best sex I have ever had and it go no where in the future, or forget about this man and date a man who actually wants a future with me and wants to marry me. A Tough decision torn between two men.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Introduction

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 16, 2016



I let out a deep sigh, I was the gym that was built into my apartment complex. I was going on about two hours of being there and I was just fighting out what was going on in my mind. I had just moved back home from being away at college, even though I graduated college almost two years ago, I still live in the city I got offered a good job there and decided to stay. About three months ago my father up and called me wanting me to come home. That he needed someone to help him run the business he had going for almost twenty years now. I agreed to it because he was looing to retire soon and I was going to take over. I had a meeting with him this afternoon at a resturant to go over my new job details. I had not really started yet, I had just been taking my time moving here, getting an apartment, which got my apartment complex was amazing and breath taking. It was a 27 story complex, with an amazing view in each unit. I lived on the 16th floor, it was a two bedroom unit, with two living rooms, two bathrooms, a massive kitchen, and a small study. I actully invited my best friend Robert to live with me, he was my best friend all thru high school, him and his family moved here when we were freshman in high school. We did drift off after high school because I moved away and went to college, he stayed behind because he was dating someone that was younger. He thought that would be a good idea. They did end up getting married, never had any children. He worked for the oil rigs, and came home a few months ago to find his wife in bed with another man. Apparently they had been fucking for over a year and got together when he went away for work. I got to say if I ever see her I will beat the shit out of her. But he agreed to move in with me. I miss having my best friend. That is all that we were, even though everyone always thought that we would end up together. But we only saw each other as best friends. We were each others rock. He moved in about a month ago. He seemed to enjoy it but he still has to go thru the divorce process. I am glad for him that they never had children, that was another story actually. He wanted children she didnt, even though she said she would have one with him, she was secretly on birth control and did not tell him, so of course that was another heart break he had during him leaving her.

But anyway, my dad wanted to have a lunch meeting with me, he was also going to introduce me to another person that he hired to help me. I dont need no stinkin help but I will go along with it. When my dad retires the business will be left to me and I will fire and hire anyone I damn well please. I got off the treadmill and headed back to my apartment. 

I needed to take a quick shower and get ready. I really dont like getting dressed up but I do, do it for my dad. He is always dressed up, classy, wearing suits, very professional.

I took a quick shower, dried off fast, put on my robe and headed towards my closet. I knew I had to wear something to impress my dad, even though I am 25 years old I still like to impress him and show him that I am good enough to take over his company one day.

I picked out a penstrip black skirt, a red blousse, black high heels. I blow dried my hair, straighten it a little bit, enough so that I could pull it back into a bun with out it looking like a sloopy mess. I touched my eyes up with a little eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. I did not like to wear a lot of make up or massively over do it. I put on a little lip gloss. Sprayed myself with my favorite perfume and heading towards the front door while hopping putting on my high heels.

I heard the front door open as I was grabbing my purse off the kitchen bar.

"Robert that you?" I yelled

"Yes Ma'am it is"

"Alrighty, I am about to head out, but you want to have dinner with me? and dinner as in ordering a greasy cheesy ass pizza and getting a Red Box movie?"

"That would be awesome! I could go for that" he said heading into the kitchen

"Bad day?"

"Divorce is killing me. I just want to strangle the bitch now"

"What is she doing now?"

"She wants more money, money money money, thats all that gready whore wants and she is not getting it. She thinks she is entitled to it. Yet she was the one that was slutting around on me." He hissed

"Take it to court, dont give her shit"

"Oh I am. I am done trying to reason with her, I dont want to be with her no more and I cant even make her happy"

"Stupid Cunt"

"Hey!?" he questioned

"Hey what? your the dumb ass who married her, and when I told you not to"

"Yeah Yeah dont remind me"

I just laughed.

"I got to go, but I will be back later and dont forget we have a pizza date that means"

"That I have to pick out a movie and order the pizza before you get back"

"You got it honey!" I grinded at him

"See yah later heffer" He snapped back

We do call each other a lot of names and we have been doing that since high school. We just joke alot and our in our own little minds sometimes. 

I headed to the front door, and headed down to the lobby. I waited for the valet to go get my car, yes that is something that I really like about this place, its too fancy. But it does have a lot of rich snobby ass people that live in it.

I got in my car, used my gps to find the resturant because I have never been to it before let alone had no fucking clue where it was. It was only 8 minutes away so that was not that bad.

I pulled up to the resturant I could see my father standing outside the front door waiting for me. I parked and got out and headed over.

"Hey sweetheart" he said hugging me and kissing me on the cheeck

"Hello Daddy" I said hugging him back

"Ready to go in, I have someone inside that I want you to meet"

"Oh alright"

"I know you are not liking this idea, but I think you will like him, he is about your age and you should get a long just fine" He said opening the door to the resturant

"Oh its a he?"

"Well yes, He has all the qulifications, he is smart, has college degrees and well honey he has money"

"Is that all you care about daddy is money?"

"No just people who have money and own their own business seem to know what they want in life"

I just sighed as I followed him towards the back of the resturant. I saw a man sitting his back towards us, but he was sitting by himself at a table, so I figured that it was him. 

"Sorry to keep you waiting but my daughter is finally here" My dad said to me. He turned around and looked at me as I walked up to him and the table.

" Hi I am Kyle Fox" He said standing up then offering his hand out to shake it. He was a good god drop sexy man, one of the sexiest I have ever seen. He had deep gree blue eyes, slicked back black hair, muscular upper body, he was wearing this black suit with royal blue silk tie, he had some italian leather shoes. 

"Hello I am...Ummm I am..." shit I could not even get my fucking name out of my mouth.

"Carrie" I shook his hand while he was trying not to laugh. I sat down in front of him while my dad sat next to me.

"So Carrie it is nice to meet you, I am looking forward to working with you, I have heard so much and so many good things about you"

"Well Mr. Kyle Fox I dont know a damn thing about you" I snapped

"Carrie" my dad snapped at me

Kyle just laughed

"It is ok, I understand"

They started talking and I just went into a zone, I would catch myself starring at him just want to holy shit rape him on top of the table right now. I dont know what has gotten into me, probably the fact that I have not had sex in awhile, let alone good hard core rough sex. Ugh and he does seem like the type that would just want sex, just to maybe fuck me one good time. I would not mind that at all. 

"Excuse me I am going to head to the restroom, you be nice to him Carrie" My dad said getting up from the table and walking toward the front of the resturant.

"I have a feeling you are not liking the idea of me being here or joining your fathers company" he said

"I dont have a problem with it just something new I have to get used to" I grinned

"Ahhh" I felt his foot run up my leg

I did not say anything just waiting to see what he did next, but I got to say that I am getting wet just looking at him.

"Why are you eye fucking me Miss Carrie?" he asked

"What?! why would you assume that"

He leaned over the table and just looked into my eyes.

"Because I can see that you. I am not stupid. And I can tell when a woman wants the fuck the living shit out of me"

I honestly started blushing. I did not know what else to say to this man.

"And I beat you are hot and wet for me right now, that your panties are soaking because you want me at this very moment" he whispered 

"Wouldnt you like to know" I smiled

"I already know" he grinned

My father sat back down at the table and I felt his foot go further up my leg. He was teasing the shit out of me and I was enjoying it. They finished talking a little longer as we finished out lunch. I got up and excused my self from the table to go to the restroom. I went into the stall and pulled my pants down and saw that my panties were extremly soaked. I had on a pair of light blue cotton bikini cut panties and there was a massive wet stain on them.

"Fuck what is the this man doing to me" I said

I would do anything right now to have him fuck my brains out but I did not want to mix business and pleasure, and I know that it is not a good thing to do that. Especially with this man, the man my father hired, and I did not want to ruin their business relationship.

I went back out to the table and they were standing up waiting for me to come back.

"I guess we are done here Carrie, it was nice meeting you and working with you" He grinned at me while my father was paying the bill.

"Likewise" I smiled shaking his hand. I did not notice he had a card in his hand and when I went to shake it he slide it into my hand. I shoved the card into my purse and headed towards the front door.

"See you later princess I will give you a call this weekend and let you know what time to come into work" my dad said

"Ok dad" see you soon as we hugged goodbye.

I walked out to my car and just sat there. I looked into my purse and got the card out. It was his business card, he had circled his cell phone number and wrote on the back of it, call me sometime, we should get to know each other more before we start working together. I just sighed. I did not know what to do but I did know that this man turned me on like fucking crazy and just by the turning on, I knew he would be a great fuck and it would be a fuck that I would want more than once.

I got home and Robert was gone he must of went out to get the pizza and red box movie. I got out of those clothes and into something more comfortable which to me was pj pants and tank top. I went into the living room and too out my lap top. There has to be something on this guy, something good at least. I opened and started searching.

There was a bunch of pages that popped up with his name, how he was the youngest richest guy in this area, how he owned a bunch of corporate businesses, how he helps out with a lot of charities, etc etc, and then I get to one article that was dated only a month ago. It seems that this Mr. Fox was named The Most Youngest Richest Bachelor here. What the fuck, he is a bachelor, not married, no kids no nothing, He was 33 years old and did not have anything like that. He was an only child, his parents died when he was young, was raised by his aunt and uncle and became rich it seemed over night. But he did not want or have any of that. He had not even been married before. I would of figured he would of been married at least once, but nope! He was a high end bachelor, and bachelor that I wanted to fuck his ever living brains out. I wanted him to make me cum so many times that I could not even walk after wards. God I wanted him and I could not stand it any more. I sat my lap top down and went into my bedroom and locked the door. I slide off my pj pants and panties and laid down on my bed. I opened my night stand drawer and took out my vibrating dildo. I started rubbing it up and down my pussy lips getting myself more wet and hot. I started arching my back as i turned on the vibration. It felt so amazing and the only thing that I could think about what him Kyle Fox, running his tongue up and down my lips sucking hard on my clit, making me want to cum all over his face. While I was looking down into those deep green eyes while he was making me cum. I guess I did not release how fast thinking about him was making me cum, I arched my back and moaned as I released myself all over the dildo. I pulled the dildo out of my pussy and looked at it and holy shit it was covered in my cum. I dont think I have ever cum this hard playing with my dildo before.  I took a baby wipe and cleaned off the dildo and put it back in the drawer, took another wipe and cleaned off my pussy lips they were covered in cum as well.

I got up put my pj pants back on and headed into the living room, Grabbed my laptop and still kept reading articles about him.

"So who is Kyle" Robert said to me

"Excuse me?" 

"Kyle..umm the guy you were just moaning too"

Shit, how embaressing he just heard me masterbate to him. 

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