Seeing Through My Brown Eyes

Seeing Through My Brown Eyes Seeing Through My Brown Eyes

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance

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I wrote this book when I was younger, I have been editing it for a while off and on, and finally posting it to see what you guys think. It is based back in the late 1950's early 60's. A lot of chapters will be spit out at once lol but hope you like it. It took me almost two years to write this story, just fyi it is really long it is over 100 chapters. But it is well worth it. It is one of my favorites that I have written. I hope you like it just as much as I did writing it.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 18, 2016



The night was different than any other night being at the drive in movie. I was there with my brother Tony his buddy Johnny and our friend Dallas. I was sitting in the chairs looking over at this muscular of a man sitting next to me. Noticing his smile, his slicked back greased hair, the sudden smirk he would give from enjoying the movie. He wouldn't admit it but he actually did like going out with his buddies and having a good time. But it was Dallas. Dallas Wilson non the less and I was starting to feel for him differently. At least he was always a buddy to be a good friend someone there I could count on all the time. And he was.

When we were younger we would always hang out. He would walk me to school everyday. We would hang out at the shake shack and drink milk shakes together. And just talk for hours and hours. Always about school of course how much we both hated it. The jocks of course how much we hated them too. I would tell him about what girls to date and who not to. But since the whole incident with Sylvia, (she cheated on him again) he wasn't in much of the dating scene. I thought about how the last few months things and emotions started to change. I knew in my heart something wasn't right and I was starting to get one of those puppy dog crushes on him. Which I have gotten on all of the guys at some point in my life. Matt, Steve, and even Slim (even though I hate to admit that one eww what was I thinking) but I just thought it would be one of those crushes that went away after a while but it had been almost 2 wait almost 3 months and it was still there. Just as I was going into deep thought about him. I suddenly got startled by a familiar voice.

"Candy" Dallas said kind of loudly

"Huh?" I said and looked up at him he was standing over me.

"The movie is over doll" he said

I was the only girl that he ever called Doll. Even his ex Sylvia he never called her doll only baby or sweetie or something along those lines. Which made me think that he might have had feelings for me too. I stood up and started walking up with the others. I stopped and yelled out to them.

"Hey guys wait up I have to go to the bathroom"

In this town no girl goes to the bathroom by themselves out in public. A few months back a girl was stopped in a bathroom stall by a few jocks she was beaten and raped so we always play the buddy system or someone goes in with you.

I get to the entrance of the bathroom and noticed they are all standing behind me waiting for me to come out. I was gone only for a few minutes and come out to them gone.

"Now where in the hell did they go" I said under my breath.

I stood there for a few minutes and just waited but nothing so I started to walk down the path way that led out to the parking lot. And to my surprise I felt someone pull my shoulder. I turned around and it was about 3-4 joc standing there.

"What are you doing out here by yourself?" one said to me

Dressed in khakis and a polo shirt which to me looked like a complete idiot.

"I asked you a question" he said getting louder

" I am waiting on my man" I snapped back at him

"What kind of man lets their girl wondering around by themselves" he said

"A made up one" another one said

"He is taking a piss" I said

I suddenly hear

"Hey get a way from my girl"

I looked over and it was Dallas Wilson to my rescue. He has never done this before and I cant count the times I have been bullied by the joc. But holy hell it was Dallas


Dallas stood there with this look to kill on his face. As the joc dismissed themselves from around me. As they were walking off Dallas yelled

"Don't let me catch you talking to her again" while wrapping his him around me. And me wrapping my arms around his waist.

I looked at Dallas and he nodded as we walked home.

I couldn't help but to just think as were walking home if Dallas actually wanted me to be his girl or he was just playing to get the joc off his back. But that did have a nice ring to it be Dallas Wilson girl.

He still had his arm wrapped around me as we were about half way to my house. I couldn't take it any more and jokingly asked him

"So what is up with that?" I asked him

"With what?" he said

"Back there you calling me your girl" I said

"You have never done that before" Dallas had this smirk on his face like he had just gotten embarrassed about something and he doesn't ever get embarrassed. He was a tough greaser that no one fucked with. He then said in a soft voice

"I had to do what I had to do" he said

"What does that mean?" I questioned him

"Can we talk about it later I promise" he said to me as we reached my front yard.

"Sure" I said pushing the gate open and walking up the yard as he followed me. When walking inside my brother Chuck was sitting in his all time favorite chair which I cant blame the guy it was my fathers and he was kind of took over when my dad died. He was reading the newspaper as we walked in

"How was the movie?" he asked

"Alright I guess" I said

"How would you know you were too busy day dreaming" Tony said (he was my younger brother)

"Day dreaming huh?" I smarted back acting like I didn't know what he was talking about.

"Probably about some boy" Gordan said my other older brother, he was older than me but younger than Chuck

I smiled and just said "What ever"

While looking over and noticed Dallas was looking at me kind of funny. With that same smirk he had on his face that I saw walking home. I kind of had a feeling he knew that I was dreaming about him. I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Considering I don't know if he was thinking about me as well.

I walked into my room and started to get undressed into something more comfortable when there was a knock on my door.

"Could you give me one fucking minute damn" I yelled

Figuring it was one of my brothers or their friends trying to mess with me.

I open the door and yelled "What!" and to my shock it was Dallas.

He looked at me with a smirk on his face just glaring at me.

"Here" he shoved a note into my hand

" I have got to go home just read it" he then kissed me on the cheek and ran down the hall way.

Oh my I just got a little peak from Dallas. I didn't even know what that means. But I honestly don't care. I looked down at the note still in my hand and just wondered what he would even want that he couldn't say around any one else. I just looked at it again turning back into my room and it had the name Doll scribbled on the front of it.

I closed my bedroom door and locked it. Slowly walking over to my bed and sat down. Honestly really nervous about opening it but shit he just fucking kissed me and it shouldn't be that bad. Hopefully.

It read.


I need to see you tonight. I cant explain things over a letter or even in this house. God knows everyone is always fucking here. Just meet me down the street at the light post at 1 I hope you can sneak out. Please don't let me down.


I kind of chocked and stunned that he wanted to see me with out any one else around. Alone. Alone what does that mean. it was almost midnight and I figured I would at least take a shower and pretend to go to bed what way I can sneak out my bedroom window. I tried to take a long shower or at least I thought I was a long shower and it had only been in reality about 15 minutes. Ugh the time. I figured might as well eat something because if I don't Chuck would kill me. When our parents died I went into this zombie phase and I didn't eat, sleep or really even talk to any one. But there was one person who helped me get out of that phase and I have to admit it, it was Dallas. He convinced me to get out of bed. I had been lying in bed for 3 weeks before I even left the house. And he had to get me out and literally carry me into the living room just to talk to him and after that he spent several days at the house making sure I did get out of bed every day and go to school and eat. I do love him for that.

I went into the kitchen and made a bowl of cereal and remembering the day that Dallas came over after my parents died and his words and advice were beyond helpful. He was a smart guy and had great advice but he never used that advice on himself. It was almost 1 when Darry came into the kitchen.

"I am going to bed kiddo, I got asked to work over time tomorrow and I am going to take it" he said

"Ok Chuck" I smiled at him

"Good night sis I love you" he said walking back into the living room

"Goodnight I love you" I said getting up to wash my bowl out of the sink.

I walked into the living room because it was 10 minutes to 1 and I told everyone goodnight to just make sure they know that I was going to bed.

"Goodnight everyone I am going to bed" I said.

Matt was passed out on the couch. Tony was reading in Chuck's chair. Gordan and Steve were playing cards at the kitchen table. I think they were just happy that Matt wasn't playing any more because he does cheat.

"Goodnight sis" Gordan said

I just smiled and started walking to my room. I shut the door and locked it. Quickly going to the closet and putting on a pair of jeans. Wearing the tank top I put on after I got out of the shower and just putting a jacket on over it.

I went to the window and quietly slide it up trying not to make any noise. I slide out and jumped down closing the window after I got up from being on the ground. I ran past the house quietly yet quickly I didn't want no one to see me let alone hear me. My luck they would think it was a joc and come out swinging. I got to the street and started walking. I finally saw him. He was standing up against the light post smoking a cig and waiting for me.

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