Love I Never Knew Could Exist

Love I Never Knew Could Exist Love I Never Knew Could Exist

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


My mom married my step dad when I was 18.I knew from the beginning he was my soul mate and he knew I was his. It was just waiting until he was mine and I was his. Just waiting for that day we don't have to hide it any more.


My mom married my step dad when I was 18.I knew from the beginning he was my soul mate and he knew I was his. It was just waiting until he was mine and I was his. Just waiting for that day we don't have to hide it any more.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Love I Never Knew Could Exist

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My mom married my step dad when I was 18.I knew from the beginning he was my soul mate and he knew I was his. It was just waiting until he was mine and I was his. Just waiting for that day we don't have to hide it any more.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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The day my mom married my step dad was one of the most horrible days of my life.

As they said their vows I saw him looking over at me whispering " I am sorry"

I just rolled my eyes in disgust and ignored them. Oh well he will be mine one day and I truly couldn't wait. He did claim he was only marrying my mother to hide the fact he was in love with me.

I had to believe him just because of the way he treats me and loves me.

My mom is a flight attendant and was gone a lot ever since I turned 15 because I could stay by myself plus when she started dating my step dad it wasn't long after he moved in.

It did take me several months to actually start having feelings for him. I remember that day like it was yesterday I was coming down stairs for breakfast my mom was out of town and he was just standing there it looked like he had just got out of the shower he was still a little wet.

Only wearing boxers and a white shirt. Standing at the counter pouring himself a cup of coffee. He turned around and just looked at me

At that time I was dating a guy in my grade named Alex and he loved when my mom was out of town because I would get to wear short skirts and low cut top to school and get to tease him. That day I was wearing a short blue jean skirt and low cut red shirt. He just smirked st me.

"Want some coffee" he asked

" umm sure" I said walking closer to him

"You look nice today" he said

"Well yeah mom isn't here" I laughed

He knew when mom was out of town I wore what ever the hell I wanted to school and he knew I did it for Alex. He just smirked at me and winking at the same time. What the fuck he just winked at me.

I I wonder if he thinks I am hot? I never saw him like this before but I do got to say he was very attractive.

He was very tall built lots of muscles. Dark brown hair bright blue eyes. Just drop dead sexy. I stood close to him as I poured my cup of coffee and watched him thru the corner of my eye he was checking me out.

He was for sure checking me out. I wonder if I should make a move but this is my moms boyfriend I have heard them talk about getting married.

Shit I've heard them fuck each others brains out we do only share a bedroom wall. Its not sound proof.

"So I am sure alex will like your outfit today" he asked smiling

"Yeah I am sure he will" I smiled at him He was checking me out for sure

"Do you like it?" I smiled in a seductive way at him He started turning red from me asking. I stepped up closer to him and whispered

"You like huh?" I looked up at him and he smiled and nodded. I reached down and took his hands and guided them to my ass cheeks.

He just sighed gripping my ass firmly. I looked down at his crouch his dick was starting to grow and get hard.

"You want me?" I reached up and slightly kissed him He didn't really kiss me back. I kissed him again sliding my tongue in his mouth. He pushed me back and looked at me.

"We cant" he looked down

"But we can" I said taking my hand to his hard cock.

"Your my girlfriend daughter" he said

"I wont tell anyone I promise" I said kissing him again.

He didn't kiss me back at first until I roughly shoved my tongue in his mouth then I felt him kissing me back and grabbing my ass tight. He was an amazing kisser.

At least I wasn't a virgin so I knew what I was doing. I knew that I was going to be able to please him and please him better than my mother that hes going to want more.

"Follow me" I said grabbing his hand and walking up stairs to my bedroom.

He followed up stairs and into my room I left my bedroom door open knowing my mother wouldn't be home for a couple more days. I laid down on my bed and pulled him on top of me.

Feeling him kiss me his gentle tongue caressing my tongue. Feeling his hard cock grinding against my inner right thigh. He started kissing my neck. Making me starting to get really wet. Just wanting him more. I felt his hand slide down my thigh up under my skirt. He knew I was soaken wet it was seeping thru my panties. He stopped kissing me and just smiled at me and leaned up and went down and pulled my skirt off in one yank.

I leaned up taking off his shirt. Seeing his muscular chest. God he was fucking hot. I stood up and slid down his boxers. Holy shit. His cock was a monster the biggest I had ever seen.

At least 9 inches thick and big. He learned me up taking off my shirt and undoing my bra. He just licked his kips and leaned down and started sucking on them. Especially my nips.

God it felt so good. Wrapping my legs around him as he positioned himself in between my legs. Feeling his cock rubbing up against my wet pussy

." God I want you" he whispered in my ear.

"Take me baby" I said back.

He reached down and took his hard cock and run it up and down my wet pussy. Running it over my clit as well. Holy shit he is teasing the shit out of me. Just put it in my pussy already. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He pushed the head of his dick inside of me.

"Ahhh" I moaned

"Get ready here it comes baby girl" he said leaning back and pushing it all the way in.

"Holy shit so tight" he said

"Mmmmmm your dick feels so good" I said

"Want me to go faster?"he asked

"Oh yes!!" I screamed

He started thrusting his hard cock back and forth inside of my tight wet warm pussy. Feeling him throbbing inside of me. He pulled out all the wsy and I could feel myself squirting. I have never done that before. With any one before. He just smiled really big licking his lips shoving his hard cock back inside of me roughly.

Going much faster and harder than before. Hearing the head board banging against the bedroom wall. Him just biting my neck thrusting harder and deeper. Looking into his blue sexy eyes as he did passionately.

"Ahhhh ahhhh ahhh" he kept moaning

"You are amazing baby girl. Fuck!!!" He screamed.

I just wrapped my legs around him tightly pulling him closer into me feeling his bare chest up against my breasts.

" I am about to cum baby girl where do you want it? He asked

"Where ever you want to put it?" I moaned

"You know what fuck it" he moaned

"Huh?" I said As he leaned up grabbing my hips thrusting deep inside my pussy.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" He screamed

Wow I can't believe he just did that. He leaned down and kissed me passionately still having his cock inside of me. But going soft as he was thrusting a few more times.

"Why did you cum in me?" I asked

"Didn't want to make a mess?" He giggled

"Not funny" I said

"That was amazing" I said

"Oh baby girl it was" he smiled

"Way better..." he said

"Way better than mother" I laughed

"YES!!" He said I just started laughing. As he kissed me again.

"So is this going to be a one time thing?" He asked

"What do you think?" I asked

"Your amazing Sarah I've liked you for a while just didn't think you would want an older man like me" he said getting up

"I guess this means I better break up with Alex" I laughed

"But you know I still have to date your mom?" He sighed

"Yeah I know" I said as he kissed me.

"Don't worry I will still date you kiss you make love to you until later I mean you just turned 18 last week." he said I just smiled. I was starting to get feelings for him and fast.

And he was the same about me.

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