Just Take Me Home (Sequel to Just Let Me Go Home)

Just Take Me Home (Sequel to Just Let Me Go Home) Just Take Me Home (Sequel to Just Let Me Go Home)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


This is the Sequel to Just Let Me Go Home.


This is the Sequel to Just Let Me Go Home.

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Sequel to Just Let Me Go Home.

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Submitted: May 24, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 24, 2016



It had been about 6 months after our daughter's first birthday. It seemed after we got back from our honeymoon everything started going down hill. James was never around. He told me that wouldnt go to New York as often, and he was going every week. I hated it. I hated the fact that I was raising our daughter by myself, I was pregnant again. I didnt know what the sex of the baby was, we did agree to find out together but what do you know every time I have an appointment James is out of town, so I never found out what the sex was. I just let them check on the baby, which the baby is doing wonderful. They printed off sonogram pictures and I would take a picture of them and send them to James. He would just send me a simple text back either saying "I am glad the baby is doing great" or something like that "Thats great see you guys soon". It seemed like he didnt care. My mom was over more and more helping me with Ava. Since she was born early, it wasny my bodies fault but there was still some internal damage so being pregnant again, the doctors wanted to watch me closely. I even had an appointment every two weeks instead of every month like most women. My mom suggested that I hire a nanny but I couldnt just do it. I told her she didnt have to come watch her and me. But she insisted. And I didnt stop her. I needed the help. Ava was 18 months old, running around like crazy, she is walking, getting into things. Even though she had her own room, she even had a play room down stairs, we turned the second living room into a play room for her, but she still destroyed everything and every room she was in. I was suggested to even put her in daycare, to let her interact with other kids, and I kind of thought that was a good idea, she needed kids her age to be around. When I brought it up to James, it was a straight up hell no. He didnt want his daughter in daycare, he didnt want his daughter around any other kids until she started school. We got into an arguement about that, I think she does need to have kids her age to interact with, at least go on play dates once a week. And again it was a hell no from him. It seems like he wants to iscolate her, but I am about to start going behind his back and do it anyway. My mom knew a mothers forum that was online, and you set up playdates with other kids and their moms during the day. I had signed up and tomorrow afternoon Ava had her first playdate with 3 other children. We were going to meet at this indoor park. There was safe zone designed especially for children under the age of 2, so Ava and I are going to give it shot tomorrow. James is not supposed to be back until tomorrow night so we will have time to go.

I havent really heard from James all day. He called me last night to tell me good night, and of course talk to Ava. He calls when he is gone around 730, thats right after she eats dinner and before her bed time. So she will take my cell phone and her and James will FaceTime each other. It is cute watching them interact. He really does love her, and she is a daddys girl. She had him wrapped around his finger. 

I had just put Ava to bed, it was about 830. I was kinda exhuasted myself. I went and took a long hot bath first. I needed to let my feet soak. Being pregnant again and chasing around an almost 2 year old all day, gets to you. Thats why I think she will have fun being with other kids her age. Letting out some of the built up energy she had.

I let the water out of the tub. I knew that I should not of gotten into the tub with out someone helping me get out. All of the water had gone out of the tub, and I was just sitting in the tub naked. This is going to be hard.  I rolled a little but grabbing the edge of the tub, trying to pull myself up. I grabbed the towel rack pulling up more, and of course I slipped. Thank god I didnt land on my stomach, I landed on my back but still the hard tub hitting my back was painful. I screamed. I screamed really loud actually.

I heard someone running into the bedroom.

"August are you ok?" It was Antonio. 

When James goes to New York Antonio usually stays to help with the business from this end.

"I fell in the tub"

"Can you get up?" he asked thru the door.

"I dont think so"

"Want me to help you?" he asked

"Well....you are going to see me naked" I snapped

"Can you put a towel over you, I dont want to see my best buds naked wife"

"Yeah but this is kind of an emergency" I said

"Ok I will come in"

I heard him open the door. I put my arms over my breast so he couldnt see.

"Here" He yanked a bath towel off the rack and handed it to me.

"Thank you" I leaned up some and wrapped the towel around me. I was hurting more to move up.

I wrapped it around my boobs and it barely covered my vagina because of my baby bump belly

"Did you hit your stomach?" he asked

"No just my back thank god"

He kneeled down putting his hands out. I grabbed onto them as he pulled me up.

"Thank you so, I would of been stuck here for god knows how long" I said stepping out of the tub

"Can I make a suggestion Mrs. August?" he asked

"Sure" He walked me into the bedroom and to the bed.

"Dont take a bath no more unless James is here" He smiled

"Yeah thats the last time for that, I am getting too big for this, to do anything honestly, it is hard keeping up with Ava sometimes and James is never here any more" I felt like I wanted to cry and he could tell

"It will be ok Mrs. August, James is a busy man, he will come around more soon"

"I hope so. I miss him. I miss us. I miss being with him. Ava misses him. You know she can talk now. Well some words. She can say dada, she doesnt say mama, she says dada ...all the time and he is not here, he is not here to hear it. He wasnt even here the first time she said it" I was going on and on

"Oh Mrs. August, James is a busy man, I dont think he knew how much work went into running both his businesses at once. Trust me he hates being away from you two just as much"

"I hope so, because it doesnt feel like I have a husband any more" I looked up at him

He just sighed.

"Dont think that way Mrs August. James loves you"

"He needs to show it more" 

He knew what I was talking about just because he knows that James is not around much.

"You know he has only been to one baby appointment, one Antonio. I cant do this much longer with out him. I cant" 

I started crying.

"Could you hand me my rob please its right there hanging over the door?" I looked up at him

"Yes" he turned and grabbed the rob and handed it to me.

He turned around so I could slip it on. I stood up and tied it. I pulled down the towel from underneath the rob so I wouldnt be naked around him..well any more than I had to.

"Maybe you should talk to James" he suggested as I walked past him hanging the towel back up in the bathroom.

"I have tried. He only calls me at night so he can talk to Ava. He will tell me good night he loves me and thats it. He never asks how I am doing. What I have been doing. Nothing. But he will spend 30-40 minutes talking to Ava and she doesnt even talk she just laughs at him" 

I snapped I was getting snappy at him and I didnt care.

"Well I am sure eventually he will come around. He comes home tomorrow night."

"Yeah and the first thing he is going to do it is run to Ava, play with her, give her dinner, and then put her to bed. He will finish his routine, take him a shower and go to bed. He doesnt even really speak to me, He doesnt even speak to this baby"

 I put my hand on my stomach

"You know how much he used to talk to Ava when I was pregnant with her. He doesnt do it to this one. I dont even know if I am having a boy or another girl, because he is not around to go to any appointment with me!" 

I was shouting by then, shouting and crying.

The only thing he could do was hug me. Antonio wrapped his arms around me and hugged me.

"Thank you for that, I swear I am losing my mind" I said

"Its ok, get some rest Mrs. August. I got a couple of phone calls to make" he said

"Ok. Have a good night Antonio, oh and can you keep a secret?" I looked at him

"Yes of course"

"I mean from James" I said

"Oh, yeah of course"

"I am taking Ava to a play date tomorrow, I should be back before he gets home. Please dont tell him I took her to one. He doesnt want her around any other kids her age and I dont understand that but she needs other babies to play with so I am taking her to one" I was back to rambling.

"No problem Mrs. August I wont tell him. If you dont make it back in time I will just tell him you went to the grocery store or something" He said

"Thank you I really appreciate it."

"Good night Mrs. August and I wont tell James either that I helped you out of the bath tub"

I just smiled.

"Thank you, I wont say anything either" I said

He walked out of my bedroom and shut the door.

I grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top out of my dresser. I took my rob off and went into the bathroom. There was a red mark on the back of my hip from falling. Shit it is going to be a bruise in the morning. I just sighed went back into the bedroom, put on the clothes I grabbed out and climbed into bed. 

I was about half asleep when my phone started ringing. I grabbed it off the nightstand it was James. He was probably calling to make sure Ava went to bed ok.

"Hey" I answered

"I love you" he said

my heart just sank.

"I love you" I started having tears in my eyes. I havent heard him tell me he loves me like that in a long time.

"I love you so much baby and I am so sorry for neglecting you. I fell like a shitty husband"

"You talked to Antonio didnt you?" I smirked

"Nooo I dont know what you are talking about" he laughed

"Yeah he told you what I said" I smiled

"He told me you said you feel like you dont have a husband any more, and that hurt me baby. It hurt me so much. I never wanted you to feel that way"

"Yeah I am sorry I feel that way, but it is true. I am sorry" I said

"No no no you dont applogize to me. I am the one that needs to be applogizing to you. I will be home tomorrow night and I will make it up to you. I dont ever want you to feel that this every again"

I couldnt help but to cry.

"Please dont cry love. I know I fucked up. I will fix it. I love you so much baby" 

He was being sencere about it. But it took Antonio talking to him to get it. I dont know what is going on with him lately. Well the past few months. But I know that when he gets home tomorrow. I am going to find out.

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