Just Let Me Go Home

Just Let Me Go Home Just Let Me Go Home

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Getting kidnapped is hard, especially being sold to someone who scares the shit out of me, taking me away to some where I don't want to be, he tries to make me happy, buys me things, tries to be nice, but I am his slave. I am in his house with a bunch more women that he buys, but why am I the special one? why me?



Getting kidnapped is hard, especially being sold to someone who scares the shit out of me, taking me away to some where I don't want to be, he tries to make me happy, buys me things, tries to be nice, but I am his slave. I am in his house with a bunch more women that he buys, but why am I the special one? why me?

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Submitted: April 30, 2016



I dont know how I got here, I dont know where I even was. I don't know how, what, when and why I was even here. The last thing I remember was being out with my friends, being out with my friends for my birthday, for my special night. I was single. I was having the time of my life. I was young, cute, acting sexy, enjoying the time of my life. But now I am standing here, cold, scared, and naked. 

I remember being thrown into a van, being gagged, being held down, I couldnt scream because there was something holding me down. It wasnt an actual person, it was like I was drugged. It was a sick, dizzy feeling, that I had no control over. 

"Next number 17 step forward" I was standing naked on a stage. It looked like a stage like from theatre, from a college or even high school. I felt somone push me from the back side, I stepped forward alittle as a spot like hit me. That was a bright light, that made my eyes squent. I had not seen light in a long time. I had no seen day light in god knows how long. I have not seen any sort of light, I was kept in the dark for what seemed like a week. Who knows it could of been shorter or longer. I dont know. I know that I havent slept I have been forcing myself to stay awake. I didnt know what was going on, what was happening.

I looked down at my stomach, they had written the number 17 in black body paint. It was huge covering all of my stomach. 

"Look out into the crowd number 17" the annoucer yelled again. 

I looked up. I had tears in my eyes. I had no idea was going on. I could feel my legs shake. I didnt know what was happening.

I could hear the annoucer start yelling out things about me, my features, the size of my breasts, my height, my weight, my eye color, hair color. 

Then suddenly he starts yelling out numbers. Dollars amounts. I couldnt see what the audience looked like it was dark. I could see people out there, just by their shadows, I could see them holding up signs like they are wanting me, trying to out do someone, holy shit I was at an auction and I was being auctioned off.

"Ok number 450 you have won number 17 with the cash amount of $250,000, you can pick her up outside"

The spot light was off of me, I was yanked off stage and walked down this hallway.

"You better be good to him, he paid a lot of money for you, which these men don't pay this much for a woman, especially a woman like you, but be good to him, if I found you are disrespecting him, not doing what he asks then I will come after you myself"

It was a man, I couldnt really see his face, it was a dark hallway we were in. He threw at plastic grocery bag at me.

"You have clothes in there, put them on, right now and I will walk you outside to your new master"

My new what? I said in my head. My new fucking what. No man is going to be my master. Fuck that.

I opened the plastic bag, there was the clothes I was wearing the night I went out with my friends. It was a bra, pair of panties, a tank top and pair of jeans. I yanked the bag open and quickly put them on. I didnt want to stand there any more naked as long as I had to. 

"You got shoes in there?" the guys asked

"No" I said softly.

"Well fuck I dont have any for you, so I guess you are going barefoot"

He yanked my arm, and guided me towards a door. A back door that led outside. It was dark outside, the breeze from the fall wind hit my face. It felt good. It felt really good. But the cold concrete on my bare feet didnt feel so good though. He kept pulling my by the arm, until we got to this limo. 

He opened the door, leaned in. I didnt hear much, but I heard him say "Thank you, you will not regret this one" as I saw him stuff an envelope in his pocket.

He stepped back and looked at me.

"Get in"

I sighed, he got behind me and pushed me into the limo. I fell into the seat and crawled the rest of the way in. He slammed the door to the limo. I looked up. The limo was dark, I saw a man sitting across from me. I didnt see much of him. Just a dark figure. 

"Hi" he said as the limo started moving.

"Hi" I said sofly

"What is your name sweetie?" he asked

"August" I said

"Ok I like it, I will keep it that" he mummbled

"And you will call me Sir or Master...ok?"

"Ok" I nodded

"I will give you time to settle in when we get home, there are other girls there so get a long with them. If not we will have problems. You will do what I say, no matter what. You will have duties, cleaning, laundry, stuff like that..ok?"

"Ok" I nodded

"This is the only time you would ask me any questions so you better do it now, because after we get out of the car, you cant ask me anything"


"So let it out" he snapped

"Where are we going?"

"My house"

"How old are you?" I asked


"What is your name?"

"You only get my first name, James, but you will never call me that"

"How long will I be at your house?"

"Forever, I paid alot of money for you"

"Why did you pay so much for me?"

"Just something about you, your beautiful, my stomach sank when I saw you, I wanted you to myself"

"Ok, thank you for the compliment I guess"

"Your welcome, you are beautiful and now you are mine"

The limo stopped, I heard gates open. Then the limo started moving again.

"Ok we are here, I will show you first where your room is, you will have a roommate. I will call for you when I need you again. Get some sleep in the morning a woman named Maria will wake you up, tell you your jobs for the day, I doubt I will see you tomorrow, but do what she says and dont start anything with her or any of the other girls. Got it?"


"Yes what?" he snapped

"Yes Sir"

"Good, open the door and get out I will be right behind you"

I opened the door and stepped out. He climbed out after me.

He turned me around and looked at me.

"You are really beautiful. I am glad you are here" I looked up at him, he was probably at least 6'3 ft or taller, I was only 5"5. He leaned down and kissed me. Sliding his tongue into my mouth.

"Good kisser, I like that" he pulled away, he grabbed my hand, as we walked inside. He didnt say another word to me, as we walked down stairs, then it lead to a hallway with several doors on each side.

We walked to a door, it had the number 4 on it.

He opened it. There was another girl, laying on a bed.

"This is your room, This is your roommate...." he snapped his fingers at her.

"Cassie" she said

"Yes Cassie, so be nice, I will call for you soon. And better be ready. If you need clothes tell me. I have some for you in the closet....Cassie will show you..and the bathroom is down the hall. Theres actually two but all the girls share..ok?"

"Ok" I said

"Alright have a good night, I will see you soon" he said stepping out and shutting the door behind me.

This girl stood up and walked up to me.

"There is pajamas in the dresser. if you need them." she looked at me

"I dont have anything" I said

"Ok.Ok I will help you out, theres clothes every where here, Just pick something and we can figure out the rest tomorrow....Maria uses goes easy on the new girls for a day or two...so we can get eveything done in the morning"

She went over to the dresser, pulled out a pair of pajamas, a tank top and handed them to me.

I put them on and laid down on the extra bed.

"Goodnight" Cassie said turning off the light.

"Goodnight" I said as I started crying into the pillow that was on the bed, I needed to get out of here. I needed to get out here.

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