I Surrender To This (Sequel to I Surrender To You)

I Surrender To This (Sequel to I Surrender To You) I Surrender To This (Sequel to I Surrender To You)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


I debated rather to start this one or not but I finally decided to. If you have not read I Surrender To You please read it before starting this one. I Surrender To You was one of my top stories and had a lot of fans. I hope you enjoy. I know I have been enjoying writing it. :)


I debated rather to start this one or not but I finally decided to. If you have not read I Surrender To You please read it before starting this one. I Surrender To You was one of my top stories and had a lot of fans. I hope you enjoy. I know I have been enjoying writing it. :)

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Hope you enjoy the sequel, Let me know what you think!

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Submitted: June 09, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 09, 2017



Another year had past.

Greg was doing a lot better with his new heart, we had two beautiful babies, and we were trying for a third. We had been trying since he was able to after his heart transplant, and nothing was working. Anna was almost 4 and Greg had just turned two. Anna would be turning 4 next week. And I was starting to get nervous that something was happening, something was wrong because we could make our other two babies quickly. I had told Greg something might be wrong but he didn’t think there was anything wrong, that it was all in my head and I was just worrying too much and it would all fall into place when God was ready to give us another baby. So, I let it slide. And we had sex almost every night. And still no baby.

Greg had gone back to work about two months after his heart transplant, he was wanting to go back to work sooner but the doctors wouldn’t let him. I volunteered to go to work for him but that was a big hell no for him. I have not been back to work since Anna was born, and I was put on bed rest with her. Greg tells me I need to be a good mom, and be at home with our children and I can go back to work when they go in school. But if we have more babies, it will be years before I get to go back to work. I just wanted to so badly. But he objected. That is the one thing that we fight about is he doesn’t want some random person watching our children. And, it would not be someone random. His sister Emily offered to watch them, that I could only work in the mornings and come on at lunch. I just needed Greg to agree to it. I think he would. I get having a stranger watching the children but this was his sister, given she was a complete bitch when we were first dating but she has changed. Changed for the better. I think it was me punching her in the face at his parent’s anniversary party. Then her mom kicking her out, but it worked. She loves me, she loves our children. And best of all her and Greg made up. They are brother and sister again. I love seeing that.

“Momma” I looked over to my precious daughter who was a mini me. We were both sitting on the couch waiting for Greg to get home from work, little Greg went to bed a while ago. He usually eats dinner, passes out for a few hours, and wakes up around midnight for a few hours. Given he is two years old but he still acts like a baby waking up in the middle of the night. And Greg gets up with him. They watch cartoons, they have a midnight snack and within a couple of hours they are both passed out on the couch together. I have woken up many mornings with them both lying on the couch. Since he was a baby. While Greg was recovering he couldn’t get up with him, and either myself or his mother would. And this little boy screamed and cried for his dad every night. And one night myself and his mom was trying so hard to get him to go back to sleep, and it was about three weeks after his surgery and Greg came down stairs, walking slowly but making it. He took little Greg out of my hands, sat in the recliner in the living room and little man fell asleep in his arms. And since then they have been getting up every night together. It is their thing. And no one objects to it.

“Yes baby?”

“Are you and dad getting a divorce?”

“Why would you ask that? and do you even know what a divorce means?”

“I heard it from grandma, that you and daddy will get a divorce someday”

“Grandma wouldn’t say that, maybe you misunderstood”

“Not Grandma and Papa, but Grandma, your mom”

“When did you talk to her?”

I haven’t talked to my mother since before Anna was even born.

“She called Grandpa when I was at his house yesterday. And I talked to her”

“Baby, I don’t want you ever talking to her again, you got it? there is a reason I don’t even talk to her. And you baby have never met her, and that is going to stay that way. you understand me?”

I kind of snapped at her. But I’m also going to be snapping at my father when she goes to bed.

“I’m sorry mommy” she started crying and the lower lip of hers dropped.

“It is ok baby, why didn’t tell me you talked to her?”

“Grandpa told me not to” she was balling by now.

“It is ok. I will talk to grandpa. Ok. Don’t cry”

I went and picked her up and took her into the bathroom. I stood her up on the small bathroom stool I had in the bathroom for her and little Greg so they could reach the sink. I turned the cool water on and filled my hand up with water and slowly splashed it on her face and on the back of her neck as she continued to cry.

“What is wrong?”

I turned looked up and it was Greg he was home from work.

“It’s ok, we will talk about it later” I mouthed at him

He just nodded as he turned around and went back into the living room. Then I’m sure to the kitchen to find the plate of food I put up for him from dinner.

“You ok baby girl?” I looked at her as she smiled at me.

“Come on, want some ice cream?”

Yes, she nodded as we both walked back into living room. She laid back up on the couch as I went into the kitchen to get her a small bowl of ice cream. Greg was in there heating up his dinner.

“I’m guessing my boy is asleep”

“Of course, he will be up in a couple hours wanting you” I started laughing

“We need to stop that, he is getting old for it, shit I’m getting to old for it.”

“And you want another one, they will be doing the same thing. Babies get up at all hours of the night”

“Maybe two is enough” he turned looked at me with a dead look on his face. Grabbed his plate out of the microwave and went and sat at the kitchen table.

“What do you mean? We have been trying for another baby for a year now! Maybe longer than that” I snapped at him.

“I just don’t know anymore. I’m getting old. I’m not feeling right. And it doesn’t feel right now more” he started eating the spaghetti I had made.

“I’m so confused”

“What don’t you get, I’m getting old. I’m not going to lie I should have had kids a long time ago. But this is draining me baby, it is. With work and two kids, and a wife I’m barely spending time with. I don’t want my heart and health to get at risk again. I can’t handle it”

It looked like he was going to cry. He was breaking down.

“Is there something going with your health again?”

“No, not that I know of. But something is just not feeling right. I just need more sleep. I need time with my family. I need time with my wife.”

“Then stop working so much love. You are still working at both places. You can’t do that. Maybe just work at one”

“No one knows the businesses like I do. It would be hard to train someone”

“Then let me. Let me go back to work, I know the job. I learned from you”

“That is true no one knows it better than you” he looked up and smiled at me

“What about the?” he stepped

“The kids? I know someone who is will to watch them, who know them.” I got excited.


“You sister”


“Who else?”

“One of my other sisters maybe” he chuckled

“I talked to her the other day she would love to do it. And it gives her something to do. She loves them, knows their routine and they love her”

“That is true they do love her” she sighed

“So, that is a yes! I can go back to work?” I shouted a little

“Yes baby. I need the help, if not I’m going to be in the ground soon”

“That bad baby?” I sat down next to him

He just shook his head yes. “I need more strength then I used to have, than I do now. I can’t so this much over load any more. I’m supposed to have this awesome new heart, new health, but it doesn’t seem that way now”

“Did you talk to your doctor about it?”

“I have an appointment Friday I called her today. Please come with me to it. Get Emily, or my parents to watch the kids”

“Of course, love I will” I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as he leaned his head on my shoulder and sighed.

He was tired, he was drained. He needed rest and I know when little man gets up in a few hours it is going to kill him. I know he loves to do it, he loves to be there for him, but he is right, he is two years old and needs to sleep through the night. After tonight, I’m going to keep him awake after dinner, and put him to bed when I put Anna to bed around 9.

“Will you get up with Greg if he gets up. I can’t. I don’t feel good baby”

I just nodded

“Mommy did you forget?” I looked over and Anna was standing next to me.

“No baby I didn’t. I will get it”


Greg lifted his head up and looked over at her and smiled.

“Yes baby girl”

“I missed you today”

“I miss you every day I’m at work sweetheart”

“I love you daddy”

“I love you so much baby”

“Want to share my ice cream with me, you look like you need it” she smiled

He just chuckled a little.

“I would love to”

“Well hurry up and sit down with me, and mommy can get us some ice creams!”

“I will be right there”

She ran off as he looked at me.

“She is too precious” he smiled

“Yes, she is. Well, I better get up and get her a bowl of ice cream before she comes back bringing world war three with her” I laughed

I got up and got her a bowl of ice cream, while Greg went into living room sat on the couch with Anna.

“Here you go” I handed Greg the bowl with two spoons. Every once in a while they share a bowl of ice cream at night before she goes to bed, and once they finish it, he takes her in her room, tucks her in, reads her a story and puts her to bed.

And that is just what he did. While he was doing that, I checked on little Greg he will still passed out, he will be up soon and Greg isn’t going to be able to get up with him. He is going to have a meltdown I see it now.

“I’m so tired baby” he was taking off his clothes getting into bed.

“Come on love get some rest”

“I’m going to feel so bad when my son wakes up and I can’t get with him”

“He is old enough to understand baby.”

“So why was she crying when I came home” he mumbled as he rolled over and started kissing me

“I will tell you in the morning, I thought you wouldn’t be in the mood”

“I’m always in the mood for you baby, just let me wear a condom please. Until we talk about if we want more children, or see if my health is ok.”

“Ok baby, That’s fine. I will go get a condom”

I went into the bathroom, I shut the door behind me. I started looking through the closet, I know we have condoms just got to find them.

Finally found them in the very back with my medication stash.

I just held the condom in my hand. I looked at it.

Something told me to do it, I wanted another baby.

I opened the bathroom draw and found a cuticle cutter. I took the condom and pocked a couple of holes in it.

I can’t believe that I’m doing this. But he can’t just change his mind like this.

“Ready baby?” I smiled going back into the bedroom.

But he was already passed out.

My poor baby, he works so hard for this family. And he is our rock and support. I can’t believe I was going to do this to him. We have been through so much, and I don’t want to keep things from him.

I put the condom on his side of the night stand. I pulled the blanket up to him, tucked him in a little. He was snoring a little.

I just smiled.

He was my everything. I feel in love with this man, and he is doing everything he can to make his family happy.

I walked over to my side of the bed crawled up next to him, and cuddled up next to him. And just waited for our little guy to come in here. And we get to experience a total meltdown because daddy is not going to get up with him.

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