He Gets What He Wants

He Gets What He Wants He Gets What He Wants

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 1 Intro

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I know I have been off the grid for a while, but here is a new story I started. And I promise I will finish the others that I have not finished yet. Thanks for being a fan. I hope you like the start of this story. Please let me know what you think.

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Submitted: November 13, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 13, 2016



The first time I saw him, I knew that I had to be with him. But he was a married man. He was handsome, he was sexy, he was fit, he had it all. He had the whole package. I wanted him. I wanted every single bit of him. But like I said he was married. He was fucking married. Just my luck. Just my fucking luck that I finally found a man, that was interesting. He was the “fit” guy in my book. He fit my perfect guy.

Damn it. Married.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Just fucking married. Just my luck.


I sat there in my office chair just gocking at him. I was trying to look like a professional lawyer like I was. I had just gotten out of law school. I got a job offer back home and I got hired on into the family law firm. It was run by my father, my brother and my brother in law. Yes. I had a brother who was 10 years older, a sister who was 7 years old. I was the youngest. My whole family is full of lawyers. I was kind of pressured into it. I honestly did not have a choice to do it. But I am not complaining. My parents (well father) paid for my college education. My mother, is and always has been a stay at home mom, and house wife. And now she watches my brothers spoiled ass snobby kids. For them being only 7 and 5 years old. They are spoiled brats, who if I had the chance I would smack them around and show them the way they act, is not right. But my brother and his super model wife give them anything and everything they want. And all they must do is shed one tear, or throw one small fit and boom, they got what they want. Ugh. Cannot stand it. But they get it after their parents.

My sister has one daughter. She does not let my mother watch her. She thinks my mother will turn her soft, so she goes to a private school and daycare when she gets out of school. She is spoiled too, but in a different way. She is smart for being a 7-year-old. So, my sister and brother in law push her to be the best of the best. But oh well at least she does not act like the spoiled brats of my brothers kids.

But anyway, here I am single. Over worked. Stressed. Probably look like a mess anyway. But shit what can you do. I keep getting pressured into finding a “good” husband, finding that right man. But it is not happening. I have used dating apps, websites, blind dates through friends, or family. I have gone out with my brother in laws friends, my sister in laws college friends. It just does not happen. And 99% of the time it is me turning them down. Don’t get me wrong I have been asked out on second dates by multiple guys. But I just don’t see it. I don’t see me dating them. It has honestly turned into a nightmare. And I think it is because I am so picky. Which shit I fucking hate it. I hate that I am that judgmental and picky about a man. The older I get the worse it is getting too. Ugh.

But here I am sitting here in a meeting, starring at the guy, I am hoping that I am looking at him. Just trying to concentrate on what he is saying. But I am sure looking at him like a fucking idiot. Like a middle school little crush staring at her crush during class.

I had to snap out of it. I honestly did not want him thinking that I was a nut case. Nope I am just the boss’s daughter, who is single, nowhere close to meeting someone, no children. I live in a one bedroom apartment with my cat. I knew it. I just knew one day I would be that “crazy cat lady”, I would be living by myself, with multiple cats. While I am just sitting in my pjs when I am a middle age woman, sitting on my couch, eating out of a pint of ice cream. Thinking about my life that I should have had if I only just went out on another date with the many guys that asked me out.

But I look at the guy that is standing up talking, he is tall, dark, handsome. Maybe 6 ft 3-4 inchs. He was tall. I liked tall guys. I loved tall guys actually. I am tall myself. I am 5’8” so being attracted to a man that is taller than me. Have bright blue sexy eyes, that you can just melt into. A smile that makes you just instantly become wet into your panties. Oh, yes I just said that. He will do that to you and he will. He will instantly do that. He did it to me the first time I laid my eyes on him. Especially when he would talk to me, I could just feel my panties getting instantly wet.

Fuck. Fuck.

It is happening again right now. I just want to imagine that these other people were not here. Especially my family. I would just tackle him, grabbing him by the blue silk tie he was wearing and roughly kissing him. Shoving my tongue into his mouth, grinding my body against his, as he pushes me back up against the oval office table that is in the room. I could feel his hands running up the outside of my legs. Going up under my skirt. As I pulled him into me. I could just rip open his button-down shirt, pulling off buttons as it yanks open. Pulling back his sports jacket, and I could feel his hard cock grinding up against my already wet pussy. Arching my back in excitement as I just want to let him fuck me right then and there on the table.

Fuck. I need him.

Fuck. I want him.

I need him.

I think I said that already, but fuck I need him. I need his touch, his kisses, his passion, his body. His everything!

But there he is, as I am snapping back from my wet dream, he is standing there going over cases. And I look at his hand. It has a fucking wedding ring on it. I simple gold band, wrapped around his ring finger. You could tell that he has been wearing it a long time. His finger had come used to it. His finger has enjoyed that ring on his finger for a long time. I am sure for a few years. He looked older than me. I was 28. I am sure he was in his later 30’s or early 40’s and I am sure, he has been married for at least 5-10 years. You could just tell by the ring on his finger. That simple gold band, had some history. It has a story to tell. It has something built into that ring. Even though it was simple, it was there. And in reality, I didn’t want that ring to be there. I wish that I had not seen that ring. But it was there. And I was too late into getting to know this man. Getting to be with this man. Getting to know who he is, what he is about.

I closed my eyes and sighed as he was finishing talking.

He returned to his seat that was across from me. I turned and pretended to look through the case files that I had in front of me. But of course, I was just trying to get a glimpse of him. And it was working. I would flip through paperwork while looking up, seeing him looking through the cases he had in front of him. He had slicked back hair, and it was starting to fall in front of his eyes.  I honestly imaged him being on top of me, and that little pieces of hair falling in front of his eyes, while he was on top of me. While he was inside of me.

Ugh. This is going to fucking suck. I cannot stand it anymore. I want him. I needed him.

I kind of grunted out loud and didn’t realize that I had done it.

I looked up at saw him looking at me.

I just smiled. I am sure like a dorky idiot.

“You ok Kat?” he asked me

My mouth opened but I swear no words were coming out.

“Umm ugh yeah. I am good. Just a long day”

“I see that. Yet understandable. I am having one of those days myself” he mumbled

“Oh yeah?”

I just started asking a question, I did not see it coming out of my mouth, but it came out. I guess I just wanted to ask anything and everything just to keep a conversation with him.

“Yeah I got a work over load. I think I took on more than I can handle this week”

“Oh how many cases do you got?” I blurted out another question.

“About 7-8 I think. Maybe more.” He looked up and smiled at me.

I just smiled back.

I only had 2 cases. And I cannot believe what just came out of my mouth. But it did.

“Maybe I can work with you and help you?”

By the time I asked that, the rest of the people had left the room. It was only him and I and I had just realized that.

He looked up and smiled big at me. It was a smile I had no seen before. I liked it. It was sexier than his average smile.

“I would like that Kat. I really would”

“Me too” I am sure I was smiling more by now. But I did not care.

“Would you like to meet up after work? Somewhere?” he asked

“I usually go home after work. I know I don’t have a life. but that is where I end up”

Shit I cannot believe that came out of my mouth either.

“That is fine. I don’t mind. We can meet up anywhere”

“Don’t you have to go home to your wife? Your family?” I blurred out.

He stood up from the table grabbed the bundle of paper work that he had, then his brief case that is on the floor.

He gave me this half smile and started walked towards the door towards the hallway.

“We are separated and filing for a divorce”

My heart just sank.

Shit. I can’t believe it.

“Just text me your address. I will be there about 6 or so”


I just sat back and I am sure fainted into the chair I was in.

Damn straight I will be texting him my address.

I just need to hurry up and get home and at least clean up a little bit. I might be OCD at the office, but shit you should see my apartment. 


Let me know what you think of the Intro Chapter. Thanks.

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