Polidori's Madness

Polidori's Madness

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


Status: Finished

Genre: Horror


That fateful night with Byron and the Shelley's


That fateful night with Byron and the Shelley's


Submitted: August 04, 2008

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Submitted: August 04, 2008



Rat ridden write your life along these lines

see what chances fate combine

to sink you down in stink this time

shove along indifferent, blind

to consequences, fear and loathing

royal prejudices decomposing

less is more your conscience pricks

hate this pressure, take sick risks

problems that the others list

let yourself be rat bitten lest

your feelings rate below this test

of all your horror and all you take

understand what conspires to fate

teaching others don't wish to know

as above so too below

Stagnates stone no more exists

than strange winged devils clutching fists

in old prints and race stained sheets

that only what themselves defeat

Spider scrawled arachnid inked

in wormed through solid thoughts to sink

indolent words indifferent friends

thinking that raw shrieks defend

A licking horror that fluctuates

a sucking terror come congregates

at lampreyed sores and rotting pile

suppurate to wants defiled

a corpse of thought is then inspired

a rotting dog of wonders fired

clacking dewed of countless cost

invertebrate lies sloven tossed

weeping tar tears and slime filled promise

pus wiped suffering at least is honest

Give it all these romantic fools

take to a body and then so use

up its fluids recompense

for all this time now wasted spent

on vast caverns of epic proseand ode man love

that quickly pale and raise above

angel filled street and piss shit whores

of Babylon that this poet scored

of monsters and of vampires filled

to burn and mock on crested hills

A cocks crow wonder lest be in sight

and put an end this savage night

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