Escapades of Aria West

Escapades of Aria West

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Aria West is here to share with you her experience with love, men and sex. As a young girl, Aria was plagued with a small frame and low self-esstem and it was years after her peers that she developed fully. But like they say, all good things come with patience, and when Aria finally reached adulthood, she hit it full force. These are her stories....


Aria West is here to share with you her experience with love, men and sex. As a young girl, Aria was plagued with a small frame and low self-esstem and it was years after her peers that she developed fully. But like they say, all good things come with patience, and when Aria finally reached adulthood, she hit it full force.

These are her stories....

Chapter1 (v.1) - Escapades of Aria West

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Aria West is here to share with you her experience with love, men and sex. As a young girl, Aria was plagued with a small frame and low self-esstem and it was years after her peers that she developed fully. But like they say, all good things come with patience, and when Aria finally reached adulthood, she hit it full force. <br /> <br /> These are her stories....

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 29, 2011



During my second semester of college, Rick and I hit the rocks at full force –it seemed every party I attended was a test of my fidelity –and in Rick’s eyes, I failed nearly all of these tests. I couldn’t fathom how to rebuild a crumbling relationship and after two months of accusations and fights, I felt our ‘perfect’ connection slipping from my grasp. Was he resentful that I hadn’t decided to attend the university he wanted? Or was this Ricks way of pushing me away without shouldering the blame, putting the entire fault on me, even though I hadn’t seen a penis –except on the cover of my human sexuality book – in over three months. Cheating was hard not to think about, especially a few beers and joint down, but I hadn’t humored the idea that Rick may have been feeling the same way. So when Rick told me his desire to ‘try’ sleeping with other people, I had the nerve to act surprised. The thirty-minute phone call ended when I slung, and broke, my phone on a CD rack across the room, narrowly missing, Laura, my roommates head.

Laura, who had listened to the entire conversation transpire via speakerphone, silently sneaked into the hallway and the room adjacent to ours, where Layne lived. I sat on the edge of my bed, unaware they were setting a plan into motion, fists clenched around a quilt, at the mercy of my rampant emotions. I felt fury shroud me –untainted rage for Rick wanting to hold another woman in his arms and worse, fury that I had allowed myself to want to be held by only him. Feeling physically ill, I listened as Layne and Laura divulged their plan. Using Layne’s uncanny ability to find parties, the girls came to me with a list of the night’s ongoing house parties. The frat TKE had jungle juice, the swim house featured jell-o shots, no doubt in hope of drowning out the rape rumors, but it was the Rugby house we ultimately settled on. They had an ice loge and even though everything about Rugby reminded me of Rick, I could tell Layne and Laura were secretly trying to pitch the loge idea with added fervor. I prepared for the night in a blue, straightening my hair aimlessly and assembling nearly every outfit I owned across the bed for inspection. Laura and Layne supplied their input. Laura thought I needed freedom from Rick, claiming one man was not enough to even know man and she took it on to continuously remind me that Rick was out there –maybe at that very moment –kissing the neck of some random bimbo. Layne agreed, although with less passion. She assured me Rick was using this ‘try’ sleeping with other people “bullshit” was no more than a reason for him to cheat or worse, a test on whether I ever would. Even so, when I asked Layne if I shouldn’t sleep with a random guy, Layne shrugged her shoulders and said “No, you should. It’ll never work with Rick anyways.”

For a second semester student, I was relatively new to the drinking scene. The draw of drinking with a bunch of perverted college boys too intoxicated to remember common courtesy much less my name, had never convinced me to get ‘sloshed’ at a random house. And of course, I was terrified of being brandished with an underage. So instead, I took on the role of ‘mom’, often dragging Laura from strangers beds and carrying Layne home, holding back their hair as they puked and checking their pulses when they passed out face down on the tiled floor. But this night was different. Tonight I would be the one out of control, and as we walked the four blokes in tank tops pretending not to feel the cold night air, I was surprisingly excited to exhibit the total loss of control. This was the night I would hurt Rick just as much as he had hurt me. This was to be the night of my first one-night stand.

Or so I thought.

There has always been something sexy about Rugby players. Big and strong like football players –wide chested and large-handed –but what caught my attention was the commonly known catch phrase that I found to be true –‘a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen’. Drinking was an accepted part of Rugby, embedded into game play and hazing and something about that, at the time, drew me in. Layne and Laura hit the keg first, while I scanned my environment for a desirable ‘meal’, like a predator with unlimited options. The Rugby house was bland, an open space for the stereo system, which blared Irish drinking music, an adjoining room with two dented and stained sofa’s and a kitchen, which was in the limbo of looking more like a storage room. Under the shadow the other arched doorway, I found my target. Staring through three boys attempting to hold a heavyset boy upward, while he chugged directly from the key tap, my gaze drifted to the out-of-town Rugby team, who were, at the time, forcing their freshmen to play dizzy bats and drink pitcher of beer. Standing against a wall, sipping from a red cup, while talking to Grizzly, the captain of our team, was Adam. Two hundred miles from home, in a college in the mountains, and there he was –one of Ricks closest friends.

Adam and Rick met through Rick’s older brother, another Rugby player, and although we lived three miles apart, I had never known of Adam’s existence until I started seeing Rick. We had hung out a few times, always in large groups and always with Rick, so I didn’t know much of Adam, but I was fully aware of how he looked. I scrutinized Adam from a distance, squinting to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I wasn’t, it was him and something slimy and bleak succumbed me then. This boy, this poor innocent, sexy, unsuspecting boy was the perfect player in my game –he was my trump card. No matter whom Rick slept with, I knew he wouldn’t be able to top this. I had him beat. Adam was super tall, standing at six foot two. He was built like a linebacker, thickly muscled yet slender, making for the highly coveted combination of stature and agility. As a result, Adam was sublime to watch on the field. Normally I didn’t go for blondes, and Adam’s hair was as blonde as blonde came, no hint that brown had ever touched his roots, but I reasoned that in the name of hurting Rick, I could make an exception with Adam. I wasn’t aware this brush with blondes would one day plague me. And Adam was undeniably handsome, with a strong face, sharp jaw line, and high planned cheeks that make his face uniquely sharp. While I had never before thought about it, I imagined what was beneath Adam’s plain white shirt and khaki pants.

“See the boy in the white?” I leaned in and shouted at Layne, trying in vain to be heard above the bag-pipes and drunken ramble.

“Next to the drunk guy in the beer bong hat, or the one with Grizzly?”

“Next to Grizzly. The blonde.” I shot her a measured glance, and Layne grinned.

“He’s really cute. Like, really cute.” She nodded her approval. “Is he the lucky one?”

It was my turn to nod.

I remember thinking how strange it was to be this calm, as I walked towards Adam, who was the type of guy that two years ago, I would never had dreamed of approaching. His team followed me as I cut a path through their game and I ignored the hand that mysteriously made its way from an armrest and onto my ass. Locked onto my target, I strutted confidently, amazed by my composure, however, the moment Adam’s golden green eyes flickered my direction, I felt my façade of calmness falter. I often think of whether I would have fled then, but Adam locked eyes with me then, rushing forward excitedly.

In two quick strides, displaying his sure-footedness, Adam bent over, grabbing me into a hug, and lifted my feet off the beer soaked floor. “Aria? How are you?” He screamed urgently and his smile made my stomach knot. “God, I can’t believe you go here –I can’t believe you are here. Wow.” Adam finally placed me down, and then he asked the inevitable. “How’s Rick?”

I feigned confusion. “Who? No, I sure I don’t know any Rick.” Adam showed that grin again, crooked and dimpled, whether it was in response to my humor or the news I broke, I couldn’t be sure. Most likely the former.

“Fighting?” Adam asked, consciously leading me into the hallway, where the music dulled enough to speak at a normal decibel.

I gave him a bitter smile that never touched my eyes. “No. Apparently were passed fighting and onto sleeping with other people.”

“Oh.” Adam had a habit of looking at his feet like a bored child, kicking the tips of my shoes, absent and unaware he was doing it. “I’m sure it isn’t what you think. Ricks a good guy and you two are like…well…you’ll get past this.”

“Doubtful.” Adam made a sad face, and we stood in an awkward silence until I finally ventured to change the subject.

We spent the next two hours talking in that hallway, eventually dropping to sit against the wooden walls as we went on about nothing and everything. It was strangely easy to confide in Adam and after two hours, five beers and an overdose on chitchat, I decided to test how far I could take Adam. It wasn’t until then –when I moved closer to him and he slunk away –that I realized Adam might not be as down for my plan as I was. Maybe sleeping with a friend’s ex of three years breeched the lines of the ‘man code’, but I also knew how I looked and in my experience and youthful ignorance, I thought I could get any guy, at any time, in any place. Even a sticky hallway floor. What if I was wrong? What if Adam was the expectation to the lengths I could push my beauty? And suddenly my mind grew fuzzy and I couldn’t wait a moment longer to see if I could have Adam.

I imagined myself crushing my lips into Adam’s, shutting up whatever he was talking about with a zealous, equally enjoyed embrace. However, in my inebriated state, this plan didn’t go quite as smoothly as intended. Instead of passionately catching him off guard, I did the opposite. While Adam ranted about a try-out, I snaked an arm around his neck, finding his hairline, my fingers absently stroking the back of his neck –something Rick had enjoyed. I leaned so closely that Adam jerked back in surprise and I internally scolded myself to stay as I was. A flash of confusion played across Adams face and he stopped talking, searching my face. Aware I was watching only his lips, and they seemed to swell as Adam’s heart raced inside his chest. Then, very slowly, I leaned into him, gently running my lips along his. Lasting only a moment, leaving it quick and unsatisfying, my mouth buzzed where our lips had met, and a ‘zinging’ feeling enveloped my thighs. He hadn’t pulled away; he didn’t seem enraged, if anything Adam looked torn between knowing who I was and what I meant to Rick and the primal desire to pull me onto his lap. Our lips hovered over each other’s and I fought the rationality of lying in the hallway of a random house in someone other than Rick’s arms. It was oddly comforting, but I refused to admit that then. This was a ploy –a trick meant to hurt Rick, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy it, right?

I’ll never know whether I would have mustered the courage to kiss Adam again. He brushed a stray strand of hair from my face and kissed me equally as gently as I had him –as if testing the waters. Hesitant, Adam tilted his head, as if to push away a thought and kissed me again, this one long and lingering, full of an aggressive passion that overwhelmed me. His lips moved across my cheek, down the nape of my neck and onto my chest. I was fighting to disconnect myself from what was happening, reminding myself over and over that Adam was a pawn in my master plan and nothing more, so when Adam broke away and pulled my chin upward, forcing me to look into his eyes, I realized my plan to keep this ‘emotion’ free was beginning to slip from my reach. It frightened me, the way his eyes moved over my face, taking in every detail as if trying to put it to memory. So close, I could see the extent of how angled Adams features were, and his eyes were more than just the glorious shade of sunlit greenery, they were welcoming eyes, tracing and penetrating. I wanted to run, yet deep down, somewhere apart from reason, I was enjoying how adorning he was as he watched me. Which, now that I think about it, was probably what frightened me the most. I pushed Adam back, both hands forcing his chest away from me.

Adam broke away, shuffling further from me, looking downward at his feet again, as if ashamed. “I’m sorry. I just –I don’t know what I was thinking. Too much exercise, too much beer.” He refused to look at me as I rose from the ground. “That was inexcusable…I…I…”

I held back a grin, putting on a smug façade. “If you think that was inexcusable I can’t imagine what you’ll think of the things I intend on doing to you, if you decide to come back to my room with me?” I didn’t mean to make it sound like a question. I wanted to sound sure and sexy. Adam at last looked up, calculating face searching mine.

“Your room?” He wanted confirmation on what he had just heard.

I smiled and shrugged. “Why not?”

It took Adam a few seconds to agree and a few minutes to come up with an excuse to leave his friends. It was sweet that he didn’t brag to his teammates, but a part of me figured the more witnesses the better. We talked as we walked, and I was once more faced with the surprise of how comfortable I was with Adam, despite what had just transpired between us in a very seedy hallway. When we got to my dorm, a towering, hideous brick fortress of windows, I slide my key card at the door and he followed me into the lobby. Layne was sprawled out across some guys lap and Laura watched on with intent eyes.

“One second. That’s my roommate.” I left him at the door, though he could have followed.

Laura glanced behind me at Adam, raising an eyebrow to me. “So that’s where you were, huh? We looked everywhere.”

“Except down.” I gave her a victory smile and leaned into her. “He’s Rick’s friend from high school.”

“Double whammy. Cute with a side of revenge, nice.” Laura winked at Adam, I didn’t see how he responded.

“So, I’m going to need the room tonight.”

Laura did a little dance in her seat. “I never thought I would hear you say that, Aria. I’ll stay with Layne. Go get him.” I didn’t know if she meant go get, Adam or Rick, and I didn’t care.

“So, this is my room.” I said to Adam as I threw open the unlocked door.

It was your basic dorm, two beds, two desks, two dressers, two closets, one refrigerator and one TV –no bathroom. “My side.” I motioned to the right, thankful I had cleaned earlier in the day. Adam inspected everything and I inspected him as he did so. I wondered if all one-night-stands had this awkward lingering feeling, both knowing what was next but neither ballsy enough to make it happen. “I collect coins.” I explained when he lifted my extremely rare half-nickel, half-penny into the air, as if riveted by its detail. I sat on the bed, hoping he would take the hint, make the first move, make any move, but Adam continued studying my room. Had he changed his mind? Was this too real for him?

“What’s on your mind?” I finally asked, tired of sitting alone on the bed in silence.

“Is this a silver dollar?” Adam asked, avoiding the question entirely. I had enough.

I rose to join him at my desk, taking the coin from his hand and placing it pointedly on the table. Wrapping both arms around Adam’s neck, I pulled myself onto the desk, head tilting to one side.

Adam kissed me softly, hesitant. To urge him on, I wrapped both legs around his waist and literally pulled his body against mine. Tightening my legs to pull closer to Adams face, my head went fuzzy and Adam seemed to be everywhere. Passion ignited within Adam. In a quick movement, he had one arm behind my neck, steadying me as the other lifted me up off the desk. He kicked a chair out of the way, pressing my back against the cold, stone, wall while he effortlessly held me up. His hungry lips parted, tongue slipping in to massage mine while one hand inched up my leg until it rested on my backside. My entire body throbbed, craving him more with every passing touch, until holding onto my calm mannerism was impossible. Why shouldn’t I allow myself to enjoy this, to want it so badly I totally forget Rick’s name? I was terrified that all I saw and all I wanted to see was Adam. Kissing quickly became a tease and while I could feel Adam’s pants swelling, he was taking his own sweet time getting to the good part. I tried to lead him on, fiddling with his belt and pressing myself against his bulge.

Adam withdrew, breathing heavy, hands gently brushing aside mine. “Wait. There’s something I should tell you.” I kissed him between words, tracing a line along his neck and finally nibbling at his earlobe. “I…I…” He huffed, mind clouded, hand making its way my shirt. “Fuck it.” Adam concluded, crushing his mouth onto mine, tongue sliding in playfully. In one swift move, he easily tugged my shirt over my head, hands caressed along my back before finding my bra latch and fiddling with it. I undid Adam’s belt and had his pants on the floor before I realized what I was doing, moving in a blur of passion fueled actions I had no control over. When my hands reached for his crotch, Adam bucked, knocking me against a bookcase, and causing a shower of books that only further intensified the lust. Everything was suddenly urgent and insistent.

I later found out that Adam hadn’t unlatched my bra, but ripped it off, consequently destroying a rather cherished red bra. At the time, I was just thankful to have it off. I felt like I might explode from the heat pulsing through me, absorbing my sound mind and taking me to a place I had never before been with Rick. It was the first –and not the last –time I had ever totally lost myself in sex. Adam explored every inch of me, quickly removing my panties while his mouth frantically moved over mine. His hands stopped me when I tried to undo my skirt, a crooked smile appearing between slow, wet kisses that trailed down my neck, and over my chest to linger and suck at my breasts. Tracing his tongue along the length of my thin waist, Adam planted one kiss of either side of my thighs before he disappeared beneath my skirt. Adam’s lips were warm and experienced, and I couldn’t stifle a groan of pleasure when he reached my warmth, rhythmically working. After a short time I tried –and failed –to suppress my groans. A climax rapidly rushed through me, threatening to overpower me, and normally I would have allowed it to, but with Adam, I hadn’t had enough. I still wanted him, and that was a rather new notion for me.

Yanking his chin upward, Adam stood level to me, gripping under my ass to raise me onto my desk, pushing a few books onto the floor. I worked his boxers down his legs, taking in the full sight of him. The carpet matched the drapes, slightly darker, but still yellow and like the rest of Adam, he was well to do, penis thick, long and standing at attention. Adam ran a hand along the length of my jaw line, fingers playing with my lips. “God, you’re beautiful.” His voice was a whisper and I pulled his ring finger into my mouth, wrapping my tongue to play with it. I wasn’t interested in hearing compliments, especially empty, passion induced commentary. Adam kept stroking my face, rubbing and thumb over my cheek, just under my eye, watching me with a mix of awe and lust and I couldn’t help but wonder if he made all the girls he slept with feel this special. I heaved myself upward, using his neck to pull me even with Adam’s face. A quick smile danced at the edges of his mouth.

“Kiss me.” I whispered and Adam complied. As he did, I slipped a hand through my legs to grip his shaft and slowly lowered myself onto him. Adam let out a grunted groan of pleasure, kissing harder and faster. Again, Adam lifted me onto him, pressing me into the wall as he moved in and out, breath mingling over my ear as he sweetly muttered my name. “Aria….aria…oh, aria…” The words slide from his mouth between heaves and I felt his muscles clench, readying for his climax. I lowered one leg to the ground, raising the other over Adam’s head to swing my body backwards –backside pressing against his stomach –while keeping Adam inside of me. A trick seven years of gymnastics made easy. Adam took me from behind, planting an arm on the wall, while his other hand cupped my neck and pulled me into a kiss, falling down to cup my breasts. Each jerk sent ecstasy through me, wetting and tingling me until I could hardly stand the meager distance between us. In the last few moments, as each of us reached our climax simultaneously –another first for me –I didn’t know where Adam ended and I began. All I could feel, and see was Adam, Adam, Adam.

There is nothing quite like sharing a twin bed with a six-foot Rugby player. The desire to jot that thought into my little black book overwhelmed me then, as I lay crammed between the concrete wall of my dorm and Adams massive chest. I blinked away the things we had done against that wall last night, putting my energy into hatching an escape plan.

Sleeping with Adam –and I don’t mean the sex, but the nostalgia of spending a night sharing a bed with a relative stranger had my mind jumbled in a mixture of awe and aversion. Rick had been a light sleeper, waking to the slightest touch and he often proved true something I wondered as a child, waking in the exact position he had fallen asleep in. Adam was nothing like that. He slept like a malleable brick, and between snuggling me into his chest like a life-size teddy bear and absently stroking my legs, I decided a foghorn couldn’t break his slumber. And he talked, grumbling and muttering words of no relevance. I tried convincing myself Adam’s sleeping pattern had kept me awake all hours of the night, but looking back I think the fear of awaking to a strange person frightened me most and if I didn’t sleep, I wouldn’t awake surprised. It was like dodging a bullet swirling in circles and it made my head swim.

I slipped a leg out, holding it vertically, pointed towards the ceiling and quickly tugged my arm free from Adam’s limp leg. He grunted, nuzzling his head against my trapped arm and twisting a hand to clamp around my fingers. I was shocked into stillness and some part of me snapped. I suddenly had to get free of Adam. Seeking an opportunity, I swung my free leg forward, straddling Adams waist and in one movement, pulled apart our tangled hands. I was off him before Adam stirred, but it was enough to jolt him awake. Blinking twice, his sleepy eyes fixed on me and Adam sat up on his elbows. He yawned, and shot me a painfully carelessly smile. “Good morning.”

I was changing in the small pocket separating my dresser from the closet, desperately trying to clothe myself before he saw me. Something in Adam’s casualness aggravated me. Guilt snuck in and instantly flared my temper. “Morning.” I grumbled, containing myself. It wasn’t Adam’s fault, I reasoned. I had no one but myself to blame. I planned this from last night, aiming to fill the solid lump where my heart used to be and Adam was merely a victim of boorish scheming on my part. Still, I was pissed and Adam was there.

Adam stretched, and the lazy gesture vaguely reminded me of a large amiable cat limbering after awakening from a long catnap. His body really was glorious, I observed him as he stood. Slender, but muscled, long, yet somehow ruefully compact and he was so tall. For a girl of five foot two, his height really stood out.

“Is there a good place for breakfast?” He asked and I gave him a strange half-shrug, pretending to be occupied by shorting the clothes in my drawers. “I don’t have to leave for a few hours.” Adam went on, pulling on one shoe at a time, completely ignorant to my defensive body language. He went on, slowly and nervously leading towards asking me what I already knew he wished to. His ignorance only further annoyed me and I soon found myself saying things I never meant to say.

“Can we not do this?” I looked over my shoulder to find Adam frowning.

“Do what?”

“This awkward morning after thing. It was fun and all, but let’s not make this any weirder than it already is.” My voice was sharp and I remember hating the way Adam’s eyes narrowed. “I never meant to, well, I did mean to hurt someone, but it wasn’t supposed to be this way. I mean…goodness this is coming out right. I shouldn’t have picked you…we were friends.” I realized then that I was rambling and that nearly everything I said was in some way offensive to Adam, but I didn’t expect him to respond the way he did. Those narrowed eyes, fell into wide, hurt slits that suddenly seemed to understand something he suspected all along.

“Picked me?” Adam had his pants on before he finished the last syllable. “What exactly was this Aria?” I opted for silence, which worked out worse for my cause. “You and Rick aren’t still together, are you?” I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t manage to speak. The stillness was again, enough proof for Adam. “Aria.” He lowered his head, shaking out his blonde hair as if to push a thought from his mind. “Aria…” he repeated exasperated and seemingly tired.

“I should have known.” The pained look was gone, replaced with a vicious, mocking snort. “I’m guessing you don’t want me to tell him about this, right?” Adam laughed again, but it was edgy and swift, with no real humor.

“I don’t know, ok?” I felt putrid inside, like my spine was mush and my soul was on a vacation break, but I responded with the same amount of fervor Adam managed to muster. “I didn’t exactly plan this.”

“Really?” Adam’s sarcasm was noted.

I dropped my hands in defeat, clenching every muscle to keep from falling over. Why was I so dizzy? “Ok. Fine. I had every intention of hurting Rick.”

“Great, fucking job.”

“Don’t talk to me like that.” I even stomped on one foot. For a moment, Adam looked like he might apologize, until he remembered why he was so heated. I broke in before he could speak. “Adam, it might have been what I wanted last night, but now I feel so…wait. Adam!”

Adam had enough. He moved towards the door without bothering to look for his shirt. I danced in front of him quickly, blocking his way. Adam stayed like that, hovering in front of me even though I was sure he could have easily picked me up by the waist and literally moved me from his way.

I tried amending what I meant, reaching for the rage and contempt I had earlier harbored, but all I found was regret. I felt dirty and the way Adam looked at me –not with anger, anger was too steep an emotion –it was as if I wasn’t worth being mad at, made my stomach swarm and my heart race double-time. “Please, let me explain. I’m doing a terrible job at articulating what I want to say.” I waited for a response, but Adam merely stared, carelessly waiting for me to continue. So I did. “Rick told me he wanted to sleep with someone else and I totally freaked out and I don’t know if it makes any difference but I want to be honest. When I first saw you, I couldn’t believe my luck. I mean, you and Rick are so close and I figured it was like a sign, like Ahhh, the heavens parting and placing revenge directly in my town. I knew sleeping with anyone would upset Rick, but with you. It was too perfect.”

“That’s great…makes me feel so much better, Aria.” Adam pushed left and reached for the doorknob. I neatly moved, back against the door and Adam stepped back with an irritated grumble.

“Hear me out. If this was just revenge, I wouldn’t care.”

Adam blinked a few times. “Are you trying to convince me or yourself?”

I jabbed at him. In the heat of the moment, and that smug, condescending smile, I wanted to punch Adam Wright in the face. I settled for poking him in the chest. “Don’t act like that. I’m trying to explain something I hardly knew was there ten minutes ago. My head still hasn’t caught up. I think what I mean to say is that what happened last night didn’t feel like what I thought it would. It didn’t feel like a one night stand to me, or like revenge sex.”

“Pity.” Adam folded his arms across his chest. “Because that’s exactly what it was.” This time when he reached for the door, I didn’t stop him. Still shirtless, Adam left me with one final jab. “And don’t worry. I won’t tell Rick anything.”

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