All in A Days Work

All in A Days Work All in A Days Work

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Bobby works at a local repair shop and meets women whose cars have broken down and he has sexy with them all



Bobby works at a local repair shop and meets women whose cars have broken down and he has sexy with them all


Submitted: July 08, 2015

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Submitted: July 08, 2015



All in A Days Work


Bobby worked at a local repair shop in his town located on the interstate that ran through his town. He’s been doing mechanical work on tractor-trailers now for 4 years. He wanted to own his own rig but that never seemed to come about so working on them seemed the best thing for him. Every now and then his boss would ask him to help out with the car repairs if things had gotten backed up. While working on a 1987 corvette one day Bobby needed to slide under it on his creeper to make an adjust in the rear of the car. While he was under the car his boss and the owner of the car were standing in the back as his boss asked if he found the problem. Bobby replied that a muffler hanger had come loose and he would need time to repair it. The boss told the owner Miss Jackson that she could wait right there and Bobby would fix it for her and she could be on her way.

Miss Jackson Bobby thought to himself wonder what she must look like. As Bobby tired to fix the muffler hanger he knew he was going to have to slide out from under the car and get more tools. He tried to position himself to come out close to where she was standing so he could get a good look at her. As he did his head popped out from under the car and he could see everything she owned. She wore a short dress that just about covered her ass and she was pantiless. Excuse me Bobby said as he climbed out from under the car. Miss Jackson blushed for she knew he had seen her.

“Nice car you have here Miss Jackson” Bobby said. Bet she goes fast. “Please call me Barbara she said.” Ok Barbara I will say Bobby so where are you from he asked. Barbara told him she had recently moved into the neighborhood and started teaching at the local high school. Bobby commented on how teachers didn’t look like her when he went to school. Barbara said thank you. Bobby said you’re welcome. So what do you teach in high school he asked? Barbara said she taught 7th Grade. Then Bobby got the tools he needed and got back under her car to fix the muffler hanger.

Twenty minutes had gone by and Bobby was done fixing her car. Well you are all set he said as he slid out from under the car getting another good look. Come back and see us if you have any more car problems Bobby said. Barbara gave Bobby a peck on the cheek thanking him for fixing her car. See you again soon Bobby said as she drove away. The boss thanked Bobby for his help and Bobby went back to work on the truck he was working on before. All day long he thought about Barbara. At 6pm Bobby got ready to go home. Just as he was about to clock out Bill his boss asked him if he would go on a call on the interstate and help a disabled car with a flat tire and no spare.

It meant extra money for him and Bobby said he would. Getting all the information he needed as well as a flat repair kit in case the tire could be fixed. Bobby sent out in the tow-truck to the call. As he drove down the interstate Bobby kept a look out for a red firebird on the disabled lane. Finding the car he pulled up in front in case the tire was not repairable and he had to tow the vehicle. Getting out of the truck Bobby saw two women sitting in the firebird. The driver got out and explained she hit something in the road and the tire blow out causing her to pull over quickly and it scared her badly. Bobby tried to calm her down telling her he would look and see if the tire was repairable.

When Bobby shined a light on the tire it was torn to shreds. There was no way he was going to be able to fix the tire, he was going to have to tow the car back to the shop. He explained to the driver that she had performance tires on her car and it wouldn’t be fixed until Monday. He asked where they were headed and she told him the next town up from where they were that they were on their way home from work. Bobby told the ladies his name and they introduced themselves. The driver’s name was Shirley and her friend’s name was Andrea. Bobby told Shirley he was going to have to tow her car back to the shop and if they wanted he could drop them off on his way home.

Hooking the car up to the tow-truck Bobby had the girls get into the tow-truck. It was much safer for them then in the car. Arriving back at the shop Bobby told Bill the tire was not repairable that he was going to have to give Shirley the owner of the car a price on a new tire. The girls got out of the truck and went into the office with Bill. Bobby towed the car and drove it into the shop to keep it locked up over the weekend. Closing down the garage door and locking it Bobby pulled the truck into the last bay and locked that door as well. Bobby told Bill he was going to give the girls a ride home so he would know where to pick up Shirley on Monday so she could get the car back.

Bobby and the girls got into his pick-up truck and off they went. Shirley sat next to Bobby in the truck with Andrea by the window. As Shirley gave Bobby direction where to go to get to her place. As they drove down the road Shirley placed her hand on Bobby’s leg. Bobby’s hand was on the shifter, which was between Shirley’s legs. The girls were very grateful for him being so kind that when they arrived at Shirley place they asked him to come up and have a beer. Bobby figured why not he was done with work and all he had to go home to was an empty apartment. Sitting at the kitchen table Bobby cracked open his beer and took a long swallow. Shirley excused herself as she went to her bedroom to change out of her clothes. Andrea and Bobby chatted in the kitchen. Andrea and Shirley worked in the city at a local TV station.

Shirley returned to the kitchen in a pair of shorts with a halter-top. Andrea used the phone to call her boyfriend to let him know she was at Shirley’s and what had happened to the car. She told him she would be home later that she and Shirley had a few things to do for work and when she was ready to come home she would call him to come and pick her up she would be waiting outside for him. Bobby was a handsome young man and the girls wanted him. They wanted to try something they had only talked about together but never found the chance to really do it. They often spoke about sharing a man with each other and found that Bobby was the perfect subject to try it with. A total stranger no holds on either of them. Shirley was single but dating every now and then. Andrea had a boyfriend but she cheated on him so many times she’s lost count. When Andrea got off the phone Shirley asked Bobby if he’d ever had two women at one time. Bobby was surprised to hear her asks him that but he had to admit he never had but had always wanted to try it.

Andrea asked him if he would like to try it with her and Shirley right now tonight. Bobby thought what the hell they were both good looking and he was still horny from when Barbara was in the shop and after Shirley ran her hand across his leg tonight he was hoping he could get lucky. But to get both of them together how could he refuse. Bobby told Shirley he was going to need a shower first to wash away all the sweat from the day. Shirley told him there was a shower in the bathroom that was in her bedroom and she would leave a tool on the toilet for him to dry with. Bobby went to shower.

 While Bobby was in the shower the girls were in the bedroom getting ready. Both lying on the bed naked they waited for Bobby to enter the room. Shirley and Andrea have played around together but they consider themselves bi-sexual not lesbians. Bobby enters the bedroom with just a towel around his waist. The girls are in awe as they look at his muscling structure as he stands at the end of the bed. Both girls move to the end of the bed and at the same time pull the towel from his body. Bobby has a big cock and the girls like what they see. They both grab him and pull him on the bed. All the things they have spoken about were about to come true. They both take turns licking him every where. One on his face the other on his cock. While this is going on they are also kissing each other which makes Bobby harder and working his tongue faster. Then they switch places so the other can feel the excitement. They do all kinds of different set-ups. Shirley laying on her back with Andrea between her legs and Bobby taking Andrea from behind. After Andrea has an orgasm they witch and Bobby takes Shirley from behind. After Shirley has an orgasm they switch again. This time with Bobby on his back and both girls do him. Stroking his cock, sucking his cock, licking him form head to toe and every place in between. After they are all completely spent and they have rested Andrea thanks Bobby for a great time and helping them fulfill their great dream.

Andrea gets cleaned up and calls her boy friend to come and pick her up she’ll be waiting outside for him. Shirley walks Andrea to the door kisses her goodnight tells her to call her in the morning. Shirley returns to her bedroom and asks Bobby if he’d like to spend the night. Bobby figures why not then two of them fool around some more. Bobby and Shirley fuck the night away and by the time they go to sleep it’s about 3am. In the morning around 9am Andrea calls Shirley to find out how things went after she left but all she gets is Shirley’s answering machine. Shirley and Bobby are at it again only this time in the shower. Shirley’s a fine piece of ass Bobby thinks to himself and since she isn’t with anyone he asks if they could see each other regularly. Bobby says you know to say fuck when we both need it doesn’t need to be serious or anything like that. Shirley figures why not if Bobby didn’t have anyone to go home too maybe she’d be who he’d nee more then anything else.

Bobby dressed and kissed Shirley goodbye. He told her that when her car was ready Monday he would come and pick her up meaning she’d have to call in sick Monday. Shirley gave Bobby her phone number so he could call her when he was on his way. He said he would so she would be ready when he got there. She said she would be ready, just not the way he thought she’d be ready. Then getting into his truck he drove home. When he got home there was a message on his answering machine. Hi Bobby this is Barbara Jackson when you get this message could you give me a call the number is 555-0629.

Bobby picked up the phone and made the call. Hello Barbara this is Bobby you asked me to call you. Yes Bobby I was wondering if you could give me a hand with something. I sure could said Bobby when and where? Barbara gave Bobby direction to where she was living and asked him if he could be there around 2pm. Bobby said he could as he needed to do something first. She said that would be ok. It was about 10:30am and Bobby needed more sleep. He set his alarm clock for 1pm and lay down on his bed to get more sleep.

Bobby’s alarm went off at 1pm. It woke him and he got up and showered made something to eat and got ready to go to Barbara’s place. Following the direction she gave him took him out to a large farmhouse at the edge of town. As he pulled down the dirt road he saw her corvette in front of the house. Knocking on the door he heard someone yell it’s open come on in. As Bobby entered the house he and closing the door Barbara yelled to him that she would be right down to himself at home. There to the right of the front door was a large room. Bobby entered the room and found a regulation size pool table in the middle of the floor. Balls already racked he began shooting while he waited for Barbara.

Glad you could come he heard her say from behind him. Bobby turned toward her and she looked beautiful. She wore a light summer dress that was cut short above the knees. Bobby asked her what she needed help with and she told him she was having trouble with her waterbed and needed someone strong to help her put it together. Barbara asked him if he’d like something cold to drink. As she turned a walked toward the kitchen. He said yes and followed her into the kitchen. Pouring a tall glass of iced tea Barbara handed it to him. They sat for a few minutes at the kitchen table while drinking their iced tea. Bobby could not get over how beautiful she was. Barbara loved the way Bobby looked and was glad she called him. The two of them then went to Barbara’s bedroom on the second floor. Barbara showed Bobby the problem she was having with the bed. Since Bobby was a mechanic Barbara figured he would know what to do to fix it. And he did in no time it was together and they were filling it up with water.

It would take about four hours to fill the bed with water so Barbara asked Bobby if he’d like to take a look around. She showed him the land she owned there and they walked along the path that took them to her small lake on her land. They sat and got to know each other while killing time as the waterbed filled up. Upon returning to the house Barbara took Bobby down into the basement and showed him her hot tub & tanning room. Then going back upstairs Barbara took Bobby out onto the screened in porch. There was a sofa bed and a few chairs. Barbara got them some more iced tea and they sat and talked some more. Barbara asked Bobby to stay and have dinner with her. Bobby said that would be great he hadn’t eaten since lunchtime yesterday.

Barbara went into the kitchen to start dinner when she asked him if he liked steak. Bobby said he did and so that’s what she made. Steak mashed potatoes, green beans and garlic bread. While Barbara was fixing the garlic bread at the counter Bobby walked up behind her and gave her a kiss on the part of her back that was not covered by her dress. He moved closer to her and rubbed his hard cock against her ass and he felt her push back against it. As she turned towards him he moved around her and pined her against the counter planting a kiss deeply on her lips. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and held him tight. Whispering in his ear I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you yesterday looking up my dress. Bobby got caught but didn’t care as he whispered back. I’ve had you on my mind since yesterday as well. Breaking their hold of each other Bobby went upstairs to check the water in the waterbed. He yelled to Barbara to come and see if there was enough water in it.

Barbara walked into the bedroom to find Bobby lying on her waterbed naked. She had to go and turn off the food on the stove so it didn’t burn for she had no idea how long this would take and he was what she wanted more then food. Upon returning to the bedroom Barbara had already removed her dress. Lying down beside Bobby she told him she didn’t do this kind of thing often but when she wants something as bad as she wanted him she will do whatever it takes to get it. Bobby told her he wasn’t that kind of guy but he knew he wanted her and would do whatever it took for him to be where he is right now here with her. Well they made love over and over again. Barbara was doing things to Bobby he’d never felt before. And Bobby had a love tool Barbara had never had before. She never knew how wonderful it could be with a man who had such a big dick. She thought he would hurt her with the size but she found out that it touched places that know one had ever touched before.

When they finished Barbara gave Bobby something to put on and she put on her robe and went to the kitchen to finish the dinner. They sat and eat dinner and enjoyed the other company till the wee hours of the morning. Thank god today is Sunday Bobby said for he’d never make it to work on time. Barbara asked him to stay the night. He did and rose early Sunday morning to make breakfast for Barbara. He served her breakfast in bed. Pancakes and sausage with coffee and toast and he wore the apron she had on last night and nothing more. After breakfast and a roll in bed they got up and dressed and went for a drive in her corvette. They talked a lot and at the end of the day Bobby asked her to be his steady girl. Barbara excepted and asked him if he’d like to come and move in with her that he could save his money he used to pay rent. Bobby agreed that would be a great idea so they made plans for him to move next weekend.

Stopping by his place to get his work clothes for tomorrow Bobby was going to spend the night with Barbara. Knowing full well that they both had to work in the morning they went home had dinner played around until midnight then went to sleep. Bobby had to be to work at 7am and Barbara had to be to school by 7:45am so they had breakfast together and Bobby left for work. Barbara showered and dressed for school much differently then when she first met Bobby. She was a teacher and had to dress the part. Bobby got to work 6:50am opened the garage doors when the phone rang. Bobby answered the phone and the voice on the other end asked how long until her car would be ready. Shirley is that you Bobby asked. Yes Bobby it’s me I miss you and wanted to know how long till you get here.

Bobby tired to explain to Shirley that he more then likely wouldn’t be there to get her till after lunch since they had to check and see if the tire company they deal with had a tire in her size and they didn’t open up until 8:00am. He told her that he would call her and let her know for sure what time he would be leaving to get her. She said ok she’d be waiting for his call and he heard giggling in the back ground so he figured Andrea must be there with her. So as he was hanging up the phone he told Shirley to say Hi to Andrea. It was about 11:00am when Bobby’s boss Bill came to him and told him Shirley’s car was ready. Bobby told Bill he was going to take his lunch and go pick her up.

Not bothering to call her to let her know he was on his way Bobby jumped into his truck and took off down the road. Getting to Shirley’s place Bobby knocked on the door. Who is it he heard. It’s me Bobby your car is ready I am here to pick you up. Shirley opened the door when she heard Bobby’s voice. She was not ready and asked him to come in and wait until she got dressed. Bobby waited for her in the kitchen but could hear voices coming from her bedroom. Then he heard Andrea say Bobby I need your help can you help me? As Bobby walked into Shirley’s bedroom he found Shirley naked on the bed with a gag in her mouth and a dildo in her ass. Andrea was lying on the bed naked with her head between Shirley’s thighs and her mouth inches from her pussy. Andrea asked Bobby if he’d take her hard from behind while she ate Shirley to orgasm before he took her to get her car?

Bobby thought to himself how could he pass up this opportunity to have these girls just one last time. Since he was on his lunch break Bobby shed his clothes and helped the girls out this one last time. He knew this had to be the last if he planned on living with Barbara. But he had to admit these girls were wild and they loved to fuck. And he loved fucking them anyway they wanted it. After they had their fun Shirley got dressed while Andrea gave Bobby a goodbye blowjob. His cock was so big she couldn’t take it all but did the best she could as he came deep in her throat. Shirley was jealous that she didn’t get to have any and gave him one in his truck when they got to the garage. Bobby made sure he pulled his truck around behind one of the trailers in back so no one would see he was there.

Bobby walked Shirley to the office where he said goodbye and went back to work. He had a lot to get down before he could leave for the night. Still not finished with his work Bobby told Bill he would lock up but wanted to get done what he had left. Bill said goodnight and back to work Bobby went. At 7pm Barbara called the shop to find out what happened to Bobby. When Bobby answered the phone Barbara asked if he was ok. He said he was but didn’t think he’d be coming there tonight as he still had a lot to do before he could go home. Barbara said she would pick up something for them to eat and come down and have dinner with him there. Bobby said fine but be sure to wear something you don’t mind getting greasy. Bobby heard Barbara’s corvette pull up behind the truck he was working on. She walked in the garage to find Bobby standing on top of the front tire of a large tractor-trailer truck.

Bobby got down and washed his hands and he and Barbara went into the boss’s office to eat. She had gone and gotten some fried chicken with potatoes and biscuits and two large sodas. Bobby was hungry since he never really ate anything for lunch with the exception of Shirley and Andrea. After they finished eating Bobby asked Barbara if she’d ever been in a big truck before. She said she hadn’t and so Bobby wanted to show her the inside of the truck he was working on. When they got to the truck Bobby told her he’d be right back he need to use the rest room. He had forgotten to clean himself up after what happened at lunchtime and didn’t want anything to ruin what he had with Barbara.

When Bobby got back her help Barbara up into the cab of the big rig. The seats have air ride he told her for those long times sitting in the seat when they are out on the road running across the country. He also told her he use to dream of owning his own rig and driving all across the country seeing all the different things America had to offer. It just so happened that this rig he was working on was also a sleeper. Bobby showed Barbara that there was a bed behind the seats where the drive could go and sleep if he had a partner with him they would take turns driving and sleeping. Barbara asked him did he have someone he was going to have as a partner back then. Bobby said nope but he would use the sleeper to save money on hotel bills and even use it as his home to save on paying rent. But that was a long time ago and now he settled on working on them instead of driving them. Bobby told Barbara that he would finish working on the truck in the morning that all he wanted to do was go home and work on her for a while. Packing up their stuff Bobby locked the garage got into his truck and followed Barbara back to her house. Stripping off his clothes once they were inside the house Bobby ran down to the hot tub and jumped in with Barbara right behind him. She however still had her bra and panties on. Slipping off her panties Barbara stepped into the hot tub sitting across from Bobby she began to play with his cock with her foot.

Sliding her foot around the head then a long the shaft as it grew from her touch. Bobby never did it in the water but it sure looked like she had. For she seemed to know just what to do to make him hard. Standing up and walking towards him Barbara squatted down and engulfed Bobby’s cock with the muscles of her pussy sucking his cock up into her pussy. He was hard and she began to ride up and down on his cock. With the heat of the water and the heat of her motions she had Bobby right where she wanted him, deep inside her. Bobby wanted more as he stood lifting her from the water still inside her he carried her to the day bed laid her down and stroked her to a wild and wonderful orgasm. Barbara knew she found the perfect man and planned to do what ever it took to keep him. Lying in the after glow of such a perfect sexual encounter Barbara wanted to find the wild side of Bobby. Sliding down his legs she stopped to see if she could make him hard again. Stroking his cock with her hands and kissing it with her mouth Barbara became wild and began to deep throat him. Feeling his cock hit the back of her throat making him very hard she swung a leg over his body only turning away from him as she moved up and down on his cock while she stroked her clit with her other hand.

Up until he almost fell out down hard to feel him deep inside her. Bobby was seeing something he hadn’t seen before. Barbara being wild, he loved it. Bobby grabbed and held on to both her breasts as she rode his cock up and down. Turning her body towards him she slid up and off his cock. Slowly sliding back down only this time his cock was at the entrance of her ass. Using the fluid from her pussy as lubricate she told him she wanted to feel him in her ass. He didn’t have to do anything but lay there and let her do this. Bobby said he would only because she asked. Barbara on the other hand thought there would be no problem and without waiting another moment she sat down hard on Bobby’s cock which slipped nicely into her ass. Then without waiting a second Barbara began fucking her ass with Bobby’s while she flicked her clit with her fingers until she had the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced with a cock in her ass and her fingers playing with her pussy.

Exhausted and well spent Bobby and Barbara heeded to bed. Kissed each other goodnight and fell asleep. It’s Tuesday morning as they both get ready for work Barbara tells Bobby she has a teacher meeting after school so should he arrive home and she not here he’d know where she was. They kiss goodbye and Bobby goes off to work. Barbara is a little uncomfortable from playing with her pussy so much last night. Being a new teacher at the high school Barbara didn’t want anyone to think of her as a wild sex crazed woman. She made sure she wore the proper clothes for a teacher. But today she thought it be best for her and her ass to go pantiless leaving much less rubbing going on down there. She also decided to wear a dress but most of what she had was dirty so she wore one that was cut just above the knee. While bending over to get some cookies from the snack machine Barbara feels a hand rub across her ass and notices Mr. Walters has a smile on his face when she looks up. Not wanting to make a scene she says nothing. Walking to a table in the teachers lounge Barbara sits down to enjoy the cookies and a cup of coffee before her next class. Barbara is unsure of what happened as to whether she should report him or let it go this time.

The last bell rings at the end of the day and school is over. Forty-five minutes before the teacher meeting and Barbara is still dwelling on what Mr. Walter’s did to her this morning. Going through some student’s papers after class she waits for 4pm to go to the meeting. Suddenly she is alarmed as she sees Mr. Walters standing next to her in her class room in what looks like he is trying to see down the front of her dress at her breasts. WHAT are you doing she yells as she catches him staring at her. He looks at her and says mighty fine ass you got their missy just wondering what the rest of it looks like. She turns to him and says you know that’s sexual harassment I could have you locked up for that. And he turns to her and says and who is going to believe you over me. Sexy thing as yourself I’ll make it look like you were coming on to me and you will be ruined. You will do as I ask or you will never work as a teacher again if I can help it. You will tell no one or you will never teach again, you understand me miss prissy. Barbara is shocked to hear what he had to say.

After the meeting was over Barbara was heading for her car to go home when Mr. Walters walked behind her grabbed her arm and forced her to following him to his car. Pushing her into the front seat from the driver’s side causing her dress to raise above her knee’s a lot. He got in closed the door started the car and drove to the parking lot where there were no lights. Shut the car off and unzipped his pants. He told her she better be good at this or today was her last day teaching school. Barbara told him there was no way she was doing this. He grabbed the back of her head and forced her on himself. He could feel his cock going into her mouth. The more she fought the harder he squeezed her neck. Then he pulled out a gun and put it to her head say he would kill her if she didn’t do what he wanted her to do. So she gave in to him. He told her she was to suck his cock and drank his cum if she knew what was good for her. While she did this he began to play with her pussy from under her dress knowing full well she wasn’t wearing any panties. As he came in her mouth he could feel her orgasm, as her pussy became very wet. He was beginning to think she liked doing this kind of thing, being forced to suck cock while he played with her pussy. Barbara felt very used and invaded.

Telling her to get out of his car he badmouthed her about being a slut, his slut and he’d be looking for more tomorrow. Barbara was very upset, she felt like he had rapped her but didn’t know what to do about it. How was she going to tell Bobby that another teacher sexually assaulted her. Getting into her car she drove home hoping that Bobby was still working. When she got home he wasn’t there. She was glad as she went to the bathroom and tried to wash away what had happened to her. Afterwards she lay in bed and tried to relax but what happened kept playing in her head over and over.

Bobby got to work at 6:55am and began to finish the work on the rig he had started yesterday. By 1:30pm he was done and took it out to road test it to make sure everything was working properly. Upon returning to the shop Bill, Bobby’s boss asked him to drive the rig and follow Mrs. Weber and she will show you where to leave the rig. Bobby did what he was told and followed her. Driving into the city Bobby watched to see where it was she was taken him. They were heading for the shore. It seemed as though they were going to a shipyard where her husband had a business. Pulling into a large building with the name Weber’s Shipping on the front Mrs. Weber stopped her car and got out. She pointed to an area on the West Side of the building and told Bobby he could park the truck there and to leave the keys under the mat. As Bobby got out of the truck Mrs. Weber told Bobby to follow her, as she needed to go to the office to write a check for the work he had done. Bobby followed behind her as he watched her walk. She had a sexy sway about her he thought. Mrs. Weber was about a 35 to 40 yr. old woman but had the looks of 25. Bobby thought she must be a stopper of traffic the way swiveled her hips. As they approached the office he asked Bobby to wait in the waiting room while she went in to get the check. As Bobby waited he sat in a chair and wait for her to return.

Then Bobby heard Mrs. Weber ask him to come in and give her a hand. He was somewhat surprised to find her standing in front of a huge oak desk in nothing but panties and bra with garter belt and stocking. Bobby had an instant hard-on and slowly walked up to her and stood before her. Bobby she said when I first laid eyes on you at the garage I knew I had to have you. Mrs. Weber are you sure about this I could get into a lot of trouble doing anything with you. She looked him straight in the eyes an told him her name was Jaclyn and she wasn’t taken him back to work till he serviced her first. Leaning hard against her Bobby kissed her hard on the lips as his hands went straight to her large but firm breasts. Squeezing them with both hands he heard her moan. Dropping to his knees her pulled her panties down to find she has a heart shaped hair pie in front of him. Standing and dropping his pants his cock hard and ready Bobby bent her backwards and pushed her to the top of the oak desk. Lifting her legs and spreading them wide Bobby buried his cock into her pussy. She was already wet with anticipation. Bobby stroked his cock in and out of her hot pussy while he could feel her clawing at his back. Thinking to himself that he was glad he’d left his shirt on. Pulling out of her Bobby turned her around so that she was facing the desk and wanted a piece of her ass. He shoved it in her ass and she took it well. She must be a pro at this see didn’t seem to flinch one bit. As he stroked her ass with his cock it took no time at all for him to unload his jism into her rear. Pulling his cock out and standing before her Jaclyn turned Bobby against the desk and began stroking his cock back to hardness with her hand. When she had gotten him hard again she dropped to her knees and gave him an incredible blowjob. Wanting to taste his saltiness she sucked him long and hard till he came in her mouth. Jaclyn told Bobby to lay on top of the desk as she had a good hold of his cock and squeezed it to show him she meant business. Removing his pants Bobby got up on the desk and lay down on his back for she still had a hold of him. Again she got him hard and when he was ready she climbed on the desk and straddled his lower body. Looking him in the eyes as she lowered her pussy onto his hard cock. Making sure she had engulfed all of him she pushed her body down hard feeling his cock hit the back of her pussy. She rode him endlessly, it took a bit of doing but she was successful at getting what she wanted and that was to feel him cum deep inside her pussy. She wanted to feel his cum sooth the inner walls deep with in her she wanted to feel what her husband was no longer giving her and she could wait any more.

After Bobby went soft Jaclyn cleaned Bobby nicely with her tongue then used her panties to dry it off. She gave Bobby her panties and told him if he ever wanted it again he knew where to find her. They both got dressed and Jaclyn handed Bobby the check for the repairs on the truck and Bobby thanked her for the tip. Jaclyn drove Bobby back to the shop and apologized to Bill for being so long with Bobby. Bill told Bobby when he returned that he had a call from a Shirley saying that the tire we put on for her Monday went flat and was it possible for him to come to the city and fix it since she was at work and couldn’t get home.

Bobby took the tow truck to the city to the address Shirley gave to Bill. When he arrived he found the car but fortunately she was not around. Bobby fixed the tire and was about to leave when Shirley showed up from out of the blue. She thanked him for what he had done and asked if he might be able to help a friend who happened to lock her keys in the car. Shirley showed Bobby where the car was and introduced him to Wendy. Wendy told Bobby she didn’t know how dumb she could be locking the keys in the car like that but she would pay him what ever he charged for opening cars. Bobby went and under the seat of the truck he removed a picklock set. In no time at all he had the car unlocked. Wendy was very excited and asked Bobby what she owed him, he told her nothing. Wendy didn’t want Bobby to get nothing for his deed and offered to fix him dinner that night after work. She gave him her address and told him to be there around 7 p.m. she would have dinner waiting for him when he got there.

Bobby returned to work and told Bill he was able to repair the flat and that Shirley would like for him to get her another tire so she would have a spare and she would stop by Friday evening to have it mounted on her spare wheel. Bobby called the house to see if Barbara had gotten home from work yet. When she answered the phone she listened as Bobby told her he had to go out on a run with the tow truck. He would be home late as he had to go and fix a few truck tires for a company that spent a lot of money in the shop. Barbara told Bobby that was fine and thanked him for calling to let her know. She didn’t say much and didn’t want him to suspect something was wrong.

Bobby left work a little after 6:30p.m, and followed the directions Wendy had given him to her house for his home cooked dinner. Bobby arrived at her house at 7:05p.m, knocked on the door. Wendy came to the door and opened it and told him to come on in. Wendy was wearing a pair of short shorts that just didn’t quite cover her ass and a workout bra. She walked into the kitchen to finish cooking and asked Bobby if he’d like a beer. Sitting down on a barstool in front of the bar by the kitchen Bobby told her she didn’t have to do this it was nothing to it getting her keys out of the car. Wendy told Bobby she understood all that but that she also didn’t want something for anything. But if he didn’t want to taste her cooking then maybe he’d like to taste some else she had. Bobby knew just where this was going for as Wendy walked out from behind the counter in the kitchen she had no shorts on and she laid across the top of the dinning room table spread her legs wide and said, “Maybe you’d like to eat this instead.”

Bobby’s cock got hard fast and couldn’t believe that Wendy was doing this. He figured that Shirley told her about me and now she wants some of me as well. Pulling a chair up to the table Bobby sat down between Wendy’s spread legs and began licking her pussy. Wendy moaned to Bobby telling him how good that felt and after he made her cum she’d love to feel his cock in her pussy. Using two fingers Bobby slid one inside her pussy the other in her ass as he flicked his tongue across her clit making her extremely horny and almost there. Bobby knew if he slid another finger in her ass she would cum for sure and so he did and Wendy began thrashing on the table have one wild orgasm after another. Bobby sensed this might be a good time to fuck her before she comes down from her high. Standing up Bobby drops his work pants grabs his already hard cock and slips it into Wendy’s wet pussy. Ohm Bobby hears her say that sure does feel like a mighty big cock. Yes it is says Bobby but that’s only the head. My goodness she says well then give me the whole thing baby. Bobby pushes his cock in as far as it will go only to notice that Wendy’s pussy is very tight. He knows it will only take a few pumps before he will cum in her pussy, as she is very tight around his cock. Bobby shoots his load deep in her pussy and Wendy can feel his cum coat the inside of her pussy. As he pulls his cock from her pussy he sits back down on the chair as Wendy gets up from the table and then to her knees in front of Bobby. Lifting his semi soft cock Wendy sucks him into her mouth cleaning his cock of with her tongue as well as trying to make him hard again. She wants to be in control of everything that happens tonight in hopes that she can get him to come back to her more often.

Sucking his cock and stroking him at the same time Wendy wants Bobby to cum in her mouth. She wants to feel his cum hit the back of her throat and coat it as well. Sucking and stroking his cock Wendy has Bobby almost where she wants him a few more strokes and he does shot off in her mouth. Mmmmmmmmm Bobby you taste wonderful would you do one more thing for me tonight. Wendy stands up and leans against the table facing it. I would love to feel that hard strong cock of yours in my ass do you think you could honor my ass with its presents. Bobby knew now that Shirley was behind all this but decided to do it any way. Bobby stood behind Wendy while she played with his cock in her hand to get him hard. Bobby spit on his hand to lubricate his cock for if her pussy was tight he figured her ass was tighter, but he was wrong. Wendy’s ass felt like it was the one area of her body that had been well fucked. Bobby now knows it was going to take a little more to accomplish this task. But with his big cock and a lot of pumping Bobby was successful in chumming a third time for her tonight. Knowing there was no way Bobby could do any more for her now he got dressed kissed her goodnight grabbed another beer and headed home to Barbara.

Upon arriving home Bobby found Barbara sound a sleep which he was grateful for. Showing and going to bed Bobby fell a sleep in seconds. The next morning Bobby called into work sick. Barbara decided to stay home as well. Just lying around the house is what they did. They were both very tired. Later that day Barbara told Bobby that a female teacher at school told her something she couldn’t believe. She said that one of the male teachers who had been at the school for a long time sexually harassed her and later that day after school forced her into his car an made her suck his cock at gun point. She tells me she doesn’t know what to do about it and knows she can never tell her husband. Barbara tells Bobby she is really scared that she might be his next target. Bobby tells Barbara if she is that afraid of this guy that maybe she needs to find a different school to teach at.

Barbara is so afraid to tell Bobby that it was her and not some other teacher that she decided to try and put it past her. She thought that if she could get Mr. Walters out of her mind she could get past this. So while still in bed with Bobby she hugged him close and began playing with his cock. She knew that Bobby would not force her to do anything she didn’t want to so after making his cock hard she removed her nightgown and climbed on board his rock hard cock. Barbara did most of the work as she pounded her pussy hard against Bobby’s wonderful cock. It took her no time at all to have her first orgasm and with Bobby deep inside her and still hard she wanted to see how many time she could cum before he did and got soft. She tried all kinds of different position and came 5 times before Bobby coated her inner pussy walls with a massive orgasm that not only blow Barbara away but Bobby as well. Just as Barbara had finished cleaning herself up the phone rang. It was 3:30pm and it was Mr. Walters on the phone, he was calling to see if Barbara was okay said she was feeling sickly this morning and thought it best to stay home. He asked her if she was going to be in school in the morning. Barbara said it would depend on how she felt at that time. Mr. Walters told her she better be there or he was going to make a fake report about how she tried to seduce him with her fantastic body. Barbara being new to the area knew he meant what he said and told him she would be there. He told her to come to school pantiless. She said she would, he also told her she was going to be at school well after it was over and to tell her new found lover she would be very late coming home from school. Barbara told Mr. Walters she would do as he said as long as he didn’t say anything to anyone or he would never again be able to touch her or speak to her in this manner that she in fact would turn him over to the police for rape.

Hanging up the phone Barbara went to tell Bobby the truth. She told him it was not her girlfriend from school that in fact it was she. And that the phone call just now was Mr. Walters telling her to come to school pantiless tomorrow for he had something to show her. Bobby was upset she couldn’t be honest with him but then again he hasn’t really been honest with her either. They decided to go to the police right then and there about this. The police suggested that Barbara wear a wire to school and do everything he says. They will be listening to everything she says and anyone close to her. They explained to her she need to get him to admit to doing these kind of things before as well as now and if she could get him to say what he’d do if she didn’t follow his direction they would have him for sure. Barbara knew what it was they wanted her to do. They told her someone would come by in the morning to wire her based on what she was wearing. To make sure that Mr. Walter’s played his game tomorrow Barbara went home with Bobby and set out the clothes she was going to wear. Since he wanted her pantiless she decided to wear a grater and hoses with a sum what short shirt so when she bent over he could see she was pantiless. Bobby was getting excited as he watched Barbara get dressed. She also decided to make thing more interesting by wearing a push-up bra so her titties were well noticed with the blouse that she decided to wear. Bobby was not able to control himself as he dropped his shorts, stroked his cock and pushed Barbara over the bed rail and slid his cock into her pussy. Oh baby she said give it to me hard make me scream fuck me Bobby fuck me.

Bobby pumped his hard cock in and out of Barbara’s pussy as he felt her push back against him he spanked her ass while he did this. Oh Bobby I love how it feels when you are inside me like this the passion is uncontrollable. I cumming Bobby don’t stop pumping make me cum some more. Bobby didn’t stop he continued to pound her pussy with his raging hard-on until he felt his balls tighten and he knew he was going to cum. Just as he shot his cum in her pussy Barbara had another orgasm. When Bobby became soft and his cock plopped out of her pussy Barbara turned to him and said, “If I knew you got excited with clothing I wear we will have to do this more often. I can dress up to be your slut baby if it gets you that excited.” Bobby said he thought it may have been the moment since no of this was planned. Barbara kissed him and told him she loved him very much.

Barbara changed her clothes and went to the kitchen to fix dinner all this fucking has made her hungry. After dinner they watched some TV and then went to bed. The following morning Bobby left for work and wished her good luck. Barbara started to get dressed when the doorbell rang. Two detectives, one male and one female greeted Barbara at the door. After she finished dressing they wired her up for school. They told her they would be listening to everything. They left first so the could park some where close to school in case she needed help right away. Barbara left shortly after they did. She went about her business as usual at school. Getting a coffee and donut in the teachers’ lounge before first period she saw Mr. Walter’s. She knew he would love the way she was dressed today and in some ways did everything she could to show him her body. She wanted to make him as excited, as Bobby was so maybe he’d try something sooner then he had planned. She stayed in the teachers’ lounge as long as she could before the first period bell rang. Just as she was getting ready to leave and there were no other teachers’ around she went to the vending machine to get a bottle of water. As she bent over to get it out she knew she had flashed her pussy at him and she turned to see him staring right her.

Standing up she headed for the door and was sure to sway her ass at him as well. Nothing happen and now it was lunchtime. Just as the last student left the classroom Barbara heard the door close and lock. She knew the time had come but she tired to stay calm. Hello Barbara she heard him say, “ I see you came to school dressed rather nicely today.” Barbara said she did what he asked since she enjoyed teaching and didn’t want anything to happen to stop her from doing that. So she said you have something you want to show me what is that. As Barbara turned towards him she saw him sitting in a chair holding his cock in his hand. This is what I want you to see Barbara, they way you are dressed today has made my cock very hard. Barbara asked him what he was planning on doing with his hard cock. Mr. Walter told her that first she was going to come over there and suck it for him. Barbara asked him if she was the first female teacher he had done this with. He told her they all do it with him if they know what’s good for them. She asked him why, he said, because if they didn’t I would see to it that they never worked as a teacher again. Now come over here and suck my cock and show me that pretty ass of yours.

Within seconds the police were in the school and busting down the door to her room. They arrested Mr. Walter’s and told Barbara to come with them to the station and someone would remover the wire for her. She could then return to school and finish out the day. Barbara was grateful that the nightmare was over. That night after work Barbara went home to find Bobby they’re waiting for her. He had changed from his work clothes to nice clothes and took Barbara out to dinner.




The End

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