The Swim Trunks Bandit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

I had so much fun writing my "The Sprites on Vacation" stories, that I just had to add a few more situations. However, I wanted a different set of protagonists so you will not find Kae and Oss here but it is, essentially, a Sprites story (which, of course, are essentially Breeze's Daughters stories). And, because I find it so amusing, I just have to once again give a plug to Koku-chan's "The Shame Of It All" drawing ( that inspired these stories.

Table of Contents

Wade Becomes a Bandit

Vetta giggles slightly. Draven is a bit upset at losing today, but he knows it’ll still be fun with Vetta making the calls. Vetta and... Read Chapter

Vetta has a little direct fun

For a short period of time, after a few more capers, Wade loses interest in his strange ability. This is mainly due to him being hungry... Read Chapter

Some Old Fashioned Eye-For-an-Eye, Tooth-For-a-Tooth Western Justice

Wade strolls around for a while playing with other kids now and then. He comes across the lazy river ride and opts for a few moments to... Read Chapter

Draven and Vetta Tie

Draven and Vetta are awaiting the results of their next determining game. Even though Vetta had won the last round she has no qualms wi... Read Chapter