Shrouded Betrayal

Shrouded Betrayal

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Serenity and Andrea have lived with the Companion's for as long as they can remember. When their world is turned upside down by Arthen, a Commander of the High Council with a personal agenda and a bad attitude, they discover a past that was supposed to stay buried. Join them as they journey to lift a spell that will spiral them towards destiny.


Serenity and Andrea have lived with the Companion's for as long as they can remember. When their world is turned upside down by Arthen, a Commander of the High Council with a personal agenda and a bad attitude, they discover a past that was supposed to stay buried. Join them as they journey to lift a spell that will spiral them towards destiny.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Shrouded Betrayal

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Serenity and Andrea have lived with the Companion's for as long as they can remember. When their world is turned upside down by Arthen, a Commander of the High Council with a personal agenda and a bad attitude, they discover a past that was supposed to stay buried. Join them as they journey to lift a spell that will spiral them towards destiny.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 09, 2011



Chapter One

Andrea awoke with a start. Her heart was pounding and her chest heaved with her quickened breath. Something was very wrong. Andrea scanned the dark room and reached for her dagger she kept at her bedside. A match struck and a gnarled hand lit the lamp on her side table.

“If you’s lookin’ for dis, love,” said the grungy man with the gnarled hands as he held up and the eloquent dagger Andrea had been reaching for, “I’s ‘fraid you’s a bit slow.”

“Who are you and what do you want with me?” asked Andrea. Her voice was cold and unmoving as she took in everything around her. The room was covered in complete darkness. The lamp that the man had light did not let its light reach far. There was no telling what was beyond the shadows. Other than the dagger that was now in the man’s hand, the rest of the room seemed untouched and unturned. Andrea could sense the presence of more than just the man in front of her, however. There was him, left completely open to any mental or physical attack she could lay on him, then there was an innocent mind, pure and soft, and there was one more, who shielded their presence.

“’Ust a few questions. ‘Ats all,” said the man. His eyes glittered as he looked over Andrea’s body. She had dressed in a slinky moon silk dress that ended at her mid-thigh and barely covered her well proportioned breasts.

“I think you’ve got some things a bit mixed up…” said Andrea. She could not think of any reason this man would want to talk to her. She had never met him before, let alone seen him.

“See… I tinks you’s de one gots dis all mix’d up. You’s a pretty one, but I still dun’t frolic my goodies with de whores. Even bein’ who I is, I ain’t getting’ dat low,” sneered the man.

“I’m not a whore, and how dare you call me such a thing,” said Andrea. Although she did not raise her voice at all, her words came out cold; the man felt a chill run down his back and he could swear his blood temperature drop as her arctic eyes glared through him.

“Well, we’s ‘greed to dis’gree den? Now… as fer de questions…. If you dun answer ‘em, pre’y lit’le Serenity here…” the man kicked at the floor and Andrea followed his movement. There was a girl with dark red hair and a fair complexion bound, gagged, and unconscious on the floor. “Well, she gets’a meet you’s nice pointy ‘ere.”

Andrea smirked with satisfaction. “That’s not Serenity...” she said.

“No? Well, guess I’s grabbed the wrong gal. Dun need her anymores den…” the man unsheathed Andrea’s dagger.

“I’m Serenity,” said a voice from the shadows behind the man. A woman with pale skin and white-blonde hair stepped forward and placed a glinting blade one the man’s throat. “And you’re the one who’s no longer necessary, ‘love’.” Serenity moved the blade swiftly across the man’s throat and a gut wrenching gargle sounded. Blood sprayed from the clean slice in his flesh and his paled body made a thud into the bloody pool around Serenity’s feet.

She held the bloodied dagger towards a dark, shadowed corner of the room. “You’re not going anywhere…” said Serenity. A man with a white long sleeve tunic and dark pants stepped out from beyond Serenity’s dagger point.

“Not too shabby, if I may say so. But, I’ll admit, I’m a bit surprised your friend couldn’t find me,” said the man.

“What do you want? We’ve not breaking any laws. And I’m pretty sure you’re a bit out of area, wouldn’t you agree, Wood Elf?” asked Serenity. Her eyes became fixed on the man and she read the man’s soul, tiptoeing into the deepest reaches of his mind.

“Well, honestly, I’m not really sure. I wasn’t given very specific… instructions, but it looks like you’ve gotten around my first plan…” said the man. There was an amusement in his voice, but Serenity knew that he had predicted everything they would do.

“But that’s been your plan, hasn’t it, Graa? You never expected this… man… to live. That’s why you chose a convicted militant, isn’t it? You knew he’d be loyal, and he’d accept your little agreement. Who wouldn’t have? The choice between life and death isn’t generally a hard one. Especially when you promise full compensation for everything lost during imprisonment. That is, of course, if he could pull it off. But why make a promise so grand? You knew, you planned that you would have no obligations at the end of this... meeting.” Graa looked at Serenity; he was astonished that she had gathered this information from the few seconds she had been able to delve his mind. “What you didn’t plan, however, is that I wouldn’t be the one sleeping in the next room. You hadn’t planned on me seeing you.” The room fell to silence. Andrea looked sharply at Serenity.

“I underestimated you; the both of you. Now I understand why… he… stressed all his warnings about you. I was told that you would wander through my mind, and far beyond, which I see you’ve already managed. And, I’ll assume again that you’ve managed to tell Andrea here everything you’ve found of relevance to my visit here tonight,” Graa grinned. Serenity nodded simply. She already knew as much as he had been foretold about.

“So what’s the plan now, Graa? Kill us?” asked Andrea, her bitter words sent an icy chill through the room.

“He won’t. Those aren’t his orders. He’s supposed to observe and report.” said Serenity. Graa hadn’t expected that she would find the shielded information about Arthen and the mission he had been sent on.

“You’re right. I won’t kill you. But, you won’t kill me either; you can’t if you want to find out who’s after your head. So, since we are at an impasse, I shall make my leave,” said Graa. He reached into a light blue suede pouch and removed a glittering powder. Throwing down the powder, a menagerie of colored, heatless flames engulfed Graa and thick smoke filled the room.

Andrea and Serenity fumbled around the room, looking for an escape from the putrid air filling their lungs. Finally, Andrea opened a window and the room began to clear.

“The hell?!” roared Andrea.

“Arthen summoned him; it was prearranged,” replied Serenity. She moved back into the still smoky room, searching for anything that could tell her more about where this Arthen actually was “Ugh. Really? I actually liked that rug…” moaned Andrea, frowning at the now destroyed rug that Graa had been standing on. “Damn, this one too…” she mentioned, looking over the dead body of the bait Graa had used.

“Is there anything leading to them?” asked Serenity.

Andrea searched the body and shook her head. “Not a thing. What about their psyche?”

Serenity shook her head. “I only know that they were near Riversong before he was transported here. He didn’t even know where he’d be summoned. Ever hear of someone name Arthen? He’s High Elf and a Commander under the Council. This is military, but maybe not direct order’s of the Council. I sensed that Graa may not have complete faith in his Commander.”

“Huh. So we head to Riversong?”

“I suppose so. I don’t exactly expect them to just let us be, since he went through all the trouble already.

After a moment of silence, Andrea spoke. “So… if you knew that they were coming, why in the hell couldn’t I have been let in on your plan?”

“You’re too easy to search. Though I didn’t know it was Graa, specifically, I knew it was an Elven man from the High Council. He would have been able to use you against me.”

Andrea glared at Serenity. She hated the way Serenity made her feel weak and useless. Could Graa have really used her against Serenity? She didn’t know. She had always thought she was strong enough to protect herself.

“It’s not that you can’t protect yourself, Andrea. It’s just that…. Well, you’re too easy to predict, and you’re set in your ways. Even your fighting style.…”

“Enough,” said Andrea. The icy tone in her voice had returned, and Serenity felt the usual tingle of cold that came with Andrea’s Goddess given gift; she could use the energy of her words to make people feel a certain way.

“Don’t play these games with me, Andrea. I don’t want to hurt you… again,” snapped Serenity. Andrea always got touchy when it came to their abilities. Serenity was stronger with because of her skills with magick and skill with daggers, while Andrea was better for political battles. That’s why they worked so well together. Serenity did the more physical fighting, while Andrea handled reputation and political battles. That’s just the way it had always been.

The two girls moved in silence for several moments, waiting for the tension in the air to clear. They rolled up the body in the burnt and bloody rugs, taking it downstairs to the firepit and throwing it in.

“We’ll need a good reason to leave the House. How long would you say before the Mistresses arrive?” asked Andrea. She knew this would be her area of expertise, but they needed a plan before taking off.

“We’ve got about nine hours. Where do we start?”

“First thing is probably sleep. I know you haven’t gotten any, and we probably won’t have it readily available in the near future. We’ll pack in the morning, and I’ll need you to get one of the other Counselor’s to take over our disciples.

Serenity nodded. “Alright. I’ll have your arrow’s poisoned and I’ll be sure to sharpen my daggers as well. Does your bow need oiling?”

Andrea shook her head. “No, a new string and binding would be good. Take it to Rune.”

Serenity nodded her head. I’ll head into the city at dawn and get to the market early to get some good supplies. Pack light this time, okay? I remember when you refused to marry Jayden and we ended up running for damn near three months. You brought so much crap that we ended up having to leave it behind anyways. This might take longer, and there’s no knowing where we’ll end up.”

Andrea rolled her eyes. “Over pack once and they never let it go…” she thought. “I’ll keep that in mind. Now get the hell out so I can get some sleep. You need it to, so I better not find out you stayed up. Got it? And if there are any more visions, I would like to be informed. Now shoo.” She said, practically pushing Serenity out the door.

Serenity made her way down the hallway to her room. It was beautiful, as was the entire House. She and Andrea had lived in lavish elegance for as long as she could remember. They had always been there in the house, and when they were ready, they became Companions. Of course, with their line of work, there also came risk. But, that’s why the Companions were always trained in self defense and natural remedies.

Even with as long as they had been there, some of the other girls resented Serenity and Andrea. Serenity’s ability with magick helped her with her clients, since she could use energy to help them relax, or hurt them if they went out of bounds. Andrea had a bit more unique gift. She could influence someone with words, but not in a charismatic sense. She had the ability to actually put out influential energies with her words. She could calm an angry crowd, or rile them up, simply by speaking. And with her gift, came obvious advantages in the House of Companions, where your ability to interest a client makes or breaks you.

Serenity went into her room and peeled off her clingy, form fitting suit. She opened the amour and pulled out a slinky lavender night dress. As soon as she slipped it over her naked body, there was a quite knock at the door. It creaked open and Andrea stepped inside, quietly shutting the door behind her.

“Um, you wanna stay together? You know, in case they come back?” asked Andrea, fidgeting with the bottom of her night dress.

Serenity nodded and held her hand out to Andrea, who took it. Serenity lead her over to the bed they peeled back the down filled comforter and climbed in. They laid facing each other, knees touching and fingers laced together between them. Serenity gently kissed Andrea’s forehead and Andrea scooted closer to Serenity.

Closing her eyes, Serenity did her best to memorize the moment. Andrea’s curly red hair smelt like honey and vanilla and her skin was soft against Serenity’s. “At least we have this moment…” she said before letting the steady rhythm of Andrea’s breathing carry her off to sleep.

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