The Curios Slytherin.

The Curios Slytherin.

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



A Slytherin that keeps secrets Disclailmer ~ All rights go to J.K. Rowling



A Slytherin that keeps secrets

Disclailmer ~ All rights go to J.K. Rowling

Chapter18 (v.1) - January 31st

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 02, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 02, 2011



Chapter 18 ~ January 31st


I had lost so much track of time I never even realised it was my birthday at 1st. If only I had waited 1 more day we could have had sex for the 1st time together on my birthday. I was laid in Sirius arms again, I wriggled out, not waking him and wrapped the sheet around myself before heading to the bathroom. Remus was obviously an early riser as the shower was running, I scribbled a note to Sirius saying only 2 words, one on each side

‘Sirius. Sorry’

I blinked to the room of requirement and pictured it how Blaise had for me, took care of some urgent needs before running myself a bath.

I felt bad for just leaving Sirius but I also knew if I didn’t show up soon then Dad would come looking for me however after yesterdays confession so to speak he knew I would probably stay in the room of requirement out of embarrassment. I was a little annoyed about today as I had double Potions, Charms and double Care Of Magical Creatures and on my birthday.

I stopped sulking and got out of my bath to get changed, I summoned my uniform, above the knee sleek black skirt, my ¾ sleeve white low cut shirt with my Slytherin tie, hairpin and watch, I also summoned my flat knee high black leather boots. I took my medicine there and blinked straight to the entrance of the great hall, Remus nearly walked into me but I smiled, he never looked to happy but I went to my seat and started eating some breakfast.

“Hey Happy Birthday Kayley, how does it feel to be 16 now?”

Draco asked but I know he was dying to ask where I ended up spending the night

“Thanks Draco, It feels pretty much the same and to save you asking, I spent the night in the room of requirement”

Draco smiled a knowing smile that made me slightly uncomfortable but passed me a little velvet black box saying

“I hope you like it”

Rose and Blaise then arrived to breakfast looking a little trashed but smile wished me a happy birthday and gave me their own presents.

Inside Draco’s gift was a small coiled up snake

“Once you have decided where you want it, you can do it yourself of ask me if you‘d like, it will hiss when it‘s in place”

I touched it slightly and it uncoiled revealing a brilliant red snake that did hiss, I excuse myself and go embed my new tattoo to the top of my right arm, it was perfect, I charmed my shirt to fall off my shoulder so everyone could see. I returned to my seat to open my other presents and eat some more, I was starting to feel a little weird and I didn’t want to be sick on my birthday. Blaise got me a belt with the Slytherin crest which I fastened around my waist and Rose got me something that would come in very useful between me and Sirius, I was advised not to open it in front of the boys so we retreated to our dorm after we finished breakfast, she had purchased a lingerie set for me, it was velvet with silk and a lovely electric blue, I couldn’t wait until tonight. We had a quick chat while getting our days school things then we made our way to Potions early, Dad was already there, he wished me a happy birthday and asked me to stay after class, I nodded and took my seat as other students came in.

“I‘m guessing you stayed in the room of requirement last night?”

I nod and say

“I did, after yesterdays umm discussion I felt too embarrassed to go to the dorms or back to my room”

He nods and stands from his desk retrieving an envelope from his robes

“This is for the weekend, I thought you might like it and I have your other gifts in your room”

I stand there staring at the tickets, not just for one thing either, he had, ice skating, sky diving, snowboarding, white water rafting and a few others but every ticket had a value of up to 10 people, I couldn’t believe it. I did the only thing I felt I could, flicked my wand locking the door and hugged him as I sobbed into his shoulder. I didn’t know why I was sobbing but I was, I could take 10 people, meaning, Dad was friendly with Remus and Sirius so if I wanted I could have them there without anyone thinking anything of except Rose would know. I continued to sob as I was held, he rubbed my back until I stopped crying. I turn to him still with tears in my eyes, quietly I say

“Thank you, I know who I would like to take”

He smiles and asks who as if he couldn’t guess

“You, Sirius, Remus, Draco, Blaise and Rose, if that‘s ok”

He pulls me into a last hug saying

“That‘s fine sweetie, come on your late and I probably have a line of 1st years outside my classroom”

To save time I flicked my wand at his door to unlock it and blinked straight to the charms classroom. The class sort of went by in a haze much as the feast had done at the beginning of the year, I had Sirius on my mind. I suddenly realise both Sirius and Remus had a free period now so I blinked straight back out after sending a not to Professor Flitwick saying

‘Sorry sir, I think I have a bit of an upset tummy, signed Kayley James’

I blink straight into the classroom and I’m in luck as they are both there talking but I have to grab a chair to stable myself from the dizziness of the sudden change, they both look up when the hear the chair move. Sirius says with venom in his voice

“What are you doing here? Shouldn‘t you be in class?”

Remus is just standing there with a disapproving look on his face

“Ok yes I should be in class but I sent a note to the Professor and could you please tell me what I have done to make you so . . So angry?”

Sirius practically flips

“What you‘ve done? Bloody Merlin don‘t you know? How can you expect everything to be fine when you left with just 2 words scribbled roughly on some parchment this morning?”

I hadn’t though of the implications of what just ‘Sirius, sorry’

Could have had on him but I couldn’t write anymore I was about to wet myself when I left

“Ok I understand that wasn‘t the best way to leave things but were you even going to let me explain at all?”

Sirius is really upset it shows in his voice

“The question is were you even going to attempt to explain or do you regret it that much you can‘t even answer my silent messages?”

It’s then that I remember closing my link last night when we had sex

“It‘s not like that”

It was my turn to sound hurt, I try to brace myself as I open my link, messages from Dad, Draco, Blaise, Rose, Remus and Sirius flood my head, my hand flies to my stomach as the nausea builds, suddenly I think so much for not being sick on my birthday as I blink out to the nearest bathroom.

Blinking was causing me a lot of dizziness so I decided to walk back to Sirius and Remus. I storm into the classroom and walk straight up to his desk and sit on his paperwork.

“Is it not enough that you regret what happened , why can‘t you just let me be?”

I grab his hand so he stopped writing

“You think I regret what happened?”

Sirius looks up at my tear strained voice

“Don‘t you?”

I release his wrist and jump down.

“NO I DO NOT. If you must know, Remus was in the shower this morning and I was really desperate for a wee so I went to the room of requirement and if Dad never saw me this morning I would have been dead especially considering he‘s always the 1st to see me on my birthdays even though this morning he wasn‘t, it was Draco but that isn’t the point. I didn‘t leave because I regret it, in no way do I regret it what so ever, I left because I didn‘t want to piss myself in your living room!!!”

Both Sirius and Remus just stare at me, not really knowing what to say, Sirius finally says

“It‘s your birthday?”

I nod and turn to leave saying

“I have to get back to class”

Remus speaks up as I reach the door

“Happy Birthday Kayley”

I look and nod before opening the door but before I have opened it all the way it’s pushed closed again and I’m pulled toward Sirius as he goes to kiss me, I push him away, he withdraws immediately, hurt in his eyes again

“If you don‘t regret it then why won‘t you kiss me? Or is it because Remus is here?”

I’m quick to answer

“Neither, I don‘t regret it and we did a lot more in front of Remus last night”

He looks me in the eyes, I’m still in his arms

“Then why?”

I push away completely and glance at Remus before looking at Sirius to answer

“Because I was sick just now”

As I bolt from the room I briefly saw his face change from hurt to concern, I don’t go to class but my fathers chambers instead and lie on the sofa, I didn’t want to go in my room without my Dad there, I felt really bad so I conjured a bowl and laid my head on the pillow, I wasn’t sure I would make it to the toilet if I had to be sick again. Sometimes I hated my gifts.

I slept through lunch and Care Of Magical Creatures but I woke up feeling a lot better and to my father sat on the coffee table next to me watching intently, I sit up


It breaks his concentration and he looks me in the eyes with concern

“How are you feeling honey?”

I look at him remember earlier

“I feel ok now, sorry I never told anyone”

He’s just looking at me as he replies slowly

“I believe you told Professor Flitwick you thought you may have an upset tummy”

I nod looking back at him as I put my hand there to rub slightly

“It feels ok now Dad, I just feel hungry”

A slight smile spreads across his face

“Well it is dinner time, do you want to change and we‘ll go up together?”

I nod and go to get changed in the bathroom.

In The Great Hall I get concerned looks from Sirius and Remus but I ignore them whispering

“Hey, Rose, Draco, Blaise do you want to come to Dad‘s chambers tonight?”

They all nod and that settles the evening, until curfew with my friends and then possibly the room of requirement.

‘Do you want me to come over tonight?’

Sirius is looking at his plate

‘You just asked your friends round’

I smile at his pouty act and reply

‘Yeah until curfew, no later Dad will kick everyone out, If you don’t want me then I’ll just stay with my Dad’

He looks up at me at that, I’m talking to Rose but I can see in my peripheral vision

‘Curfew is 10.30, can you come at 11.30 instead?’

I give a slight nod and I know he saw as he smiles again, Remus looking slightly confused between us, it’s quite funny.

We all head to Dad’s chambers before anyone else leaves from dinner, no-one else would see us that way. We get there and take over the living room. I call a house elf


She pops up immediately

“Yes Miss? What can Lina do for you Miss?”

I smile and say

“Lina I would like for you to bring us some food, snacks, Butterbeer and Firewhisky please”

She is slightly hesitant but replies

“Yes Miss, Right away Miss”

I smile before she pops away

I’m too sure how things went from dinner too curfew, I know there was more Firewhisky than Butterbeer so I know we all got very drunk, I still am slightly but it’s 11.15pm and Sirius asked me to come at 11.30 so I just got rid of most of the alcohol and I have ended up with a pounding head but I’m not going to let that ruin my night, I slip into the lingerie Rose got me and put my short black velvet nightgown on over the top and head to his chambers.

My greeting from Sirius is lovely, he says

"Happy Birthday baby"

Then kissing me drags me off to his bedroom.

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