Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Older couple have been dating, but he's late for a date. Is he letting her down for a fall?


Older couple have been dating, but he's late for a date. Is he letting her down for a fall?


Submitted: August 16, 2018

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Submitted: August 16, 2018






Much time had passed since I had heard from him.  What was wrong?  It just wasn't like him not to call or text that he would be late.  Our date was set for seven o'clock.  Here I stood, dressed to the nines waiting for a date that might not show up.

Charles had promised me that he would never leave me standing waiting for him again.  We had been in this place before.  He had stood me up for the New Year’s Eve party my boss had thrown, and I was the laughing stock for months after.  Now, here I stood, again.  What the hell?  Was I crazy to believe him?  Things had been going so much better since then.  We had even talked of moving in together.  Well, if tonight was any indication, then I needed to rethink this relationship.

No, wait, there must be a good reason he is late.  He just wouldn't do this to me again.  I know it.  We've worked too hard.  Spent too much time getting things worked out for him to just throw it away.

Just then the red Chevy Colorado pick-up that I knew so well pulled up to the curb and Charles was out of the door and at my front door in a flash.

“Baby, I am so sorry.  I had a flat tire about two miles from here.  I went to call you, dropped my phone and it broke.  Damn, I knew you were going to be mad.”  Charles couldn't talk fast enough as he tried explaining what had happened.  He tipped his head, hiding his face with his black Stetson cowboy hat.

“Oh, Charles, I knew something was wrong.  I just knew you wouldn't leave me waiting for no reason.”  Katrina exclaimed, throwing her arms around his neck.

 “May I please use your bathroom to fix myself back up a little bit?  Changing a tire is a little messy you know.”  he asked.

“Of course, you can.  Just don't make a mess.  Okay.”  Katrina followed him down the hall to the bathroom.

Charles knew the apartment like the back of his hand.  They had been seeing each other for over a year and he had spent many a night here with Katrina.

After cleaning and straightening himself up he led Katrina to the truck and off they went into town for a night of dinner, dancing and pure relaxation.

Katrina looked every bit the cowgirl in her short, tight denim skirt, a pink rhinestone designed tank top and cowboy boots on her feet.  Her long red hair hung loose over her shoulders, down over her breasts.  Damn, Charles was getting a twinge in his pants just looking at her.  This was going to be a long, hard night.  How was he going to last, keep his hands where they belonged watching this little vixen all night?  For a woman in her late fifty's, she was absolutely gorgeous.

Charles was every bit her counterpart.  He was dressed in black jeans, a black cotton, snap down the front shirt, black vest and a black Stetson hat.  Black cowboy boots finished his attire.  Katina thought he was the most handsome man alive.  His salt and pepper hair, mustache, and goatee set off his looks and she dared any other woman to look his way.  He was her man.

They went to the Big Round Steak House and the hostess seated them at the back of the restaurant.  It was a rounded booth, so they were able to scoot next to each other.  The waiter came, Katrina ordered a frozen Margarita and Charles ordered a coke. They made small talk until the drinks were brought back.  Then they ordered their dinner.

While sipping their drinks and waiting for their food, Charles slipped his arm around Katrina's shoulder.  She snuggled into him.  MMMM...he smelled so good and felt so comforting. Charles looked down and could see into Katrina's shirt. He saw the tops of her breasts over her bra. 

“Oh, God they looked so inviting,” he thought.

His jeans became more uncomfortable and he had to do a little readjusting. So, he crossed his legs and turned a little toward Katrina as he eased himself, then put his arm more around her shoulder, going further down Katrina's chest.  Charles fingertips edged along the top of her shirt and over the tops of her breasts.  She squirmed and moved about as she felt the tingle build between her legs.  Damn. What this man could do to her.

Charles fingers traveled lower and had just started to enter her shirt as the waiter came to their table with their salads.  Katrina's face turned a blush pink as she turned her head into Charles shoulder.  The waiter said nothing...his smile said it all.... placed the salads down in front of each of them...turned and left. 

Katrina gently removed Charles's arm from around her shoulder and proceeded to eat.  Charles grinned, took his fork in hand and followed suit.  His eyes never left her as he continued to eat...enjoying the fact that she felt uncomfortable but knew that she was turned on as well.

Charles teased and played with Katrina off and on all through dinner.  She wasn't sure what to make of it.  He had never been this brazen before and she felt uncomfortable being this turned on in a restaurant.  What were the other patrons thinking?  Of course, they were somewhat secluded so maybe they couldn't really see what was going on.

When they had finished the main course, Charles ordered coffee and scooted over close to her again.  Wrapping his arm around Katrina's shoulder, his hand went down her blouse.  He wasted no time latching on to her breast and playing with the hard nipple.  Katrina wriggled in her seat.

Charles leaned over and whispered in her ear to be still.  With his other hand, he reached under the table and started rubbing Katrina's thigh.  She could barely hold the coffee cup in her hand, let alone try to put it to her lips and drink it.  But she put on a brave face, raised it to her lips and took a sip.  As the coffee hit her mouth, Charles moved his hand up her leg and under her skirt.  He went straight for her womanhood and pushed his hand into her.  Katrina moaned as she swallowed the liquid in her mouth.

Charles found her clit and started to rub it through her panties.  Doing this made her cheeks turn a beautiful red and he was loving every moment of it.  But his appendage was getting so hard he was in a lot of discomfort in the position he was in.  He couldn't continue, as much as he really wanted to.

Knowing how wet she was and how much he had turned her on, Charles hated pulling his hand away.  But he told her to finish her coffee because he had a surprise for her.

Katrina gave him a quizzical look.  She had been on the receiving end of his surprises before and was a little leery of what he might have in store for her.  If what had just transpired was any indication.... Lord...she was in deep trouble.

They got into Charles truck and drove to the outskirts of town and on for another fifteen miles.  Then turned down a dirt road and drove another few miles.  Soon Katrina could smell smoke from a fire and heard singing.  They pulled up to a ranch and around the gates toward a barn. 

Just outside the barn was a wagon full of hay drawn by a team of two horses.  Sitting on the driver’s bench was an older man with a beat-up old cowboy hat and a well-worn jean jacket.  Jeans and dusty cowboy boots finished his attire.  He looked like a typical rancher.  Katrina wondered what Charles had up his sleeve now.

Charles helped her out of the truck and walked her over to the wagon.

“Hi Jasper. You ready to take this buggy for a ride...nice and slow like?”  Charles called up to the driver.

“Yup...ready to go Charlie. Just help your little lady up in there on that there hay and off we'll go.”  Jasper answered.

Charles reached down and lifted Katrina up by her waist and into the wagon.  She was excited to see what he had in store for her.  It had been a long time...since her teenage years to be exact...since she had been on a hayride.  But a private one?  Oh....this was going to be fun.

There were bales of hay lining both sides of the wagon and a matting of hay all along the floor.  Katrina started to sit on one of the bales along the side, but Charles pulled her down onto the floor.  He sat with his back to the front boarding and pulled her to sit between his legs.  He wrapped his arms around her and told Jasper they were ready to go.

As the wagon jerked slightly and rolled out...Katrina looked up to the sky.  It was clear, showing beautiful stars aligned in their astrological designs and a moon that shown brightly.  Though not quite full...she could see that the man in the moon was smiling down on them.  Katrina felt like she was close to heaven.

Charles wrapped his arms tighter around Katrina.  He could smell her hair.  Smell her perfume.  Smell her.God how he loved this woman.  Tonight, he would show her just how much he loved her.  She would never doubt him again.It had taken all he could muster to get this arranged but she was worth every effort it had taken.  Thank God for great friends. 

Jasper knew the score and would be discreet.  Nothing would be said of what would transpire tonight.  They had worked together for years and had helped each other before...so this was a no brainer.  Tonight was going to be a night Katrina would never forget.

They rolled out through the gates and headed for the green pastures and beyond.  It was rather bumpy, but Katrina held on to Charles thighs and balanced herself between his legs and leaning back on his chest.Charles moved his hands from around her waist up to her breasts and started massaging them through her clothing.  His hands...so strong...yet soft...felt wonderful out in this open air. She leaned more against him and relaxed.

Charles massaged her and squeezed working Katrina's breasts until her nipples hardened.  He pinched them slightly...sending tingles through her.He worked his hands inside her shirt and pulled out a breast...working it and playing with it.  He tweaked the nipple.  Katrina moaned.  Then he did the same with the other one.  As they rode along her breasts bounced in his hands.  Still he kept playing. 

Katrina turned her head up to him and they kissed...lips touching.  Her head was leaning on his shoulder as he kissed her harder. His tongue caressing her lips.  Katrina moaned, and her body moved against him.  She could feel him hardening near her hips.

Charles loved having her breasts in his hands but wanted better access to them.  He reached down and pulled Katrina's shirt over her head.  He leaned her forward enough to unclasp her bra...then removed it. 

“Ahhhh...so much better” ...he thought.

He took both her breasts in his large hands and held them...worked them...massaged them.  Her nipples were so hard.  Charles pinched her little nubs, pulled on them.  He had to have them in his mouth.  He needed to taste her.  She intoxicated him. 

Charles knew that Katrina, being in a skirt, would make it difficult for her to maneuver around, so he had to get it off her.  But he also knew he had to take it slow...go easy with her.  He took his left hand and started going down her tummy...down along the side of her thigh.  He lifted the hem of her skirt and ran his hand under it.  He heard her moan.  He smiled to himself. 

“Yes...this was going well.”  he thought.

The bumpiness of the wagon, as it rolled on toward its destination, made moving his hand higher up Katrina's skirt a whole lot easier.  Finally, he reaches her panty line.  Yes, she was wet.  Charles slid a finger inside her panties and felt her wetness as he worked his way around her to find her ultimate pleasure spot. 

Katrina was wiggling around now. She couldn’t sit still, and the moving wagon had her bouncing up against Charles hard ...rock hard manhood.  She felt him hit her woman's button and jumped. 

“Oh, God, his hand feels wonderful.”  she thought. 

Charles played with her button and felt it becoming harder and harder.  She was also getting wetter and wetter.  Oh, yes.  She was definitely enjoying this hayride.

He continued his playing as he leaned down and kissed her again.  He pressed with his tongue on her lips and she opened her mouth for him.Charles pulled Katrina's skirt up more so he had better access to her mound and could continue manipulating her little love button...which was growing and getting so hard under his fingertips.  Her moaning grew as well and he knew she was getting close to having a climax. 

Charles worked his hand down a little more and pushed a fingertip into her woman's hole.  Her hips bucked.  Katrina ruptured into a climax as she pulled Charles head down and kissed him hard.  Their tongues mimicking what his finger has doing inside her.  Her hips bucked...along with the bouncing from the moving wagon.  Charles continued to move his finger inside of her as the palm of his hand hit her button.  God. She was cumming so hard.... soaking his hand and her panties.  Probably her skirt too.

When she was finished from that dynamite climax...she turned her face to Charles with a huge smile.  Without saying a word...Katrina rose up, sat on her knees, unfastened her skirt and slid it off her hips.  Slowly she lowered it...trying to keep her balance in the moving wagon.  Not an easy task to do.

Charles had a perfect view of her back and then her buttocks as she lowered the skirt...teasing him as she lowered it slowly.  She knew just what she was doing to him.  He reached and held her by the waist so she wouldn't fall over. 

“God. This is the most beautiful woman on the planet.”  Charles thought. 

Once her skirt was lowered as far as it would go, Kristina sat back down between Charles legs and continued taking the skirt the rest of the way off.  She still had her panties on.

Then she realized that Charles was still fully clothed.  So, Katrina got back up...turned around and was back on her knees.  She leaned in and gave Charles a slow, lingering kiss.  Then sat back up and unsnapped his shirt.  Snap by snap she worked her way down until she could open it up.  She pulled the shirt out of his pants and then took it off his shoulders and helped him remove it completely. 

She loved his hairy chest.  MMMMM yes...loved to play in his hair, then play with his nipples. 

But that wasn't what she really wanted.  Katrina knew what her body needed.  She wanted what had been pressing on her backside since this ride began.  And she was going after what she needed and desperately wanted. 

In the position Charles was sitting in his manhood was pressing so hard in his pants he was most uncomfortable.  He also knew right where this was heading.  Katrina's hands were wandering down from his chest to his abdomen to the button on his jeans.  He knew he would have to move for her to have access.  So, Charles slid down, allowing her enough room to get her hands where she could undo the button and then slide down the zipper.  She then opened his jeans and saw what she had been looking for.

AHHHH yes indeed.  There he was.  Still covered in Charles undershorts, Katrina pondered how to get her man out of his clothing.  Bouncing around in a wagon was not the ideal place to get undressed.

Charles told Katrina to move over for a minute.  He took off his boots, socks, jeans and undershorts.  Now he was as open to her as she was to him.  Katrina gazed at him in awe.  She loved his body. 

He wasn't perfect.  Of course not.  But he was perfect to her and that was all that mattered.  This was the man she loved.  Her man.  With all his flaws and imperfections.  And she wanted him.  Now.

Katrina got down on her knees, lowered her head and kissed her man's love stick. He already had precum dripping from it and he tasted delicious.  She licked him up and down and around.  Stopping at his huge bulbous head...she opened her mouth and took him.  Inch by inch she worked him into her mouth. Deeper until she started to gag.  She stopped and held as still as she could.  The bumping of the wagon only added to Charles meat going so deep into her throat.  But she tried to accommodate for that and kept her hand on him to control the depth. 

Katrina would suck him for a while, then come off him and lick him from the top to his balls and back to the top.  Finally, Charles could stand it no more.  He reached for her head and pulled her off of him.  She looked up at him with those big brown doe eyes that killed him every time.

“Sit on me baby.  Put my hard rod into you and ride me.”  Charles took her by the waist and guided her over him.  As much as the wagon was moving he had to take hold of himself and guide his stiffness to her opening.  Once he felt her opening he slid into her easily.

Taking Katrina by the waist he guided her up and down on his staff and together they came to a steady rhythm.  Katrina had been trying to hold on to Charles shoulders but it wasn't working too well, so she reached up and grabbed hold of the backboards along the front of the wagon.  This gave her the ability to control her movements along with the bumping of the wagon.  Charles was guiding her and she wasn't far from having a climax again.  Her inner muscles started closing in on his manhood and she could feel him stiffening even more.

Charles knew Katrina was close and increased the speed of their movements.  He wanted them to come together.  He also knew he wasn't going to last much longer.  Knowing she was holding on to the boards behind him, he reached up with one hand and started playing with one of her nipples.  Then switched to the other. 

As he heard her breathing become ragged and felt her muscles tighten around him he pinched her nipple...Katrina exploded all over him.  Right with her, he released his load.  Rope after rope of semen went deep inside her.They both looked at each other at the same moment as they reached their release.  Katrina bent her head and kissed Charles with such passion.  This was a moment neither of them would ever forget.

They rode for a little while...still connected.  Then they pulled apart.  Katrina turned and sat between Charles legs as they continued to ride.  A few minutes later the wagon came to a halt.  Jasper jumped down and told them they would be staying here for a while.

Charles had a grin on his face as he moved Katrina forward and got up.  He got down from the wagon and motioned for her to follow.  Wondering what he was up to...she obliged him. They walked for a short distance. With just the light of the stars and moon she spotted the water in front of them.

Charles took her by the hand and lead her out into the water.  At first Katrina was a bit apprehensive.  Where was she and what was this watering hole.  Charles kept a firm grip on her hand and continued until they were waist deep.  Then he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her.  The water felt so good as it lapped between and around them. 

Katrina was holding on to his arms relishing in the feel of his body against hers when suddenly Charles reached down...took her by the waist and threw her into the water.  Katrina was startled and came up out of the water sputtering.  Charles was right behind her and grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back into him.  He was laughing as she spit the water from her mouth and shook her hair from her face.

She spun so fast that Charles didn't feel her foot until she had wrapped her leg around his and pulled it out from under him.  Down he went.  Katrina was laughing so hard when he came up out of the water.  Thus went the play time for the next half an hour.  One after the other and then the reverse.  They dunked, tripped, pushed and prodded until they were worn out.

Katrina called a truce.  Charles agreed.  He went to reach for her but she was wary that he was up to something again.  He was so handsome and with that shitty grin all over his face she just didn't trust him.  She knew he was up to something.

Yes, indeed he was, but not what she was thinking.  Slowly he neared her.  He reached out and took a small strand of her gorgeous red hair and played with it in his fist.  He wrapped it around his hand and then pulled her toward him.  When she was standing right in front of him he let go of her hair, picked her up and had her put her legs around his waist.

Katrina felt his hardness the moment she wrapped her legs around Charles waist. 

"Damn, but this man is always having a hard on."..she thought. 

But she liked it.  She loved making love to her man no matter where it was.  And what better place than here...in the water.... with the stars and the moon...nature at its best.

Katrina leaned down and kissed Charles.  Softly at first and then deepened as her tongue licked his lips.  Charles opened his mouth to receive her tongue.  Damn, this woman made him so hard.  He felt his hard, stiff rod poking at his beautiful woman's door and he wanted in bad.

Katrina could feel his rod poking her and as she moved her body up and down her button would hit right on his pelvic bone.Mmmmmmmmmmmm....this was driving her crazy.  She wanted him...now.  So, she squirmed around until he was in the perfect alignment and then sat down on him.  She let him enter her slowly, feeling the pressure of him opening her up. 

Charles held her as he felt her lower herself onto him. He didn't want to go too fast.  He wanted to relish this moment.  Damn, she felt so good.  This was an amazing woman.  She knew how to please him.  What he liked and didn't.  What more could a man want?  Katrina had her arms wrapped around his neck and was now moving up and down his shaft and moaning in his ear.  He knew he wasn't going to last long if he didn't slow her down.

He let Katrina ride him for a few more minutes, feeling the water splashing up between his legs and onto where they were entwined.  This felt so awesome he hated to stop it.  But he wanted to make this one last longer so Charles pulled Katrina from him.  She looked up at him in bewilderment.  Why had he stopped.

Charles took her hand and led her out of the water to the grass covered edge.  He laid her down and settled between her spread legs.  In the moonlight her wet womanhood glistened.  So inviting. 

Charles looked in Katrina's eyes and then put his head to her mound.  With his fingers, he spread her open and licked her from the tip of her button to her little pink hole.  He heard her moans.  God, he loved the sounds she made.  He did it again.  She moaned again.  He licked her outer lips...paying special attention not to hit her button of love.  She bucked her hips.  He knew what she wanted.  But she would wait.  He licked her inner lips...all the way down to her little hole.  And then back up.

Katrina knew he was playing with her.  But she wanted him to take her.  She needed to cum.She also knew he would hold her until he was ready to let her.She loved this torturous play because she knew where it would lead to in the end.  It would be the best climax ever.

Charles licked and nipped at her labia and as she squirmed and whimpered he loved it even more.  Then he stuck his tongue into her love hole.  Katrina's hips rose to meet his face.  Oh, yes, he knew how much she loved this.  He sucked and ran his tongue in and out of her until he was driving her to the edge.  Then he went to her little love button and clamped down on it.  He sucked it into his mouth.  Katrina let go with a gush of her juices as she came all over his face.

He took his time loving her.  There was all the time in the world to make this woman know how much he worshiped her and adored her.  He wanted her to know that she was his for all eternity ...to the end of time.

As Katrina started to relax from her fantastic climax Charles pushed first one finger then two into her and started moving them back and forth.  In and out slowly, imitating what he was going to do with the stiff rod he now had.  As his fingertips found her gspot he pushed on it, stimulating it.  Katrina started moving her hips into his hand.  Charles started licking her button again as he kept his fingers moving on her spot and she reached another climax, coming all over his hand, dripping down between her butt cheeks. 

Katrina knew that Charles could do to her what no other man had ever been able to.  No man could stimulate her and give her such mind-blowing orgasms as Charles could.  And she knew it wasn't over yet.  Charles was a caring and giving lover.  He would make sure she was totally sated before he would seek his own release.  She loved him for that.

Charles wanted her to have one more earth shattering climax before he sought his own, so as he kept his fingers in her as he stimulated her little button again.  Licking and sucking it. Pulling on it, releasing it, then grabbing on to it with his teeth and nipping on it.  As he did this his fingers were working their magic inside her...moving back and forth ...in and out...hitting her gspot....and as she reached the pinnacle of pleasure.... he inserted his little finger into her little pucker hole.

Katrina exploded.  Her whole insides came apart.  Her muscles clamped down on Charles fingers, her rectal muscles grabbed ahold of his little finger and she screamed.  The echoes of her scream delighted him.  He didn't slow down...he didn't let up...and her climax continued. 

As Katrina started her decent from the best climax she had ever had, Charles moved over her body and entered her.  Her body responded.  Her hips moved up to meet him.  Their pelvic bones met.  He held very still.  He relished the feel of her still quivering vaginal muscles hugging his meat.  He held her close, nestled his head in her neck, smelling her.  Yes, she was his. 

Katrina felt like everything in her had been turned inside out.  She was totally relaxed and content.  God what this man could do to her.  He dominated her.... knew her body so well.  He knew her so well.  Knew what she needed and how to give it to her.  Never could another man satisfy her the way Charles did.

Charles started moving slowly inside of Katrina.  He felt her muscles slacken and tighten as he moved.  He loved the feel of her.  So warm, moist, wet from their lovemaking.  She was always ready for him.  He pulled out and teasingly went back in a little at a time.  He watched her face as he moved.  He loved her expressions.  Then he pushed all the way in... hard...she moaned.  God, he loved it. 

He pulled out and pushed in hard several more times.  She moaned each time.  Then he slowed down and went gently ...teasing her.  She moaned even louder.  The tip of him played with her just inside her.  She begged him to fill her...to give her what she wanted.

“Want do you want baby?”  Charles asked her.

“I want you deep inside me.”  Katrina answered.

Charles pushed and slammed into her.  He held still.  He felt her tighten around him.  He knew he was going to cum soon.  He wanted them to cum together.  He reached down between them and played with her button, rubbing it in circles.  Pressing a little bit harder he heard her breathing get faster.  Her head turned opening her neck to him.  He licked it and then as he started to cum he bit down and they both came hard.  Katrina's legs went around his waist and she pushed him into her deeper.  He felt himself shooting deep into her womanhood.  Charles came the hardest he had in a long time.  Six, seven, eight ropes of cum went inside of her.

Katrina felt him let go and her climax went right with him.  She felt herself squeezing him...draining him of his juices and hers flowed around him and ran out of her.Just as she had felt him bite her neck she had heard him say:

“You are mine baby. No one else’s.  Mine.... for all eternity.... till the end of time.” 

Katrina opened her eyes and looked up to see Charles looking at her.  He was smiling.  His eyes were aglow.  She smiled back at him.  She put her arms around his neck and pulled his head to her and kissed him...tenderly.

“Yes, darling, I am yours.  No one else.  Just yours...until the end of time.”


The wagon ride back was quiet as they had dressed and then just held each other.  When they arrived at the barn Charles thanked Jasper and helped Katrina into the truck.

Charles had more plans for Karina before the night was over.  He was going to show her the night of her life.  She deserved it with all she had put up with from him.  She had stood by him through his worst and his best.  Now he was going to give back to her tenfold.  Katrina would never forget this night for as long as she lived.  Not if he could help it.  She was his and he would make damn sure she knew it.  Never would she have any doubts.  Never would she wonder.  Never would she look upon another man.for anything. For any reason.

He headed the truck back towards the city.  Once they were on the freeway he pulled her close and held her.  He wanted her as close to him a possible.  Needed her nearness.  Needed her to be beside him always.  There would never be a time they were not as one again.

Charles pulled into the Country World Apex, one of the best country western night clubs within a one-hundred-mile radius. He knew how much Katrina loved to dance, and tonight all her wishes were to come true.As he parked the truck he glanced at her and saw her eyes as they grew in size.

Katrina had always dreamed of coming to this place.  She had heard how big the dance floor was and wanted to two step around its perimeter, over and over again.  The line dancing was one of her favorites.  Everyone moving in unison was so exhilarating and so much fun, everyone staying in step.  She couldn't wait to get inside the door and watch.  Better yet,  get on that huge dance floor.

They walked in the door, paid the fee and found a table a couple back from the floor.  The house band was fantastic and as they played, Katrina couldn't sit still in her seat.  Charles ordered her a mixed drink and himself a coke.  As she sipped her drink she got more antsy to get on the floor.  A line dance came up and Charles finally asked her to dance.  She was more than ready.  They danced that one and the next two.

Returning to their seats, they were being watched from the bar.  Charlies eyes rose as he sat down and caught sight of his friend Ross.  But Ross wasn't looking at Charlie.  His eyes were full on Katrina.  He watched every move she made.  Only when he felt he was being watched did he look over to Charlie and see the stare of steel.

Katrina had barely sat down when “Watermelon Crawl” started playing and she loved to line dance to it.  She started to pull on Charlies hand but he told her to go ahead.  She jumped up and joined the others on the dance floor.

Charlie was looking at Ross, watching his eyes on Katrina.  He got up and walked over to the bar beside Ross.

“Hey Ross.  How are ya tonight?”  Charlie asked his friend.

“Great.  How you doing?”  Ross asked back.

“I'm doing good man.”  Charlie answered.

“Man, that's some dish you have with you.  She's hot.”  Ross said as he was watching Katrina dancing, her hips swaying.

“MMM, yes she is.  That's why she's with me, man.”  Charlie said back to Ross.

“Yeah, well, you're one lucky dude, man.  You better hang on to that one.  I'd be on to her like a stud on a filly if she wasn't with you.”  Ross took a gulp from his beer.

“Oh, I intend to do everything it takes to keep her good and happy.  So, keep your eyeballs in your sockets.  She's all mine bud.”  Charlie was leaving no doubts in Ross's mind whatsoever. 

“I hear ya man.  Can't blame a cowpoke from looking though.  She's definitely good on the eyes.  Best looking one I've seen in here all night.”  Ross indicated as he looked around the room.  “And look how well she moves that ass man.  I bet you get a lot of pleasure tumbling that.”

“Well, that's for me to know and you'll never find out.  Hands off big buddy.”  Charlie warned.

“Yeah, I know.  Say, haven't seen you in here in a long time.  What gives?  You getting hung up on this cowgirl or what?”  Ross asked.

“Yeah.  Stopped drinking.  Straightened my life up.  Working steady.  Things are looking a whole lot better.”  Charlie said with pride for the first time in his life.

“Wow.  I'm impressed.  They say it takes a good woman to straighten a man out.  Guess you found one.  Good for you.”  Ross took a chug on his beer again.

Ross and Charlie had hung out for many years as drinking and carousing buddies.  He missed the old days until he had gotten back together with Katrina.  Now, he wouldn't go back for the world.  She had filled every void he had had and then some.  Charlie told Ross goodbye and met Katrina as she was heading back to the table.

The band had broken into a nice slow song and Charlie wanted nothing more than to hold Katrina in his arms....to show the whole world that she was his.  He lead her back out onto the dance floor and took her in his arms.  She held her head back and looked into his eyes.  They shone with all the love he had for her.  She put her arms around his neck and buried her head on his chest.  This was her man.

They danced with their bodies so close together.  Her breasts were rubbing on his chest.  He felt her nipples harden.  He put his leg deeper in between her thighs.  Charlie was near to rubbing her throbbing button through her jeans.  He could hear her breathing getting faster.  He leaned down and licked her ear.  Katrina moaned.

They danced that way through the rest of the song.  By the time they headed for the table, Charlie had to walk very close behind Katrina to conceal his raging harness.  He leaned over and whispered in her ear that he was ready to leave.  She reached and grabbed her purse and jacket as a reply.

Once outside Charlie grabbed her from behind and rubbed his crotch right up to her backside.  He was so hard he ached.  Katrina gave a soft laugh and rubbed her hips back into him.  He smacked her ass and said  “Let’s get out of here.  I want that ass baby.” 

Katrina grabbed his hand and headed for the truck.  Once inside she took Charlies face in her hands, turned his face to her and kissed him passionately.  Charles stuck his tongue in her mouth and moved it in and out like he wanted to do to her elsewhere.  Damn he was so hard he hurt.  He wanted her like he never had.

Charlie started the truck, pulled out of the parking lot and pulled onto the freeway again, heading in the opposite direction of Katrina's place.  She wasn't paying any attention, fortunately.  She was busy trying to remove his manhood from his tight jeans.  Succeeding, she licked the top of his engorged head, removing the precum that was now dripping freely.  God, this woman was going to kill him yet.

Katrina licked up and down his hard shaft as Charlie tried his best to concentrate on his driving.  Difficult as it was, he had to keep his hands on the wheel and his foot steady on the gas.  Her lips were now going over the top of his rod and as she lowered her head and took more of him into her mouth he groaned.  Charlie didn't know how much longer he could hold off the inevitable.  He knew he would blow before long.  But, damn, this felt so good.

Katrina worked her way up and down his long, firm meaty shaft.  She held him steady with the movement of the truck with her hand, never missing a lick or a suck.  Ten minutes down the road she felt his seed come up through his shaft and hit the back of her throat.  She swallowed every drop.  Sucked him dry...Then licked him clean.  Katrina sat up and smiled at him. 

Just as she finished Charlie pulled off the freeway onto the ramp.  He slowed down and turned onto the frontage road.  To the left was a huge hotel with bright lights and beautiful decor.  He pulled up to the front door.  Reaching down he put himself back into his pants and zipped them back up.  Katrina had whipped her face clean and was sitting up, her eyes had grown huge in wonderment of where they were and why.

Charlie got out and handed the keys to the valet, who had opened Katrina's door and helped her out.  He went around and took her hand and lead her inside.

The lobby was from a set in the movies.  It was glitzy and beautiful.  Katrina looked around in awe.  Never had she seen anything so beautiful.  She was in disbelief.  She looked at Charlie with questioning eyes.

He said nothing but lead her to the elevators.  Up they went to the fourteenth floor.  Out to the hallway and down about two thirds and stopped at a door.  Charlies took a key card from his pants pocket and put it in the slot.  With the green light...he opened the door.

Katrina walked in first.  The lights were dim.  The king size bed had been turned down...rose pedals were spread on it.  On a side table was an iced down bottle on non-alcoholic champagne and two glasses.  Some fruit on a platter with crackers was there too.

She looked at Charlie in wonder.  He took her in his arms and kissed her.  Gently, lovingly.  His hands went into her hair.  He played in it.  Then he held her head as he kissed her harder.  Demanded more.  Wanted more.  She returned his kiss.  He parted her lips with his tongue.  It danced in her mouth.  Her body swayed as she felt the passion emanating from him.  He held her to him.

His hands went to her shoulders as he kissed his way to her neck.  He felt her pulse.  He sucked there.  Felt her blood rushing.  He moved to her ear.  He whispered how hot she was.  How hot she made him.  Her body moved.  Katrina grabbed his arms...holding on to him for support.

Charles passion was high.  He had his woman in his arms.  He wanted her to know how much she meant to him.  How much he loved her.  He would give her all he had.  She would know that she was his.  Now, tonight and forever.  For all time.

Charles moved his hands down Kristina's shoulders and across her collarbones.  He went down her chest to the top of her shirt.  He played with the top of her breasts.  Running his fingertips along the edge of them.  She moaned and rocked on her boots.

He put his hands over the top of her shirt and over her breasts.  The nipples were already hard.  He pinched them.  Katrina's head went back and she moaned again. 

Charles reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head.  He cupped her breasts through her bra and massaged and played with them.  He took her in his arms and kissed her again while reaching around and unhooking her bra.  He took each strap and slid them down her arms and off.  Charles then backed up and let the bra drop away from her body.  Her breasts with the hard nipples looked at him...aching to be touched.

Charles leaned down and licked around her left breast.  Around the sides...under and back around.  Finally, he took the hard nipple in his mouth.  He sucked it in... he suckled it.  He nipped it with his teeth.  Katrina grabbed his hair...she pushed his head into her.  She wanted more.

He switched sides and did the same to the right breast.  Damn they tasted so good.  He couldn't get enough of them.  But it was time to move on.  He wanted more of her.  Charles stood back and unbuttoned her jeans.  Then came down the zipper.  Her heart missed a beat.  She held her breath.  Charles hooked his hands in her jeans and down they came...taking them down to the top of her boots. 

Charles looked into Katrina's eyes as he put his hand down her panties.  She was so smooth and nice.  His finger went to her clit.  Then down into her slit.  Oh yeah.  She was wet.  He slicked his finger with her juices and went back to her clit.  He rubbed it in little circles. Her knees went weak and he grabbed her by the waist to hold her up.

Katrina grabbed onto Charles shirt and held on.  Her hips started moving with his finger.  Then suddenly Charles pushed his finger into her.  She jumped. Then pushed into his hand.  His finger went deeper.  The palm of his hand hit her clit at the same time.  Katrina exploded.  Her juices ran down Charles finger and into his hand.  His head came up and her kissed her hard.  She was lost in the feelings going through her body.  Charles put two fingers inside of her.  She wreathed, gyrating her hips in time with his fingers.  He didn't let up until she had come a second time.

Katrina was drained.  Her knees buckled.  She couldn't stand up.  Charles pulled his fingers from her hot love nest and caught her as she started losing her footing.  He picked her up and lay her on the bed.  Quickly he removed her boots, socks, jeans and panties.  She lay there naked before him. 

“God, she is the most beautiful woman in all the universe.”  Charles thought to himself.  “How lucky can one man be.”

Charles left her and went into the bathroom.  It was huge.  It had a vast jacuzzi tub with candles all around it.  He started the water to a nice temperature and lit the candles.  There were mirrors all the way around reflecting the soft light.

Charles stripped his clothes quickly and went back to get Katrina.  She looked up at him with dreamy eyes.  He picked her up and carried her to the bathroom.  As they entered she looked in disbelief.

He carried her over to the tub and gently lowered her into the water.  Charles followed right behind her.  He then reached and turned on the motor for the jacuzzi.  The bubbles started moving around their bodies.  Katina thought she had died and gone to heaven.  She laid back against Charles, her back against his chest, her head on his shoulder.  She closed her eyes and sighed.

Charles held her tight to him.  He let their bodies absorb the warmth and motion of the water.  He relaxed right along with her.  They lay there for twenty or so minutes, just taking it all in.

Slowly he started moving his hands along her body.  Starting at her shoulders, massaging, rubbing.  She moaned.  He went down to her breasts, playing with them, bringing her peaks to hardness.  He moved his hands down her belly toward her mound.  But then went around it to her hips.  He rubbed them.

Katrina could feel his rod getting harder against her buttocks and back.  She moved slightly, rubbing herself against him.  He groaned.  She felt his hand as he started playing with her mound, down lower into her slit.  He rubbed her, getting her wet.  He stroked her clit.  Making her squirm with want.  Knowing she was ready, he lifted her by the waist and held her over his erection.

Katrina knew what Charles wanted.  She reached between them and took hold of his erect staff and placed it between her wet lips and sat down on him.  He slid in easily.  They rocked back and forth.  Water sloshed around in the tub...almost over the top as they moved.  Charles lifted her up and down on his hard, engorged cock.  She reached down and started rubbing her clit.  She was moaning and he was groaning.  Both in euphoria.  He kept her moving on him, she rocked on him....it felt wonderful.  They had started a rhythm.

Katrina reached her climax first.  She came hard, she braced her feet on the tub and rocked as hard as she could on his cock.  Charles took her by the waist and lifted her as much as he could and dropped her back down on him ...hard.... fast.... he pumped his hips up into her....and he came...hard...pumping rope after rope into her hot pussy.  Oh...God...she was so hot....

Charles grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to his face.  He turned her head and kissed her hard.  His lips burned hers.  He broke the kiss and looked deep into her eyes.

“You’re my woman, baby.  Mine.  Only mine.”  Charles told her.

“Yes, baby.  Only yours.”  Katrina said back to him and smiled.

They cleaned up and got out of the tub.  Dried each other and went back into the bedroom.  They sat and had a drink, ate some fruit and made small talk. 

Charles got up and took her hand, bringing her out of her chair.  He held her in his arms and kissed her gently, with passion.  He needed her again.  Wanted her again.  He could never get enough of her.  He led her to the bed and laid her down.  Pulling her to the edge he held her legs up and over his shoulders.  He then went to his knees in front of her.  He pulled her love lips apart admiring how luscious they looked.  Charles wanted to devour them but knew he was going to take his time and give her so much pleasure.

Slowly, he touched her lips.  Rubbed them lightly.  He pulled the outer lips apart and saw the beautiful pink of her inner self.  He dropped his head and took his tongue to her.  Lightly he licked her.  Up from the bottom to the top.  He stopped just shy of her clit.  Then he went back down again, almost to her little puckered hole.  Her hips moved and she moaned.

Again, he started at just below her clit and went all the way to her little hole.  She jumped.  He spread his tongue and went a little harder this time.  God, she tasted so good.  He had to have more. 

He picked up the pace and licked her faster and harder.  Then he hit her clit.  Her hips came off the bed.  Charles put his hand on her hip and pushed her back down.  He held her there.  He clamped onto her clit and started sucking.  Katrina moaned and tried moving but couldn't.  He held her tight and sucked her harder.

Katrina started to cum and as she did Charles inserted a finger into her pussy.  She came like a rocket.  Her cum ran down his finger into his hand.  She was moaning.  Her head was going back and forth.  He kept his finger going in and out of her as he sucked her clit.  Slowly she started to come down from her climax.  Charles licked her cum from her clit and her slit.  Then he entered her with his tongue and her hips tried to come up again.

"Damn, he felt so good."..she thought.  She wanted so much more from him.  He knew how and where to touch her to bring her to the best climaxes.  Her orgasms were strong with him.  No one had ever been better with her.  She knew how good they were together and she wanted no other man.  Ever!!!

Charles was just getting started with her.  He started licking her again...from her little pucker hole to her clit.  She started moaning again.  She loved her ass licked.  He knew just how to do it.  Charles went back to her little hole as he put a finger into her pussy again.  He pumped his finger into her as he licked and sucked on her little hole...then pushed his tongue inside of her.  He still held her hips down and she was trying to press them harder into his face. 

He left her ass and went back to suck her clit into his mouth.  As he did this, his finger, then two in her pussy...he slid one into her ass.  Katrina exploded.  She came unglued.  She came all over his face, hand, fingers.  If she could squirt...this was the closest she had come.  Her whole body had let go.  She trembled.  Still he didn't let up.  He was going to bring her to another orgasm.  And he did.  She came again.

Charles got up off his knees, her legs still on his shoulders, and he entered her.  Slowly.  He teased her cunt with his cock.  His tip played with her.  In and out, little by little he inched into her.  Just enough to hit her gspot and stopped.  He held still for a minute.  Let her catch her breath.

Katrina was breathing...no panting.  Her hips were rising to meet his thrusts...but he wasn't thrusting.  He was teasing her with his cock.He was in control.  He had her where he wanted her.  He could take her to the heights he wanted to...when he wanted to.  She was his. 

“Mine baby.  This is mine.  Only mine.”  Charles said to her.

Katrina's eyes met his and knew he was dominating her.  But she didn't care.  She was his and she knew it.  Only this man could give her what she truly wanted.  Only this man knew her body so well that he controlled her. 

Charles started moving inside her again...inching in... backing out...inching in... backing out.Then when he was almost all the way out...just the head in... he slammed into her...hard.  Katrina came in an instant.  Her orgasm overwhelmed her.  He whole body broke lose into the most massive climatic overload she had ever known.  Her juices flowed like never before.  All over Charles cock, out of her vagina and down between her thighs and buttocks.  She was drenching the bed.  Charles smiled to himself.  Oh yes, her body and mind was his...for all time.  Forever.

Charles remained still while inside of her, not wanting to reach his pleasure yet.  He wanted her to cum one more time.  Waiting for Katrina to come back to earth, he stroked her hair and then her face. He kissed her neck and ear.  She moaned.  He whispered how much he loved making her cum and that he was going to do it again.  She moaned again.

Slowly he started moving inside her again.  He easily built her and built her until she was on the edge of cumming again.  Now, she was pushing back into him as he picked up speed.  Setting a steady rhythm, he kept hitting her deep inside, her g spot, her cervix, knowing it was driving her closer and closer.  Her breathing was picking up, getting harder.  Suddenly, she looked up into his eyes and he knew she was there. Charles grabbed her thighs...pushed them as far back toward her breasts as they would go and pounded into her.  He got as deep as he had ever been inside of her.  He branded her with his cock.  Now he was going to brand her with his seed.

As he pushed with all his might they both came together.  Katrina let out a scream.  Her body quaked.  Charles threw his weight into her, leaned down and bit into her shoulder as he claimed her as his own.  His seed let go and ripped into her...stream after stream of hot jism letting go inside of her.  He pumped until there was no more left and pumped a couple more.  Then he slumped over her.  Katrina wrapped her arms around his neck and held him to her.

No man would ever make her feel this way.  No man would ever have what this man had.  She was his forever.  For all time...For eternity.  And all they had was TIME!!!!


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