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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

An older woman walking along the beach bumps into a younger man. He is mesmerized by her beauty. She is polite but knows there is no way there can be anything further, or can there?



An older lady is walking along the beach one evening. She's had a hard day and is wanting some time to just unwind. The water and sand feels good working its way through her toes as she gazes out on the horizon.  She isn't paying attention to the people around her.

A young man walks close to her...his head down ....and almost runs into her. She has to move over to avoid a collision. He looks up, starts to say pardon me and freezes on the spot.

She is clad in denim cut offs and a pink tank top. Her short red hair is blowing in the breeze. She has the face on an angel and her light brown eyes are mesmerizing. But there is a sadness about her that he can't help but wonder what could possibly be so bad to make her look off into the distance like she is.

She turns to look at this young man who has intruded on her space. He is tall, tanned, weight proportioned and has dark hair. His broad shoulders look strong and she wishes she could fall into them to hold her up. What is she thinking? She's way too old to be having these thoughts. She starts to walk away but he turns and watches her.

He feels a tug. Is it in his heart...his body...down where it shouldn't be? She's too old for him to desire her. Isn't she?

But there was something about her that he wanted to know more about...or needed to know more about. His body was responding to something about her, as if it had a power of its own. He felt his cock stir as he stood there watching her.  He didn't know whether to go after her, but if he didn't, how would he find her again? So rather than take a chance of losing out, he started walking in her direction.

He stayed a safe distance behind her, still not sure what he wanted to do or should do. In this day and age, you just didn't accost a woman. That could cause a guy to get into some real trouble. You know...the sexual harassment thing. But, he just couldn't and wouldn't let her walk out of his life. He had to know more about this woman. His dick was getting harder with each step and his mind was having all kinds of erotic thoughts. What the hell was wrong with him?

As I kept walking along the beach, the water massaging my feet and toes, I could feel someone behind me. I turned my head slightly and saw that young man following me. What the hell was he doing? Why would he be following me? I hadn't encouraged him in any way. I hadn't spoken to him. I don't think I looked at him to give him any impression of anything.

So, what was he doing coming up behind me?

Should I be afraid of him? For some reason, I'm not. He didn't seem like he wanted to harm me. He stayed a good distance away. So, what did he want? I guess there was only one way to find out.

I did feel a longing inside of me that I couldn't explain. Why had I wanted to fall into those big, strong arms the way I did? He looked so warm and had a strength that I didn't seem to have right now.

 So, I stopped and played in the water with my toes. I looked out into the ocean and then looked to my left, then to my right. He slowed down. I saw him to my right. He also played in the water with his toes. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. 

His smile was broad and made his whole face glow. I felt a warmth travel through my body...from my breasts down to my womanhood. This was unreal. I haven't felt this way since my husband last looked at me a few years ago. How can this young man be doing this to me?

He turned his head and looked back over the water again, but I saw him look coyly at me from the side. He looked so hot in his speedo type suit that allowed every curve and muscle to ripple. His back was taut as he bent over, picked up a shell and skimmed it over the water. Damn, the heat was flowing.

Slowly, he worked his way toward me.  I stood there wiggling my toes in the water watching him approach.  He seemed harmless enough and to be honest, my hormones were going into overdrive.  My nipples were becoming inflamed and the heat was moving downward at warped speed.  Damn. 

She stood there watching me as I ambled toward her.  I eyed her carefully, not knowing if she would be afraid of me or not.  But judging from the look in her eyes and the flush of her face, I saw only desire.  That was a very good thing.  And my cock appreciated it.

It was getting very difficult to hide my desires in this tiny suit as I neared her.  I know if her eyes lowered she would have no doubts.  I held her eyes with mine as I stood in front of her. 

“Hello.  My name is Eric.”  I greeted her.

“Hi.  I'm Jessie.”  she said as I extended my hand to her and she took it.

“It's nice to meet you.”  She nodded her head in agreement.

“May I say, you are a very beautiful woman.  But you also looked so sad.  I felt I had to ask you why?  I hope you aren't offended by my being so forward.” This was either make it or break it time.

As I still held her hand, she looked down at the sand, then back up into my eyes.  Her lips went into a small smile. 

“You are very observant.  But really, I am fine.  Thank you for your concern.”  she said as she started to pull her hand free.

Her hand felt so warm in mine.  There was an energy between us that was unmistakable.  As I looked into her eyes, I saw a mist in them and knew she wasn't as alright as she was pretending to be.  She seemed lost and lonely.

“Forgive me for saying so, but you don't seem fine to me.  What has you feeling so lost and alone?  I saw you looking out into the water like you had lost your best friend.”  As she flinched, I knew I had hit something raw within her.

Her shoulders sagged and her head went down.  The wind from the water was blowing through her hair.  I lifter her chin with my finger and looked at her.

“Whatever it is, I'm sure it can be fixed.  You're too beautiful to have the pain in your eyes.  Let me help you feel better.”  I so wanted to help this woman.  My whole body was on fire for her.

“You are a very sweet and kind young man, but you can't fix this.  It is just life my friend.  And life must go on.”  She took a deep sigh.  Then she turned her head and looked out over the water again. 

“Please, let me help you.”  I don't know why, but I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and she fell into me.  I heard her quietly sob and I held her until her tears were spent. 

“Did that help?”  I asked her quietly.

“Yes, thank you.  I'm sorry.  I don't know why I did that.”  she said as she took her shirt and dried her face.

Pulling her shirt up to dry her face gave me a good view of her tiny abdomen and the top of her shorts. Damn, my rod started moving.  She was so hot!

“You know what, let's go get something to drink.  I know a place not far from here.  We can sit on the deck and enjoy the water and talk.  I'd like to get to know you better, and I think you could use a friend right about now.  Okay?”  I asked her as I started leading her down the beach.

“Yes, I'd like that.  Thanks.”  she said as she walked with me.

We went to a little tiki type bar that sits right along the beach.  After we got our drinks we sat along the decks edge and dangled our feet over, playing in the sand.  She seemed to relax more as we drank and talked.  She had been through the loss of her husband and had changed jobs, so life had been pretty rough. 

I knew I could be of help to her, I just needed to get her to trust me.  And believe me I was working on that.  I just couldn't go too fast.  But Damn...I wanted her bad!!!

Being a part time beach bum I had seen all types of women, and had had my fun with quite a few.  This woman was different.  There was something very alluring about her.  She had a quality and class about her that you don't see every day.  I knew I would have to win her over and that wasn't going to be easy.  But I also knew in the long run she was going to be well worth it.  She was a one of a kind.

After we had our second round of drinks she said she had to get back home.  I offered to walk her back, but she said she was fine and would make it home Okay.  I told her I had to go that way anyway, so I would walk her as far as I had to go.  She said fine.

As we walked, we talked more, laughed, played in the water, and then I splashed her.  She gave me that look like...:  no, you didn't just do that.  So, I did it again. 

This time she threw water back at me.  We ended up in a water throwing match until we were laughing so hard that she lost her balance and fell into the water.  Now she was soaking wet and her shirt clung to her breasts with hardened nipples.  Damn almighty.

I crawled over to her where she sat in the water.  She watched me with a huge smile on her face.  As I got to her, she threw a hand full of water in my face.  I shook it off, grabbed her and hauled her out into the water, picked her up, carrying her deeper into the sea.  She screamed and laughed at the same time.

Looking at her with pure evil on my face, she had no idea what I was going to do next.  I knew what I wanted to do.  As I held her in my arms, I leaned down and lightly kissed her on her soft lips.  Then I lifted her up and threw her.  She came up spitting.  She lunged at me. 

Putting my hand on her head, I could have dunked her under.  Instead, I reached down and put my other hand around her waist and pulled her into me. 

Her eyes met mine with a look of desire and want.  But she held her body a little back from mine.  She wasn't sure if she should let go.  The water twirled around us as I held her still.  I didn't push her too hard but wanted her to know that I desired her.  As my eyes held hers I pulled her gently toward me.  Her hands went to my shoulders as she tried to keep her body a little at bay.

I kept moving out a little deeper in the water so that her body was moving more with the water.  Slowly her body came to meet mine and her arms circled my neck trying to keep her steady.  Feeling her breasts through her shirt touching my bare chest was amazing and did things to my cock.  I was trying my best to make him behave so as not to scare her.

Leaning into her I pushed her hair behind her ear and nibbled on her neck.  She tasted like heaven.  A mix of her and salt.  Working my tongue up her neck to her ear I whispered that she smelled so good.  I felt her take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  Her body relaxed against me.  I knew she was warming up to me.  I knew she needed me too.

Feeling myself growing against her, I no longer tried to hide it from her.  I knew she could feel me.  She didn't seem to be moving away from me.  In fact, she was holding herself closer to me.  God, she felt amazing.  So warm, tender, soft.  Her body was so supple.  Yes, she was older, but she was so desirable.  I wanted her more than I had ever wanted any woman.

Wrapping my arms around her ass, I lifted her up as she put her legs around my waist.  Carrying us even deeper into the water until it met us chest high, we moved and glided with the waves as they crashed against us.  This only succeeded in keeping us tight to each other.  I was loving it.  Her body felt so hot and good against me. She had her head to my neck and was kissing up and down.  Then her tongue was licking up to my ear, along my jaw line, back to my ear and down my neck.  Lord, Lord, I was so hard. 

I reached up with my right hand and rubbed along her side and along her breast.  She shivered.  Working my hand toward the inside, I massaged her breast and played with her already hard nipple.  I twisted and pinched it.  Her body was moving and straining.  Soon she was pushing on the tip of my very hard staff.  God, this woman was driving me crazy.  And I wanted her now!!

I leaned her back a little and put my hand under her shirt, going to her naked breast.  Her body was cool, yet hot.  She was cool from the water, yet her desire was hot.  As she held on to my neck, I took both hands and played with both breasts.  This woman was wild with want and need.  Her hips were grinding against me now and I wanted to give her what she was demanding. 

Reaching down I unbuttoned and unzipped her cutoffs.  Laying them apart I took my hand and slid it down inside.  I heard her moans over the roar of the waves. As my fingers reached inside, I could feel her wetness.  Her clit was getting hard as I massaged it with my finger.  Her moans grew louder.  She let go of my neck and her hands grasped my arms.  She lay back giving me greater access.

My fingers worked their way down into her shorts and panties to find her sleek, wet pussy.  Damn.  She was so wet and ready.  I wanted to be inside of her so bad...but it would have to wait.  Now was the time to take care of her.

I slid a finger into her wet pussy as I circled her clit.  Her moaning increased and I knew she was close.  I pulled her shorts down a little for better access.  Sliding my hand in deeper, I was able to add another finger into her.  Her hips moved faster as I pushed hard on her clit.  She exploded.  Her moans turned into a yell.  Her eyes opened and looked at me.  Her passion was deep. 

She pushed her hips right over my cock and ground on him.  I groaned.  I had to have her now.  There was no more waiting.  I was ready to burst.  I pulled her shorts off and told her to hold on to them.  I then pulled her panties to the side.  Taking my cock out of my lowered suit, I entered her slowly.  We both groaned. Oh, this was the best feeling in the world.  Gradually working my cock into her hot, wet pussy I finally felt my public bone hit hers.  I was all the way in, and I stood still, absorbing her warmth.  Feeling her pulsing around him.  Damn, but she felt wonderful.

Then she squeezed him.  Christ Almighty!  She did it again and smiled up at me.  I reached out and lifted her up so that she was sitting on me.  I held her close to my chest.  Nuzzling my nose into her neck I smelled her essence and it drove me nuts.  But I didn't want to cum yet.  I wanted this to last for as long as possible.

We stayed there in the water, joined together, just feeling and enjoying each other for quite a while.  Then mother nature interfered.  A thunderstorm was rolling in.  I knew we wouldn't be able to stay in the water for much longer.

Rocking her back and forth over my hard cock she started moaning.  I told her to wrap her arms around my neck and to hold on.  I grabbed her around her waist and started moving her up and down on me.  Then I rocked her hard.... once...twice...three times and she exploded.  She bit my neck and I came deep inside of her.  Rope after rope of my sperm went deep into her welcoming canal.  She squeezed and sucked me dry. 

We kissed long and deeply.  She tasted like rum and salt and her. good.

I heard the thunder and told her we had to get out of the water.  She groaned but said she knew.  I helped her get her shorts back on and we walked back in to shore hand in hand.

I asked her if I could walk her home and this time she said I could.

When we got to her house, she thanked me for a wonderful time.  I looked at her and wondered if I would get to see her again.  Damn, I sure wanted to.  I really didn't want this day to be over.

“I'd really like to see you again.  I enjoyed being with you.  You are an exceptional woman, Jessie.”  I was hoping she would see my sincerity.

“Thank you, Eric.  What we did was great.  But I'm not so sure we should do it again.”  She had this lost look on her face again.

“Why, because I'm younger than you?  Did you not enjoy what we did?  Does age really make that much of a difference?  Baby, you are only as old as you feel.  You are as young as you want to be.  We were awesome together.  Don't throw something away out of fear.  Or because society says you are supposed to be with someone your own age.  Maturity doesn't come with age.  It come with life's experiences.  There are 60-year-old men who don't have the maturity that I do.  Please, give me a chance.  I'm not asking for least not yet.  I just want to be with you again.”  Wow, I was really pleading my case wasn't I?

She looked at me, a bit startled, a bit wary and a bit impressed.  But she definitely had that look of desire and want again.  She didn't say no.

“I'll tell you what.  Here is my phone number.  Think about it and if you want to see me, call me and I'll come and see you wherever and whenever you say.  Is that fair?”  There, I took the pressure from her.  That would give her time to think it over.

With that I left and went home.

For the next few days I thought about her often.  The sex we had in the ocean had been the best I had had in a very long time.  But I had told her to take her time and think it over.  Damn, this waiting was hard.

I was sitting watching TV when the phone rang eight days later.  Every time the phone rang I jumped, hoping it was her.  But usually it was either work or one of my beach buddies.

“Hello.” I answered.

“Hi”.  I heard her voice on the other end.

“Hey Jessie.  How are you?  How have you been?”  I was breathless.

“I'm doing alright.  Eric.  I've been thinking about what you said when you were leaving the other day.  Would you like to come over...maybe for a drink?  I think we have some things to talk about.”  Her voice sounded so sexy over the phone.  I was jumping out of my skin.  And yes, he was jumping to attention too.

“Um, sure.  When?”  I asked her, trying not to sound too anxious.

“Well, are you busy this evening?  Maybe around nine?”  She asked.

“Ahhhh...yeah...that should be okay.  Thanks.  I'd like to see you.”  I was really trying to be as cool as I could be.

“Great.  See you then.  Bye.”  Then she was gone.

Oh, My God!!  She really did call. She really does want to see me.  She really did think about what I said.  What the hell took her so long? This woman is killing me!!

It's now seven o'clock.  I have time to take a shower, grab something to eat and make it over there on time.  I'll wear something comfortable, yet presentable.  She isn't just your ordinary beach girl. 

Arriving in her driveway right at nine, I see there are very few lights on.  Her house is small, and not far off the beach.  It has a wraparound porch which is unique in these parts.  The deck out back has a walk way that leads down to the beach.  I go to the front door and knock.

“Hi Eric.  Please, come in.”  She greets me with a small smile, then turns and walks into the living room.  I turn and follow her after closing the door behind me.

Sitting in one of the wing chairs, Jessie takes a seat on the sofa.  There are two glasses, an ice bucket, a liter of coke and a bottle of rum sitting on the coffee table. 

“Would you like me to mix you a drink?”  she looks at me as she asks.

“That sounds good.  Thanks.”  I lean over to help her.

 Holding up the glasses while she takes the tongs and places ice in each one, I watch her hands move with gracefulness.  She pours rum and coke in each glass then stirs with a swizzle stick.

 I move over to the couch, sitting at a comfortable distance, and hand her one of the glasses.  We raise our glasses to each other and take a sip.

“So, what did you want to talk about Jessie?”I needed to get this conversation started.

Now she looks nervous.  Her eyes divert from mine and look about the room.  Then they come back to mine.

“I really did have a great time with you the other day on the beach.  It was relaxing and I felt better than I have in a long time.  But...”

I put my finger to her lips.

“No negativity.  There are no buts.  There is nothing to feel bad about.  You opened yourself up.  You had a good time on an impulse.  That is not a bad thing babe.”  I was looking directly into her eyes.  They were glowing with desire.

“Let me ask you something.  Do you know what I do for a living?”

“No, I don't.”  she let out a small smile.

“Do I just look like the run of the mill beach bum?”  I asked with a smirk.

“Well, now that you said it, yeah, pretty much.”  she smiled again.

“So, because of how I look, and because I'm young, you think I'm too young and immature for you.  Do I have it about right?”  I was still looking directly at her.

“Well, I try not to be judgmental, and I don't know exactly how old you are but you look young enough to almost be my son.  So, yes, that could create issues.”  Her smile was gone and her face was serious.

“Well, let me fix this for you.  I started as a floor boy for my father’s company.  I now am the CEO of that company.  Have you ever heard of Everette Enterprises?”  I still had my eyes on her face.

“You mean the largest investment firm in all of Alexanderville?  Holy shit!  Really?  Just how old are you?”  Now I had her undivided attention.

“I know I don't really look my age, but I am fifty-one.  Yes, I still like to live life to the fullest, have fun and play. But believe me, I take life very seriously.”  Then I kissed her.

I kissed her softly for a little while, then I deepened it.  I wanted her to know that I wasn't playing a game with her.  I wanted her.  I put my glass down on the table, then reached for hers and placed it down next to mine.

I took her face in my hands and held her as I put my tongue to her lips pushing for entrance.  She opened to me.  I tasted her sweetness along with the rum and coke.  I wanted more.  So much more.  I couldn't get enough of her.

Breaking the kiss, I looked at her.  She was flushed and her eyes were clouded with desire and passion.

“Now do you understand that this is no game to me?  Can you feel how much I desire and want you?”  She was looking at me with a sadness in her eyes.

“Yes, but you know nothing about me.  My life is such a mess.  All I have to offer...” I put my lips to hers to quiet her.

I didn't want to hear why she thought she couldn't be with me.  I didn't want to give her time to think of all the reasons she could come up with.  I wanted her to react naturally with her body.  Then her mind would follow.

Moving my hand to hold the back of her head, I started kissing along her cheek, down her jawline and around to her ear.  I licked and sucked on her earlobe.  Hearing her sighs, I moved down her neck, licking and kissing.  Her hands went to my hair, playing in it and pulling gently.

“Eric, please, we can't be doing this.”  She was trying to fight her feelings.

“Shhh.  Relax baby.  Let me take all your cares away.  Just let me give you the pleasure you deserve.”  While saying this, my other hand was working its way along her chest to reach her breast.  I lightly massaged it through her blouse.  Damn she felt so good.

My pants were getting so tight and uncomfortable, but I didn't dare move as I didn't want to distract her from the desires I was working to build up in her.  She was breathing a little faster as I switched from one breast to the other, while still nibbling, licking and sucking on her neck and ear.

She had on a pull over blouse and I wanted it off her, so I worked my hands down her abdomen to the hem of her top.  Slowly, I started pulling it up and put my hands under it.  Her skin felt warm and smooth.  Definitely, better than it had in the cool ocean water.  I worked her top up and over her bra.  Moving my head down I licked her nipple through her bra.  She jumped as if startled.

“Eric, we can't do this out here.”  She started to pull her top back down.

“Fine, then lead me to your bedroom.”  I didn't want to wait for her passion to die down.

“Can we slow this down a little?  Let's finish our drinks first, okay?”  she spoke softly.

I know she saw the frustration on my face, but I nodded and picked up my drink and handed her hers.

Sitting back on the couch, I pulled her close to me and we cuddled.  We talked some small talk as I played with her hair.  I took an ice cube into my mouth and then attacked her neck.  She squealed.  As I let the cool liquid seep from my mouth, I let it travel down her neck, over her clavicle and into her blouse.  Even though I couldn't get to her breasts, I could see the wet spots forming. 

Taking another piece of ice, I grabbed her earlobe in my mouth and sucked.  She jumped, then giggled.  I then said I could do amazing things with that ice cube.

Turning her head, I kissed her and slid the ice cube into her mouth.  We played with it with our tongues until it melted.  I was done with this type of playing around.  It was time for some serious play.

Taking her hand, I pulled her up from the couch.  Reaching for her top, it was my plan to either remove it right here, or we were headed for the bedroom.  She got the hint.

Without uttering a word, she took my hand and led me down the hallway to the bedroom on the right.  She set her drink down on the night stand and lit a small candle.  The room was furnished with a large bureau and a large triple mirror attached.  There was a chest of drawers against a wall where a door led to the bathroom.  The king size bed had a floral comforter of mostly purple flowers.  There was a huge headboard and a smaller footboard, each having tall standing posts.  There was a sitting chair in one of the corners by a door which led out to the back deck.  All the furniture was made of mahogany, which stood out against the white walls.

Coming up behind her, I pulled her into me from around her waist.  She laid her head against my shoulder.  I wasn't about to waste any time as I reached for the hem of her top and pulled it up, over her breasts.  She lifted her arms as I pulled it up her arms and off her.  Reaching down her back I unhooked her bra, pushed the straps down and removed it quickly.  My hands were on her breasts before she had caught her next breath. 

Turning her around, I kissed her hard and deep.  My tongue invaded her mouth as I demanded her to give me her passion.  She reciprocated.  Her arms went around my neck as her body pressed into mine.  Realizing I had way too many clothes on, I couldn't feel her skin on mine.  I broke away from her and pulled my shirt over my head.  Pulling her back to me, the warmth of her breasts on my chest was awesome.  But I needed more.

Stepping back from her, I bent my head and took a nipple into my mouth.  Her moans were such a turn on that my cock stirred and my pants tightened.  Taking the nipple between my teeth I nibbled and sucked.  She moaned louder and her breathing increased. 

Damn, this woman was so hot!!

While switching from one nipple to the other I reached down to her shorts and unbuttoned them, then slid down the zipper.  I started kissing down, lower and lower as her pants were going down.  As they hit the floor, she stepped out of them.  Then I removed her purple lace panties.

I could smell her heat and it was driving me insane.  My hardness was out of control and he needed out of his confinement.  I stood up and quickly took off my pants.  Taking her by the hand, I looked into her eyes and stepped toward the bed, bringing her with me.  Turning her around, I laid her down, then laid down beside her.  I curled her into my arms and held her for a few moments.

My thoughts went back to yesterday and how good it had felt to be inside her.  I wanted back inside her again.  This time I wanted to taste her first.  I wanted to take it much slower and savor her.  I wanted her to feel loved and wanted.  Then I wanted to fuck her like she needed to be.  Like she craved to be.  Like she desired.

Kissing her, playing with her lips with my tongue, she opened to me.  My tongue went into her mouth and I kissed her hard.  My hand went to her breasts, massaging, squeezing, pinching her nipples, tweaking.  She moaned through her filled mouth.  Her hips started moving more into me.  Her body was heating with want.  She wrapped her leg around mine as her desire built. 

My other hand had been rubbing down her back, going to her butt cheeks.  The more I pulled her into me the more she wanted.  Her breathing increased.  Her moans became deeper.  Ahhhhhh yes, this was one hot woman.

Knowing she was ready, I turned her onto her back and kissed her breasts then worked my way down her tummy to her swollen mound.  I bypassed her sensitive area and went to her thighs.  Crawling between her legs, I kissed my way up both sides, taking nibbles here and there.  She was moaning as I went. 

As I reached her crossing, I stopped and just looked. 

“God babe, you are so beautiful.  I love that you are shaved and ready for me.  You are so wet already.  I can't wait to taste your sweetness.”  I looked at her and saw her watching me with such passion.

When my tongue touched her clit, she gasped.  I licked her from her taint to her clit and she moaned.  She tasted as sweet as I thought she would.  I wanted much, much more.

I laid down on my belly and went at her like a hungry man.  My tongue went after her pussy slurping up every bit of juice she had.  Then my tongue entered her hole digging for more.  Her hips were grinding into me, begging, wanting.  I knew she was close and I wanted her to squirt her juices all over my face.

I went for her clit, sucked it into my mouth as I pushed a finger into her sopping wet hole.  I pushed up.  Then I put in another finger and pushed the two fingers up hard to her gspot as I bit her clit.  She came hard.  Her juices poured out onto my hand.  I kept moving my fingers in and out of her as I kept her orgasm going.  She was moaning loudly.  Her body was spasming.  Her legs quivering. 

Slowly, she receded, quieting.  I pulled my fingers from her.  Licking softly on her pussy, cleaning her.  Damn, she tasted so wonderful.  But I really wanted to be inside her now.

Getting off the bed, I took off my boxers, got back between her legs, and pressed my cock against her lips.  Damn, that looked so hot.  Slowly I pushed into her, a little at a time.  I wanted to relish this.  I watched as I entered her.  Then I looked at her face.  She was so flushed.  Her body was heated with desire.  She certainly was a woman with passion and knew how to make love. 

As my cock filled her to the hilt, I held still, enjoying the feeling.  It felt so good to be inside of her.  She was tight, and when she squeezed me, oh Lord.  Then she did it again, with a small smirk on her face.  She knew just what she was doing to me.

Oh, the joys of being with a woman who could control her body.  She was going to drive me crazy!!

Starting to rock in and out of her, I moved slowly.  I wanted this to last.  I reached down and pulled her legs up so I could take her deeper.  She groaned.  Her eyes never left mine as I took her a little harder and deep.  Her hips moved with mine.  We had a great rhythm going and it felt awesome.  As her climax was building, her breathing became faster. 

Bumping her clit with my pelvis, I knew she would cum soon.  I reached down and pressed it hard.  I moved my cock to hit right on her gspot and she shattered.  Her screams where loud.  I didn't stop. I kept pumping her hard.  She came again. 

“That's it baby.  Take me.  Let yourself go and enjoy it.”  I whispered softly to her in her ear.

Letting her legs go I lay between her and just let her rest as I gently pumped into her.  I leaned on my elbows and looked into her eyes as I pushed her hair from her face.  Then I kissed her.  Our lips were sealed to each other as I continued to fuck her, picking up speed.  She wrapped her legs around my waist and put her arms around my neck.  God, this woman was awesome.

But I didn't want to cum yet, so I pulled out of her.  I looked into her questioning eyes and smiled.  I crawled over her and straddled her abdomen.  I wanted her to taste both of us, so I tapped her lips with my very hard cock.  She smiled up at me and opened her soft lips.  She stuck out her tongue and licked me.  Damn!!!

Pushing forward, the tip of my cock met her mouth and she opened for me.  Her tongue received me, and her lips covered me.  She stroked me with her mouth and sucked me in.  “Ohhhh, she is good,” I thought.

She took me and sucked and licked until I couldn't take it anymore.  I didn't want to cum until I was back inside of her, so I pulled back from her.

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.  I wanted to cum inside her so bad.  I told her to roll over on her stomach.  As she did, I put a pillow under her.  Getting behind her, I rubbed her pussy and then her clit.  She moaned.  She had her head down and her hands holding her pillow.

Lining my cock up with her, I entered her again.  She was so warm and wet.  I wanted her to cum with me.  I laid over her and started pumping into her as I found her breast and pinched and played with her nipple.  She started moving her hips back into me.  She arched her back as she was getting close.  I reached down a grabbed her hair, pulling her head up, arching her back more as I started pounding her.  She took her hand and found her clit, rubbing it as she started cumming.  This took me by surprise and made me so hard, that I came, shooting rope after rope of spunk into her.  Three, four, five times.  I fell over on her back as she fell to the bed.  We were spent.

We laid there quite a while getting our breath back.  I rolled off of her, laying on my side and pulling her into me. 

Kissing her on the forehead, then her nose, then her mouth, I looked into her eyes.

“Is there still any doubt in that crazy head of yours that I want you?”  I still had a death grip on her, letting her know I wasn't letting go of her.

“No, I guess there isn't.  You proved your point very well.”  she said with a smile.

“Am I still too young for you?  Are there still any questions in your mind about us that we need to settle?”  I wanted this taken care of now, not to be brought up again.

“No sir, I don't believe there is.  Ah, maybe one.”  She said with a smirk.

“And what might that be.”  I asked a little perplexed.

“Are you ready to go again?”  Then she kissed me.




Submitted: August 09, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Katie Santee. All rights reserved.

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WOW. That was amazing. I loved it. The slow build-up to the sex made it all that much better. And you are right, age is just a number.
XoxoX SWx

Fri, August 10th, 2018 3:03am

Lisa ☺

I agree with storywriter x

Sat, August 11th, 2018 11:51pm


Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the story.

Sat, August 11th, 2018 5:27pm

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