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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Erotica

His wife is his co-worker's best friend. At a work conference, he plots to make his dream of her come true, willingly or not.




She was going to a conference in Illinois in two days.  The timing couldn't be more perfect for what I had in mind.  I have watched her for many years, as she is my wife's best friend.  Her husband has been ill for several years and isn't going with her so it was now or never.

We have been working together for a little over twelve years and my fascination with her has only grown stronger.  Yes, I got married.  Yes, I have two children whom I love very much.  But there is just something about this woman that I can't let go of and want much more of.  Oh, so much more.

As she has gone up the corporate ladder, her allure has become so rampant with me that I have had to take the situation in hand way too many times.  I've had to leave my office for the men's room to relieve the agony before I could continue with my day's assignments. 

Well, soon, that is going to change.  I have made arrangements to be on that trip right along with her.  She just doesn't know it yet and won't until we are at the same hotel.  Correction. When she is laying on her bed, being totally satisfied by me, then she'll know.

Silently I made all the preparations at work to clear my schedule and told my wife that I was attending a different conference in another city.  My hotel room was reserved and guaranteed.  My flight was scheduled, making sure it was at a different part of the airport.  Everything was set and ready for my departure.

The day of travel arrived and it was rather tricky getting through the check in counter at the airport without running into her.  But I did and boarded my plane.  The flight was smooth and I arrived at the hotel before her.  I asked what floor she was on and asked to be put on the same one as we were working on a project together for the conference.  The hotel clerk was very gracious and accommodating.

Room service brought me dinner then I showered and settled in for the night.  My mind started to formulate my plan to make my fantasy come true at last.  I fell into the best night's sleep I'd had in a long time.

During the day, I knew that she would be in meetings.  That gave me ample time to wander around and work out my nervousness.  Toward evening, I went to the front desk and told the clerk that she was in a meeting and needed some important information and that she had forgotten to give me the key to her room.  The clerk said she wasn't supposed to give it to me and would have to call her.  I explained that she was on stage and that would be impossible, but that this was most important to her presentation.  Finally, she agreed and gave me a key card.

Smiling, I got on the elevator, went to my room and got what I would need for the evening I had in store.  I then proceeded from my room to hers and let myself in.

She had left all the lights on and the television.  So, I turned off all but the dim one over in the corner that stood behind the tall back arm chair.  I turned the television down.  Walking to the night stand I placed the items I was going to use later.  I also prepared the bed by pulling down the spread and top sheet, spreading rose pedals along the middle and pillows.  Then I took off all my clothes, folded them and put them in the top of the closet.

 Knowing when the meeting was to be over, I sat on the end of the bed and watched television until I knew she would be coming to her room.  Turning the volume down very low, I got up and stood at the wall, being right behind the door when it opened.

Waiting....  Waiting...Waiting....

The key card went into the slot.... back out ...and the door knob turned.  She opened the door and stepped inside.  As the door started to close I reached out and covered her mouth with my hand and wrapped my other arm around her waist.  I held her back to my chest.  I held her still.  Now I had her.  She's mine.

She started to pull, turn, twist trying to get away but I held her tightly against me.  I pulled her head back and whispered in her ear to calm down, that I wasn't there to hurt her. I asked her if she understood and she shook her head to affirm.

I moved her further into the room as I wanted her closer to the king size bed.  She was breathing hard and I wanted to calm her down some but knew that wasn't going to happen right now.  Both of us were running on adrenaline so I just held her to me.  God, her body felt so good next to mine.  Soft, supple, sexy.  I had waited so long to feel her next to me.  I felt my member wanting to grow but tried to hold him at bay.  I wanted to go slow and savor each and every moment with her.

I told her I was going to take my hand from her mouth, but not to make a sound.  If she agreed, to shake her head.  She did.  Slowly, I removed my hand.  I reached down to the nightstand and brought up the scarf that I then inserted into her mouth and tied around her head.  She tried to turn around but I held her still.  I then reached and grabbed the blindfold and slipped it over her eyes and around her head.  She whimpered.

Again, I told her I wasn't going to hurt her, but for her to enjoy this experience.  It would be the best one she probably had ever had.  I explained that I only wanted to give her pleasure but it was her choice if it went that way.  Did she understand?  She shook her head that she did. 

She felt so good in my arms but I knew that I had to get her hands secured so that I could move her down onto the bed.  I reached over to the night stand and took the hand cuffs, placing one on each wrist, securing her hands behind her back.  Running my hand down her back sent shivers over her skin and goose bumps formed along her arms. 

I put my hand on the back of her neck and told her to climb up on the bed and to lay on her stomach.  I guided her, laying her head on the pillow.  Trying to be as thoughtful to her comfort as I could, I removed her shoes and gently rubbed her feet.  Working my way up, I rubbed her ankles, calves and on up to her thighs.  Continuing up was such a temptation, but I had to have patience.  This was a work in progress and it had to go slowly.

Soft moans started to escape from her as I reached the top of her thighs toward her center.  But I didn't want her that warm yet.  So, I stopped and went to the head of the bed.  Sitting down, I turned her over.  She had on a purple button down, short sleeved blouse.  Slowly, my fingers released each button until the blouse was completely open.  Lightly I ran my fingertips across the very top of her breasts that were riding at the top of her bra.  Her skin was so soft and supple.  She felt heavenly.

Noticing that she was uncomfortable with her hands cuffed behind her back, I told her to keep very still and I would remove the cuffs from her hands and move them for her.  I said to nod if she agreed.  She did. 

Having prepared the bed already, knowing she would probably try something the moment I released her hands, I took her right hand and released it, keeping her left one underneath her.  I took it and moved it quickly to the silk rope I had attached to the bed and tied it.  She tried to roll into me and move her left hand and arm but I moved over her fast and held her down while I took her left hand and tied it to the bed.  She tried to buck and move me off of her but I wasn't going anywhere. 

 She twisted again but it was of no consequence.  As I slid down her legs to her ankles, I took first one and then the other and secured them to the corners of the bed.  I stood up at the foot of the bed and admired the lady laying before me. 

She was a treasure I was going to enjoy unwrapping, slowly.  Very, very slowly.  I was going to savor every part of her.  She would know that she had been thoroughly and completely ravished.  Her head went back onto the pillow and a deep sigh escaped her lips.  Yes, she's mine!

Going to the head of the bed I pushed the rose pedals away from her hair.  Some stands of hair had stuck to her face and I gently brushed them aside, letting my fingertips travel along her cheek.  She shivered in response. 

Her lips, with that bright red lipstick, looked so soft and inviting.  Leaning down I lightly touched them with mine.  She hesitated for a moment before returning with a slight kiss of her own.  It was very slight, her lips barely moving.  That was alright.  They would be put to better use later.

Kissing and licking down her neck to her ear and sucking on her earlobe, then continuing down to her shoulders made her squirm and wriggle.  Her body wanted the attention.  Her nipples were getting harder.  They were poking through the fabric of her black lace bra. 

Reaching over to the nightstand I retrieved the scissors and placed the blades on her chest.  She shivered at the touch of the cold metal.  I snipped first one strap and then the other and watched them slip off her shoulders.  Dragging the blades downward I centered them over her breastbone and slid them into position and cut her bra in half, letting the cups fall to the sides.  Her glorious globes settled a little to each side as I beheld such amazing breasts. 

My eyes worshiped her.  She was all I had envisioned in my mind.  Putting the scissors back, I reached out with both hands and my fingertips grazed her breasts.  Her nipples hardened more.  Goosebumps formed on her flesh.  I could almost see her breasts enlarge before my eyes.  I leaned over taking one breast in my hand and licked it all over.  Tasting her, savoring her flavor. Leaning over I switched to the other breast, taking it in my hand and massaging it.  I could hear her low moans as I lightly licked it. 

“God, she tasted so good.” I thought. 

I took a nipple into my mouth and toyed with it, nibbled it with my teeth.  Her moans grew louder.  Her hips started to wiggle back and forth.  She couldn’t lay still.  I knew my ministrations were having the desired effect on her.

While my mouth, tongue and teeth were working her breasts, from one to the other, I moved my hand down over her tummy from side to side and up and down avoiding her clean-shaven mound.  Her hips rose, wanting the contact with my hand but I held her at bay.  I wanted her hot, so hot that she needed me.  Desired me. 

My engorged manhood lay nestled beside her outer thigh.  As I slid down her further, trailing kisses and licks down her abdomen I rubbed myself against her leg.  I knew she could feel me there.What was she thinking?  Did she want me yet?  Was she wet yet?  Her body said she wanted me.  Did her mind?

As I kissed down her tummy, I lifted myself over her to be between her legs.  I could smell her scent.  Her female pheromones were strong.  She was so much of a woman and I wanted her so much.

Watching her face, I took my index finger and moved it to her outer labia and touched it.  She squirmed.  My finger moved gently up and down and over her lips.  She moved more.  Her face flushed as she gave a slight gasp.

My breath caught in my throat.  She was so beautiful, so sensitive and so responsive.

Deeper I moved my finger into her lips feeling her wetness.  She was so turned on.  She wanted this.  She wanted me. 

“Oh My God!!!Yes.”  My thoughts were bursting in my head. 

 My finger moved back and forth in her slit as I played with her, getting her hotter still.  Her hips rose up wanting more.  Needing more.  Desire building.  I avoided her little bud as I reached for her opening and slid my finger in.  She jumped and cried out.  Her moans were loud.  Her head twisted on the pillow from side to side.

“Ahhhh….”  She cried. 

Keeping silent, I kept my finger inside of her, moving it back and forth, watching as pleasure washed across her face.  Her hips were moving in rhythm with my fingers and I knew she was getting close to her orgasm.  But I wanted to hold her off just a little bit more. I wanted her to want me.  To desperately need me.  I wanted her to be mine.

Slowly I took my finger out and ran it up and down her slit.  Then ran it over her little puckered hole.  I used her juices to make her wet and kept running my finger back and forth.  Her whole body was wreathing and I knew she wanted to cum so much.  Her body ached for it, needed it, wanted it.

I pushed my finger back inside of her and started the back and forth movement again.  After a few times, I inserted a second finger.  She felt so tight inside.  She squeezed my fingers with her inner muscles.  I knew it was time to let her reach her pinnacle of joy.  I took my thumb and pressed on her little nub and she exploded all over my fingers.  She squeezed them so hard they wouldn’t move inside of her.  Her legs grabbed me as best they could and held on.  And then she screamed.

I gave her a few minutes to calm back down from her orgasm, gently rubbing her tummy while still slowly moving my fingers inside of her.We had only just gotten started.  I had a long night planned for this lovely, sexy beauty.  She had many more orgasms left to be had.

Turning my hand, I stroked her working her gspot with the “come hither” movement.  I knew this would bring her to the brink again.  I rubbed her nub with circular motions and just enough pressure to make it harden.  Being already sensitive I knew it wouldn’t take her too long to get worked up again. 

Her brow was showing signs of sweat and her breathing was beginning to increase, showing she was getting close.  Her hips started to move with my hand.  She was starting to pull and twist.  Oh yeah, she wanted this.  She was so hot and needy.  And I was just the one to take her where she wanted to be.

While using my fingers and thumb of my right hand in her love canal and on her little button, I took my other hand and reached for her nipple and teased it.  She moaned.  Using her juices, I took my little finger and placed it at her little pucker hole and pushed just slightly.  Her hips bucked.  As I kept the movements of my fingers in her love hole working fast, my thumb on her love button rubbing harder, I pushed the pinky finger into her pucker hole and pinched her nipple hard.

She let go with a howl I have never heard before.  Her back arched.  Her head jerked back as her body went rigid.  I felt a flood of liquid flow out of her and all over my legs, hers and the bed.

“My God.  This woman just squirted!!”  I had never seen that happen before and sat in utter amazement, a huge grin plastered on my face. 

I pulled my hands out of her, went to the bathroom and got a washcloth with warm water and went back to bathe her.  I washed her thighs, buttocks and womanhood until she was clean.  She only moaned. Then I lay down beside her and held her close.  Her body was still so sensitive that if I even touched her she quivered. 

My shaft was so hard that it hurt.  I wanted inside her so badly, but I knew I had to give her a few minutes to calm down.  I had never seen a woman with that much passion and desire before.  This woman was beyond my expectations.  I knew in that moment that she would always be mine.

I needed something to drink so I went to the refrigerator and got a bottle of water.  Pouring some in a glass, I took it over to her, removed the scarf from her mouth, lifted her head and held it to her lips.  She took several sips.  Still I held it to her lips and she understood that she needed to drink more and drank the glassful.  Then I finished what was left from the bottle.

Feeling rested and refreshed, I lay down beside her again and traced my hand over her body.  Her skin was so soft and she smelled heavenly.  I nestled my head in her hair, down her neck kissing her, licking her, playing and toying with her.  She knew now that I only cared about her pleasure and she seemed to be more receptive to my touch.  I had so much more to give to her.  And she was mine to give it to.

As I touched her now her body responded faster.  Her nipples got harder sooner and her skin flushed.  I leaned over and kissed her lightly and she kissed me back.  This was progress. 

I deepened my kiss, inserting my tongue, this time with no resistance.  I played in her hair and ran my hand down her cheek until I was holding her face in my hand.  I wanted to look into her eyes so much.  I wanted to see her passion and desire.  I could feel it in her body and her kisses.  Her tongue was now toying with mine.  She was actually kissing me back with feelings and emotion.  But would she if she knew who was giving her all this pleasure?  I couldn't take that chance yet.

My hands moved along her skin, from her chest down to her thighs.  She quivered at my touch.  Her nipples hardened as I circled them each with my fingertips.  I leaned down and licked them each, savoring her scent. 

Sliding lower with my tongue I licked my way to her clitoris.  It hardened quickly at my touch.  Still being sensitive, she moaned as I flicked it and played with it.  I licked around it, kissed and pulled on her lips with my teeth.  They were still swollen and bright pink.  I could still smell her essence from her precious climaxes and wanted to bring her there again.

Slowly my tongue played at her opening, inching its way in and out.  She squirmed and moved trying to make me go inside her more.  I licked her up and down, stopping to take her little button into my mouth and suck on it for a moment then go back down to her slit and push my tongue back inside of her.  She was bouncing her hips off the bed wanting and needing more.  Her hands were in fists.

Finally, she was begging.  “Please, let me cum.”

A smile crossed my face.  I hummed across her vagina.  She was so wet; she was so much in need of what only I was able to give her.  I stopped, then started.  Stopped, then started.  Over and over again.

She was crying, pleading, begging. 

“Stop, please.  I can't do this anymore.  Please let me cum.  Please.”  She would beg me as I would lick her, suck on her button.  Then I would stop.

“Please, fuck me.  I need you to fuck me.  I need to feel you inside of me.”  Now she was crying in earnest.  Tears were soaked through the blindfold scarf and rolling down her cheeks.

Lifting my face from her I saw the tears and I knew she was totally mine.  I knew that it was time to fill her with what she truly desired. 

As I rose to move over her, I lifted her legs as much as possible.  I moved between them and held myself before her beautiful entrance.  It was so hot, wet and ready for me.  She was open and waiting to receive me.  I took hold of my hardness and held him to her.  She moaned as she felt him start to enter her.  I pushed him gently and slowly just until the head passed her inner lips.  She felt so warm and wonderful.  We both groaned at the same time. 

I lay down over her and held her to me.  We just stayed that way for a few moments.  I wanted to savor the feeling of being inside of her.  I wanted her to feel me.  I wanted her to know that I was the one to give her what she needed.  I held very still, not flinching, not moving. 

He decided he had a mind of his own though.  My manhood loved the warmth and wanted more.  Inch by inch I slid further into her.  Her muscles contracted around me, welcoming me.  When I was all the way in I held still again, letting her know that I had her.  She was mine.

My hips moved at a slow pace back and forth as I took her to another realm of ecstasy.  I wanted each of us to enjoy this, bringing her to as many orgasms as possible.  I worked my hips taking my rod in and out, in and out.  Twisting it side to side...up and down.  I grabbed her under her hips and lifted her so I could rub her special spot with him and soon she was moaning loudly. 

“Yes. Please, do that again.”  she said as I took my shaft and started to go harder and deeper.

She started grunting as I felt her muscles closing around him.  I knew she was going to cum.  She started pumping back with me.  I sped up and pumped her hard and fast.  My juices were rising from my back; my sack was so tight.  I was going to cum with her.

I held her butt tight as I took her hard.  She was breathing as hard as I was as her breasts bounced and her skin flushed bright pink.  Sweat was on our brows, mine dripping onto her chest.  I pushed hard, felt her cervix open to receive my sperm.  I pushed again.  We both screamed as I let loose and jets of cum erupted into her.  She milked me with her orgasm.  Our spasms meeting, keeping each other’s climaxes going.  As they receded we both lay there as our bodies melted into each other.  We became as one. 

Time stood still.  The only sound was our mixed heavy breathing.  We felt the beats of our hearts from one to the other.  We felt the pulse of our bodies, still bound from the inside.  Neither one wanting it to end.  Both feeling the enormity of what had just happened.

Leaning up onto my elbows I put my hands on each side of her face and kissed her.  She kissed me back.  It started as a gentle, slow kiss but moved into a hard, desperate need.  My tongue licked her lips, entered her mouth and tasted and explored.  She did the same to me.

My hand traveled down and played with her breast and nipple which instantly became hard.  She became more and more aroused the more I played with her. 

Never had my shaft not gone completely limp after I had unloaded, but it was still hard, and I started moving inside of her again.  I felt like I could go on for hours pleasuring this hot, sensual woman.

“Please, let my legs free.  I want them to be around you.”  She asked me quietly.

Pulling out, I untied her legs, crawled back up on the bed, but instead of reentering her, I flipped her over on her stomach.  I lifted her up and put a pillow underneath her.  Damn, she looked good.  As I pulled her ass cheeks apart, I could see all of her.  She was so shiny wet that I had to taste her again.  I buried my tongue inside her and licked her from top to bottom, not leaving out her little hole.  She moaned in pleasure.

With my soaking wet face, I rose on my knees and scooted up until my shaft was pushing on her slit.  Then I entered her.  She was so wet he slid right in and I buried him.  My balls slapped her button and she moaned.  I didn't waste any time as I started in a steady rhythm taking her from behind.  I loved watching my stiff rod going in and out of her.  So slick with her juices.  So hot.  She moaned more.

As I rocked her harder and harder, I reached from in front of her and rubbed her button.  Her juices flowed more as she squeezed me.  I knew she was close, so I reached up and smacked her butt cheek.  She moaned, I smacked her again, a little harder.  She groaned.  I gave each side a few more then grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as I ground into her.  She gave it back to me.  She started pumping back.  Her body was rocking.  I wanted to cum with her, so I gave her all I had.  As I pinched her nub, she screamed and came all over me and I let out a yell.

“Pamela!!!!!!”  I screamed her name as I came harder than I had in my whole life.  I shot rope after rope into her.  Five, six, seven times.  It seemed like it would never stop.  My leg cramped and I fell on top of her, pushing us both down onto the bed.

“Bronson?”  she cried as her head went up.  “Is that you?”

Oh, shit.  Did I really say her name?  I'm fucked now.  I thought.  What the hell do I do now?

“Yeah.  It is me.”  I said as I reached down and removed her blindfold.  I wasn't stupid enough to untie her hands yet.  I had no idea what she would do.

“What in the hell were you thinking?  Why?”  She was looking at me like I had two heads.  Yet there was another look that I wasn't sure about.  Was it lust, desire, I wasn't sure.  But she didn't look mad.

“Pam, I have wanted you for years.  I kept my desires to myself and never made a move on you.  I respected your friendship with my wife and my marriage.  But I just couldn't stop myself anymore.  You are one hot and desirable woman.  If you never speak to me again, I'll understand.”

She didn't say anything for a very long time.  She just stared at me.  Then a smile started across her face.

“Would you please untie my hands?  I promise I'm not going to harm you.”  She looked sincere.

So, I untied her and sat there for whatever was to come.

God, she was so beautiful.  So sexed, satisfied, that lust filled look.  Her body just gleamed.

“You know I could cause you some real trouble for this.  First, you break into my room, basically kidnapping me.  Then you tie me up and technically rape me.  Oh, yes, you made damn sure I had my pleasures.  But it is what it is babe.  Then, you scream out my name in your moment of ecstasy.”  Then she smiled.

“To be honest, that was the best sex I have had in a very, very long time.  I've wanted you for so long.  But, I too respected my friendship with your wife and you were off limits.  So, thank you for taking the first step.”  She then got this look in her eye that I had no idea what she was up to.

She crawled up next to me, lay me on my back and started kissing me.  She worked her way down my body until she was between my legs.  Taking my already very stiff member into her hand, she licked it.  Then she smacked her lips.  Damn, this woman drives me crazy.

She licked me like a lollipop all over, then slid me into her mouth.  She sucked and licked, sucked me deep into her mouth and back out.  She was loving the control she had over me.  Guess it served me right.  I grabbed her hair and pushed my rod deep into her mouth and she swallowed all of me.  I felt her nose on my public hair.  I held her there for a moment and then let her up for air.  Back down I pushed her as she took me again.  I pushed my hips up and down as I had her take me.  Soon I was unloading my cum deep into her throat.  God, this woman was awesome!  Now, she's mine!!


Submitted: September 20, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Katie Santee. All rights reserved.

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Damn that was hot. I loved how you wrote from a man's POV. That's something not very many girls here do. And you did one hell of a good job of it. The imagery created made me wish that it was me with her every time and way he penetrated her.
I wonder if it would work out the same for me if I could do the same with my neighbour three doors down who I have had naughty thoughts about for the last twenty years.
XoxoX Ron

Thu, September 20th, 2018 7:22am


So glad you enjoyed it. Never know, fantasies can come matter how long it takes....

Thu, September 20th, 2018 4:35am

Scarlett Rae

The male perspective from a female writer was interesting. It's crazy people like this that make me check my hotel room before I settle in lol

Thu, September 20th, 2018 6:18pm


Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the comment.

Fri, September 21st, 2018 2:35am

Amy F. Turner

Very scary but also hot ready there, Katie. What a well-spun tale of passion!

Sat, September 22nd, 2018 9:00pm


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Sat, September 22nd, 2018 7:14pm


That's hot! No viagra needed for any man reading this one.

Sun, September 23rd, 2018 2:07pm


Glad you enjoyed it.

Sun, September 23rd, 2018 8:56am

Kitty Hall

Very hot and steamy. I love how she'd wanted him all along too but I'm pretty sure him taking control of her like he did, they had more fun than if they'd arranged to meet :)

Fri, November 9th, 2018 4:52pm


I wonder if it would have happened at all? Maybe eventually. Who knows?
Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the comment.

Fri, November 9th, 2018 6:55pm

Val Lovett

Loving the energy of this one!

Mon, August 19th, 2019 3:15am


Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading this story.

Mon, August 19th, 2019 3:12am

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