Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


A young high school girl loved to give blow jobs, but only had sex with her boyfriend. After graduation, she learns to be a masseuse. Does she still give blow jobs? Read to find out.


A young high school girl loved to give blow jobs, but only had sex with her boyfriend. After graduation, she learns to be a masseuse. Does she still give blow jobs? Read to find out.


Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018






Time seems to catch up with the best of us.  I mean our bodies aren't what they use to be.  Titties get a little saggy, belly sags a little too...and a few other sags here and there.  Hair changes color...either naturally or by a box...but it still isn't what it was in our youth.  Nothing is as it was in our youth.  Neither is our sexuality.  Really???

Really!!!  Let me demonstrate for you....

Sybil had been the horniest bitch in high school.Mitchell Harrison had been her steady fuck for most of tenth through twelfth grade.  But he knew she was getting it on the side too.  She would blow just about anybody who asked her to, including the worst, ugliest nerd.  She just loved cock and didn't care whose it was. 

But the one thing she was very particular about was who put it up her cunt.  That privilege was saved for only Mitchell.  And absolutely no one got her little pucker hole.  NO WAY!!!!

After graduation from high school Sybil worked a couple of odd jobs until she met Julia Anderson.  Julia worked at the local massage parlor and told Sybil how easy the money was.  Not just giving the massage, but the fringe benefits.  When asked what she meant by that, Julia explained that a good massage always had a “happy ending.”  Sybil still didn't understand so Julia told her to come by for a free massage and find out. 

Several days later, Sybil arrived at the parlor at a little after two pm.  She was greeted by Marissa, who had long, black hair pulled up into a ponytail.  Her smile was infectious and Sybil smiled back.  She was led into a booth and told to take off all her clothes and wrap a towel over her breasts and groin area and to lay on her stomach.  Julia was finishing up with a client and would be in shortly.  Soft music played in the background as she laid there and relaxed.

Julia came in the room wearing a robe of lavender, both in color and scent.  It was short, just under her butt cheeks and hid very little in the front.  She had never been turned on by a woman...but her pussy was telling her something different.  The top was open enough to show quite a bit of cleavage. Her nipples were hard and pressed against the robe provocatively.  Julia smiled and asked Sybil if she was comfortable. Then told her just to relax and enjoy the massage.

Julia undid the towels and laid them to the sides.  She told Sybil to lay still and relax. 

Julia's hands were gentle as she applied the oil onto Sybil’s upper back and started to rub up and down and around her shoulders and neck.  She could feel herself loosening up.  Julia proceeded down her back, working her stiff fingers into the tissue of Sybil’s muscles.  Next, she pinched and rotated the skin, working and working her whole back repeatedly.

 “God, this felt so good,” was Sybil’s thinking.She felt like she could drift right off to sleep.

Julia applied more oil and started rubbing her butt cheeks.  One side at a time she massaged and pinched and rotated until all stress was relieved.

As she applied more oil Sybil felt some run between the cheeks and down the crack of her ass.  Julia took her finger and went down to retrieve it.  Sybil jumped a little at the feel of her being down there.  No one had ever touched her there. No one had ever been allowed.Nope...that was off limits.  Sybil’s butt cheeks tightened automatically.  Julia rubbed and moved them apart and continued to rub her finger in and out of the crack of Sybil’s ass.  This actually started to feel good and she soon relaxed.

Julia went to the bottom of the table.  Applying oil to Sybil’s feet, she started with the soles and bottom, then worked to Sybil’s toes, doing each one at a time.  She then worked up the calves.  First massaging one, then the other, relieving all the tension. 

Using more oil, she worked up Sybil’s thighs.  Working and kneading the muscles into submission as she inched her way up until she was at the Y.  Lightly, she would brush against Sybil’s pussy as she worked her fingers on her. 

Slowly, she would spread out her fingers and touch more and more with each passing of her hands.  At first Sybil felt uncomfortable...but then it started to feel nice.

Having Sybil turn over, Julia started on her arms, wrists, hands, fingers and palms.  Working the oils in, massaging.  This girl was talented.  Julia put her fingers on Sybil’s face and applied the oil and massaged it in gently, going from the bottom of her chin to the top of her forehead.

 After that Julia put oil on her shoulders and upper chest, working it into her skin and then went lower, down to her breasts.  As Julia massaged them, one at a time, Sybil’s nipples hardened and stood straight out. 

She hopped up on the table and straddled Sybil at her waist.  Julia played with Sybil’s breasts, rolling the nipples and pinching them in between her fingers.  Sybil let out a soft moan.  Julia gave a small smile as she inched further down onto Sybil’s legs.

As she sat there, she rubbed oil onto Sybil’s stomach and down to her navel.  Julia played with her belly button.  Then continued down to her hips.  Julia knew she was reaching the start of the point of no return.  Slowly, she maneuvered her hands to go across Sybil’s low abdomen to the lush bush of pubic hair on her mound. 

She rubbed oil into her hair and on down and to the insides of Sybil’s groin, careful not to touch the labia lips.  Julia watched Sybil’s face as she massaged in between her legs, back up to her mound, then back over her clit and down through the slit in her labia.  Sybil’s hips lifted off the table.  Julia knew this was the normal reaction of a woman not used to being touched by another woman, yet her clit was being so stimulated. 

Gently, Julia pushed Sybil’s hips back down and her other hand continued working back and forth along her slit.  Being totally oiled and slippery, Julia had no trouble finding Sybil’s entry place and pushed one finger inside of her.

Again, Sybil’s hips started to rise but Julia held her in place.  She told Sybil to relax and just enjoy the feelings going through her body.  She would be coming to a climax very shortly. 

Julia pushed another finger in with the one already inside Sybil’s delicious, wet cunt.  Sybil jumped again, thrusting her hips up and into Julia’s hand.As she did, Julia’s fingers went deeper into Sybil’s soaking wet pussy.  Swirling her fingers around, Julia found Sybil’s walnut...her g-spot and pushed on it.  Sybil came like a lightning bolt.  Her juices ran down Julia’s fingers, down her hand and onto the sheet.  Slowly, Julia kept her fingers moving in and out of Sybil’s cunt until her hips quieted and her breathing returned to normal. 


She opened her eyes and looked up at Julia.Sybil let out a huge sigh.  They both smiled at each other.  Sybil raised up and gave Julia a hug and thanked her for making her body feel so great.  Julia hugged her back and told her, 

“That's what a Happy Ending is.”

That was almost forty years ago.  A lot has changed since then.  Are there still massage parlors?  Sure, there are.  Are there sill “Happy Endings”?  Depends on where you go.  My husband, Mitchell, has had many of them.  His favorite one is at a local parlor.  Mitch leaves the house on a Saturday afternoon and says he will be back in a few hours.  I say fine, see you later.  Of course, I know where he is going.  So, I go down into the basement and make myself comfortable.





Mitch walked in the door and was greeted with the usual smile and was taken into a room and told to take off all his clothes, lay on his stomach and his masseuse will be right in.  As soft music plays, he hears the door open and the soft footsteps of his masseuse as she approaches the table.

“How are you today?”  she asks as she begins to rub oil on his upper back and neck.


“I'm a bit tight today, Angel...would you mind a little extra pressure on my back?”  Mitch replied.

“Oh, I can feel it darling. Just relax and I'll have you feeling better in no time.”

“That's why I come here to you sweetheart.  You know how to release all my tensions.”

So, she started working on my back, neck, arms, all the way down to my buttocks.  She kneaded my cheeks, one and then the other.  Then she worked on my feet, calves, thighs, up to the crack of my ass and back down again.  She worked her finger in between the crack of my ass to my tight little butt hole and massaged it gently.

“OH GOD!!!  Baby, you do that too good.  Rub my little shit hole...put your finger inside and make me squirm.”Mitch was thoroughly enjoying this massage.

As she did this, she grabbed my sack and massaged my balls.  Rubbing them lightly back and forth in her hand as she pushes her finger into my puckered hole I cry out, “AHHH, Baby...yes, yes...Ahhhh.”  I say it as I push my butt into her finger, pushing her finger deeper into me.  “That feels so wonderful.”

She pulls her finger out and tells me to turn over.

Missing her finger inside of me, I roll over quickly and my rod is standing straight up at attention.  All nine inches if it.  She doesn't even bat an eyelash as she reaches for the oil and totally ignores my staff.  She begins rubbing my chest, hairy as it is, with the warm oil, all over my breasts and hard nipples.  She pinches them just a bit.  Enough to let me know that she is still the boss. 

Then she hops up on the table and sitting right at the base of my hard, throbbing cock.  She takes off her robe, puts oil on her tits and leans over my body and rubs them on my chest.  Oh my God, what this woman does to me.  She has me on fire!!  My cock throbs hard against her abdomen.  She rocks and rolls against it and drives me insane.

She sits back up, takes my cock in her hands and begins to stroke my hard on.  Up and down her hands slide, slickened by the oil and my precum.  She leans down and licks my thick, purple head with her tongue.... Oh, Sweet, Jesus...she is so she strokes me and puts the head of my cock in her mouth and swallows.

“Lord have mercy.  That feels so incredible.”  I speak, barely audible.

She eases me down her throat until my dick reaches all the way to the back.  How does she do it I wonder.  How can she swallow all nine inches of me???  Her tongue wiggles back and forth as she moves her head up and down my shaft.  My hips rise up to meet her. 

I take hold of her head and guide her as my hips move up and down.  I build a faster rhythm.  I'm going to cum any second.  She knows it and reaches down...puts a finger to my pucker hole and pushes in steadily....and low and behold...I feel my jism rise and leave my cock as rope after rope hits the back of her throat and she swallows...all of it...all of me.

All of the tension...every bit...has left my body.  I am so relaxed, I don't think I can move a muscle.  My cock deflates and she raises her head.  She looks deep into my eyes and says...

“Welcome to my parlor, sweetheart.”

After being married to Sybil for forty years, she has a few sags here and there, but she can still suck a mean cock. 

Does sexuality change?  Hell yeah.  It only gets better with age, baby!!!!





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