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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Dark Erotica

Tricia had been abused physically, sexually and mentally by her step-father. Her boyfriend is determined to teach her that from pain can come pleasure.



Tricia and Guy had been dating for almost six months and had a fairly active love life.  Both were open minded and were willing to try most anything if it didn’t involve pain.  They had tried vibrators and dildos, ticklers and different types of condoms.  But there was one thing Guy wanted to do that he hadn’t mentioned to Tricia.  He wasn’t even sure how to broach the subject.

You see, Tricia had been abused by her stepfather, physically and sexually.  So, Guy normally treated her with extreme tenderness.  But often, he wanted to push her limits.  Not hard, just a little to see how she would react and to take her to higher pleasures.

He knew if he could get her past the trauma and to trust him, he could take her mind to places she never dreamed of.  He could give her body such orgasms like she never knew existed.  Far beyond anything he had ever done to her thus far.

Valentine’s Day was approaching and he wanted to do something very special for her.  So, he rented a room at a very prestigious hotel and asked them to have the works sent up.  That meant the whole romantic package.... champagne, fruit plate, cheese and crackers and so forth.  He also had some other surprises in store.

He went to the adult store and bought the items he would need and put them in the trunk of his car for safe keeping until that night.  He hoped his plan would work and Tricia would overcome her fears.  He wanted to give her her hearts desires and knew how to do it.  She would just have to trust him.

February fourteenth came and Guy picked Tricia up at six thirty.  They went to a glorious restaurant for a delightful dinner, then went out for drinks and some romantic dancing.  At eleven o’clock he said he had a surprise for her and took her to the hotel.

When they entered the room, candles had been lit by the bed, on the dresser and in the bathroom.  There was an Hors d’ Oeuvres tray filled with cheeses, crackers and fruits.  Champagne was on ice with crystal glasses.  The bed was pulled down and red rose pedals were strewn upon it.  It was breathtaking. 

Guy looked toward the bathroom and saw that it had been set up per his request.

Tricia followed his eyes as she saw the flicker of candle light from the bathroom. 

“How had he set all this up without her knowing about it?”  she wondered.  But it was the most romantic thing she had ever seen.  Excitement was bursting through her.  This would be one of the most beautiful nights they had shared together.

Little did she know what Guy had in store for her.  He had always treated her with gentleness and had been so concerned with her reactions.  Tonight, he was about to bring out things in her that she didn't know existed.  He had to get her beyond her past.  There was only one way to do it and he intended to do just that.  It was make or break time.

Guy set Tricia on her feet and turned her to look into his eyes as he spoke to her.

“Tricia, my love, this is all for you.  Happy Valentine’s my darling.  Tonight, I want to make all your dreams come true.  I want to spoil you.  I want to make love to you and take you to places you never dreamed of.  I want you to completely trust me with your mind and body.  I will give you pleasure like you have never known.  Just let me.  That's all I ask of you.”  Guy searched her eyes.  He needed her confirmation that he had her trust and that she would do as he asked.

“Of course I trust you Guy.  I love you more than I have ever loved anyone.  Yes, please make love to me.  Take me to those places you speak of.  I know you will never hurt me.”

Tricia looked at him with tears brimming in her eyes.

He took her by the hand and led her into the bathroom.

“Then, let’s start out with you taking a nice warm bubble bath.  I'm going to bring you a glass of champagne to sip while you soak and relax.”  With that he undressed her and helped her slip into the already prepared, scented tub of water.  He opened the bottle of chilled bubbly and returned with a glass for both of them.

Guy sat on the edge of the bathtub watching Tricia as they both sipped their drinks.  He loved looking at her body, but it was difficult through all the bubbles in the water.  He told her how beautiful she was and what her body did to him.  How much she turned him on.  She smiled meekly.  He knew how shy and timid she could be. 

He watched her for as long as he could stand it.  Finally, he reached and took her glass from her.  He set them both on the counter, removed his clothing and slipped in the tub behind her.  Trisha laid back against him with her head on his shoulder.  Guy kissed the top of her head as he reached around and started massaging her breasts.  Trisha moaned in pleasure.

His fingers played with her breasts and nipples.  He rotated them, pinched them and tweaked them.  Trisha squirmed around as the fire moved from her nipples to the center of her core. The water was cooling, but her body was becoming so hot.  He started licking and kissing around her neck, her ears.  Biting and nibbling on her earlobes.  Still pulling, pinching and twisting on her nipples.  She was going insane with want. 

Slowly, he moved his left hand down her abdomen, teasing with his fingertips.  He played with her belly button.  He massaged her abs.  He lowered his hand to her mound and teased.  He rubbed her on the outside of her thigh to the inside and back out.  Guy wanted her dancing with desire.  And she was.

Trisha was moving her body in the water with his hand as he moved about her lower body.  He played and toyed with her.  He reached into her center with one finger and touched her.  She jumped.  Her body arched. 

“Relax baby.  Just enjoy my touch.  Let me have your body baby.”  Guy cooed in her ear.

How was she supposed to relax when he was driving her deeper into desire?  Her body was so hot.  Her nipples were as hard as a nail head.  When he touched her womanhood, she felt lightening go through her body.  Her moans were getting louder.  Her head was twisting as he kissed her neck. 

Guy’s hand cupped her and held her.  He loved the feel of her as he moved her lips with his fingers.  He slid his fingers between them and felt her wetness.As her desire built, he kept his movements going into a rhythm while her hips rose and lowered to meet his hand. 

Her breathing increased and he knew she was getting close to her release.  But he didn't want her to yet.  He wanted to control her orgasms.  He wanted her to learn to trust him.  So he withdrew his hand. 

Trisha groaned and looked up at him.  Frustration quickly set in.  She was so close to her orgasm.  Why did he stop?  He had never done that to her before.

“Let's get out baby, the water is getting too cold.”  Guy smiled down at her.

He stood up, stepped out of the tub, grabbed a towel and dried off.  He turned around and helped Trisha out of the tub and quickly dried her off so she wouldn't get a chill.  He had plans for them and didn't want her to come down too far from the desires he had already started.  He lingered a bit at her feminine parts while drying her.  He fingered her there, playing and teasing her clitoris and lips.  He parted them and put his finger just inside of her.  She was soaking wet and it went in easily.  He fingered her for just a few strokes and then stopped. 

Pulling his finger out, he licked it.  His eyes meeting hers, he smiled.

“Baby, your juices are so good.  I want more.  Come with me.  You are in for a real treat.”  With that, he leads her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed.

Guy looked into her eyes and spoke to her gently.

“I asked you before, I'm going to ask you again.  Are you willing to give yourself to me totally and completely tonight?  Are you willing to do as I ask you to do without question?  I will not hurt you nor cause you harm.  I only want to give you so much pleasure.  Do you trust me Trisha?”  Guy held his breath in anticipation of her answer.

“Yes.  I am willing to trust you completely.”  answered Trisha with a smile.

Guy got off the bed and went to the left top corner.  He reached for her arm and brought it back.  He cuffed her wrist to the bed.  He then went around to the other side and did the same thing.  He leaned over and kissed her, then put a blind fold over her eyes.

Trisha gasped, then relaxed.  She had to trust him.  She knew he wouldn't hurt her, but had no idea what he was going to do to her.

Guy kissed her neck on each side, down her shoulders to each breast.  He suckled each one and nibbled and bit on each one.  He got them hard and standing.  He licked them, teased them.  He massaged them and pulled on the nipples.  Trisha squirmed beneath him.

Guy reached over to the table and got an ice cube and put it in his mouth.  He turned back to Trisha and took her breast into his mouth.  Trisha's hips came off the bed. 

“Oh My God, that's so cold.  What are you doing?”  Trisha cried out.

Guy didn't relent.  He switched from one breast to the other, making her nipples so hard and taut.  Trisha moaned and moaned.

Guy got a new ice cube, put it in his mouth and then trailed it down her abdomen.  He heard her moans as he did.  Her body moved about the bed.  He reached and held her still.

Straddling her abdomen with his back to her head, Guy took another ice cube into his mouth.  He leaned over and let the cool water drip from his mouth over her sex.  Trisha moaned as her body tried to move away from him.  He put a little more weight on her to keep her still.  His hands lowered to her thighs to hold them apart and still.  Then he dribbled more of the cool fluid directly into her lips.  She moaned louder. 

Leaning over, he sucked the ice cube until his tongue was cold, then touched it to her clit.  Tricia gasped.  He watched it as it rose and started to come out from its hood.  He repeated the process again and again until her clit was hard.  She was squirming beneath him and moaning relentlessly.

Having only a small piece of ice left, he quickly got off her and got between her legs.  He put his head to her slit and pushed the piece of ice into her with his tongue.  She screamed.  He pinched her clit and pushed his tongue all the way inside of her and she exploded.  Her juices ran from her onto his tongue and out, down to her pink puckered hole.  She was soaked.

Tricia couldn't control her movements.  Her body was quaking.  Her legs quivered so bad that if Guy hadn't been holding them down they would have been all over the place.  She had never cum that hard in her life.  The things he was doing to her body had her mesmerized.  Could she handle more?  Did she want more? Before she could answer, he was licking her again and her body responded. Soon she was on fire, her clit hard and her slit begging for relief.  More than that, she wanted him inside of her, now.

Guy teased and taunted her with his tongue and mouth.  He licked and sucked her.  He pushed his fingertips just inside of her sweet, juicy hole, wanting to feel her muscles squeeze him. She was begging and pleading for him to let her cum but he held her back while he tormented her.  He wanted her to trust him.  He wanted her to let him take her to the depths of enjoyment that he knew he could.

Without letting her cum he pulled his hands, mouth and tongue away from her.  She squirmed and tried to manipulate her legs to rub herself.  But she couldn't.  Guy could see her frustration. 

“Tricia, I am going to unlock the cuffs.  I want you to roll over on your stomach.  Then I am going to cuff your wrists again.  Do you understand?”Guy asked as he moved to the head of the bed.

“Yes.” She answered and did as he asked. 

When Guy had her turned and the cuffs replaced on her, he had her lift her butt and put a pillow under her.  He caressed her back, starting from her shoulders and working his way down to her butt cheeks.  He loved the feel of her soft skin and the firmness of her ass.  He spread her cheeks and admired her as he anticipated what awaited.

He got on his knees behind her and lamented kisses all around her lower back and cheeks as he felt inside her slit with his fingers.  She was wet and getting wetter.  Sliding his tongue between her crack he touched her pucker hole.  She jumped, gasping. 

Guy lightly smacked her butt as he told her to stay still.  Her movements halted.  Again, he licked down her crack and touched her little hole.  She tried to remain still until his licks became more insistent.Her hips began to move, and she moaned.  He reached up and smacked her again, a little harder and across both cheeks.  She sniffled a whimper. 

Guy smiled to himself as he knew he was now in control.  He had her where he wanted her and he could do as he wished.  She was trying to hold on, but he would have her at his mercy soon.  She would learn that not all pain was bad. That there could be pleasure from pain.  He was the one to show her that.

Getting directly behind her legs, he covered them with his thick thighs.  He knew she couldn't move them.  His hands rubbed over her already turning pink buttocks.  Without warning he brought both hands down on each cheek.  Not hard, but enough that she felt it.  She held her breath for a second and then let it out.  He ran his hands over her cheeks again and then spanked her again and again and again.  He could hear her as she let out a slight sob.  He knew there were tears behind that blindfold.

Her cheeks were warm, a little red and looking so nice.  He ran his finger down between her crack and into her slit.  Damn...she was wet.  His finger found her clit and he rubbed it slowly.  She moaned with pleasure.  As he kept rubbing it with one finger he brought his other hand down on her cheeks again, switching from one to the other. 

Guy brought up his soaked finger to her puckered hole and worked her juices around it, wetting it and slowly slipped his finger inside.  Tricia moaned.  Her hips came off the pillow as she pushed back into his hand.  He slid his finger all the way into her. 

“Tricia, I want you to cum for me baby.”  Guy told her as he fingered her hole.  He reached with the other hand and pushed two fingers into her slit.  Then he fingered both holes.  Her body shook as she came on his hands.  He reached up and hit her clit hard and she spasmed.  Her body quivered.  She was breathing so hard that she ached.

Guy quickly went into the bathroom and washed his hands with hot soapy water, rinsed and dried them.  He went back into the room with a warm washcloth and wiped her down.  He cleaned her completely.  Soon she was breathing normally and was sound asleep.

He knew she needed to replenish fluids, so he got some ice water and set it on the night stand.  Taking off the restraints, he slowly rolled her over and removed the blindfold.  The only conscious movement she made was a slight smile, turned on her side and passed back out...sound asleep. 

This wasn't over by a long shot.  Guy wanted inside of her where it was nice and warm.  He was almost sure he now had her trust, but he had to make sure.  Leaving it to another time wasn't an option.  He had her primed and hot and he wanted her now.  He was so hard for her it hurt.

Waking her up wasn't easy, but he told her she needed to drink the ice water he had brought her.  She sat up long enough to drink it and laid back down on her side.  Guy set the glass back down and crawled into bed with her, spooning up next to her.  With her back tucked into his chest, he nuzzled her neck.  He licked her earlobe, bit it, whispered how much he wanted her.

She moaned, and curled tighter into him.  His arms wrapped around her as his hand went to her breast and played with her nipples, first one and then the other.  He lifted her leg with his and slipped his cock into her slit and rubbed it back and forth in her juices.  She was so slick and wet, that when he entered her, he felt no resistance. 

He left it there, just inside her, for a few moments feeling the warmth of her.  God, she felt wonderful.  He didn't want to move.  He wanted to enjoy the feel of her silkiness and comfort.  He needed her in a way she didn't understand yet, but she would soon learn.

Guy knew he had to have patience with her, so he started moving slowly inside of her.  Her hips started moving with him.  Soon they were bumping and grinding into each other.  The rhythm they were setting was keeping him on the edge, but he didn't want to cum yet.  He was far from finished with her lesson.

She still needed to give him her complete trust.  Soon, he would know if she could do that.  He rubbed her from her face to her torso.  Up and down her body.  Touching, feeling her.  Letting her know that he had her.  She relaxed and became so pliant in his hands and on his body.  He sped up his plunges inside of her and she pushed back against him.  He knew she was close, but he held her off.  He wanted to control her climax.  He would give it to her when he wanted her to cum. 

Reaching down between them, he got his finger wet and played at her puckered hole.  He teased it getting her to relax.  Then he pushed and got her to let him enter her.  She moaned as he fucked her with his cock and his finger.  She was so hot and so turned on.  He got a second finger wet and placed that finger in with the other one.  She winced and tried to pull away.  He held her to him.

“Relax baby.  I have you.”  Guy said in her ear as he opened her up.

He continued to take her as he used her holes.  She loosened up as he brought her closer again to her climax.  But again, he held her off.  She pulled her legs up against her chest as she stretched herself open to him.  God, how he loved this woman. 

Slowly, he pulled his fingers out and reached back to the nightstand, getting the lube he had set there earlier.  He put the gel on his fingers and then rubbed it on her hole.  He reinserted his fingers into her as he fucked her.  She was opening more to him and he felt her clamping onto him.  She was going to cum.

He pulled his fingers out of her as he pulled his cock from her pussy.  Slowly, he rubbed his cock along her crack and positioned it to her little hot hole.  It was already opened and he pushed gently.  She pulled a little away and he held her.

“It's okay.  I've got you.  You can do this.”  He coaxed her as he continued to push into her.

Once his head was passed her opening, she seemed to relax a little bit.  He held still and let her adjust to him being there.  He held her close to him.

“Trust me Tricia.  This will give us both so much pleasure.  I love you so much baby.  You are doing great sweetheart.”  Guy keep encouraging her.

Gradually he kept working himself into her until he was totally seated inside of her and her ass was up against him.  He held her still.  She was breathing hard.  He played with her breasts...pinching her nipples and tweaking them to keep her mind occupied.

It also sent currents of want straight to her loins and she started moving against him.  He returned her movements.  Before long they were moving together in a synchronized rhythm that had him so close to orgasm that he reached down to rub her clit.  She breathed in and moaned loudly.  She was there.  Her rectum squeezed him.  He rubbed harder and he rammed her.  She screamed.  Her juices let go as she orgasmed.

“That's it baby.  Take me.  Let me have all of you.  Fuck me baby.”  Just then he felt her as she rammed her ass into him.  She fucked him for all she was worth.  And he came.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH Fuckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!”was all he could say.

When Guy could move again, he got up and went to the bathroom to clean up.  He returned and cleaned her with a wet cloth, then got back into bed.  He pulled her to him and held her to his chest.

Tricia sighed as she felt utter contentment.  She had never known a man like Guy and had not known any of this existed.  She had only known the pain of her past, the wicked things done to her.  She did not know things could be done out of love and the result could be so beautiful.

“Guy, I love you so much.  Thank you for showing me what I have been missing.  What it means to really be able to trust someone and the joy that comes from that.  You are truly what my heart has desired.  You are my heart's desire.” 




Submitted: November 18, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Katie Santee. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

I love how Guy is with her. Everything is very romantic and taken by degrees. It is just wonderful to see and know that he tested that trust and let her grow in that moment to be able to experience more than she ever dared.
One point of note: I noticed that her name changed for Tricia to Trisha. Otherwise great story, Katie! I really enjoyed every step of the journey.

Sun, November 18th, 2018 8:57pm


Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. This was a story written for a friend who had gone through a similar experience and wanted it told. it is hard to trust after such painful experiences, but with love, a person can learn to experience pleasure. Thank you for the comment about the name change...

Mon, November 19th, 2018 2:55am

Sarah C

Wow, loved this story! The way Guy is with her is so tender.

Mon, April 29th, 2019 3:55pm

Marquis de Bauch

A kinder kind of kinky. This is beautiful.

Tue, June 25th, 2019 8:23am


Thank you. So glad you enjoyed that story.

Tue, June 25th, 2019 2:57am


Well,I am glad this girl found someone who helped her overcome the trauma of previous abuse. A very hot writing,by the way! Love, Lizziewolf.

Wed, September 16th, 2020 4:41pm


Loved your story - the trust angle, the control of climax bit, and all the delicious details!

Sun, April 4th, 2021 8:07pm


Thank you. Glad your enjoyed the story. And thank you for your comments.

Sun, April 4th, 2021 6:22pm

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