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Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Melissa continues in her mission for a story of a bull rider. Gregg is her perfect subject, in more ways than one. Is someone trying to interfere, are there others who want to keep secrets from being known?


Melissa continues in her mission for a story of a bull rider. Gregg is her perfect subject, in more ways than one. Is someone trying to interfere, are there others who want to keep secrets from being known?

Chapter3 (v.1) - Arrival at the Rodeo

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Chapter 3


Timothy and Charlene had been hitting it off pretty well.  They had been spending a lot of time together in spite of his having to work at the restaurant as well as riding in the rodeo.

Last night had been no exception.  Their romance had reached a new level and she couldn't be happier.  But she was concerned about Melissa.  She and Gregg had left the bar early...even before ALABAMA had finished their set. 

What had caused that to happen?  Who was the woman Gregg was so upset about, causing them to leave abruptly?

Well, Melissa may be the writer, but Charlene was going to do some investigative work of her own.  No one messed with her best friends love life.  Not while she was around.

So, the first place Charlene headed for was the arena.  Who better to ask than people around there?  Someone might know her.  She sure seemed to know her way around last night. 

After giving a description and asking a few people, a cleaning lady perked her head up and said “You must be speaking about Rae Lynn Comstalk.  She is one fine, beautiful young lady.  Yes, indeed.”

“Excuse me ma'am?  You know her?  What can you tell me about her?”  I wanted to know everything she knew.

“Well, she's last year’s rodeo queen and barrel racing champion.  Never seen any young girl who could ride a horse like she can.  Like she was made to be on one.  Almost like they become as one.  Never seen nothin' like it before.  What you want with her anyways?”  The older lady seemed very nice but was hesitant to give out any more information.

“My girlfriend is a writer and we are here doing a story about the rodeo.  We saw her at the club last night and wondered who she is.  So, I'm helping my friend do some investigative work.”  Well, it was almost the truth.  Parts of it, anyway.

“Rae Lynn’s daddy, Buck Comstalk, owns a big ranch about twenty miles south of here.  He raises bulls, among other critters, and brings them here to the rodeo if needed.  You know, like if one gets hurt or something...he brings in a replacement.  Stuff like that.”  The old lady was so excited to be the historian for me.

“You must know this place well, ma'am.”  I stated to her. 

“Well, yes, you could say that.  I've been here for right about fourteen years.  Guess you could say I've seen and heard pretty much everything.”  she said with a wide grin.

“So, what more can you tell me about the young lady.  Why did she leave the circuit?  Did she get hurt or something?”  I had learned from Melissa to bait the question and I would get a better answer.

“Oh, goodness no.  She's fine as a fiddle.  Physically, anyway.  Her heart got broken though.  She and that stud cowboy Gregg Campbell had a great relationship going.... engaged they were.  Then, thing I know...they are in the back here, fighting like two she-wolves about God knows what.  They could almost be heard out into the arena.  Then Rae Lynn walks out, gets into her truck and no one hears from her again.”  The woman shakes her head, with curls tumbling loose from her bandana over them.

 “Hum, I wonder what could have been so bad that she would have left like that?  Why do you think she would show up all of the sudden last night in the night club and go straight to Gregg, not say a word, but just stare at him?”  I asked her, not wanting to let her go.

“I have no earthly idea.  But I do know that she has a mean jealous streak in her.  If she caught wind that Gregg was interested in someone else, like your friend, then...”  she shook her head again.  “Lord have mercy, I'd hate to see what Rae Lynn has on her mind.  That girl can be trouble when she wants to be.  And, it sounds like she is up to something.  Now excuse me, but I have work to do before I get my behind in trouble.”  With that, she turned and walked away.

Not to be deterred, Charlene was determined to get to the bottom of what this girl Rae Lynn was up to.  She needed to find out what the fight had been about and why the engagement between her and Gregg had broken up. 

But who could answer that question?  Maybe his best friend.  Timothy.  Of course.  Why hadn't she just talked to him about it?  Maybe because she was trying to protect her own love life.  Well, maybe just a few gentle questions wouldn't hurt.

Charlene found Timothy getting ready to get off from the dinner at eleven thirty and offered to take him back to her hotel room.  He had a better plan.  Why don't they go back to his place?  There, they would have much more privacy and wouldn't be disturbed when Gregg and Melissa came in later.  Sounded good to Charlene.  She followed him over and parked next to his blue Chevy pick-up. 

His apartment was rather small, but adequate for a bachelor.  It was a small one bedroom with a very small kitchen, bathroom, living room / dining room combo.  Actually, the living room had a couch, recliner, end table with a lamp on it sitting between the couch and chair and a little table with two chairs for eating.  Very quaint, but nice.

His bedroom had a queen size bed with a blue printed cowboy bedspread, a night stand and a trunk at the foot of the bed.  A chest of draws with a mirror over it and some ropes, and other cowboy stuff hung from the walls.  He had a wood plaque with pegs that held his four cowboy hats, two white and two black.  His closet was cluttered with boots, ropes, whips, clothes and other stuff.

Timothy didn't keep any booze or beer in the house, preferring to drink out with friends, so he offered her a cola and they sat on the light blue couch.  They kissed a little bit and then he reached for the remote and turned on the television.

“What would you like to watch?  I like to wind down a little after work.  Do

you like detective shows, love stories, game shows?  What's your pleasure sweetheart?”  Timothy was always so accommodating when it came to Charlene.

“How about a detective show.  I like to try and figure it out before they show the ending.”  she replied.

So, Timothy searched the stations until he came across an old show called “Ironsides” with Raymond Burr. 

“Oh, I love this show,” cried Charlene.  “I used to watch it all the time with my father.  He was a cop, you know.”

“No, I didn't know that, but I do now.”  responded Timothy with a smile.

“Yup, he was a lieutenant in the Springfield, Massachusetts police department, detective squad for twenty-three years before they made him retire.  He didn't want to, didn't know what to do with himself.My mom died when I was sixteen.  He missed her so much that he buried himself in his work.”  Charlene leaned over and put her head on Timothy’s shoulder.  She needed his support as she remembered her dad.

“It must have been very hard for him to adjust without her.”  Timothy stated.

“Yeah, they were so close.  He was miserable for a very long time.”  Charlene had tears well up in her eyes.

“So, what's he doing now that he's retired?”  Timothy was genuinely interested.

“Well, they still consult with him every once in a while, when there's a case they are really having a difficult time with.  Other than that, he started doing woodworking.  He built a beautiful cabinet for me to put my nick nacks in.  Now he's working on one for my sister.”  Charlene took a sip of her cola and settled back into Timothy’s shoulder.

“That's good.  At least he found something he enjoys doing.”  Timothy turned and kissed her on the forehead.

They sat in silence and watched the program until right up to almost the end and suddenly Charlene jumped up.

“I know who killed that girl.  It was Jamison.  He knew that she would tell what she had seen, and he had to quiet her.”  She just knew that would solve the crime.  But then she looked at Timothy, saw his quizzical look and wasn't so sure anymore. 

“Honey, Jamison was out of town when she was killed.  How can he be in two places at the same time?  I think it was her own father.  He knew that she could put him at the meeting when he lost all of his money to that rogue Mr. Atwater.”  Timothy tried to put in his own conclusion to the saga.

“Well, he could have driven back without anyone knowing.  They all said he was in town, but no one said they had actually seen him for the whole night.  He could have made an appearance, then left and come, killed her, and driven back again.  Plenty of time to be at the meetings in the morning.”  This made perfect sense to her

 “Guess we'll have to watch and see, won't we.”  Timothy turned back to the set to watch the conclusion.

Surprising both of them, it was neither one of was Mr. Atwater whom had killed the girl. 

“Wow.”  they both said in unison.

“I didn't see that one coming.”  said Charlene.  “I never would have guessed that.  Daddy might have though.  He was so good at this stuff.  Maybe I should get a hold of him to help me figure out what is going on here too.” 

Charlene let it slip before she thought of what it was she was saying.

“What are you talking about?  What are you up to?”  Timothy squinted his eyes at her and looked directly into her eyes.

“Um, just looking into something for Melissa, that's all.”  she hoped he would leave it at that.

“I don't think you are telling me everything.  Now, what is it you are up to Charlene?  What are you trying to find out about, or should I say whom are you trying to find out about?  Does this have anything to do with what happened the other night with Rae Lynn?  If it does, you'd better back off now if you know what's good for you.”  Timothy was giving her a stern warning and she wasn't liking it at all.

“Just what does that mean?  What is it with this girl that everyone is so scared of?  What power does she have over all of you that makes everybody clam up the minute her name is mentioned?”Charlene was getting a little heated by this time and was tired of getting the runaround. 

“Believe me, you don't want to go there.”  Timothy was adamant.  “You just don't want to go there.  Trust me, please!” 

Charlene could tell by the look in his eyes that she was going to get no more information from him, now or ever, so it was best to let this one be. 

“Oh, alright.  If you really think that is best.  I do trust you.  I won't go any further with it.  If Melissa wants to know anything, she'll have to find out for herself.  Okay?”  She hoped that would pacify him enough to get him off the subject for the rest of the night. 

Timothy reached around Charlene’s waist and guided her toward the bedroom.  He was determined to get her little mission off her mind and what better way to do that than to get her into his bed.  So, as he was leading her to the bed he reached for her blouse and started to unbutton it, one button at a time.

Charlene knew what Timothy was up to, but she didn't mind in the least.Tonight, she had every intention of enjoying this last night with Timothy.

Tomorrow afternoon she would be heading back home. There would be plenty of time for her to continue her inquisition in the morning.

Timothy turned Charlene so that the back of her knees hit the mattress as he continued to take her blouse off of her. He reached around and undid her bra sliding the straps down her arms and removed the bra entirely. 

His gaze settled upon her beautiful breasts, so pert and soft.  He took each one in his hands and massaged them.  He loved the feel of them in his big hands.  They fit his palms so perfectly.  Timothy took the nipples and rolled them in his fingers and Charlene emitted a low moan.  He looked up into her eyes and saw the passion starting to glow in them. 

Bending Charlene backwards he lowered her onto the bed, following her down, and took a nipple in his mouth and started suckling it.  He rolled it in his mouth, nipped it with his teeth.  Then moved to the other breast, repeating the same things until both nipples were standing erect. 

Charlene was moaning, feeling the heat going from her breasts straight down her belly to her clitoris.  God, she was getting so turned on.  She could feel the wetness starting to form on her panties.  She wanted Timothy to make love to, she wanted Timothy to fuck she wanted him...bad.

While sucking on her breast, Timothy reached down and unsnapped her jeans and lowered the zipper.  He pulled them apart and put his hand down past her mound to her clit.  He started slowly rubbing it as he kissed her and put his tongue in her mouth.  He sucked on her tongue as he moved his fingers lower to her slit and pushed a finger into her wet vagina.  Charlene raised her hips to meet his hand as he moved his finger in and out of her...his palm hitting her clit.

Charlene knew if he kept doing this she was going to come very quickly.  She was squirming, but he held her still with his body as he tantalized her and brought her closer and closer.  Her clit was hard.  She was soaking his finger.  She wanted those jeans off.  They were too confining.  But he wouldn't stop. He kept her on the edge.  Charlene moaned and cried out. 

“AAAHHHH, Timothy.  Please!!!”

“What baby?  Tell me what you want.  Tell me Charlene.”  Timothy wanted her to tell him.  He wanted her to ask for it.... cry for it.... he wanted her to be desperate for him.

Timothy left Charlene right on the edge as he pulled his hand out of her jeans.

Charlene looked at him exasperated.  She was so hot with need, her chest heaving.  She reached for his shirt snaps and started popping them until they were all undone.  Taking hold of the shirt she pulled it from his waistband of his jeans until it came loose.  Then pulled it down his arms and off of him.  She flung it to the floor.

While Charlene was working to get his shirt off, Timothy was working to get her jeans and panties down her legs and off of her.  Once they were gone, he knelt between her legs and pushed them as far apart as he could.  He ran his finger up and down her slit, spreading her wetness around and onto her little nub. 

He slipped his finger inside her while rubbing her nub with his thumb.  Her body reacted with little twitches as she moaned.  Adding another finger, he increased his thrusts while rubbing harder.  Charlene raised her hips to grind into his hand, wanting more.  He could sense she was close and wanted her to cum in his mouth.  He needed to taste her sweet nectar.

Slowly Timothy removed his fingers from her juicy little hole and moved down to lower his head as he kissed her stomach.  He licked his way down until his lips were on her outer lips.  He sucked them one at a time into his mouth and savored them.  He groaned.

Charlene had her hands in his hair as he lowered his head to her.  The anticipation was killing her.  She wanted him to lick her and suck on her clit and he was taking his sweet time.  She was getting frustrated and tried to push his head where she wanted him.  She raised her hips up, but he chucked and moved his head back.

“What do you want little girl?  Do you want something?”  He knew he was tormenting her.

“You know what I want.  Put your mouth on me and make me cum.  Please!!”  Charlene was all but demanding him.

“Relax baby, I’m getting there.  You’re going to enjoy this, I promise.”  Then he lowered his head again.

Timothy put his hands under her ass cheeks and pulled her up to him as he lowered his mouth onto her vagina.  He loved the smell of her and took a long, deep inhale of her aroma.  He stuck out his tongue and licked her from her anus to her clit.  Charlene shivered and bucked her hips.  He loved the reactions she made.  He curved his tongue and licked her again, harder this time and she moaned, loudly.

Timothy sucked her hard clit into his mouth and gently bit it…. holding it with his teeth.  Charlene grabbed his head and held him to her.  She reared up into him and came so hard she screamed.  Her juices flowed from her, going down to her butt hole.  Timothy released her clit and went down to lap up every drop of her cum.  He loved the taste of her.  He wanted all he could get of her. 

His shaft was so hard inside his jeans he was in pain.  He had to have her.  He needed to be inside her.  While she was still in the after throws of her climax, he got up and removed his jeans and undershorts, climbed back on the bed and pushed himself into her hot little hole. 

“God Damn!  Baby, you feel so awesome.  I love being inside of you.”  Timothy said as he wrapped his arms around her.  He kissed her, knowing she could taste herself on his mouth.  That was such a turn-on. 

He lazily and slowly went in and out of her, in no hurry to end this wondrous feeling.  He could do this all night.  He had been with other women, but never had he felt this way.  Charlene was different and he like what they had together. 

Charlene wrapped her legs around his waist and met him push for push.  When he rotated inside her, she loved it.  He knew how to find her special spot that would bring her to another climax.  And she was getting close.  She moved with him, grinded her hips with him, kissed him like crazy and soon they were both over the edge. 

“I’m gonna come baby.  Come with me babe.”  Timothy said in her ear.

He looked at her, then threw his head back and pushed deep.  He roared as his cum spewed deep into her.  She pushed back against him as her climax came with him.  She ground her clit against his pelvis and creamed all over his cock. 

Timothy collapsed on her for a moment, then leaned on his arms so as not to crush her.  He kissed her forehead, then her lips.  His kiss deepened as his tongue entered her mouth and she gave back as good as she got.  It was fierce for a moment, then they broke apart and looked in each other’s eyes.  No words spoken, just emotions.

Timothy broke the spell as he rose from the bed and went to the bathroom.  He returned with a wet washcloth and cleaned Charlene gently.  Then he toweled her dry.  He climbed back into bed, turned on his side to her back and pulled her against him.  He pulled the covers over them.

“Charlene, when do you leave to go back home?”  He really didn’t want her to leave at all, but knew he had to ask.

“Tomorrow afternoon.”  She replied.

They were quiet for a few minutes, each in their own thoughts.

“I really have enjoyed being with you, and to be honest, I don’t want you to leave.  I know I don’t have the right to say that and you have your job and all, but it’s how I feel.”  Timothy had to at least say what he felt, he wasn’t sure what she felt.

“Yeah, I know.  But I do have my job, and I have other things to attend to.  So I have to go back.  I have enjoyed being with you too.  Maybe we will get to see each other again in the future.”  Charlene was trying to make something positive out of this.

“Are you leaving before the show tomorrow?”  Timothy wanted one last chance to see her before she left

“I don’t think so, but I’m not sure.  I’ll find out from Melissa in the morning.”  Charlene answered.

“Okay, I hope not.  I want to see you again before you leave.”  He prayed he would get to.

They cuddled up and went to sleep, but during the night Timothy woke her up and they made love again.  They woke up about six-thirty in the morning.

“Hey, sleepy head.  We gotta get a move on.  I’ll put a pot of coffee on while you get a shower.”  Charlene rolled over and smiled at him as he crawled out of bed to head for the kitchen.

Charlene had just finished her shower when Timothy walked into the bathroom.

“Damn baby, if we had time, you’d be right back in that bed.  But we don’t, so I’ll get my shower while you get dressed and have some coffee.  Be out in a minute.”  He kissed her, took off his undershorts and jumped into the shower.

Charlene shook her head and laughed.  She had half a mind to jump right back in that shower with him but knew they didn’t have time.  So, she got dressed and was in the kitchen drinking coffee when he joined her a few minutes later. 

“Time to go baby.  I’ll grab a cup of joe to go and we’ll be on our way.”

Timothy grabbed a cup of coffee in his to go cup and out the door they went.  He helped her into truck and they were off to the arena.

They met up with Melissa and Gregg as they pulled up. 

“Hey you two.  Charlene, Gregg has talked me into staying for the show today.  Is that okay with you?  We’ll need to change the flight plan.”  Melissa seemed excited to say, so who was I to argue.

“Yeah, sounds good to me.  Will there be a problem changing the flight?”  I asked her.

“I don’t think so, but I’ll call Misty and ask her.”  She said as she dialed the number on her phone.

An hour and a half later Misty called back.  She said there wasn’t a problem changing the flight, but it would have to be for tomorrow afternoon.  We said that would be fine and to make the change.  Then the bomb fell. 

“What the hell does that mean?”  I heard Melissa yell into the phone at Misty.

“That mother-fucking…low down…stinking…slut of a bitch.  I can’t believe she fucking did that.  Are you fucking kidding me?”  I’ve heard Melissa go off before, but this was about to top everything.

“Oh, you can best believe that the first place I will be when I get back is in her damn office.  Who the hell does she think she is and who does she think she’s dealing with?”  This must be really bad, Charlene thought to herself.

Gregg, Timothy and Charlene stood there watching Melissa go off on her phone and pitied the poor person on the other end.  And, whoever it was she was going to see tomorrow.  Whatever it was about, it must be bad, really bad.

“Ya know what, don’t change that flight, I’m flying home now, today.  I’m going to get this over with so I can do my job without that bitch’s interference.  This has to stop now!!!”  Melissa was shouting at Misty.

“Okay, if that’s what you want.  But let me warn you Melissa, it isn’t going to be easy.  She is out for blood, your blood.”  Said Misty.  “Why don’t you take some time to cool down before you come back here half cocked and make things worse than they are.  Spend some time with Gregg tonight and enjoy yourself, then come back and deal with her.” 

Melissa looked over at Gregg.  She really could use another night in his arms.  She felt safe with him.  Misty was a pretty smart cookie and maybe she was right.

“Yeah, okay.  I’ll do that.  See you tomorrow.  Make the arrangements, please.  And, thank you for being you and being there for me.  You’re the best.”  Then Melissa hung up the phone. She walked over to Gregg and he put his arm around her.

“Want to tell me what that was all about?”  He cocked his head down to look into her eyes.

“Not right now.  Maybe later.  Charlene and I will be here until tomorrow afternoon.  So, what’s on the agenda for today?”  Melissa just wanted to get on with today and worry about tomorrow later.  She also wanted to do a little more digging, now that she had a little more time.

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