Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


A freelance writer needs a story for her magazine but can't come up with a story. While watching a rodeo on tv, she decides to do one about a bull rider. Soon, it becomes much more than about the man. Can she handle what she finds?


A freelance writer needs a story for her magazine but can't come up with a story. While watching a rodeo on tv, she decides to do one about a bull rider. Soon, it becomes much more than about the man. Can she handle what she finds?

Chapter2 (v.1) - The Rodeo

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Melissa and Charleene learn more about the men they have focused their attention on. What will they learn as they attend the rodeo and their relationships develop?

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 18, 2018






Chapter 2


When I woke to the smell of fresh coffee being held under my nose I opened my eyes and there was Gregg...smiling, holding out the cup of brew to me.

“Good morning sleepy head.  It's time all dead dogs rise.  Up and at 'em.  We have work to do before the rodeo this afternoon.”

“UUUGGGG... no way...I'm going to sleep.”  Then I peered out over the covers.  “What do you mean we have work to do?  I don't know anything of what you do...except for getting on a bull and trying to ride him for eight seconds.  What can I do?” I asked as I sat up and took the cup of coffee.

“Well, for starters, you can get in the shower with me, so you can wash my back and anywhere else you'd like to.” Gregg said with a sheepish look on his face. 

“Yeah, well, that works both ways, babe.... beat you in there!!!!”  I set my coffee cup down and ran for the bathroom. 

Gregg was right on my heals.  He grabbed me as I jumped in the shower, pulling the curtain closed.  He turned the water on, getting it just right and dunked his head under.  Coming up he shook his head, spraying me and laughing like a little kid.  He then grabbed me, turned me around and dunked me under the shower head.  I spit and sputtered, grabbed his arms and pushed him backwards following with him. 

He turned me around, pushed me up against the back tiles, pulled my legs apart with his feet and entered me from behind.  Gregg drove into me so hard and fast I lost my balance, twice but he held on to me around my waist with one arm.  He pulled my head back by my hair and kissed me hard on the lips, bit my bottom lip and kissed me again.  I came with a force that made my knees buckle.  Gregg grabbed tighter and pumped deep and hard and came with me.  We both slumped against the back wall of the shower. 

“What time is it?”  I asked as I pulled on my jeans.

“It's seven thirty and time we were at the stables.”  Gregg answered.

“What!!!!  I never get out of bed before ten.  We didn't even get to sleep until after three.  Now you want me to function at this time in the morning?”  I was half way teasing.

“Look, sweetness, life on the circuit starts early in the morning and ends early the next morning, if we go out after the show.  Get with the program if you're going to hang with this cowboy.”  He had that shit eating grin all over his face again. 

Damn!!!  Did I have a choice?  Not really, if I wanted this story.  So, I finished dressing quickly, dabbed on a little make-up, ran out the door and into the truck.

“Gregg.  I didn't let Charlene know I am leaving or where I'm going.”

“So, text her.  Knowing Timothy, they were either busy all night or most of it and are already on their way to the arena.  Don't worry baby, well catch up to them somewhere there.  I trust Tim and he won't let anything bad happen to her.Good maybe, but not bad.”  He said with a snicker.  I reached out and smacked his arm. 

“Do you want some breakfast?  We can stop and get something to go at the diner on the way.”  Gregg was so thoughtful and nice.

“No, I can't look at food first thing in the morning.  Thanks anyway.”  I said as my stomach gave a slight turn over.

We reached the arena and after Gregg slid out of the truck he turned and helped me slide out after him.  We entered through the side door and ran right into Timothy and Charlene.

“Well, you two sure are the stragglers this morning.  Must be you had an interesting night Gregg.” Timothy teased.

“Hum, was most interesting indeed.  Gregg answered as he squeezed my hand.  “Tim, we have to go check out the roster for today.  Sure hope I don't have to ride that damn left-over bull they brought in last night.”

“Would serve you right.  You always seem to draw the best of the lot.  How do you do that anyway?  Timothy grumbled.

“Wait here ladies, we'll be right back.” Gregg said and kissed me as they left.

Charlene and I decided to take a look around the arena, so we started walking towards the chutes.  The rails were so high that we had to stand on the second rung to see over the top.  Imagining a bull inside that little space with a rider sitting on top of him and not getting smashed to smithereens was crazy.  Why would a man put himself into that position, let alone try to ride the animal for eight seconds?  What was the trill all about? 

I knew about riding horses.  It was exhilarating; feeling the air rushing through your hair as you galloped and the feel of the powerful animal under your legs and butt.But to be jostled and banged around and dumped by a bull!!  It made my inner loins hurt just to think of how a guy’s balls would feel.  Just as we were climbing down from the pen the guys reappeared with duffel bags in their hands.

“What do you have in there?”  Charlene asked Timothy. 

“This has all my gear in it.  Without this, I don't ride. I have to have my gear inspected before the show.”  he explained.  “Listen, I hate to cut you guys short, but I have to go in and work at the diner for a few hours.  Charlene, will you be here tonight, and can we get together after the show?  I really enjoyed being with you last night.”  Timothy smiled at her.

“Yes, we are going to the show and if Melissa doesn't have anything planned for us to do, I'd like to see you tonight.”  She turned to Melissa as if asking her.  Melissa shook her head no.

“Great, I'll see you probably before the show starts then, your seats are the same as last night.  Later babe.”  Timothy gave her a short kiss and left.

Gregg, watching this whole exchange looked at Melissa and asked her if she had plans for after the show.

“Not that I am aware of other than I need to start writing on my story.”

“Yes, well, we can work on that later, but first, I want to spend some more time with you explaining what turns a real cowboy on.”  There was that shit eating grin again.Damn, she couldn't resist that if she tried.

“Is that some type of invitation, cowboy?” she asked tilting her red head to the side.  Somehow, she knew just what that invitation was.

Gregg cocked his head to side, tipped his black Stetson and grinned.

“So what bull are you going to be riding today?” she asked.

“Thankfully, not the one they brought in last night.  The one I drew is one I've ridden a few times before.  He's a challenge, but I know I can ride him.  It isn't just to stay on him though, I have to make sure I ride him good and get a lot of points.  I have to make sure I score enough to stay on top of the leader board.  Can't win a championship with shoddy riding.”

Charlene could feel it in the pit of her stomach before she even asked, but she had to know. “What bull did Timothy draw?”

“Well, he's none too happy, but he drew the one I didn't want, but not the worst one either.  No one wants to ride Devil's Due.  He's a holy terror.  No one has been able to ride him, ever.  I'm worried about Tim trying to ride Bodacious though.  He's the one who threw Tim before, when he got hurt so bad.  If I were you, Charlene, I'd leave him alone for a while and let him deal with what is going on in his head.  He has to work through this himself before he gets on that bulls back.”  Gregg was trying his best to reassure Charlene that Tim would be alright, but deep down inside he was very nervous for his friend.


It was still a couple of hours until show time, so Melissa and Charlene decided to get something to eat.  Rather than go to the diner, they ate at a little cafe across from the arena.  Gregg still had some last-minute things to attend to and said he would see them at their seats before the show. 

“If riding a bull can put that much fear into a man, why in God's name do they still do it?”  Charlene asked Melissa. 

“Damned if I know.  Timothy was so beside himself when he found out he had drawn that bull, I thought he was going to have a fucking fit.  How is he going to work through this and not show any fear when he gets around that bull?  I wonder, do those animals remember when they have injured someone?” 

All kinds of questions were going through Melissa's head with no real answers available.What made these guys tic?  There has to be more than just riding a bull, more than the power, more than the thrill.  But what??

Well, she was going to find out what.  She a top-notch writer and she would get to the crux of this if it killed her...

Gregg and Timothy were waiting for them when Melissa and Charlene made their way to their seats. 

Like the night before, they had a perfect view of the chutes from which their cowboys were going to attempt to ride their drawn bulls for the most points and make the most money of the purse for the night.  Total points would be added up and would carry them on toward the championship at the end of the circuit.  Gregg was still the highest and wanted to stay there, but he had to do excellent and knew it.  Roger Kleine was in second place, right on his shirt tail, and all it would take is a lousy ride with a low score or a throw and he would jump over him. 

“Hi baby,” Gregg greeted Melissa with a hug and big kiss.  “I'm not going to be able to stay and watch with you this time.  I really have to concentrate tonight.  Roger is right on my tail in points and I can't make any mistakes.  I’ll catch up to you after the show.”  With that, he kissed her quickly and headed for the chute area. 

Timothy had also greeted Charlene with a kiss and told her he would see her later and immediately left for the chutes.  She didn't even have time to wish him good luck.

Several riders came into the arena carrying various banners and flags and the American flag.  They circled around the arena and then the American, State of Wyoming and the PBCA flags went to the center.  Then the announcer asked everyone to stand as the prayer was said and the National Anthem was sung.  Then the group rode out of the arena.  It was time for the show to begin.  Each of the bull riders rode out into the arena and were introduced with the top three getting the most applause. 

Melissa and Charlene watched as Roger mounted upon his bull, Challenger's Revenge.  Already, he was bucking and moving around in the chute.  But Roger was determined that he was going to stay on him and ride the full eight seconds, which he did.  His score was an 89.  Not too bad. 

Next was Timothy.  Charlene was holding her breath.  This was one mean bull.  He had long, pointed horns and a huge hump.  He was a tan color with deep brown eyes that bore right through you if you stared at him.  Timothy climbed over the rail and into the chute as the aide assisted him with the ropes.  The cinch had already been put in place and the bull wasn't a happy camper.  Now Timothy was tying the rope around his hand and securing it, so it wouldn't come lose during his ride.  He rocked on the bulls back and placed his knees at just the right angle to get a good grip.  He nodded his head and the door to the chute opened. 

The bull stood for a second, but it seemed like forever, then out he bolted.  Twisting, turning, jumping, throwing, trying to dislodge his rider.  But Timothy held on for dear life.  His right arm was used for balance as he went with the bulls’ movements and followed him move for move.  As the buzzer went off, the bull fighters...dressed as clowns, ran in to distract the bull and Timothy released the rope and jumped off Bodacious' back. 

He had done it!!!  He had ridden his nemesis.  The crowd went wild.  Cheers rang out from them as he dusted off the dirt from the arena and ran for the side of the fence.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Timothy Evans has come back and ridden this bull who devastated him so badly just one year ago.  I do believe that a miracle has happened here today.  He has scored a 92.  Wow!!!”  The announcer was ecstatic.

Charlene and Melissa were jumping up and down.  Charlene couldn't contain her excitement.  She was so happy for Timothy.  He had been so nervous about this ride and had made it.  He had not let this bull get the best of him.  She was so proud of him.  Charlene jumped from the bottom of the steps onto the walkway leading to the chute area and ran right into Timothy.  She wrapped her arms around him and planted a huge lip lock on him.  Timothy engulfed her in his arms and lifted her up.Twirling her around he smiled broadly and kissed her deeply.  He was so pleased and happy with that ride.

This one dreaded ride was behind him and nothing could damper his evening now.  And, this score just put him at the top of the board for the time being.  Gregg was yet to ride.  But he knew, realistically, that he wasn't going to beat him.  Gregg was too good a rider and it would take a major mistake for him to get beat.  Timothy just didn't see that happening.  But then again, anything was possible.  Right?

Melissa Sanchez sat in her seat gripping her hands in her lap, her knuckles turning white as Gregg's name was announced.  He climbed into the chute the same as Timothy had, after putting rosin on his gloves and both the insides of his chaps at the thighs, and draped his leg over the back of the black, shiny body of Mr. Twister, commonly known as Mr. T.  Gregg was still the top rider and had not been thrown all year.  Could he still hang on?  Was this the bull to throw him off?  Melissa couldn't breathe.  She couldn't look.  Then she looked. 

The 9-ply poly bull rope had been cinched around the bulls’ belly just behind his front shoulder blades.  He grabbed hold of the handle, which was slightly to the right as he was right handed and tied the rope around his hand and nodded that he was ready.  The gate opened, the bull exploded out from the chute. 

He bucked, did a sunfish (a long twist from his belly), jumped, twisted again.  Gregg bounced.  His left arm flew up, backward, forward, backward again. He gripped his legs to the side of the bulls’ belly.  He rode him hard, he sat hard.  He moved and rode with the bull.  Eight seconds and the buzzer went off.  Yes, he had covered him!!!  He had done it again. 

The crowd roared...the clowns came and Gregg jumped off, rolled, and the bull kicked back at him.  The crowd gasped, then held their breath. Gregg rolled again and the bull missed him by bare inches.  He ran for the fence as the clowns got the bull to run after them.

“And there you have it ladies and gentlemen.  Gregg Campbell has done it once again, he has ridden yet another of our fabulous bulls, Mr. T,” stated the announcer.  “His score is a whopping 96 and he is still the leader on our leader board.”

Melissa had already been on her feet from the moment the gate had opened clapping and cheering for her favorite cowboy.  Gregg was now beside her in the stands and gave her a huge hug and kiss as he waved to the crowd.  He was indeed this crowds favorite also.The order was still Roger in third, Timothy in second and Gregg in first.  Overall standings remained the same with Timothy in third, Roger in second and Gregg in first.

Tonight was definitely a night for celebration.  They all decided to go to the Rapid Fireside Pub and Dance Club.  That's where all the rodeo riders went after the show.  The group Alabama was doing a guest appearance so there was a cover charge and once inside seating was pretty hard to find.  Gregg went on ahead of them and found a table, motioning them over to take their seats.  Surprisingly, he had gotten fairly close to the stage, so they had a great view for the upcoming performance.

After ordering drinks they sat there and chatted about the rides they each had had and how they needed to do at the next rodeo in order to stay at the top.  Gregg was a little concerned because he knew sooner or later he was going to draw Bodacious and was not looking forward to that ride.  But the girls weren't into hearing about rides least not on bulls. 

As the cover band started playing he grabbed Melissa's hand and led her to the dance floor.  Holding her tight against him he felt himself start to get a rise in his jeans and held her a little closer, grabbing her at the hips and rubbing himself against her.  And she held nothing back either.  Melissa put her arms around Gregg's neck and let him pull her into him.

“Oh, God he felt so good,” she thought.  “He keeps this up and he's really going to be in trouble when we get out of here.” 

She smiled up at him and he bent his head down and touched her lips with his.  Gently at first, then a little harder until they were lost into each other and there was no one else in the room.  He held her tight as he moved her about the dance floor, the music just a hum in his ear.  Gregg was so lost in Melissa that he barely heard the band stop and the announcer say:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is with distinct pleasure that I welcome and present tonight's honored guests, here from Fort Payne, Alabama....Ladies and gentlemen.... let’s hear it for ALABAMA...........

The crowd screamed, yelled, whopped and hollered as ALABAMA took the stage and broke into ‘Mountain Music’.Greg, Timothy, Charlene and I watched, listened, clapped, yelled and enjoyed the music. 

When they played “When We Make Love” Gregg and I looked at each other, we both rose at the same time and danced right in front of the band.  Randy Owen looked down at us and winked.  I don't know if Gregg saw it, but I sure did. 

I buried my head in his neck and cuddled close to him.  He held me close, then closer.  We couldn't get enough of each other.  I wanted him then and there.  I felt him rise and get hard, pressing on me as I rubbed up against him.  Gregg wrapped his arms around me tighter as we were barely moving.  When the song ended neither one of us moved to go back and sit down. 

Suddenly I felt Gregg stiffen, then his arms fell slowly down, as he looked straight ahead.  I followed his stare.  There stood the most beautiful blonde, tanned woman I had ever seen.  She was staring at, she was staring at Gregg.  Her eyes never wavered from his face. 

Gregg took my hand and led me to our table, reached down and grabbed my purse.  As he handed it to me he pulled me toward the exit door.  I had to run to keep up with the stride of his long legs...he was walking so fast. 

Once outside we went and got into his truck.  He started it and we were out of the driveway before I could even think to ask him what was going on. 

Somehow, he knew that woman, but I knew in my gut that it wasn't in a good way.  It was quite apparent that he wanted nothing to do with her.

As we pulled up to the hotel parking lot Gregg turned to me and said he thought it would be better if he was alone tonight.  I looked at him in stunned silence. 

When I had collected my wits I said, “Gregg, why don't you tell me what is going on between you and that woman who has obviously put the fear of God or something in you?  That was a pretty strong reaction from what I saw.  Who is she and what is she to you?”

Gregg took a deep breath.  “That woman is Rae Lynn Comstalk.  She was last year’s barrel racing champion on the circuit.  She's also my ex-fiancé.”  He let out a slow breath.  “Rae Lynn left me after a huge argument a year ago and even quit the circuit.  It was pretty tough on both of us at the time.”

“Seems like it still is.”  said Melissa quietly.  “Both of your eyes said a lot when you were looking at each other.  Looks like there are still a lot of feeling going on here.” 

Melissa had learned as a writer to be very observant of things going on around her and how to read people.  She knew there was definitely more going on here than what Gregg was telling her. 

“If you want to talk about it, I'm here.  If not, I have some writing to do and I'll see you whenever you decide to get a hold of me.  Okay?”

Gregg studied her face and knew that Melissa was a one of a kind friend.  She wasn't being judgmental.  She wasn't asking him to make a choice. She was there for him in whatever capacity he needed her to be.  That was certainly a welcome change from Rae Lynn. 

Two entirely different women.  Two totally different type of lovers. 

“God, would you listen to yourself.  Here you are comparing the dumb ass.”  His brain was going nuts.

“On second thought, I do want to be with you Melissa.  I really do like you a lot.  You're good for me and what ails me and right now….”  He reached for her, “you are what ails me.”  Then he flashed her that famous grin.

Melissa smiled back into his eyes.  God, she loved his eyes, his grin, his mouth...oh hell.... she liked everything about him.  She was in big trouble!!!

As soon as the door closed their clothes were coming off.  She was stripping off his shirt as he had her sweater over her head and was reaching around to undo her bra.  Off it came and then each were undoing one another’s jeans.  Down they came.  Gregg kicked off his boots and peeled his jeans the rest of the way off.  Melissa sat on the edge of the bed and untied her boots, took them off and as soon as the last one was off Gregg was on top of her pushing her backwards onto her back on the bed.  Her jeans were dangling from her ankles and she kicked them until they were gone. 

Gregg buried his nose in her hair, her neck...bit at her neck, her ear.  God, he loved the feel and smell of her.  He could get lost in her.  He was so hard already and his cock was pressing up against her belly.  He rubbed his groin against hers, as he fit so well between her legs.  But he didn't want either of them to cum yet.  Gregg wanted to make love to her for a very long time tonight.  He wanted to relish in her softness.  He needed to feel her warmth.  He desired her.

Melissa arched at his nibble at her neck and ear.  His face had just enough stubble to rub gently against her skin.  And he smelled so good, so musky.

Gregg took her arms and held them over her head as he kissed from her neck down her shoulders to her breasts, kissing first one then the other. 

Nibbling, suckling, nibbling, massaging with his hand and tongue. 

Oh, she tasted so good.  So soft and supple.  Whatever it was she bathed in made her skin so soft and her scent was driving him wild with desire. 

He slid down further, kissing and licking his way down her belly.  Melissa reached down to touch him, but he pushed her hands away and told her to put her arms back where he had put them...over her head and keep them there.  So, she did as he instructed. 

“Just lay there and feel, relax, enjoy, let me make love to you Melissa.”  Gregg spoke to her with such deep passion that touched her, and her body reacted.

Lower he went licking the inside of her thighs first one, then the other, stopping just shy of her love nest.  Greggs fingers played at the juncture of her pussy...not touching it... but tickling it at the edges enough to drive her totally out of her mind.

“Gregg, please, you're driving me....”  as Melissa was saying that, Gregg reached with his tongue and touched her clitoris.

“OH...God...yes.”  Melissa cried.

Gregg licked slowly, tantalizingly up and down her slit from one end to the other.  He pulled her lips apart and eased his tongue inside her vaginal hole and slowly pushed it in and out. 

Melissa's hips jumped as his tongue reached inside of her.  She started to reach for his head to push him into her but remembered what he told her to do.  So she kept her arms above her head and grabbed onto the pillow.  Moving her hips in rhythm with his tongue going in and out of her pussy, she quickly went into a raging climax. 

Gregg reached up and pinched her clit and she went off again.  This time she flooded his face. He lapped her cum up greedily.  God, she tasted so good.

But Gregg had to have her.  He needed to be inside of her, to feel her warmth, feel her pressing on his cock.  He needed to hold her tightly to him and possess her, make her his completely.

Gregg lifted his head from Melissa’s crotch and rose up over her.  He held her arms with one hand as he guided his raging hard cock into her waiting pussy.  She was warm, tight, wet and so welcoming.He slid into her easily and slowly eased forward until he filled her completely.  Gregg let out a groan.

Melissa put her legs around Greggs back and helped him fill her.  God, she felt so wonderful.  He was big, but not so big that it hurt her...but big enough that she felt full and waited for him to make love to her till they both reached that pinnacle of enjoyment.  As Gregg pulled out to just the tip of his head still in, she moaned, and he pushed back in... filling her again. 

“Mmmm, yes baby...fill me up...push your cock up in there.  I love your cock so deep in me.” Melissa was lifting her hips and pushing back.

Gregg picked up the rhythm and before long was pumping hard and he couldn't get enough of her.  He wanted her so much and wanted to fill her with his seed.  Gregg reached down and played with her clit and then pinched it.  Melissa came in seconds and then Gregg came too...he shot rope after rope into her.  Melissa became spasmodic. Her cunt muscles were so tight against Greggs cock that he couldn't move it.  He had to stop moving in her and hold still.  Her abdomen became like a rock.  Her body was so tight from the climax that she passed out. 

Gregg stopped moving, held Melissa tightly in his arms and reveled in the emotions he was feeling.  Never had a woman made his cock so hard.  Never had a woman cum so intensely with his cock buried deeply inside of her nor had he ever cum so hard with her. 

Never had the emotions he was feeling brought tears to his eyes.  And Never had he had a woman cum so hard that she had passed out on him. 

Melissa stirred beneath Gregg and opened her eyes.  She was still spasming inside around Greggs cock.  He was holding her so tight.He was shaking.  No, he was crying. 

“Gregg, what is it baby?It's okay honey, we're here, together.”  Melissa reached and wrapped her arms around Greggs neck and held him.  Gregg raised his head and kissed her gently on the lips, then a little harder but with so much passion.  Their tongues met, and they kissed longingly and lovingly.

Gregg’s cock had not really ever gone soft and was now hard again and he started moving inside her again.  Slowly and rhythmically in and out...deep and deeper pushing into her cervix.  He bent his head and licked her neck and sucked on her ear.  Both of them were building to another mind-blowing climax. Gregg grabbed her ass cheek with one hand.  As he felt her start to tighten up inside Gregg buried his face into her neck and as he bit into her neck, he pushed with all his might into her pussy and Melissa exploded on his cock.  She gushed so much cum juice on him that it leaked out of her, running down between her legs and onto the bed. 

Gregg pumped her for all he was worth and came deep into her cervix.  He grabbed her breast and pinched her nipple and she came again with him.  Together they flew off into a world of rapture.






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