Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


A magazine freelance writer needs to come up with an article and fast, but is running out of ideas. While flipping through the tv channels she comes across a rodeo; an idea hits her. What if I did a story about a bull rider? Her best friend thinks she has lost her mind but goes along with her. This story becomes much more than just about bull riding.


A magazine freelance writer needs to come up with an article and fast, but is running out of ideas. While flipping through the tv channels she comes across a rodeo; an idea hits her. What if I did a story about a bull rider? Her best friend thinks she has lost her mind but goes along with her. This story becomes much more than just about bull riding.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Arrival at the Rodeo

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This is a work in progress. Feedback is appreciated.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 10, 2018



Chapter 1



Doing research for my newest story was getting very taunting.  There really wasn't a subject I hadn't written something about.  Working for the Rising Sun magazine for sixteen years had given me ample opportunities.  Not being able to come up with anything after half an hour of sitting at my computer, looking at a blank page on my office program, I shut it off and went to flip through the channels to see what was on the television.  Being a Wednesday night, there wasn’t too much on. 

Finally, I found a PBR rodeo on, so I pushed the button.  I loved watching cowboys with those tight butts trying to ride the bulls for 8 seconds.  Plus, as a former barrel racer in high school...eons ago.... I knew something about it.  It was a good way to pass the time, still trying to come up with an idea for a story.  After watching several of them get thrown off, with only two who made it for the full eight seconds, I knew what I wanted to write about.  Next was how to go about it.

The next morning, I called my travel agent. We found out it was Frontier Days in Cheyenne, WY, the biggest rodeo on the circuit. I had her arrange for a flight for two to Cheyenne for the following Thursday.  I also had her get reservations for a car, a double room and get two tickets for the big rodeo on Friday and Saturday nights.

The next morning I called my girlfriend Charlene, explained to her what I was doing and asked if she wanted to go along.

“Do bears shit in the woods?”  she yelled into the phone.  “Oh My God.  I wouldn't miss this for the world.  You are really going to do a story about a cowboy?”

“Yeah, crazy huh.”  I answered her. 

“How are you going to write an erotic story about a guy who goes out and busts his balls trying to ride a big ass bull?”  she asked.

“Well, that's what I aim to find out.  They must do something besides ride bulls and I intend to find out what.”  I replied.

“What are you going to say to him...'hey, I write erotica and I want to write about you’...”  she laughed.

“Maybe...I don't know yet. I'll figure that out when the time comes and it's the right cowboy.  I'll know it when it happens.”  I didn't want to explain my whole game plan to her yet.  Wait...what game plan? I didn't have one yet!!  But I had a feeling I would know it when it happened.

Landing in Cheyenne went like a breeze.  Renting the car was no problem. Then we went to check into the hotel. 

“What do you mean I don't have a reservation?”  I was livid.

“Ms. Sanchez, we have no reservation for you for any time this weekend.  And I'm sorry to say that all of our rooms are booked.”  the young man behind the check-in desk said.

“This is Thursday...and you're telling me.... where’s your manager?  I want to see him...please.”  There had to be a mistake....

“Yes, may I help you?”  asked a young, brown haired lady dressed in her hotel uniform.

“Yes, please, there seems to be some kind of mistake here.  I made a reservation a week ago for a room for two adults.  It is for today through Sunday, checking out Monday morning.  Yet, you seem to have lost my reservation and this clerk says there are no rooms available.  I'm sure this can be remedied quickly if you just call the 800 number and they can verify everything.” 

“I'm sorry, there is no reservation.  I already called the 800 number and they could not verify it either.”  the manager said.

“Well, I’ll never stay at a Rapid Stay Inn again.”  I was not in a good mood.

“Ms. Sanchez, it seems you are at the wrong hotel.”  she stated.

“What....”  she held up her hand to stop me.

“You are at the Rapid Stay Hotel and Suites.  The Rapid Stay Inn is two miles south of here,” the manager said with a smile.

“Oh My God!!!  I am so sorry.  How do I get there?  How could I be so stupid.”  I said with complete embarrassment.

“It's okay, it happens a lot.  Go out the drive, turn right and go two miles.  You will see it on your left.”  The smile never leaving her face.

“Thank you for your patience and for being so kind.  Have a great day,” I said and made quickly for the door.

On the drive over to the Inn, Charlene and I noticed that a lot of the businesses were with the word 'RAPID' in the title.

“What is this?” asked Charlene.  “Have you seen the word rapid as much as I have since we got here?”

“Yeah, seems to be a thing around here.  Wonder if that has any implications.”  I said with a chuckle.

“You are so bad girlfriend,” she said smiling.

“Yeah, but when I'm bad, I'm oh so good.”  I grinned from ear to ear.

“Okay, okay, we'll see.”  Charlene chided her.

We arrived at the Inn and got checked in.  It was a huge room with two queen beds, micro and fridge and a bar to use if we wanted to.  Of course, we would bypass that as they charge way too much for stuff we could buy at the local mart.  There was a flat screen TV with cable and even adult stations.  Just then my cell phone buzzed with a message.

“Hey Melissa, hope you had a good flight and your hotel is okay.  Let me know if I can do anything for you.  Have fun!!!...Mitzy.”, my travel agent.

“That was from Mitzy, she said to have a great time,” I relayed the message to Charlene.

Since this was the night before the rodeo started we figured there wouldn't be much going on, so we decided to go get a bite to eat with a beer and then go to bed early.  Besides, I was bushed from the trip.  The desk clerk said that the best burgers in town were at the Watering Hole.  It looked like a hole too.  But being the brave souls that we are, we went in and had a seat.

“Well, ladies, what will it be tonight?” a male asked in that cowboy twang.

 Oh My God, he was a hunk.  Tall, big muscles for biceps and thick thighs that were tucked into the tightest pair of blue jeans.  His package didn't leave too much to the imagination either.  I had been too busy looking at the menu to see him approaching the table but now he was standing there...right there by my forearm. Hot Damn!

“Um, I'll have a Coors Light please.”  I flashed him a huge smile.

“Yes, and I'll have a sweet iced tea with lemon.”  Charlene said as her eyes perused him up and down.

“Sure right up and then I'll take your order.”  As he left the table I watched his ass in those tight pants. 

“Ooffff”.  Escaped my lips without thinking.

Charlene kicked me under the table.

“Ouch, what was that for?”  I glared at her.

“Keep your eyes in your sockets would ya,” she told me.  You act like you've never seen a guy in pants before.”

“Not that filled them out like that. Least ways, not in a long time.”  I answered back.

Charlene ignored me as she looked over the menu...or at least pretended to.

I saw her eyes peek over the top to look beyond my head at something or someone that had her interest.

“Okay, what is it?  What are you looking at so intently?”  I liked getting back at her. 

“Oh, nothing.  Just this really hunky guy with a black Stetson on.  He has black hair, a handsome tan and a smile that would melt any woman's heart.”

Charlene could be such a bitch sometimes.

“Okay, yeah, like I'm gonna fall for that one.  Get a life would ya.  Better yet...go get laid.”  I said nonchalantly.

“Well, I was thinking he would be perfect for your story, but, if you're not interested...”  now she was really being a bitch.

Just then our waiter came back with our drinks.  “Have you ladies decided on what you would like for dinner yet?”  he asked with that same smile as before.  God, he looked so sexy!!!


“Are you on the menu?”  asked Charlene.


“Nope, I'm not quite done yet...still working on the clock.”  he answered looking straight at me.

“Oh, you mean you work off the clock?”  What a dumb question, but I had to ask.

“Yeah, actually, I ride in the rodeo.  This is my full-time job.”  Damn, that smile was going to get the better of me yet.

“I see, so you will be in the rodeo this weekend?  What do you do, try to ride those bulls and get your neck broke?” asked Charlene.

“Something like that.  This will be my first time back after a year off.  I got hurt pretty bad, but I'm okay now.” he answered, still smiling.

“Wow, why would you want to go back and take a chance of getting hurt again.  Wasn't once enough?”  I asked him, starting to be a little bit serious about this now.

He let loose with a huge grin and said, “Heck no ma'am.  That's the trick of it.  If you let a bull know that you're scared of him...he has won.  If I don't get back out there, I'll never know if I can do it or not and that bull will always look his nose at me and know he beat me.  Just can't do that ma'am.”

“May I ask how old you are?  You have a pretty grown up attitude for someone who looks so young.”  I was not quite believing my ears.

“I'm 21 ma'am.  Even though I have a lot of years of rodeoing left, I need to get out there now.  Besides, I want to win the championship next year.”

“That's quite a goal to set.  I wish you the best.” 

Turning to the menu I chose the quarter pound all beef burger and fries.  Charlene had the same.

We ate our dinner and I had another beer.  My mind couldn't get over the conversation we had had with the waiter.  He seemed like the perfect subject for my next story...but he was so real challenges beneath his belt and not what I would call the type necessary for an erotic story.

After we finished eating the waiter cleared our table and Charlene and I sat and talked for about an hour.  As we were finishing up, the waiter came up to the table and said he would be happy to cash us out.  I gave him the money for the bill and a sizable tip, which he politely thanked me for.

“Say, if you ladies aren't doing anything tomorrow would you like to be my guests at the rodeo?  Sometimes seeing it in person can help you understand why we do what we do. You know, get caught up in the excitement and all.” he asked sheepishly.

“Well, we already have tickets, so we will be there.”  Charlene said.

“Where are your seats?” he asked.

“Um, I don't know.  They are call at the window.” she said.

“Okay, just pick them up...they will be ready.  I'll meet up with you before it starts.”  With that he turned and was gone into the kitchen.

The next morning, I woke up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing.  I rolled over and put the pillow over my head.  Five more minutes, please, that's all I want.  But I couldn't go back to sleep.  So, I threw back the covers and went for the coffee, poured a cup, added sugar and went back to sit on the bed and watch the headline news on CNN.  Same shit...different day.  Same problems, same opinions, no remedies. 

I switched through the channels but found nothing interesting.... oops...there was a rodeo...this early in the morning.

I watched intently trying to memorize the riders as I wanted to see how many of them were to ride today.  Um, in the interviews they all said they would be in Cheyenne.   Great!!!  I didn't know one from the other. These guys were busting their balls but not in the way I was used to writing about.  Boy, did I pick a good subject to focus on.  What was I thinking!!!

Charlene had taken her shower and was getting dressed.  She put on a pair of blue jeans that looked like she had just walked out of the store with them and a red and white plaid shirt.  After tucking in the shirt, she threaded a black belt through the loops and fastened it in the front with a huge silver belt buckle with a horse on it. 

“You know that when you sit down or bend over that buckle is going to press right into your gut and after a while it will hurt like hell, don't you?” I asked her almost with a laugh.

“Nope, I've worn this buckle ever since my uncle Jasper gave it to me.  Must be ten or more years now.”  she said with a smile. 

She then put on a pair of socks and the ugliest pair of cowboy boots I had ever seen. They were black with silver tips and a band of silver going up the center, all the way up to the top.

“Where, pray tell, did you get those boots?”  Now I was laughing.

“These were my aunt Rosie's.  She wore these until they had to be resoled and then wore them out again.  I had them resoled when I found out we were coming here.  Why, what's wrong with them?” she asked with admonishment in her tone.

“Nothing, they just look weird.  I mean...with the strip up the center.  And those tips just about top the cake.”  I really had no good reason not to like them, I just had to bust her chops.

“And what are you going to wear today?  Probably some preppy outfit, as usual.”

I didn't answer her but went to the closet and pulled out my suitcase.  Out of it I got my washed-out jeans, a turquoise turtleneck sweater and a black leather vest. I then got a pair of socks and my most comfortable tennis shoes.

“See, I told you you'd be all preppy.” Charlene said with a smirk on her face.

“This is not preppy.  This is someone serious about doing her job.  I'm here to write a story, remember, not a who can out dress the other contest.”  I said with a huff.  “Besides, I'd look hideous dressed up in all that garb.” 

“OH, so I look hideous, do I?”  Charlene was pissed now.

“I didn't say you did.  I just said I would.  Geez, don't be so jumpy.”

“Well, at least I won't look as out of place there as you will.”  she said triumphantly. 

“We'll see.”  was all I said.  Then there was a long silence.  No one said anything as we just looked at each other.  Then we both burst out laughing.

The day went quite well.  We went for a quick lunch at a local cafe...yup...The Rapid Cafe.  No surprise there. 

The rodeo was to start at 4:00pm, so after we got our tickets, we made our way into the arena.  As we totally appeared to look lost (which we were) one of the young ushers took us to our seats.  We were right next to where the chutes were.  If we were any closer, we would have been able to sit on the bull when he was put in the first pen. 

“Hi, I see you found your seats.  I hope you like them.  I had you moved from where you were originally.  You were up in the belfry and wouldn't have seen much to be able to appreciate what we do and why.  So, I hope you enjoy yourselves and I'll catch up with you after the show.”  The waiter from last night smiled his famous smile.

“What is your name?  And who is the best rider here?”  I asked him as he turned to leave.

“Oh yeah.  My name is Timothy Evans.  Well, I hope I'm the best rider, but really the best one is Gregg Campbell.  He won last year’s championship.  He's the one to beat.  Wish me luck!!!”  Then he was gone.

By the end of the show Timothy was in third place.  Gregg, as predicted was in first.As he promised, Timothy came and found us and took us behind the chutes and introduced us to some of the riders.  Then he turned to Gregg.  When our eyes met there was instant fire.  His wore the most beautiful green I had ever seen.  With his black hair and black Stetson hat, face nicely tanned, a body that wouldn't quit and a handshake that was firm like the rest of him...Oh My God!!!!

I was deeply in lust.  What could I say.  He didn't let go of my hand right away and we just kept looking at each other.  Finally, Timothy broke the spell by saying that they had to go get their payout and would meet us right back here in a few minutes. 

“Yeah, sure,” was all I could think of to say. 

When the guys came back they asked if we wanted to go have a drink.  Of course we did, so we took off.  Charlene went in Timothy's truck and I rode with Gregg in his.  It was a nice big Toyota Tundra, black with gray leather interior.  We had decided to go to the Watering Hole for drinks and food.  There would also be a band later for entertainment until two am.  Timothy was off for the night, so he was only too glad to sit with Charlene and relax while watching his fellow waiters hustling the tables.  We ordered our food and all four of us had beers.  We ate and drank until our bellies were full and our conversations went from rodeos to sex in no time.  I finally informed the two gentlemen that I was researching for a story. 

“Really, what kind of story and who are you writing for?” asked Timothy.

He always seemed to be the curious one and wasn't afraid to ask questions.

“It's about rodeo cowboys and what makes them tick,” I answered.

Gregg smiled from ear to ear. “I can answer that for you.  Or, better yet, I can show you.”

“Really? I asked with a knowing grin.  “Yes, I suppose you could at that.  Seeing as you are the champion and all.”  I said.  “Would you be interested in doing an interview with me sometime soon?  I'd really like to hear how your life centers around riding a bull and what else you do with yourself when you’re not on the circuit.”

“Darlin' I'd be honored to do an interview with you anytime you like.  Who are you writing this for anyway?”  he asked as his eyebrows raised a little.

“Well, I'm am erotica writer, and I want to know what thrill you get from riding a bull for 8 seconds.  I heard once that you guys think it's better than sex.  Is that true?”  I asked as straight-faced as I could. 

Gregg and Timothy looked at each other and burst out laughing.  They laughed so hard they almost doubled in two.  The band had started to play and as a slow song was being played Gregg took me by the hand and led me to the dance floor.

“Baby, I'm going to show you before the nights over just how untrue that statement of yours is.”  He had a big smile on his face as he pulled me tightly against him. 

We danced close, we fast danced, we two stepped and we close danced some more.  By the time the band quit, I was so horny I was ready to rape him then and there.  I know he was of the same mindset. His hands traveled all over my sides, arms, and butt as we danced.  His eyes devoured me in his hunger.  He'd wrap me in his arms and his warmth went through me, heating me as his hands played and enticed me.  His lips, mouth and tongue were expertly moving about my mouth, neck, ears and back again to my mouth and into my mouth igniting a fire in my nether region.  I wanted this cowboy so much, I was losing what I was supposed to be doing.  This was a research project, wasn’t it???

We closed up the place and headed for the hotel Charlene and I were staying in.  All four of us went to our room and did some small talk as Gregg was messing around with me.  I wanted him so bad but not with Timothy and Charlene in the room.  I took Gregg aside and explained the situation.  He grinned and reached into his pocket.

“Honey, that is no problem at all.  Here is the key to my room and it's right down the hall.  Shall we make a quick disappearing act?”  he asked with a nod of his head toward the door.

“Let me grab my purse and tell Charlene.  I'll be right behind you.”  My legs couldn't move fast enough.

Charlene and Timothy were pretty wrapped up in themselves to be paying any attention to us, so I wrote a quick note. 

As I grabbed my purse, Gregg grabbed my hand and I was out the door.  As soon as the door closed he put a huge lip lock on me and held it while pressing me against the door. God, he tasted soo good.... his hard body pressing into me.  He sucked my bottom lip into his mouth and bit it gently.  I was getting wet already.  We needed to leave the hallway before I started stripping him right there.  I put my hands on his chest and pushed him back as I eased around him, took his hand and started down the hall. 

“Wait darlin', you're going the wrong way.  My room is this way.”

I stopped, turned and we almost ran to his room.  The key card was in the slot before my eyes could blink twice.  Gregg turned the handle and whisked me inside, the door closing quickly behind us. 

Gregg grabbed me by the back of my head, spun me around, backing me up against the door.  He pushed his body up against me as hard as he could, and I felt his cock through both of our clothes pushing against my stomach.  He bent his head and kissed me hard, pushing his tongue into my mouth.  He swirled it all around, feeling every inch and then reaching down into my throat.  My mouth was so full and felt on fire.  His hands were all over my back, around to my neck, down to my breasts and as he groaned he ran his hands down my sides to my hips.  God, he was tormenting me to death.

“Gregg...”, I said between breaths.  “Oh God, you feel so good.”

“Baby, you are so much of a woman.  I am going to devour you all night long.  Oh, yes, my sweet are going to find out just what a cowboy is made of. See what this bad cowboy is all about.  Can you handle that sweet cheeks?”  he asked me as his hands continued to roam. 

He bent his arm around my waist, reached down, grabbed my legs, picked me up and took me to his bed.

My legs were quivering, and I couldn't stand seeing him in clothes a moment longer.  I reached and started to pop the snaps on his country style shirt.  He grabbed my hands and shook his head. 

“No, No, my pretty are going to lay right back here with your pretty little head on these pillows and enjoy it while I give you what you've been wanting all night.” 

With that, he lay me back on the bed, my head on the pillows and laid his five-foot eleven inch, one hundred eighty-five-pound body on top of me.  He looked into my eyes as his hands cupped my face.  Leaning down, his lips lightly touched mine and I reached for his kiss with my own lips.  He lifted his head and looked at me again as his hands worked through my hair. 

“I love the color of your hair.  The most beautiful red I have ever seen.  So deep and warm. Mmmm, mmm, mmm.  And I love the color of your eyes.  Such a pretty green...much like mine.  You are very beautiful Ms. Sanchez.  I feel very lucky and honored to be with you tonight.” 

With that Gregg kissed me, gently at first, then harder and deeper.His tongue entered my mouth as mine touched his and we played with each other’s.  He moved to my neck, kissing it, nibbling it, running his tongue along beside my ear.  Catching my earlobe in his teeth, biting so gently. 

He then worked his way down to my left breast massaging it with his hand.  He pulled the vest to the side, lifting my sweater up over my breasts.  He ran his fingertips along the top of my breast over the bra top.  Gregg reached behind me and unfastened my bra in a swift movement. 

He leaned off of me having me sit up long enough to slip off the vest, sweater and bra.  Then his attention went back to my breasts.  Licking, sucking and massaging all at the same time. 

“Oh, yes, this man was good.”  I thought. 

Gregg must have spent a good half hour just playing with them, nibbling on the nipples.  They were so hard and sensitive that they almost hurt. 

Slowly he started working and licking and kissing his way down my abdomen, playing with my belly button with his tongue.  His hand reached for my thighs and rubbed them up and down switching from one to the other with his fingertips.  I could feel myself swelling inside my jeans and I knew that by now I was soaking wet.  Gregg reached up and popped the snap on my jeans and lowered the zipper.

He sat up and told me to raise my hips.  As I did he lowered my jeans down over my buttocks and down my thighs.  He moved down the bed, bent my legs and pulled my pants the rest of the way off.  I wondered why he left my panties on me.

“Oh, baby.  I like these sexy undies you have on.”  Gregg said with a grin.

Gregg took his index finger and rubbed along my slit from my clitoris to my little pink hole. 

“Darlin' you are already so wet.  But you're going to get a lot wetter before this night is over.”  Gregg had a shit eating grin on his face. 

My hips started moving as he kept playing with me through my panties.  He reached into the side of them and touched me with his gentle fingertips.  Still rubbing with one finger, he entered me with his middle finger.  Slowly he sunk his finger in deeper, rotating it, moving it back and forth, in and out.  Oh, God, he had my body on fire. 

“Oh, Gregg, please....”  I cried.

“Please what baby?  Tell me what you want.”  He was teasing my clit and I was climbing the walls now. 

“Please let me cum..... you’re making me so horny...I gotta cum.”  I was begging him.

He started moving his finger in and out faster and added another finger in as he was rubbing my clit. 

 “Go with it baby, cum for me.  Aaahhhh, yes, that's it...feel that climax coming on you.” Gregg was whispering in his low growling voice.

“Ohhh, God, I'm cummmming....Lord, yes.....oh, ohm....yyyeeeessss...

My whole body was shaking.  Quivering with pleasure. My hands had grabbed the sheets above my head and I held on for dear life.

“That's it honey....ride it out....feel it”.  Gregg didn't stop until my breathing came back to a semblance of normalcy.  I opened my eyes and looked up to see him grinning at me. 

“Wow, you are one hot little filly, darlin'.  And I am far from finished with you.”  With that, he removed my sexy undies, lowered his head and licked my outer labia from top to bottom and back again. 

“Oh, God...”  I moaned as he continued manipulating me with his tongue.  He used his thumbs, spread my outer lips open and massaged my inner passage with his tongue.  He moved back and forth, then suddenly the hard tip of his tongue went inside my hole.

“Oh Lord.  Ahhh, feel sooo gooodddd.  Please don't stop...your tongue is so amazing...ahhhhh.... yy yeesss ss....” I went into another climax as his tongue pierced my hole and pushed in and out and rotated inside of me.

This guy was tearing me apart....he was beyond awesome......

“Oh My God...Oh, My God...OOOHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD!!!!!”  I exclaimed. 

It was beyond anything I had ever experienced in my life.  This guy was tearing me up.  He took me on such a high, I never wanted it to stop.

Just as I started to come down to earth I felt him insert his little finger inside my anus while at the same time he started rotating my clit with his thumb. 

There I was, right back up to where I had just been and going higher...up... up.... until the explosion was so intense that I couldn't breathe...I couldn't think...I couldn't......

My body went rigid...My legs shot out straight...My back arched....and I went into spasms like I had never known.  My body was no longer under my control...but his.

Gregg watched as she rolled her head from side to side.... her fingers digging into his arms.  As her body started to relax from the major climax he had just given her.... he raised up, quickly stripped, went over her body and rubbed his hard member on her slick, wet vagina. 

Slowly he found her opening and entered her a little at a time until he was into her full hilt.  Gregg stayed perfectly still, savoring the feeling of her warmth.  She was so tight, and her inner muscles were still quivering.  He held her tightly as he kissed her neck, her ear and to her lips.  Kissing her gently he started moving inside of her slowly at first and then picking up the rhythm.  Her hips started moving with him. 

My nipples were hard and the feel of them against his hairy chest was driving me insane. His tongue was working in and out of my mouth as his cock was going in and out of my hot, wet box.  God, this man was intense. 

He held me so close to him I felt wrapped in joy and contentment. 

As our hips met he was so deep inside me I think he was in my cervix.  With each thrust, he seemed to go deeper into me.  I could feel myself wrapping around him and squeezing him and he'd groan. 

“Baby, you keep doing that and I won't last long at all.”  he said with a grin. 

The sexy, sultry look on his face was such a turn on...I melted again and as he continued to pump into me I was quickly racing into another climax.  My breathing got faster, my hips moved higher trying to capture every last inch of him.  I wrapped my legs around his back and rode my bad cowboy as fast and as hard as I could.

“That's the way baby...take this hard cock all the way up your pussy and into your womb.  Let me make you cum again...come on darlin' take me ...fuck me...fuck your cowboy...”

That was all it took.  I was roaring into another climax and as I did Gregg started pounding me...thrusting with everything he had.  Harder and harder we fucked until he got so hard inside me as he grew and grew and then...

“AAAGGGGG..........OOOOHHHHH bbbaaabbbbyyyy..........AAAHHHH” he was spent into my pussy.... gush after gush of his cum was pushed up into my cervix and into my womb.

Gregg lowered his head into my neck and held me close as we both tried to slow our breathing.  I slowly let my legs slide from his waist and lay on the bed.  My body was still having mini spasms and he held me tighter. 

“Wow”, was all my mind could comprehend.  MMM. MMM. MMM.  This guy was like no one I had ever been with.  He was the consummate lover.  My God!! 

Gradually we moved apart as Gregg rolled over onto his side facing me.  I stayed laying on my back.  I had my right arm over my eyes and Gregg put his arm across my stomach. We lay there in such contentment.  Our breathing had returned to normal as I rolled over and we lay in the spoon position. I felt his cock laying at my butt entrance.  I wiggled my butt at him and he pushed his hips forward into me.  I giggled.  Gregg lightly and playfully spanked my ass cheek.  I wiggled and moaned, so he slapped it a little harder.  I jumped a little then moved my hips back into him. 

“Ah, I do believe the lady likes that, does she?”  he half asked, half stated. 

“Hum, I do believe the man likes doing that, does he?” she shot back at him.

Smack, smack, smack...her butt cheek was turning a pretty pink, so he rubbed it, then smacked it again.

“Ooofff... baby, I do like that ass. It's so nice and firm and it fits so nice into my hips. Come here darlin'.... scoot that ass right here.”

Gregg pulled my butt right into the crook of his pelvis and his now erect cock was pressing into the head of my rosebud.  He pulled my head back by my hair gently but steady and kissed me, then he reached down and bit into my shoulder.  Nibbling really...not hurting, but enough to let me know he was in charge. 

Gregg reached around and massaged my clit, making it real hard while he moved his hips back and forth making his cock rub up against my little hole.  God, I was getting so hot.  I wanted him again so bad.  What was this man doing to me?  He took hold of himself and rubbed his cock around my little hole and slowly started pushing the head into me.  I tightened up and he told me to relax.  

“Push out baby”.  He was easy and gentle as he pushed and backed off, pushed and backed off.  Then he pushed a little harder and the head went in. 

As it went in he bit down again on the inside of my neck. 

“Gregg, please, I haven't done this...”

“'ll be okay...just relax.  I'll hold still for a minute.  Relax baby.  I've got you...”  Gregg whispered in my ear. 

It had been a long time since I had been fucked in the ass and it felt strange.  It was painful, yet Gregg was so gentle and caring. He took his time and eased into me.  He pulled back out and rubbed his cock along my pussy lips and dipped into my cunt to get himself wet and then went back into my ass.  It went easier the second time as I was better lubed.  Slowly he started moving back and then a little more into me, then back out and even more into me. 

He repeated this until he was all the way into me smacking my ass a couple times as he pushed.  His whole 8 inches was deep into my bowels.  He reached around and found my clit and started rubbing gently then added increased pressure.  My hips began moving back into him.

I started to feel an orgasm building and it was going to be intense.  As we rocked back and forth into each other, Gregg was kissing my neck and whispering to me how beautiful I was and what a woman I am.  He loved that I could take all of him and I was about to cum all over his hard cock.

“Oh, baby, you feel so good in there.  So tight, pulsing on my cock.  Love it baby. Love it. Fuck me back sweetheart.  Give yourself to me.  Oh... yes...I want you more than I have ever wanted any woman.  God...cum on me baby...cum for me...cum with me...that's it...cum on my cock darlin'...AAAHHHH....oh, my god.... yeesss....”  he moaned in my ear. 

He pulled on my hair and pulled my head back into the crook of his arm. He kissed me hard.  He moaned into my ear again.  Gregg was there.... he was with me and we came was total bliss.........

As we lay there, contentment enveloped us.  Both in completeness.  Neither of us said a word but basked in the high resounding feelings going through our minds and bodies.  Within a very few minutes, we were both sound asleep wrapped in each other's arms with him still inside of me.







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