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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A woman is going for her yearly check-up. Her husband doesn't like that another man will be between his wife's legs but becomes curious about what she goes through. How far will he go to find out?



Today was Shannon's birthday, her 35th birthday to be exact.  Long ago I had run out of ideas of what to get her and each year was getting harder and harder.  This was definitely a milestone birthday and what in blue blazes was I going to get her.

“Honey, don't forget that I'm going to the doctor for my yearly exam today,” Shannon called to me from the master bathroom.  “You'll have to pick up Cassidy (our 8-year-old daughter) from the sitters after you get off work, okay?”

“Sure doll, at Marissa’s, right?  I asked her to make sure I had the right sitter.

“Yes, Kevin.  She's been our only sitter for the last six months,” Shannon answered me as she was walking into our master bedroom looking like a million bucks. 

I was still laying on our king size bed in just my boxer shorts and my male body part immediately came to attention.

“Wow baby, you look fantastic.  You always go to the doctor dressed like that?”  I asked her as my cock got even harder.

“What?”  she asked with a sheepish grin on her beautiful face. 

Shannon had on a slim, tight fitting black stretch skirt and a vee neck pull over red and white long-sleeved sweater that showed her well-endowed chest off perfectly. 

“I suppose you have on a thong too.”  I asked her.

“Kevin, it's not like the doctor will care.  He does these exams every day of the week, all day long.  It's just another one to him.  Don't get so bent out of shape about it.  We go through this every year baby.  Nothing to worry about.  Besides, he won't see the thong because I will be completely nude.  Well, except for that little paper gown I have to put on.” 

Oh, that made me feel a whole lot better.  Shannon tried to coax me down a little but there was another man going to look at my wife's pussy.

Oh My God...I hate this.  Wonder what it does to her though?What does it do to her??  How does she feel when he's looking around inside her and touching her there?  Oh God…

Kevin decided that he needed some answers as to what exactly happened inside that room during an examination and he knew just who to ask.  Janis Clayton, a nurse at another doctor’s office, lived across the hall from them. 

Later that morning he spotted her in the parking lot getting ready to leave for work.  Kevin flew down the stairs and just made it to her car in time to stop her.

“Kevin, what is it?  Are you okay?”  asked Janis.

“Yeah, I'm fine but I have a huge question to ask you and please don't slap me or think I'm getting too personal.  Okay?”  God, this was going to be strange.

“Okay, Kevin.  Whatever it is it can't be that bad.  What's going on?  Are Shannon and Cassidy okay?”  she asked.

“Yeah, they’re fine.  Okay, here goes.  Shannon has her yearly female exam today and I ...well...I was wondering what all goes on and how it feels to her.  I mean is it painful or does she get embarrassed or what?  And how can the doctor look at all those pussies...I mean cunts...I mean…. you know without getting a hard-on.” 

Man, I felt like my face was beet red.  I hope I didn't embarrass her and/or myself too much.  But damn it, I wanted to know.

Janis sat in her beige-colored Camry car seat and stared at me for what seemed like an eternity but was really only a second or two and then a smile spread across her face.

“Well, first of all, I guess the doctor is just immune to pussy.  Except for his wife I suppose.  Secondly, no, a woman doesn't usually enjoy it very much.  I mean first, the doctor mauls her breasts looking for lumps and then has her spread her legs wide open and shoves a speculum up her twat and spreads her insides open and gawks up there.  Then he takes it out...shoves his finger up there and then up her ass, tells her she is fine and leaves the room.  Now, does that sound like a lot of fun to you?  Have a great day Kevin and quit worrying so much.”  she finished with a huff.

Kevin thought a minute and as she started to pull out he hit the car to stop her again.

“Janis, could you do me a huge favor?”


Later that nite after Kevin, Shannon and Cassidy had gone out for a fantastic dinner and a surprise birthday cake at Shannon's mothers, Cassidy wanted to spend the night with her Nana. 

“Great idea.  Of course you can,” answered Kevin before anyone had a chance to even think about it.

Once they were home Kevin escorted Shannon up to their huge master bathroom and fixed her a relaxing hot bath.  While she was in there he prepared the bedroom for her birthday surprise.  The items, which he had asked Janis to get for him were neatly lined up on the nightstand and covered with a small lavender colored hand towel.

He quickly changed into the green scrubs which Janis had also brought for him.  Just as he had finished he heard Shannon climbing out of the bathtub and let the water drain out. As she was drying off she asked Kevin to bring her the turquoise nightgown hanging on the hook in her walk-in closet.

“Oh, you won't be needing it tonight dear. I hung a robe on the hook on the back of the bathroom door.  If you would, kindly put it on and come into the bedroom please.”  Kevin told her with a smile on his face from ear to ear.

The white silky robe Shannon found behind the door was short sleeved and as she put it on she noticed that it barely covered her ass cheeks and left not much hidden in the front either.  As she left the bathroom to enter their bedroom she saw Kevin waiting for her wearing a set of green scrubs.

“Kevin, why are you wearing those scrubs? She asked.

“Well, my name is Doctor Kevin madame.  Tonight you are going to be given your yearly exam.  I want you to be as comfortable as possible. Relax and find as much enjoyment as I can give you.  If you are ready, please lay on the exam bed on the towels provided.”

Shannon looked at her husband as if he had lost his last marble in his so-called brain.  “What on earth are you doing?”

“Please madame, just recline on the bed so we can start with your exam.”

Kevin assisted Shannon down into a reclined position upon the lavender towels he had laid out on the bed, putting a pillow under her head and her arms down to her sides.  Picking up a clipboard with a piece of paper attached, he started.

“Well, Mrs. Abbott, it says here that today is your 35th birthday.  Congratulations.

How have you been feeling?  Any problems with sexual intercourse, any breast pain or lumps, etc.?  Okay, we will start with the breast exam.  I'm going to open the left side of your robe and feel around your left breast for anything abnormal.”

Kevin moved the robe aside and started massaging her left breast.  Shannon was dumbfounded.  Kevin started out doing it like he was actually feeling for lumps or anything out of the ordinary.  But then he started going into a deeper massage and then began to rub her nipple and twirl it in between his fingers.  Her nipple immediately hardened in reaction to his touch. 

“Very good reaction with your breast and nipple Mrs. Abbott.  Now I am going to move your right side of the robe open and do the same thing to your right breast.”

And thus he did.  Shannon was almost to the point of moaning.  In fact, she did stifle a couple of almost silent ones and felt tingling all the way down to her mound.

“Oh, Kevin...what are you doing?  This isn't what really happens.”  Shannon was starting to protest but Kevin quickly quieted her back down and told her to relax.

“Both breasts seem to be quite normal.  Both are very reactive to stimuli and that is very good indeed.” 

He could see Shannon squirming around the bed a little bit as she was getting turned on by this little exam he was doing to her.  He turned and smiled to himself as he made little notations on the paper attached to the clipboard.  Yup...this is going to be fun he thought to himself.

“Mrs. Abbott, it is now time for me to do the pelvic exam on you.  I know this is not the most welcome part, but it is a necessity, so please place your feet on the mattress with your knees bent up. Spread your legs open so I can see and examine your pelvic area.” 

Kevin moved to the bottom of the bed. As Shannon placed her feet on the mattress and bent her knees, Kevin put on a pair of latex gloves and got the k-y jelly ready.

Okay, madame, I'm going to feel around your vaginal lips and your clitoris if you are ready?”

Shannon almost wanted to laugh at the seriousness of how Kevin was trying to carry out this exam.  But, God, it was feeling so damn good. How could she stop him... why would she stop him?

 “Yes, doctor.  I'm ready.” She figured she would play along.

That said, Kevin applied a small amount of the lubricant on his gloved fingers, he didn't need much as she was already getting pretty wet on her own and started rubbing on either side of her clitoris.  The lips were so warm, and she moved her hips in response to his stimulation.  Purposely Kevin stayed away from her clitoris and massaged her from the top to her little pucker hole. Her hips rotated and moved up into his hand as he stimulated her.  He then inserted his index finger into her and her hips rose up to meet him, wanting him even deeper into her. 

“OMG”, Shannon thought....it never felt like this at her doctor’s office.

Slowly he pulled out his finger.  “Mrs. Abbott, I must now insert the speculum so that I can look inside of your vagina to make sure you are healthy in there.  Are you ready?”

“Kevin, you aren't really going to do that, are you?”

Before she could think of anything else, Kevin had the instrument already just inside her pussy and was starting to push it in.  Shannon's eyes went huge and she tried to lift up to see what he was doing to her.

“Please Mrs. Abbott, remain laying down.  I do not want to hurt you with this speculum inside of you.  It will be over in just a moment or two.”

Kevin continued opening the speculum wider inside his wife's vagina and then got down lower on the floor, so he could look inside. 

“Wow...so this is what it looks like inside her,” he thought to himself. 

He could see her cervix, uterus, the walls of her insides...right where his cock felt so warm and at home. He saw where his seed entered going through the cervix to enter her uterus where an egg could be made into a baby...like his little Cassidy. 

Kevin stared at her in awe.  “My beautiful, gorgeous wife.  She's breathtaking from the inside out.” His thoughts went straight to his groin and his cock was so hard he thought it would break.

“You’re doing just fine Mrs. Abbott.  I'm going to remove the speculum now.  I still have to do an internal examination with my fingers inserted into your vagina.  This shouldn't be too uncomfortable.”

Slowly Kevin inserted his index and middle fingers into her and Shannon felt herself stretching to accommodate him.  As he was going in deeper, pushing on the little walnut at the top of her vaginal wall he reached up with his thumb and started massaging her lips on either side of her clitoris.  Shannon couldn't hold her hips still and started rotating them trying to make him have contact with her clit. 

“Oh God, please.  I want to cum.”  she heard herself crying out to Kevin.

“Now, now madame, just relax.  You are showing all the natural reactions of stimuli.  This shows me that you are indeed a normal, healthy woman.”

Shannon shook from the red-hot fire of desire she was feeling.

Getting his pinky finger wet from the juices she was secreting he started rubbing her puckered hole. Shannon jumped at the contact and then it started to feel good. As he massaged it he felt it relax a bit and inserted his finger into the hole.  At the same time he hit her clit with his thumb pushing Shannon into a climax so hard she had stars in her eyes.  Kevin continued to fuck her ass as he rubbed her clit and plunged the two fingers into her pussy.  Shannon's hips slammed into his hand over and over as she rode out her climax until it subsided and left her panting and breathless.

Kevin could stand it no more.  He stood up, removed the latex gloves from his hands, bent over his wife and pushed his cock into her until he was deep into her cunt.  He held still and relished in the feel of her as her vaginal muscles tightened around him.  Then he slowly pulled back out almost leaving her warmth and pushed back in all the way again.  Her moans were deeper than he had ever heard from her.He built up a rhythm of in and out until he was pounding her pussy with all he had to give.  Shannon was matching him hip to hip, pubic bone to pubic bone until they both cried out together and came with a power they hadn't known or felt in a long time.  Kevin ejaculated inside of her three, four, five times before he had totally emptied his balls.  Shannon shook with a fervor that took several minutes to calm back down. Each had reached a pinnacle of completeness beyond their comprehension.  Kevin eased off of her and rolled onto his back taking her with him and she cuddled and rested her head on his chest.

“Baby, that was the most awesome experience I have ever had in my life.” stated Kevin when he had caught his breath again.

“If my real exam had been like that, believe, me I would have been there more than once a year.”  Shannon knew he would react to that statement and here it came.

“I don't think you need to go there anymore.  One Doctor looking inside you is enough and I can do the job just fine.”

They both laughed and made mad passionate love the rest of the night.





Submitted: August 08, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Katie Santee. All rights reserved.

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That sounds like a lot more fun way to play "Doctor" than the way young kids do it. Tell him to contact me if he ever needs help. ;-))
XoxoX Dr. Ron

Fri, August 10th, 2018 8:33am


Interesting concept here. Was it Shannon or her that was the doctor? I don’t think he know much of what he is doing.

Fri, August 10th, 2018 4:34pm


It was Shannon's husband, Kevin. He was jealous of her being seen by another man. Whether he was a doctor or not. So, he wanted to find out what she went through and what the doctor did to her. I hope you enjoyed the story. Thanks for writing to me. I love hearing from my readers.

Fri, August 10th, 2018 9:41am

Kitty Hall

Oh my, I love role play, what a treat for her that was so sexy!
This story will stick in my head when I go for my next exam but it's a big butch female doc that does mine lol :)

Wed, November 7th, 2018 8:39pm


Glad you liked it. It was the first erotic story I wrote. Mine's a female too, but it's fun to fantasize.

Wed, November 7th, 2018 7:24pm

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