Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Surprises can happen, with a little help from your friends. But never in my wildest dreams did I expect what happened when I sat down at my desk that morning.


Surprises can happen, with a little help from your friends. But never in my wildest dreams did I expect what happened when I sat down at my desk that morning.


Submitted: August 10, 2018

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Submitted: August 10, 2018





Neil, at six foot, two hundred pounds and blond hair, is Jim's best friend at work and knows how hard he has been working in the last few months.  He also knows what the situation is at home and that as long as the money keeps rolling in, she's happy. 

Jackie, a petite, brunette little lady at five feet four inches, one hundred ten pounds, isn't Jim's “wife”.  She's like a sister.  There's no sex, no romance, no cuddling on the couch watching a hot movie.  Nothing.  She works, he works.  Jim does the yard work...she does her thing.  He does the laundry...she does her thing.  He does the cooking...she does her thing.  Jim cleans up the house.... she does her thing.  What a life in the platonic marriage of Jim and Jackie.

So Neil has comprised a plan. Jim has confided in him that he has met a lady that he thinks the world of and they have been talking for quite some time.  But due to work schedules, home life and such, they just can't seem to be able to get together very often.  Well, Neil, being the great friend that he about to make that happen.

Jim was due at his office at any moment.  Neil hurriedly pulled Jim's office door shut and stood in front of the door.

“Neil, why are you blocking my door?”  Jim asked.

Jim is six feet four inches, two hundred and fifty pounds and could have easily moved the smaller man out of the way but waited to hear what Neil had to say. 

“Well, the repairmen are putting up special covers on your windows.  There is going to be a top-level meeting in your office tomorrow and no one can see in there.  The heads that be said to make sure your office is soundproof and see-proof.  So, until it is can't go in there.  Let's go get some coffee, ok?”  With that, Neil lead Jim to the break room.

Jim thought Neil was out of his mind.  There were three huge conference rooms that didn't have any windows and were at the other end of the building where they would not be disturbed. 

“What the hell is Neil up to?”  Jim asked himself.  It wasn't what he said it was...that was for sure.  But Jim would play along for a little bit and see what came of it.

About an hour later Neil and Jim walked back toward Jim's office.  Neil patted his friend on the back and told him to have a great day as he walked to his own...with a sly grin on his face. 

Jim slowly opened his office door not sure what his friend had been up to.  There was total darkness.  He flipped on the light switch, sure enough the windows had all been covered with a darkening cloth.  Other than that, everything else seemed the same.

Jim walked to his desk, pulled out his chair and had a seat.  He powered up his computer, turned on his other equipment and went to read his emails.  There was one from his lady.... this always brightened his day.  He read it, gave her a quick answer back and then prepared for the work of the day.

Jim began to feel something touching his ankle.... light...soft...he moved his leg.  He concentrated on his spreadsheets, but there it was again.On the other leg...moving up...slowly.... lightly...then back to the other leg.  “What the hell.” Jim thought.  He moved his chair back a bit, but hands stopped his movement.  Hands held his legs still.  Hands, small, soft, little fingers went under his pants legs and slowly up his legs. 

“Oh My God”, Jim couldn't believe what was happening.  He knew those hands.  He knew that touch.  How in the hell did she get here?  NEIL!!!!!  But how?????

He didn't care at the moment.  Her hands were now all the way up his pants and were reaching for gold.  She knew what she wanted and was going after it. 

“Oh Hell Yeah!!!  Go get it baby!!!!”  Jim said to her.

Just then an in-office memo popped up...from Neil....

“SUPRISE!!!!! lock your door and enjoy.”

“That son of a bitch....”  thought Jim as a huge smile crossed his face.

Jim sat still as Crystal's hands came out of his pant legs and worked their way up the outside of his legs, then in and stopped at his crotch.  She found no surprise she knew she would find his rock-hard cock under his clothing.She slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants then opened them up.  As Jim lifted his hips she pulled them down over his butt and down his thighs.  Crystal massaged his hard, throbbing cock through his undershorts while looking into the most sexy blue eyes she had ever seen.  She loved how his eyes spoke to her.  Desire, want, need, love, all emanated from the depths of those blue orbs. 

As she pulled his cock free from his shorts it jumped, throbbed, pulsed.  He was so hard.  His balls were tight.  He knew he wouldn't last long.  She reached out with her tongue and licked off the drops of precum that were already dripping from the end of him. 

“Oh, Jesus baby, I can't stand this.  You are going to kill me.  Take me baby.  Suck me, honey,” Jim wanted her to make love to him.

Crystal took him into her mouth...slowly...licking him to wet him as she eased him into her.  Her lips closed around the head of him and he gasped.  He held his breath.  God her lips felt so good.  Her mouth was so warm.  She took all 8 inches and his wide girth into her mouth and swallowed him.  He was in heaven. 

Jim grabbed her head...held her long blonde hair in his fists....and moved his hips up and down as he pumped into her mouth.  Crystal took him and knew he was about to cum.  Jim knew she didn't like to swallow cum... what was she doing????

“Oh God, I'm going to cum baby, pull back and let me catch it.”  Jim stated.

But Crystal didn't pull back.  Rather, she started moving her head up and down faster and harder on his cock.  Tighter with her lips until she felt his semen coming up through his shaft and spurting out into her mouth and throat.  She swallowed as fast as she could and still he keeps loading her mouth.  She swallowed again and again until he was spent.  Then she licked him clean.  She looked up at him with her big doe brown eyes and smiled.

“HOLY SHIT!!!!!What the hell just happened?????”  Jim was stunned.  He was ecstatic, he was relieved, he was dumbfounded. 

Jim pushed his chair back and pulled Crystal's little body out from under his desk and sat her on his lap.  He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly against his chest and kissed her deeply.  Their tongues met.  They kissed hard, they kissed soft, they pecked, they toyed with each other’s mouths, lips, tongues. 

She wrapped her arms around his neck.  God, she loved this man. 

“Hang on to me baby”, Jim said as he pushed the chair, with them in it, to the door and locked it.  “We don't want anyone walking in and we definitely are not finished.  We have only just begun.”

With that.... they had the best love making in the next couple of hours possible.... all thanks to a great friend and....


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