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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Erotica

Leaving on vacation to the Virgin Islands, a husband and wife take their seats on board the plane, she in the middle, her husband to her left in the aisle seat. The husband wraps his arm around her shoulders and pulls her close. She lays her head on his chest and goes into a light slumber. Soon she feels him playing with her right breast. As she rouses, she feels her knee being played with. But it can't be her husband, he's sitting on the opposite side. What the hell???




Our flight was leaving from LAX at five thirty AM heading to Miami, FL with a three-hour layover and on to St. Croix, V.I.  This was the first vacation Max and I had taken in nearly six years, since our son Jason was born, and we were so looking forward to it.  We had already received our boarding passes with our assigned seats.  Max had the aisle seat and mine was the middle (between him and the window seat).  We were the sixth row from the back in coach.

“I sure hope we don't get stuck sitting next to some loud mouth or snorer,” I thought to myself as we boarded the plane.

To my great relief, the passenger was a pleasant looking man about six foot two and one hundred ninety pounds.  Built like a brick shit house, he had sandy brown hair and was clean shaven.  He nodded his head to us as we took our seats and we acknowledged him in return.

Once in the air, after refreshments were consumed, I draped a blanket over me, laid my head on my husband’s shoulder and drifted off into a light slumber.  I felt him lift my head, put his arm around my shoulders and put my head down on his chest. 

Sometime later I felt his hand under the blanket, down on my right breast lightly rubbing it and teasing it with his fingertips through my blouse.  It felt good so I made no reaction, but just sat there enjoying the feeling.  I'm not sure if Max knew I was awake or not but he increased the pressure gradually and began pinching my nipple, pulling on it making it stand out.

“Oh God,” I thought, “he's driving me nuts.  He's got to stop this.  He can't be doing this here. What if the guy next to me sees what he's doing?”

I started to lift my head up to protest but Max put his chin on the top of my head to keep me still.  He turned his body a little toward me so his hand would reach my breast easier filling his whole hand.  He massaged it, squeezing it and releasing it, then pinching and pulling on the nipple.  I moaned quietly, but enough that Max heard me.

“Oh shit! That means the guy next to me by the window heard me too.  Damn, what he must be thinking. He must think I'm some kind of slut!”  These thoughts were going rampant in my brain.

The next thing I felt was a hand on my right thigh.  Slowly, it started at my knee and went up to just below my hip.  Then the hand went from the inside of my knee to the inside of my thigh to just below my vaginal area.

“That cannot be Max's hand as his is on my breast.  So.......OH MY GOD!!!”  realization screamed at me.

I tried to move my leg away from the hand but it was held in place.  Little did I know that Max had made eye contact with the man in the window seat and had nodded his approval when the man indicated his intentions.  Max thought it would be a real turn on for me.  He wanted to see how far I would let this go and if I would enjoy it or not.

The next thing I knew the hand was under the blanket and was pulling my skirt up my thigh by his fingertips.  At the same time, Max was reaching inside my blouse and taking my breast out of my bra and teasing and tantalizing it. 

The man on my right had turned in his seat so that he was now using his right hand and fingers.

Slowly, his hand moved back and forth from my knee to the edge of my pussy.... stopped...then went back down.... then back up again and gently moved over the edge of my white lace panties.

Meanwhile, Max had moved himself so that he now had the nipple of my right breast in his mouth and was suckling on it and driving me crazy. 

Between the two of them I could not stay still in my seat.

Sandy, as I chose to refer to the man next to me, continued to move his fingers into my panties and work his magic on my labia.  He whispered softly in my ear how soft my pussy felt and how he loved moving his fingers around inside my panties.  He said I was getting wet and he was going to make me a lot wetter and would make me cum like I never had before.  He kissed my neck, sucked on my earlobe and kept his fingers playing with my pussy lips, back and forth from front to back, over and over.

Oh, God I was so hot!  My hips moved with his hand going up and down with his fingers moving to a rhythm all their own. As I moaned Max covered my lips with his kissing me deeply, his tongue going into my mouth, circling around my lips and back into my mouth. 

With my cunt getting wetter, Sandy inserted a finger into my hole and I came with a grip on his finger so tight he grinned at me.

“So, I guess you liked that, huh baby?”  he asked me.

So into the climax was I that I couldn't answer him.  All I could do was shake my head.

“You haven't felt anything yet darlin'.”  he stated matter of factly.

As he was telling me that, he inserted a second finger, reaching up to press on my g-spot while thumbing my clitoris.  I exploded into a million pieces.  Max had all he could do to keep me in my seat.  My cum ran out of my pussy, all over Sandy's hand, down his arm and my legs.  Holy Jesus...I came and came.  I thought it would never stop.  And Sandy didn't let up either.  He kept pumping his fingers into my cunt, harder and harder and I came again...

“Oh My God”. ...Oh My Gooooddddd !!!!” was all I could say, muffled by Max. 

Max reached over with his left hand and inserted another finger into my cunt and I really felt filled to the limit.  I had slid so far down in my seat that my whole rear was off the end and Max wet his pinky finger and started rubbing my little pucker hole with it.  Holy saints but that felt wonderful.  Then he slid it in slowly.  Pow...another orgasm hit me like a sledge hammer.  Both holes tightened up and constricted several times and I felt overcome with the most extreme orgasm of a lifetime. 

As I came down from the most fantastic climax ever, I looked at two totally wonderful men.  One I knew not at all, except that he had the most incredible fingers and the other, the best husband a woman could have.

While in the throes of my last climax, I had reached down and grabbed my husband’s right thigh and held on for dear life.  I had such a death grip on him that I probably left quite a bruise.  As I calmed down, I moved my hand and noticed that he had quite a hard on.  Max was rather well endowed with a wide girth so it stood at attention proudly.  I reached over and put my hand around him and caressed him, moving my hand up and down his length.

I also had grabbed Sandy's leg and noticed he had a hard on as well.  Though he was a bit smaller than Max, I rubbed him in rhythm with my hand on Max.  Both men were moaning and their cocks were growing with my stimulation.

Sandy undid his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants pulling out his dick.  He took my hand and put his hard cock in it, keeping his hand over mine as we rubbed his dick up and down while I took my finger and went over the tip.  His precum was sliding over, around and down the sides. His cock was so slippery and wet.  Oh, how I wanted my lips around him. 

I turned sideways and bent over as Sandy raised the blanket, lifted his hips and brought his cock up to my mouth.  Taking my tongue, I licked at the tip of his purple head tasting his precum and moving it around his head and down the shaft to the base by his pubic hair.  I proceeded back up to the top and opened my mouth and put the head of his cock into my mouth.  Sandy let out a low moan of pure lust.  I circled the top of his prick with my tongue then moved my tongue down to the ridge and just below it running circles around and around.  It was driving him crazy.  His hips were moving back and forth, up and down, slowly pushing his dick further into my mouth.  He hit the back of my throat and I started to gag but worked my way past it and swallowed him into my throat. 

“Oh baby,” said Sandy.  “You do that so well.  Suck my cock, girl.  Take all of it.”

That was all the encouragement I needed.  I sucked him deep and hard.  Keeping a steady rhythm, I moved my head up and down on him sliding his dick deep into my throat and back out to the tip again.  With each up and down movement, he let out a moan lower and louder than the last one. 

“Ahhh....make me cum baby...I want to cum way down in your throat.  Swallow me honey.”  Sandy pumped his cock deep and I felt his jism rising up from the bottom of his prick.  I took his balls in my other hand as I held his shaft at the bottom while my lips pressed hard on him and I sucked for all I was worth.

 He suddenly stiffened and I felt his warm cum hit the back of my throat.  He held my head as he shot a huge load and I had all I could do to keep it in my mouth and swallow it before the next shot came and then another.  Four or five in all and I didn't lose a drop.

As Sandy eased his hand off of my head, I slowly pulled back up his cock, licking and sucking him clean, making sure I had gotten all of his cum off of him. 

As I turned to look up at him, he had a huge smile on his face. He reached and pulled my face to him and gave me a kiss.  Tasting himself on my tongue, he sucked it into his mouth and savored it.  He then released it and held me close to him.

“Thank you.  That was the best blow job I have ever had in my entire life,” he said.  “You are one hell of a woman and he is one lucky man,” nodding his head toward my husband.  I answered him with a giant grin on my face.

By this time Max was super hard and in need of my expert attention.  He took hold of my shoulder and slowly turned me around to face him.

“Baby, you were very thoughtful to take care of Sandy over there, but I need your help here.  You think you can take care of this problem before the plane decides to land?”

I took hold of his cock and gave it a squeeze and said, “Sure baby...anything in particular you had in mind?”

“Well, as a matter of fact, yes.”

“Okay...what will it be. I am at your service, sir.”

“Oh, sir is it?  Well then, how about you place you lovely pussy over the top of this hardened pecker of mine and let me feel it in its home where it belongs.”

With that said...I got up out of my seat and spread my legs so my pussy opened up and Max could slide his cock up inside me.  Slowly I settled down on him until he was buried to the hilt...all the way to the hair on his balls.

“Oh, my Lord...Max... you feel sooo good,” I said quietly as I leaned into his chest with my back.

As Max nuzzled in my neck and kissed on my ear, shivers ran up and down my spine making my pussy quiver and want more of him.  Max had me by my hips moving me up and down on his shaft as he was moving his hips back and forth.  Then I felt a hand on my clit...moving in circles making it hard and making the little hood move back away from the head.  God, I was getting so hot and wanted to cum so bad. 

I looked over and there was Sandy looking at me and it was his hand on my clit.  He kissed me hard and rammed his tongue into my mouth.  He bit my bottom lip as he reached up and pinched my left breast...and he rubbed my clit harder.  All of a sudden, this guy showed no mercy and pinched my clit hard and I came and came and came.  My juices squirted all over Max's cock and Sandy's hand. 

“Ahh, a squirter we have here,” said Sandy. 

Oh, God, I was coming so wouldn't stop and they didn't stop...Max kept pumping his cock into me, harder and harder.  Sandy wouldn't let off of my clit and I came again...more intense, more ecstatic, more erotic...

“Ahhh baby, your pussy is squeezing me so tight.... I’m going to cum so it comes........ready's yours.”

And he much.  I felt him get so hard and pump after pump of his cum went into my love hole. 

“Yeah baby...give me your love juice...cum in me.  Fill me up lover.” I cried.

It seemed like he pumped in me forever and I was filled to overflowing.  His cum was running down my legs and Sandy had gotten a hand full.  Lord have mercy but this was the best sex ever!!!!

Slowly, I slid back into my seat and pulled my panties back up.  I laid my head back and turned to look first at Max and then at Sandy.  Both had shit eating grins on their faces.

“What's so funny you two?”  I asked.

“Well, baby.  I would like to introduce you to Jacob Wilson.  Jacob, this is my wife Sheila.”

I looked at him dumbfounded.

“You see honey, Jacob and I work together.  He told me one day that he thought you were one hot lady and wouldn't mind making it with you one day.  So, after thinking it over I figured the only way to get you to go along was to do it this way and hope you would once we got you hot enough that you couldn't stop even if you wanted to.  And baby, you were awesome!”

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  So, this was all a big setup.  How could my husband have done this to me?  Although it did turn out to be pretty great.

I wanted to hit him but I reached up and laid a big lip lock on him.

 “I can't believe you did this to me.  But I must thank you because it turned out to be really great.  Jacob...thank you.  You were awesome.  But next time guys...just ask me.






Submitted: May 17, 2019

© Copyright 2023 Katie Santee. All rights reserved.

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Good lord and hot damn! That was hot and even more so because your writing was so precise and wow, the images you evoked were outstanding.

Fri, May 17th, 2019 10:12am


Thank you for such a great review. So glad you enjoyed it. Hope you get a chance to read my other stories and enjoy them too.

Fri, May 17th, 2019 1:05pm


My kind of woman!!!!

Wed, March 4th, 2020 12:12pm

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