Revenge Revenge

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kayla finds her fiance cheating and turns to his enemy.


Kayla finds her fiance cheating and turns to his enemy.


Submitted: June 11, 2016

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Submitted: June 09, 2016



Kayla finished her make-up and stood tall to look herself in the mirror . Her long and curly black hair was flowing over her back  and with almond shaped dark eyes and tanned skin she knew she was a beauty. Gently she started to glide her hand from her neck to her breast, admiring her see-through reed negligée  matched with a sexy little thong. They were a birthday gift from Marksent last week.

She partied alone with her toys at her 28 anniversary because Mark was away on business and she didn’t feel the need for clubbing with their friends. But today her lover was finally coming home, and her pussy quivered empty and her brown nipples started to tingle  only thinking about that.

The table was arrange with candles, a low relaxing music was playing and the food was ready to be served as soon as Mark would come home.

Speaking of wolf, she heard the door opening . Mark stood in the entryway, his blue eyes full of need. He closed the door and with determined moves he approached Kayla, fisting her hair and started to kiss her hungry. “On your knees” he commanded as a greeting.  Kayla started trembling,  excitement clear in her eyes at his dominance.  He took out his huge, erect cock and started pumping as Kayla stood in her knees waiting with her lips slowly parted.  “ Make it nice and wet baby, because I will fuck that pussy and ass hard.”

 Kayla eagerly took his cock in her hands, licking first his balls then going toward the tip. She took the ‘head in he mouth , circling with her tongue then she started sucking hard tasting his pre-cum until he hit the back of her throat. She relaxed her jaw and started to swallow him, until her lips touched his trimmed pubic hair. Fisting her hair, Mark started to fuck her face, stopping just when she gagged.

“Enough! Now get on the table so I can lick that smooth pussy” Kayla released his dick with an audible pop and positioned herself on the table, spreading her legs. Mark picked a knife from the table and started to cut the negligée from between her breast to her middle, careful not to scratch her with it. Kayla stood there trusting and waiting for his pleasure. Then he slowly parted the cloth, pumping slow her perfect palm size breasts, then with  his fingers he started to squeeze  her nipples. His rock-hard dick was resting on her red thong and Kayla started to tremble again, her pussy walls contracting on thin air. With a hand he moved her thong to the side probing her: ”Fuck, you’re so wet!” he  slowly licked his finger and then assaulted her pussy with his mouth, eating her like he was a starved man. He started sucking her clit while two of his fingers were pumping her pussy and his thumb was in her ass. 

Kayla was screaming on verge of orgasm when he stopped. “Please Mark, please” she started to beg shaking with lust. Whit a smirk on his face Mark slowly enters her. “Shit, you are so tight baby! Squeeze me whit that sweet pussy of yours” he commanded while pounding her hard and deep. Just a few more pumps and Kayla was screaming her release. 

Mark rode her steady trough her orgasm and when her spasming pussy calmed he took out his glistening dick and told her “ I want you on the rug on your fours, completely naked when I return!”  Kayla scrambled to do his bidding, even though her feet were like jelly. When he returned also naked she was waiting for him. “Present your ass” he told her in a firm voice. Kayla obediently parted her legs and put her head on her crossed arms, lifting her ass in the air. “Good girl! “

He slowly started to insert a lubricated finger in her ass while with his other hand was coating his huge dick with the fragrant oil he brought. He added another finger, then another pumping in her ass.

 Already relaxed from the orgasm, Kayla felt another one building while he fucked her ass with his finger. A slow burn mixed with pleasure started to spread from her anus to her pussy and her juices started to coat her legs. After stretching her he began inserting slowly his dick in her ass, carefully that he won’t hurt her. “Please fuck me Mark, please harder please” she started screaming and begging. Mark then pushed all the way making Kayla screaming her pleasure-pain. “Take it all, that’s my girl” Mark cooed. Then he lift her  still impaled in her ass, took her hands and started to fuck her hard . Kayla trashed and her ass started squeezing his dick as the orgasm hit her. With a grunt Mark followed soon after.

Collapsing on the soft rug, he gently took his softening member out, kissing her temple and spooning “ I missed you baby” he whispered in her ear. After their breath turned normal, Mark gently picked Kayla up and put her on bed.  Relaxed and content Kayla watched him searching something in his jacket. She perused his toned ass, strong legs and six-pack while he stood in profile, holding something in his hand. Then passing a hand in his dark hair he stood still naked  on one knee and opened his palm. In it was the most wonderful engagement ring Kayla has ever seen. “ Will you make me the honor of becoming my wife?” Smiling with tears in her eyes, she answered “Yes!” 


It was a week since Kayla was wearing Mark’s ring. She decided to surprise him at the office, since she finisher earlier her work. She was already wearing her two pieces cream suit whit her favorite fuck me shoes.  She entered the building anticipating Mark’s surprise when he saw her. Maybe he had the time to fuck her, Kayla thought. She will have to ask his very blond and very sweet PA about his schedule for the rest of the day, she didn’t want to interfere in his business. She entered the office, surprised that his PA was missing from her desk. “Maybe they are in a meeting” she said to herself so she decided to wait him in his office. 

She opened the door and entered in the empty room, surprised to see his jacket on the edge of his chair. Then she heard a moan coming from the bathroom. She froze for a moment, disbelieving but the sound repeated himself. On shaking legs she slowly pushed the door opened. Mark, her Mark, the man she submitted in every way since 5 years ago, the man she trusted and whom was to become her husband was pounding the ass of the very sweet and very blond PA , while she was holding herself to the sink. Kayla just stood there, frozen by shock until he lifted his eyes and saw her in the mirror “What the hell are you doing here?” he told her angry. The PA turned her face smiling toward Kayla like the bitch she was. Then Kayla snapped from her stupor and banged the door closed, leaving them in the bathroom. 

Shaking and not allowing herself to cry she started walking toward the exit with her head high. “I’m not breaking down now!” she commanded herself. “Baby, wait!” Mark caught her arm. His trousers were closed but his rumpled shirt was betraying the state of his earlier dishevelment . “Let’s talk” he told her. “To talk what? About you tripping and falling with your penis in her ass?” she replied angry. Mark stood back surprised . “Do not take that tone with me” he answered without thinking. “Go home and calm down, then we will discus what you believed you saw”  Incredulous of what she was hearing, Kayla turned on her high heels and exited the office thinking “Go home my ass!”

She knew what she had to do: revenge. No, not the puerile kind where she trashed his car or apartment and end up bleeding, crying and sweating. The one where she can take pleasure and a little of her pride back. Well, she might end up crying and sweating, but only for her pleasure, not for the pain he caused. And she knew were to go. To Jake Lewis, the bane of Mark’s existence. Jake was tall as Mark but with blond hair, not black, and mischievous greed eyes . She saw him at the gym and knew he has a nice, toned body, knew that he and Mark were competing since 1st grade in everything. And she knew that he wanted her, judging the way he looked at her when they’re paths crossed.

Kayla entered the building and stopped straight at Jack’s PA desk.
“May I help you?” the cold, competent looking PA asked. “Yes, would you please tell Jack that Kayla Westwood is here to see him?” she answered sure and calm, even if she was boiling inside..
“Do you have a appointment, miss Westwood?” “No, but he will be delighted to see me, just ask him” she told the skeptical PA. “Sure, just take a seat and let me see if Mr. Lewis is available.” Putting down the receiver, she looked up at Kayla surprised: “Mr. Lewis will see you now”. Hearth bangging, Kayla straightened her back and entered Jack’s office with her head held high.

Jack was standing at the window, looking out when Kaila entered escorted by his PA. ” That will be all Anne” he told the PA. He slowly turned, drinking the sight of the woman who haunted his fantasies for five years. Those shoes she was wearing were perfect for fucking, her petite figure was enclosed in a tight cream suit, the skirt molding perfectly on her ass, the jacket squeezing her palm sized breast pushing them forward beging to be tasted. Yeah, his dream woman.

“So, what can I do for you, Kayla? ” he asked after he invited her down on the chair in front of his desk, also seating himself. “I want us to fuck, more exactly I want to fuck you” she told him bluntly. If Jack wasn’t sitting down he would’ve collapsed for sure. He was gapping like a fish not knowing what to say. After a uncomfortable silence Kayla, seeing that Jack wasn’t answering, she pushed herself up and started to walk toward the door ashamed.

“Anne cancel all my meetings and go home. I will lock today” Kayla stopped when she heard Jake’s voice. “Yes, sir, right away” his PA promptly answered. Kayla slowly turned herself leaning on the closed door, smiling a little at him.” I need to ask why Kayla” he told her apologetic. “I just caught Mark fucking his PA” she told him looking straight in his eyes. “You don’t seem surprised” se added after a minute of silence. “Yes, well…” Jack tried to speak clearing his throat. “Out with it Jack, there is nothing that could surprise me now” “Well I caught them together two weeks ago fucking in a bathroom at the Meyver office in LA, I was there trying to negotiate a contract with Frank Meyver” “So that’s why he gave up that contract, were you blackmailing him?” “Hell, no, Kayla, I’m not that kind of guy!” Jack answered Kayla’s accusation horrified. “But will you let me fuck you?” she asked him bluntly.

“Yes, about that, should we go someplace?” he raised and started walking toward her.
 “No” she answered firm. “Pull your cock out” “What?..” started Jack “Jack we will do it my way or no way” Kayla felt empowered, like a phoenix raised from it’s ashes. She knew that Jack will never say no and that  knowledge gave her back the safety feeling that she lost. She trusted a man with her heart, her pleasure, her control, but no more! She will take her pleasure, take back her pride and control of her life! Jack was eager to comply, puling his nice, erect cock. His was slimmer than Mark’s but longer and she already planned to take him in her ass.

But first: “Keep your hands on your side, you are not allowed to touch me!” she commanded the gorgeous man. “Yes ma’am” Jack answered getting into their play.
Not wanting to sink herself in knees in front of him she bent until her mouth was in straight line with his cock. She always liked to perform a blowjob and her mouth watered at the sight of his member. She grabed him with a hand pumping a few times before sucking him straight in her mouth. This wasn’t about him, it was all about her. She put her other hand on his hip to balance herself and started sucking and licking like he was a delicious lollipop. After a while she started to deep throat him stopping when she tasted pre-cum .

“Lie yourself on the rug while I prepare myself” she ordered him. Jack complied while she tossed him a condom and took out the lube from her purse. She lifted up her skirt and opened her jacket and her shirt, letting Jack admire her white lacy underwear. Then she unclasped her front opening bra, squeezing a little her nipples and pushed down her panties. At Jack groan she felt a drop of moisture gliding down her leg. She caught it with a finger and approached Jack, positioned herself with her legs opened each side his head so he could see her glistening pussy and bended letting him taste her juices from her finger.  Jack licked her finger clean moaning “More”

She smiled at him sweetly then said ”No! Now tell me Jack, do you also fuck your PA? “ “No, I don't mix business with pleasure.” He answered truthfully. “Good boy! I will give you a show as a reward” 
Kayla pushed the chair from the front of the desk away with her shoe then put her little ass on the edge and spread her legs, pushing herself higher so she could bend them and rise them up.

Balancing herself with a hand on the desk she leaned and took the lube , squeezing the bottle so a big amount of it landed on her upturned pussy . Then she put the bottle down and started to coat her asshole with the mix of lube and juices from her pussy. “Come closer Jack so you can see better. Stay at my feet on your butt, i want to feel your breath on my pussy but no touching until i say so.” She instructed her partner. Jack immediately comply and groaned when he smelled her excitement.

“Please, I am hurting” he begged her. “Soon, she promised him inserting 2 fingers in her ass.
”Suck my clit” she ordered while inserting another lubricated finger in her dark hole. Jack started to lick and suck her like a starving man. “Stop” she ordered then moaning at the loss of his tongue. “Lay back on the floor and prepare yourself for me. Jack laid back on the soft rug, trembling with suppressed lust. He wanted to take this little tease over the desk hard, deep and fast but he didn't want to scare her away. He felt her need of control and he is going to comply even if it will kill him. He rolled the condom on his arching cock and waited for her pleasure. 

She didn’t disappointed him as she lowered  her pussy on his dick sinking until the hilt. She started to ride him in earnest, clamping on his dick and took his hands and put them on her tits. He started to alternate between rolling her nipples and massaging her breasts. Not soon after that she finished yelling his name. He gritted his teeth and caught the base of his cock in a strong hand knowing that if he ejaculated it will be over. 

Kayla smiled at him and  raised up sashaying toward his desk, bending over it “Now fuck my ass”  He jumped her in a second and inserted his dick in her well lubricated asshole. Putting a hand on the middle of her back he pushed her torso down flat on the desk and started to pump her with slow and deep strokes. Then he slipped a hand  between the furniture and her pussy and pushed two fingers inside her while his thumb pressed her clit. He increased his tempo until she felt her trashing and screaming her release then he let herself cum.

Kayla felt her heart breaking with every trust from Jack. She buried her love deep with every stroke of his enemy's cock, the magnitude of what she did hitting her only after Jack retired and slumped  in a chair.

He felt him leaving the room and entering the bathroom, giving her time to compose herself and choose to stay or flee. The old Kayla would have fled, running in the protective arms of her fiancé. But he wasn’t hers, not anymore. He killed her trust and with it the old Kayla. The new her straightened her clothes and walked to the bathroom. “Thank you, Jack” she told him “Believe me sugar, the pleasure was all mine.“ She kissed his cheek and sashayed to the exit. “Do you have were to stay?” he blurted desperate to keep her beside him. “I’m ok” she answered without turning. “Will I touch you again?” he told her then. “We will see, bye Jack”


She enter the apartment and was surprised to see Mark already home. He was standing on the couch, his clothes rumpled, holding his head in his hands. He looked like a mess. Kayla took a  deep breath and extinguished the feeling of tenderness creeping over her. “ Where have you been?” he whispered. Kayla felt the flames of anger and anguish rise again and without thinking she answered “Away fucking Jack Lewis.” Mark exploded from the couch looking incredulous and mad “ Are you fucking with me, Kayla?” “No” she told her calm even though she was boiling inside with rage. “The one fucking with you today was Becky, your PA” 

Mark turned and hit the wall with his fist. Then started pacing without speaking. Kayla never saw him loosing control like that and started to feel scared. She cowered in a corner, afraid that he will hit her. Seeing her in a corner with frighten eyes Mark stopped pacing and slumped his shoulders defeated. Crouching down in front of her he whispered:  “You know I will never hurt you baby...” Kayla looked up at him and said sad : “You already did. You’ve broken my trust and heart Mark.The Kayla you know is gone. “ 

“Can we talk about it? I was frustrated and lonely without you and she was just there. She doesn’t mean anything to me. You are the one I love and the one I am going to spend my lifetime with”  he started to plead his case and slowly trace her cheek with his hand. “I forgive you about Jack, let’s start over and put the end behind us”

“Mark, when we started I told you upfront that cheating and sharing are hard limits for me. I told you I will submit to you in everyway only if you don’t cross them. By cheating me you broke my trust and because of that, even if I wanted to be with you , I cannot put my faith in you again and leave my body and soul at your mercy. “

“Where will you go, then?”  he started to move nervous again. “The apartment is mine, the clothes that you wear are from me...” “ I will go home to my parents and start looking for job. That is no hardship for me, I can start over. Now I am stronger”

After 5 hours of pleading from Mark that fallen on dead ears, she finally left the apartment with just a suitcase. She refused the other clothes and things he brought her over the years, saying that they don’t suit her anymore.
One day she will trust again a man to submit herself but until then she will have fun dominating. And she knew the man just for that. Maybe he has a friend they may try the menage thing...


This is the first work of mine that I have courage to publish. I apologize about my grammar mistakes( English is not my 1st language ) and I hope that you enjoyed reading Kayla’s story.



© Copyright 2020 Kathleen Drake. All rights reserved.

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