The King and I

The King and I

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


What would it be like to fall in love with The King???


What would it be like to fall in love with The King???

Chapter1 (v.1) - Good Rockin Tonight

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 20, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 20, 2016



I was excited to say the least.  My boyfriend Brett had decided to finally take us to the concert. I had begged him for the past six months or more to try and get tickets, but there was always some excuse why we couldn't.  

"Are you about done in there?"

"Almost!" I yelled back. I was in the bathroom finishing my mascara, while he sat leaning against the headboard of my bed watching some game on tv.

"You're taking forever," he mumbled. I knew what that meant, I had better get my ass in gear or we would end up fighting and the concert would go ahead without me being part of the audience.

"Okay, I'm done," I called, as I tossed the mascara in the drawer and walked out of the bathroom meeting him at the bed.  He stood up and wrapped his palms around my waist.  "Wow...I guess you taking forever was worth it.  You look amazing babe, I'm not sure I should be taking you to see this mans' show," he nuzzled my neck.  Why couldn't he always be like this.  It was always a coin toss with his moods.  "Oh you're taking me!" I said, and kissed him.  

I decided to wear my favourite 'little black dress'. I used beach waves in my hair and did very subtle make up. I wasn't one for looking flashy, the less the better for me. I finished the look with silver strappy heels.A quick spritz of my favourite scent, and I was ready.

"Ok babe, I wasn't going to say anything just yet" Brett started as we hit the highway, "You know that I'm friends with his manager, Ed, dont you?" and without waiting for me to reply, continued "If you promise not to act all fan girl around him, we have been invited to the after show party in his private suite at the Hilton".

"Are you serious?" I think my heart just fell along the highway. "Yes babe, I'm serious, but I mean it, don't be acting all fan girl and embarassing me." I just rolled my eyes and tutted at him. As if I would.......

We arrived at the valet parking service, and a nice boy in a tux opened the door for me and offered me his hand to get out of the car. Before I could accept, Brett had made his way around and gave the poor kid the death stare. Why did he have to be so possesive all the time. His loving mood at home earlier had obviously vanished.

We made our way inside, and he kept me close to his side, to make sure I didn't wander off I supposed. There were so many stands selling shirts, posters, and merchandise of all sorts, that I wanted to go and look at, but I dared not ask, incase I upset Brett any further.

We found a few people we knew, well, mostly Brett knew them, and he started talking animatedly about the show. I was just known as Brett's arm candy most of the time it seemed, and as such, I was not required to take any part in the conversation. This was how a night out with Brett usually played out, but tonight I just did not care. Bubbles of excitement were bursting in my tummy at the thought of the show ahead.

He stabbed out a few texts on his phone, without waiting for any replies. He then grabbed my elbow and led me down a hallway and into the auditorium. We had a side table on the front row, and already placed on the table, was a bottle of my favourite red wine.

Brett stood and talked to a few people while I just sat there taking in the arena. It was huge, and romantic looking, and was unlike any concert venue I had ever seen.

People were seated, and were wearing their best cocktail dresses and suits. The tables were covered in white linen, with vases of roses and candles on them.  

Just then the lights dimmed, and an expectant hush hung over the arena. Brett sat down, but seemed on edge and kept looking back to the entrance of the auditorium.

Music began to play from behind the curtain on the stage, and oh my god, it was finally happening.....

A low murmur began around the audience, building in volume as the announcer began to speak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm Hilton welcome for...

The .....One....The....Only.....Mr Elvis Presley!"


As I stood at the bottom of the short flight of stairs that led to the stage, the familiar opening chords of 'Also Sprach Zarathusa' started to fill the air, and my head. This was my cue, my call to action, just a few more bars of the tune that everybody knew, but no one could name, and it would be my

I mounted the stairs and stood behind the curtain, waiting to pounce like a caged tiger, adrenaline coursing through my veins.There was no feeling like it in the world, except maybe one.... The MC started to speak and then I heard my name, and the curtains parted to reveal my audience. Not as rowdy and vocal as the gig two nights ago, but they looked like they were here for a good time, and boy were they going to get one.

The drums reached their crescendo, and we were off and running. I prowled out into the centre of the stage to where the mike stand waited for me, and squinting against the harsh stage lighting, launched into my opening number......

As I took my fifth encore, I was ready to drop. The show had been both exhilarating and exhausting, but this was my life, my home, the only place where I could really come alive and be myself. Finally I left the stage for the last time and quickly bounded down the stairs, a quick stage exit was crucial I had learned - get caught by a fan in the tunnel to the private express elevator at your own peril. My security team were good at their jobs - the best in fact, but nothing gets in the way of an over excited thirty something, hell bent on sticking her tongue down your throat.

There was always an after show party, guests in the suite, VIP's who expected to be further entertained by the freak show that was me. Sometimes I longed for them to simply leave me in peace, other times I couldn't bear to be alone and craved their adulation. 

As I entered the lavish 'star' suite provided by the Hilton, which was more luxurious and spacious than most apartments, I realised that this was going to be a boring night. Already several local high fliers and their dates, business types on corporate outings, had been whisked through security, and into the 'inner sanctum' of Elvis Presley. I shook hands, kissed cheeks and gradually made my way to the door that lead to the private living area that no-one gained access to, unless specifically invited. As I closed the door behind me, the babble of excited voices in the lounge grew distant, and I knew I had approximately twenty minutes to shower and change out of my stage clothes before my presence would be expected again.

I quickly stripped off the white stage suit which was such a huge part of my stage persona, my trademark if you like, and which was soaked with sweat. I took a quick look in the large mirror which dominated one wall of the bathroom. I was thirty five years old, no longer the kid I had been when this crazy ride had begun. My jet black hair was plastered to my head, my skin covered in a sheen of perspiration, my jaw thankfully clear enough of stubble - no time to shave again what with my guests waiting impatiently for me to reappear. I stood under the powerful blast of a cool shower, and washed away the last traces of my time on stage, not only sweat, but smears of dozens of different lipsticks, and the faint smell of perfumes from all those fans that I had hugged. I'm handsome so they tell me, and the women have always been more than pleased to receive a kiss, a hug, or even one of my silk scarves, of which I give away hundreds on each tour. But sometimes, the comments aren't so kind, with newspaper headlines claiming that 'Elvis is Fat!' if I gain a pound ot two during my down time between tours, and social media, well, lets just say that this is such a fucked up business to be in sometimes...

After my shower, I quickly dry and dress in one of my favourite outfits - black trousers, black boots and a beautiful scarlet coloured silk shirt, worn with perhaps just one too many buttons open, to reveal my tanned chest. I learned a long time ago to always give an audience what it wants. A quick rub of my hair with a towel, the famous jet locks are combed into place, a splash of my favourite cologne, Zizanie, and I'm nearly good to go. I strap my favourite watch onto my wrist and make my way out of the bedroom.

I stand at the door to the lounge, my hand gripping the door handle tight, I take a deep breath and just as on stage, I open the door to reveal once again, my audience, and prowl out to take centre stage in a room full of strangers.........


I sat on a black leather couch nervously tapping my toes and playing with my fingers. Brett had said he would be back in five minutes.That was twenty minutes ago. I wasn't sure what to expect, there were tons of people floating around the room. Laughter and music filling the luxurious space. Some guests were smoking, most were drinking, and some guys in sharp looking suits, with sharper looking women holding their arms, looked like they were talking business talk. It wasn't quite what I had expected to see at an Elvis party. Still he hadn't re-appeared yet, it was bound to get livelier when he did.

I finally decided to send Brett a text:

::WHERE ARE YOU::?? xx

Was I surprised that he didn't reply? ....No.  He had probably found himself a groupie, I honestly would not be surprised if he had.

Just then I heard applause and excited calls of "Here's the man of the night!" I heard various voices cheering.  I suddenly turned my head and looked over to the left corner of the room and there he stood shaking hands with the most heartfelt smile from ear to ear.  Then he spoke, standing less than ten feet away from me, I caught my breath on hearing that famous southern drawl so close to where I sat.

"Thank you everyone for coming and helping to support all of us.  I couldn't do what I do every single night if it weren't for all of you, So please enjoy yourselves tonight."  He raised a bottled water in the air to cheers. Dear God, this beautiful man...How did I end up here and where the hell was Brett? I looked like a moron sitting on this couch alone, while everyone else talked to one another.  

I noticed Elvis was standing around most of the night unable to move from the corner he had been hemmed in to. It didn't seem like he could catch a break. Apparently, friends of friends had brought more friends of friends tonight, and he managed to look thrilled to meet everyone. He gave hugs and kisses, posed for photos and signed autogrpahs, although he looked so tired. I wasn't brave enough to just walk up and gush all over him.

Brett would be proud I wasn't 'fan girling', if only he was here to see me.

Almost an hour and a half later, I had lost sight of Elvis, and thought he must have finally retired for the evening. These people who had been hanging onto his every word had clearly forgotten that just a short while ago, he had performed an electric show, being on stage for over two hours. Give him a break, I thought crossly. 

The crowd began to die down eventually, and I caught sight of a woman wearing a clinging gold sequinned dress, who had been draped all over Elvis for most of the evening. I assumed that she must be his girlfriend, or at least she would be for tonight. As I sat watching the young barman mixing and serving exotic looking cocktails, I became aware of someone standing close to where I sat. I turned my head and looked up to see dark coloured trousers, that then became a bright red shirt, which led to a tanned chest, which then led to that beautiful face with the perfectly straight nose and soft full lips. Gorgeous dark blue eyes, twinkling with charm finished it all off.

"May I?" he gestured to the empty space beside me on the low leather couch.  All I could do was nod my head yes. He gracefully sat down just a few inches from me with his elbows on his knees and turned to me. Suddenly, I felt flushed and was having trouble breathing not fan girl...

"Are you having a good time tonight?  I haven't seen you leave this spot since I came out." He'd been watching me? I thought in amazement.

"Yeah, of course, I just don't know anybody here, so..."

"Who did you come here with?" He sounded genuinely interested in my reply, and asked his questions in a polite, gentlemanly way.

"Well, my boyfriend is friends with someone, I think...Ed? And he invited us". Now I was nervous that he would be mad that I was a stranger, just lounging around his after party.

"Boyfriend huh?" he said, and checked the time on his fat black leather watch.

He saw me tense up I think, because he then reached a hand across to me. "Nice to meet you.........?"  I just looked at his perfect hand, afraid I would somehow taint it if I dared to touch it.

"Don't be afraid Darlin' I won't bite, I just wanted to put a name to that pretty face,"  .....and now I'm officially fan girling. In my own drool......

"Anna," I said, as I placed my hand in his. He held it for a moment so gently, his skin smooth and warm to the touch.

"Anna, it's a pleasure to meet you. Can I get you something to drink?  Have you had anything since you've been back here?" He asked, seemingly with genuine concern.

I just shook my head. I simply couldn't speak. "I'll be right back,' he said, and stood up just as gracefully as he had sat. I took the opportunity to gather myself and take some deep breaths.

I watched him walk over to the bar stopping to sign an autograph for a very pretty girl. He talked to the bartender and then pulled his wallet from his back pocket and took out a few bills. He placed them in the bartenders tip jar. I turned my head quickly when I saw he was turning around and heading back towards me. He had one hand in his pocket and in the other, carried a goblet of red wine. He was the very essence of a man who is totally in control of himself and his surroundings. No wonder he has been dubbed "The King".

"You look like you could use something stronger than this, but I figured we'd start out slow," he said, winking at me. He gently handed me the glass before returning to his seat beside me.  "And if you want more just let me know." I nodded, "Thank you," trying not to look like a lush by chugging it down in one gulp. 

"So you said your boyfriend is a friend of Ed's?"  

"Yes, I think that's what he said, I'm sure it was Ed, although they are more like associates. I don't think he knows Ed all that well...."

"So where is the boyfriend then?" He asked, leaning back to pull his cellphone from his pocket, and immediately begin texting. He didn't wait for a reply, but tucked it back into his pocket. He was trying to be discreet and poilte while doing it.  

I took a deep breath, I wasn't really surprised by this behaviour with Brett anymore, after two years together he tended to just bring me along and he would do his thing and I would be left alone. I shook my head not wanting to cause any trouble, but was really embarassed.  

"No man should leave his girl alone in this crowd of animals," He said as respectfully as he could.

"It's fine really, I think he probably met up with Ed and they're down in the casino or something?......"

Elvis cleared his throat and looked up as an older gentleman approaced us, "Ed, have you met my friend Anna?  She's a guest of mine, and hasn't seen her boyfriend for a couple of hours now. I believe you know him?"

Mystery text explained.

"Brett," I said almost in a whisper -  yep, now I'm embarassed.

"Brett," Elvis confirmed to Ed.  Ed looked embarassed himself.  "Miss Anna its so nice to meet you," He extended a hand for me to shake.  "Uhhh, Brett.." Yep this was also not a surprise. When Brett was up to no good, and none of his friends wanted to rat him out to his girlfriend, they began to stutter.  I just gave Ed my well practised grin, and finished off the wine in a single gulp.

" Whatever it is, just don't man," Elvis said,shooting him a warning glance. Elvis didn't realize I was familiar with all this. It just probably meant I had to find my own way home tonight.  I would hear from Brett sometime tomorrow, if he wasn't already home when I got back.

"It's fine really," I lied. Elvis dismissed Ed with a nod. I hoped he wasn't in trouble now.  

"Have you ever seen the night lights from this far up?" Elvis asked me. I shook my head.

What was I doing, shouldn't I now try to call for a taxi to pick me up?. Was I now intruding and he was just being nice. He didn't give me that feeling, but still.  He took my wine glass from me, placed it on the floor beside his foot, stood up and extended his hand to me, I just looked at him, "Didn't I tell you that I wouldn't bite?" He grinned, utterly charming me with a crooked smile and a raised eyebrow.  

I placed my hand in his and smiled as he pulled me up from the couch.


I worked the room with a well practiced routine, shaking hands with the guys, cheek kissing the ladies, throwing in the occassional "Good to see you man" or "Looking good babe" if it was a face I faintly recognised. Smiling, always smiling - this was all so fucking fake and unreal.

An attractive woman in a dazzling gold sequinned dress attached herself to my arm, and in a slightly drunk, slurry voice, whispered in my ear that she was game for anything I might have in mind, anything at all. Dear God, these bored executive wives were insatiable. While their rich husbands back handed their way to multi million dollar deals, their wives were left to entertain themselves. I had occasionally entertained them too, but they now just seemed to blend into one faceless body in an expensive cocktail gown. Man I need to get out of here.

In the early days, an after party had been just that - a party. Crazy times with friends who just wanted to share the moment, who wanted to be there as part of something bigger than themselves. We had been a team, me and the band, along with my closest friends from Memphis, as well as a couple of others I'd gathered along the way. We had been notorious for our hi-jinks and pranks, and the bedrooms had all practically had revolving doors. Now it seemed that it was all just about deal making, hand shaking, ass licking and corporate schmoozing. Not exactly my idea of a wild time.

As I listened to Frank, or was it Hank, (who knew or cared?) rattling on about some business venture he was trying to get investment for, with his gold draped wife wrapped around my arm, I scanned the room, looking for someone, anyone, who looked like they would be more interesting to talk to. Sitting alone on a couch on the far side of the room, was the prettiest girl I had seen all night. She looked familiar, and I wondered for a moment if we had met before. Then, as I stood watching her, it hit me. She was the spitting image of someone I had known a very long time ago. I decided to try and make my way across the room to her, convinced that she couldn't possibly be here alone.

As I eventually managed to loose the clingy broad, and her boring husband, and make it to the far side of the room, I was pleased to see that she was still sat alone, but I was also a bit puzzled. Here was a stunning looking girl, at a VIP Elvis party, and yet she appeared to be by herself. Not even one of my guys had made a move, and that was weird in itself. Maybe there was a boyfriend lurking somewhere nearby, and a boyfriend with a reputation at that. We had had crazy times over the years, and I was certainly no angel where pretty girls were concerned, but we didn't invite trouble to our doorstep. 

She was lost in her own thoughts as I approached where she sat, and after a second or two when she still hadn't looked up, I cleared my throat and said "May I?" while gesturing to the empty seat next to her. She looked up startled, but nodded okay. I sat down next to her, and I could smell her perfume, warm and musky, but not cheap or overpowering. 

"Are you having a good time tonight?  I haven't seen you leave this spot since I came out." I asked, noting that she really was a beautiful girl. Twenty, maybe twenty two, smooth golden skin, long dark hair, and these big blue eyes that looked friendly, but wary, and something else too..scared maybe??

"Yeah, of course, I just don't know anybody here, so..." she replied, in a soft voice, that betrayed her nerves. She licked her lips and swallowed. This girl was so on edge, I was starting to think I was right about there being a boyfriend hanging around somewhere. "Who did you come here with?" I asked, cursing myself inwardly at sounding so uncool. "Well, my boyfriend is friends with someone, I think...Ed? And he invited us". My heart sank a little to hear her confirm that there was indeed a boyfriend on the scene, but hey when had that ever been a problem? Then I looked at her worried face, and realised in an instant that this was not the typical party chick that always seemed to get into these events. This girl, unlike the gold sequinned variety, was not here to try and score with the 'Main Man'. She was different, and I knew I needed to tread carefully, or I would frighten her away like a startled deer. 

"Boyfriend huh?" I asked, trying and failing to sound nonchalant. Jeez, what was it with this chick? I felt like an awkward teenanger again. To give myself a few seconds to get my racing thoughts in order, I checked my watch, a beautiful black Hamilton Venturer. 

I swallowed and half turned towards her, "Nice to meet you...?"  I prompted, as I still didn't even know her name......"Don't be afraid Darlin' I won't bite, I just wanted to put a name to that pretty face,". Fuck - could I honestly sound more cheesey if I tried? I was embarassing myself here, big time. I thrust my hand towards her, knowing that going in for the cheek kiss wasn't even an option here at the moment. "Anna" she replied, as she placed her tiny delicate hand in mine, which now felt as big and clumsy as one of those giant foam ones you see at sports events.

 "Anna, it's a pleausre to meet you. Can I get you something to drink?  Have you had anything since you been back here?" She just shook her head, and looked down at her hands.

Stop with the all the questions a voice in my head shouted, I was loosing it here. This gorgeous girl was having a remarkable effect on me, an effect I hadn't experienced since...well, for a very long time. I needed to take a moment to gather my scattered thoughts, and so I stood up. "I'll be right back" I told her, and headed for the bar. I realised that I hadn't even asked her what she'd like to drink, and as I stopped to sign an autograph for what would have been the prettiest girl in the room had it not been for Anna, I mentally tried to check myself. "Just calm down man, she's just a guest with a boyfriend, an unseen as yet boyfriend, but a boyfriend all the same." I shot the breeze for a few minutes with the barman, Sam, a nice kid working his way through college, and although not strictly necessary (the bill including tips would be picked up at the end of the tour) I dropped a couple of twenties into his tips jar. 

As I headed back to the couch with a glass of red wine (Sam had assured me that all the ladies were drinking it this evening) I saw Anna turn away. Shit, she's wishing she had made her escape I thought, as I tried to look casual and carefree by putting one trembling hand in my pocket.

"You look like you could use something stronger than thisbut I figured we'd start out slow," I said with a wink - a wink for fucks sake - my few minutes at the bar had done nothing to cool my head. I handed her the glass and sat down again. "And if you want more just let me know." Great, now it looked like I was trying to get her smashed. She just nodded her head, and said thank you, probably trying to work out how to escape from this crazy, egotistical superstar, who seemed hell bent on getting her drunk!

"So you said your boyfriend is a friend of Eds?" I ventured, determined to get to the bottom of this boyfriend situation. With any luck, she'd tell me that they were madly in love and planning to marry, so that I could just walk away with what little dignity I still had left. 

"Yes, I think that's what he said, I'm sure it was Ed, although they are more like associates. I don't think he knows Ed all that well...."

"So where is the boyfriend?"

I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and fired off a quick text to my manager Ed, telling him to track down this erstwhile boyfriend, all the time hoping that Anna didn't think that I was bored with her company. 

"No man should leave his girl alone in this crowd of animals," I told her, looking around the room at all the sharks in suits, who would eat her alive given half a chance. Whoever this boyfriend was, he was no gentleman. Anna had been left on her own for almost all of the evening. She shook her head and blushed. Shit, now I had managed not only to embarass the girl, but make her uncomfortable too. I was seriously losing the old "Elvis magic"....

"It's fine really, I think he probably met up with Ed and they're down in the casino or something..?." she said, with a sad, been there before, half smile. It was obvious that she had gotten used to him abandoning her.

I cleared my overly dry throat and looked up as a familiar figure approached us. "Ed, have you met my friend Anna?  She's a guest of mine, and hasn't seen her boyfriend...?" I said to Ed Williams, my business manager and friend. It hadn't taken him long to respond to my text and go find the son of a bitch...."Brett" Anna filled in, blushing and once again looking down at her hands. This was clearly no love match made in heaven.

"Brett," I confirmed . Ed almost looked embarassed himself.  "Miss Anna its so nice to meet you," He extended a hand for Anna to shake.  "Uhhh, Brett.....he's um, well it's"... Ed stammered, looking put on the spot and flushing a dark red colour....I knew this man well, and I knew for sure that Ed knew something that Anna probably didn't want him saying in front of anyone else.

"Whatever it is, just don't man" I said quickly, dismissing Ed with a shake of my head. He knew me well enough to know that he had done what I had asked of him in my text, and he shot off, no doubt glad to be out of the uncomfortable situation. I needed to get up and move, I wasn't used to sitting still for so long, and I didn't want Anna to sit brooding on the unspoken message that Ed had delivered. Without saying a word, all three of us had understood that this Brett character was off doing something he shouldn't be doing and definitely with someone he shouldn't be doing it with.

"Have you ever seen the night lights from this far up?" I asked her. We were on the thirtieth floor of the Hilton, and the views were stunning. I took her wine glass, and placed it on the floor and then stood up, extending my hand to her. Anna looked up at me with huge eyes, which were even more wary and scared looking, now that it was clear that no boyfriend was about to rescue her. "Didn't I tell you I wouldn't bite?" I managed to grin, dying inside a little that this girl was still making me behave like a nervous prom night date.  "Another glass of wine?"...Great - still sounding like I'm trying to get her drunk.

There was only one thing I could do, and so I treated her to the old Elvis crooked smile, praying that it wouldn't fail me now, and raised my eyebrow questioningly. Anna hesitated for a split second before allowing me to place her hand in mine, and smiled as I pulled her to her feet. 





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