Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica



He was drafted into the US Army against his will, but he was determined to make the most of it......



He was drafted into the US Army against his will, but he was determined to make the most of it......

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Telegram

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 11, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 11, 2016



The envelope stood on the mantleplace above the fire.

It was an ordinary plain white envelope, but it somehow managed to give off an air of menance.

The stars and stripes were printed proudly in one corner, and the US Army stamp took it's place across the front.

The addressee and recipient of the envelope and it's contents, was yet to know of it's arrival, and the rest of the household would be thrown into turmoil because of it.

This envelope meant the end of a certain way of life for not only the person for whom it was intended, but those closest to him as well. It signalled the end of a carefree life of luxury, of fame and notoriety, and of good food, comfortable beds and expensive cars.

The name on the front of the envelope read  PRESLEY, ELVIS ARON.


It was early 1958, and Elvis Presley was setting the world on fire. He had been catapaulted onto the music scene two years previously, having been a virtually unknown name outside of his native south.

The last twenty four months had been phenominal, with hit record after hit record, appearances on major national television shows, non stop personal appearance tours across the country and more recently, Hollywood, and the movie industry.

His was a success story like no other before him, and his star was definitely still in it's accendancy. The world just couldn't get enough of Elvis Presley.

And now Uncle Sam and the US Army wanted a piece of him too.


The front door crashed open and a jumble of young men fell through it into the hallway, laughing, jostling and pushing each other, their voices loud and their laughter louder. 

"Hey Elvis, didja see the way that girl was looking atcha back there?" said one of the voices, cutting through the general babble. "She was practically eating you with her eyes".

This was met with dirty chuckles and general ribbing, but was nothing new amongst them. The voice belonged to a huge young man who was the clown of the group, and almost always the first to notice the girls and the last to ever get lucky with them. He knew his size did him no favours, but he was just happy to be a part of this group.

The guys drifted off in various directions, some to the tv room, some to the kitchen, and others to the sitting room.

Elvis however, had only one person on his mind, and would do nothing else until he had found her. He took the stairs two at a time, his long stride taking him to the top of the wide graceful staircase in no time. He headed along a thickly carpeted hallway, and without stopping to knock, entered a room on his right hand side.

A stout woman sat at a dressing table, brushing her hair and looking into the mirror with dark, troubled eyes. She looked older than her years, and despite being overweight and in poor health, bore a striking resemblance to her handsome young son.

Elvis crossed the room to stand behind her, and bending low, enveloped her in a hug, resting his chin on her shoulder, their eyes meeting in the mirror.

"How are you son?" she smiled at him, her face immediatley looking ten years younger.

"Good now that I've seen you Mama" he replied, kissing her on the cheek, and standing upright.

Gladys Presley was a born worrier, anxious about everyone and everything, but none more so than her beloved only child. She hated him being out of her sight, and fretted until he was back home with her again, despite him being twenty three years of age now.

Gladys turned to face Elvis, her face drawn and serious looking once more.

"Daddy says that an important looking letter came for you today, a personal letter that he's not going to open" she said, looking fearfully up at her boy.

Her husband of twenty five years, Vernon, was a sort of personal assistant come secretary to Elvis, handling incoming mail and in particular, incoming bills. It was a role that didn't particularly suit him, but one that he fulfilled in his own haphazard way. The family had known hard times, and it didn't sit well with Vernon to be wasteful or extravagant. This careful attitude to money hadn't been passed onto his son though, who despite his father's admonishments, gave freely to all and sundry.

"Okay Mama, I'll open it downstairs after dinner" Elvis replied, smiling at Gladys, wanting to see her smile back at him again, but receiving only a sad look in response.

The family, which included Vernon's mother Minnie Mae, known to Elvis as Dodger, plus the collection of friends that always seemed to be present, gathered in the dining room for dinner. It was always good old fashioned southern cooking. The house may have been straight out of a beautiful homes magazine, but the people who inhabited it hadn't forgotten where they came from.

Tonight it was meatloaf, with mash potatoes and gravy, and the 'boys' gathered around the table in a noisy rabble, until Gladys entered the room and sat down. A respectful hush fell around the table as she said Grace. The food was served and the noise level increased again.

Finally at the end of the meal, Vernon, who was a quiet man by nature, cleared his throat and spoke up. "Son, a letter came for you today, it's over there above the fireplace...."

Elvis stopped joking around with his buddy Red, and looked across to where his father indicated the letter was waiting. All eyes were on him as he got up from the table to retrieve the envelope.

Red, who had been at school with Elvis, and had saved his neck on more than one ocassion, saw the envelope and knew immediately what it was. He stopped smiling and looking away from the table, muttered "Oh shit" under his breath. 

"C,mon man open it, don't keep us in suspense here" called the large guy, Lamar, who wasn't sat as close as Red, and hadn't seen the US Army stamp.

"Hush now Lamar" said Elvis, tearing into the envelope, his face calm and still holding onto a ghost of a smile. This however disappeared as he read the flimsy piece of paper in his hand.

He sat down in his chair suddenly, as if his legs could no longer support him.

The room was silent, waiting for the head of the household to reveal whatever was in the telegram.

"Hurry up and tell us boy, whats it say?" called Dodger, no longer able to contain her impatience. She was a sharp old lady, with eyes that never missed a trick, and she knew something was wrong.

"I..I've been drafted" Elvis said quietly in a flat, monotone voice. 


The telegram had certainly turned the world of Elvis Presley upside down. Things had happened quickly following the draft notice being received at his mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Basic training at Fort Hood, Texas had commenced amidst a flurry of press activity, and fan frenzy wherever he went. After two days of the press photographing his every move, Elvis had settled in to learning how to be a soldier, rather than a singer or movie star.

In August, Elvis had flown home to Memphis,after being told that his Mother was ill in hospital and following her death, had been granted two weeks compassionate leave. 

The army wouldn't wait forever though, and Elvis soon found himself back on base, scared of what was to come, and heartbroken over what he had lost.

Now, as he lay in his bunk on a US army troop ship bound for Germany, Elvis cried silently into his pillow. He was lonely even surrounded by his army buddies, and missed his mother badly.




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