Nights of Sin

Nights of Sin

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



nights of sins retold.



nights of sins retold.

Chapter1 (v.1) - June 30th 1956 - Barbara

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 07, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 07, 2016





He's here! At last he's in town to play the shows that have been advertised for's just a pity that all the tickets sold out before I had the money to buy one.

I have a plan though. My cousin Judith works at the Jefferson hotel, and told me that he will be staying there - it's all the staff have talked about apparently. I'm going to see if I can catch a glimpse of him coming in and out - even if I have to hang around all day and all night, I'm gonna see him!

I've got my sexiest dress hanging up ready to wear, and I've borrowed Mom's rhinestone earrings....he won't be able to resist!

Off to bed now, as need my beauty sleep - can't look like an old lady for the Hillbilly Cat!!!!




Oh My God - what a day I've had - the most wonderful day ever. I got up this morning hoping to catch a glimpse of this man, and ended up doing so much more......I have to write it down, every last detail, and just pray to god that no one ever sees it......

I arrived at the Jefferson early, before eight, and hung around outside for a while, not sure what to do next. I had thought that my plan was to just hang around and see him leaving or arriving, but now as I stood there, I wanted more than just a passing glance.

I went into the coffee shop off of the lobby, and sat at the counter, looking far older and more confident than I really felt. My black strappy dress and sparkling earrings looked better suited to a night on the town, rather than breakfast in a mid town hotel, but hey, this opportunity wouldn't pass by again.

I had taken ages getting ready, my blonde hair softly waved, my make up perfect - not too much, but enough so that I looked like a sophisticated woman rather than the love sick teenager that I was. Lipstick was the key, and mine was just right.

As I sat at the counter, I heard a commotion going on near the entrance, and looking up into the mirror above the counter, could see a bunch of guys entering. Holy shit, there he was in the middle of the bunch, looking every bit as handsome as he did in his photographs.

Tall, slim, his famous dark hair slicked back into a duck's tail and quiff, he looked like a god. He wore a dark grey suit, which shone under the coffee shop lights. His shirt and tie both pristine white, black shoes polished to shine as much as his hair.

A couple of business looking men who had been sat just along the counter from me, got up to leave, one of them muttering something about not wanting to be anywhere near "that juvenile deliquent".

His group headed over to claim the counter as their own, him sitting centre stage. I was the only other customer seated there. This couldn't have worked out any better if Judith had put out a 'Reserved' sign!!

I fiddled with my coffee cup while trying to watch him in the mirror hanging above the counter. My hands were shaking, and my mouth was dry, but at least I managed to maintain a calm outward appearance.

"I love your earrings", a deep southern voice spoke quietly, and politely in my ear. I turned to see he had scooted along a few stools and was now sat right next to me. "Oh, oh thank you" I replied, sure that I sounded like an idiot.

"Can I get you another..?" he asked, indicating my empty coffee cup. "Oh that's very kind, coffee, thank you"....I hoped my words were actually coming out in the right order.

My coffee and his huge breakfast arrived, and as he tucked into bacon, eggs, toast, coffee and a couple of donuts, we talked about life in Richmond, popular music, and the pressures of being young in today's changing world. He spoke beautifully, well mannered and nothing like the monster he was made out to be in the newspapers.

He introduced me to a photographer who had been assigned to accompany him for a couple of days, and asked if I minded him snapping us. 

As breakfast drew to a close, I mentally prepared myself to say goodbye to this beautiful man, and run home to write it all down while it was still fresh in my mind.

"So, umm, Barbara right?" he asked, "Are you busy today..?" he said, looking me up and down as I stood up to smooth my dress. His eyes were blue, but smokey looking too, his nose straight, and chin strong looking. 

"I, um, no not really" I stammered, blushing for sounding so uncool. "Good, that's settled then" he said, and grabbing my hand, strode towards the exit, across the lobby and out towards a waiting car. He smiled and waved to a crowd of girls who had gathered on the sidewalk outside the hotel, and as he stood back to hold the car door open for me, I heard one of them say "Lucky bitch"....and I had to agree, I certainly was a lucky bitch today!

I climbed into the back of the waiting car, and sat in the middle between him and a guy who turned out to be his cousin....a bit of a loony to be honest. The photographer sat in the front, and turning in his seat, continued snapping as we drove along. I wasn't even sure where we were going.

It turned out to be the Mosque Theatre, where he would be performing later. He was only in town today, and would be heading back up to New York straight after the show finished.

I sat in the auditorium and watched as he and his band warmed up and went through rehersals. He was such a natural, instinctive performer that he didn't like to reherse too much, and so he was back with me again in no time. I was ecstatic to have witnessed a personal show from my idol, but this faded into nothing when he took my hand, and with one of his famous lop sided grins, pulled me up from my seat.

"C'mon honey, lets find somewhere a little less public" he had said quietly, as we gave the photographer the slip and headed out through the maze of gloomy back stage passages.

We headed up some stairs, bare metal and echoey, at the back of the theatre, designed to be used by staff only. They were certainly not glitzy enough for the ticket purchasing public. He stopped half way up one flight between landings, and pulled me into his arms.

"You know Barbara honey, you really are a very pretty girl" he said, and kissd me.

I had had boyfriends, and was certainly no virgin. I had willingly taken part in the antics that went on in the back row of the movies every Saturday evening. I had 'parked' and thought of myself as worldly wise when it came to handling boys. This was a man though, and as he kissed me, roughly probing my mouth with his tongue, and stroking my ass through my dress, I shivered with a mixture of nerves and desire.

I broke away in order to catch my breath and also to maintain some dignity in this fast moving scenario. "You're very fresh" I said, laughing and backing away from him slightly. This was the wrong move however, as I now found myself backed up against the wall of the stairwell. Smiling like a hungry wolf, he moved in closer to me again, and standing with one foot on the stair below, and the other foot on the stair above me, pinned me to the wall. One of his large, soft hands with the famously long fingers was pressed against the wall above my head, supporting him, the other on my waist. It was a totally male stance, a male who has cornered his prey and knows he can go in for the kill in his own leisurely pace.

He bent his handsome head, and kissed my neck, licking the skin below my ear lobe which had my Momma's earring attached to it. He moved his hand from my waist and moved it around the back of me, placing it firmly on my ass once more. He pulled me in close to him, and I could feel the hardness of him through that beautiful suit.

"I gotta have you baby" he growled in my ear, moving his mouth down the side of my neck, to begin kissing the bare skin of my shoulder. I tilted my head to allow him better access, and this seemed to ignite him. He brought his mouth up to mine and kissed me passionately. His hand was now slipping the strap of my dress from my shoulder, and tracing ever lower circles on my skin. Pretty soon his hand would be inside my dress.....

 As we stood on the gloomy stairwell, him pinning me to the wall and stroking the top of my breast, he took my other hand and placed it over the front of his suit pants. "See what you do to me Barbara?" he whispered in my ear, in a low sexy voice. I could feel him twitching and straining under my hand. "I gotta have you baby" he added, looking around to make sure no-one could over hear him. This was not the sort of thing he wanted the photographer to record.

Glancing upwards, he spotted a closed door, and grabbing my hand, took the remaining stairs two at a time. The door opened under his touch, and he pulled me through it into a dark, windowless space, which was a large storage closet of some sort, kicking the door shut behind him. I heard the key turn in the lock, and the darkness was total.

I felt him move towards me, and could smell his cologne, warm and spicy. "You..umm..okay with this honey, I mean...." I stopped his stuttering question with a kiss, letting him know that this was absolutely okay. Good girls didn't always get the rewards, and I knew I'd never see him again after today, so what the hell, I was going to enjoy this.

I felt his arms go around me, his long fingers finding he zipper of my dress without any hesitation. The sound of the zipper lowering sounded so loud in the confined space, that we both giggled a little nervously. He slipped the silky dress from my shoulders. and I heard it rustle to the ground. I was now standing in front of him in just my bra and panties. Thank god it was dark.

His hand reached out, and touched my breast, and I heard a tiny intake of breath from him. He stroked the smooth skin above the lace of the cup, running his fingers slowly from one breast to the other. I took a step forward, and could feel the heat coming off of him. I reached out and touched shirt front, and finding his tie, began to slowly undo it. I undid his shirt buttons next, and pulling his shirt free of his pants, left it hanging open. I spread my palms flat agianst his chest, and gently pushed him back up against the nearest turn to be the dominant one!

I could feel a light scattering of soft downy hair on his chest, and it brushed my cheek as I bent my head to lick his nipples, gently biting each in turn. He took my head in his hands, gently pushing me lower. I sank to my knees, head level with his crotch. 

If he thought he was bringing a naieve, country hick up here, he was wrong. I had done this countless times before. Heck, it passed as a hobby in some parts....

I reached out and felt the expensive fabric of his suit, and lowering another gunshot loud zipper, soon had him gasping again. I was getting really turned on being the one in charge in this black as night closet. If he'd been able to see my face, I wouldn't have been half as confident.

I released his erection from the confines of his pants, and stuck my tongue out to taste him. A drop of pre-cum had beaded on the tip, and as I licked it, heard him groan quietly. Opening my mouth, I took the head of his cock into my mouth, stroking it with my tongue, gently biting the sensitive skin.

His knees seemed to sag slightly, and he had to push himself back up the wall. I carried on sucking and licking his hard cock, working him up and down in my hand at the same time.

"Jesus baby, I'm close now" he moaned into the darkness, and I could hear his breathing coming in ragged gasps. I increased the speed of both my hand and my mouth, and as he clutched my head in both of his hands, moaning, knees shaking and hips jerking, he came into my mouth.

I swallowed every last drop of him, and licked the tip of his deflating cock clean. 

I felt so turned on by this almost anonymous blow job in the dark, that I needed some sort of release soon myself. I hoped he wouldn't disappoint me.

He stood leaning against the wall for support for a moment or two, before hauling me up to stand in front of him, our bodies just inches apart. His hands went around my back and expertly unhooked my bra, which fell to the floor with the dress. He was much taller than me, standing at six foot, and so had to bend his head some way to suck my nipples. Turning me around to lean against a wall once again, he slipped one of his hands into the front of my panties.

His long slender fingers worked their way between the folds of my hot, damp pussy, finding my clit straight away. This guy sure knew his way around a woman. He began to slowly move his fingers backwards and forwards over my sensitive skin, and I held onto him in the dark. I opened my legs a little wider, and he pushed more of his large hand into my underwear, sliding long fingers inside me, continuing to rub my swollen clit with his thumb. I was starting to feel a bit dizzy now, my breathing way too fast.

As we stood against the wall, joined together by his hand in my panties, I leaned my face against his bare chest, and came shuddering against his hand, crying out onto his skin. 

Without giving me any time at all to recover, he turned me to face the wall, and standing behind me, thrust his now stiff cock into me. Still riding the waves from my first orgasm, I moaned deep and low, spreading my legs, and raising my hips. 

He thrust into me over and over, taking this one for himself. After a while, I felt his mouth against the hot skin on my shoulder, and he bit me as he came pounding into me from behind. 

My knees finally gave way, and I slid to the floor panting. He joined me, pulling me into him. As we lay in the dark, struggling to regain control, he spoke for the first time since I had kissed him.  "Jesus baby, I don't get to meet girls like you very often" he said laughing, "Despite what you read in the papers about me"...

"And I certainly don't get to meet guys like you either" I replied, knowing that I probably wouldn't again either.

It was really hot in the closet by now, and I could feel a sheen of sweat on his skin. I ran my fingers lightly over his belly, feeling his cock jerk and begin to grow again. He sure had some stamina I thought as I sat up, running my hands over him to get an idea of exactly where he was laying. I quickly straddled his hips, lowering my self slowly down onto his hard on.

I moved my hips backwards and forwards, very slowly building the tempo. He held onto my waist, trying to control the pace, bucking up into me.

"Oh no you don't mister" I laughed, slowing down my grinding hips. He groaned, and I laughed again, but did begin to fuck him a little bit faster.

After a while, the familiar feelings began to fizz up from my pussy, and I ground down onto his cock faster and harder, riding him with all the energy I had left. He reared up into me, holding my waist, and in that hot dark closet, we came together, sweating and moaning.

The show that night was fantastic, and I felt like a queen sitting in the VIP area close to the stage. All through the concert, girls screamed and cried, throwing themselves at the stage in an effort to get close to him.

I sat in my seat, pussy still feeling tender from the pounding it took earlier courtesy of this gorgeous man. My shoulder was sore from where he bit me when he came, and I had laddered my best stockings. 

A few weeks later, I was delighted to see my face on the cover of Movie Time magazine. A lovely shot taken by the photographer as we sat at the coffee shop counter that morning. Looking at our faces, chatting and smiling like any other young couple enjoying breakfast, no one would be able to guess about the hot sweaty afternoon we spent in a closet.









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