The Kings Gambit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Bangtan's Lap

King Min was ruthless, he was trying not to be such a tyrant and let his right hand man talk him into having a gala. A certain fan dancer caught his attention, but would the mouth on the fan dancer get him into trouble? And is it the good or bad kind of trouble...

He was bored. He was at his own gala in his own castle and he was bored. Why did he let them talk him into this he never knew. Of course his trusty right hand man could make him do a lot of things. He leaned back in his seat a look of indifference on his face. Performers would come up and do their thing, he would thumbs up if they would be invited back or thumbs down if he never wanted to see it again. He let out a breath and rolled his eyes as another one walked away with their held down in shame as he waved his hand.

Hoseok made a humming noise next to him. “You know King Min, more people wouldn’t fear you if you smiled once in a while and looked like, i don’t know you didnt hate everything.”


He rolled his eyes, the only time Hoseok called him King Min was when they were in public. “Maybe if everything wasn’t boring then I wouldn’t”


Hoseok hummed again with a smirk. He looked up at him. “What on earth are you smiling for.”


Hoseok turned with a grin. “Oh you will see sir, something I think even you cant pretend not to like.”

He rolled his eyes. “You think you know me but I am sure this will be as boring as the rest.”

Hoseok shook his head. “This one actually wants to be here, and when I told them they were coming. One in particular was very excited to meet you.”

He let out a laugh. “No one is excited to see me, plus as you know that really doesnt do it for me.”

Hoseok gave a noncommittal shrug. “Just wait and see your highness.”


He let out a laugh as another group came out. He saw their fans and rolled his eyes. “Fan dancers, really?”


Hoseok just tipped his head towards the dancers they were hiding something, no someone. He leaned forward to try and catch it, when the drumming began and they moved showing off someone with golden skin and long grey hair. The body was lithe and toned, but not that of a woman. His brow arched as the fans pulled away one by one revealing the person as if in slow motion. He felt his breath catch in his throat as piercing eyes were staring right at him. He sat up straight and eyed the boy up and down. 

He couldn’t lie, he was absolutely beautiful and the way he moved, he couldn’t help but wonder if he moved that way in everything he did. His eyes were glued to every flick of the wrist, every movement of his hips, the boys gaze never left him and he only wanted more. When the music stopped and his last pose was struck he found himself staring hard. Hoseok cleared his throat and his attention snapped to him. “What?”


Hoseok suppressed a grin, “They are waiting for your decision King Min.”


He looked around realizing all eyes were on him and the performance was done. He leaned back in his chair tilted his head and smirked. He held out his hand curling it to a fist and slowly let his thumb out, it was pointing up. The hall started mummering and claps were resounding the room. The boy smiled beautifully the king motioned for him to come forward. The boy slowly made his way forward almost slinking as he did.

The boy stopped just short of him, he stood from his chair and closed the distance. He stood a step above him so he was looking down at him. “What is your name?”


The boy bowed gracefully slowly making his way back up his eyes locked onto him, he licked his lips before answers. “My name if Jimin your highness.”


He nodded, even his name was beautiful he was certainly fitting. “Well Jimin, you are quite beautiful, and you danced beautifully as well.”


Jimin smirked and played coy. “Well thank you your highness.”


He stepped down so he was on even ground with Jimin now just in front of each other. Jimin looked him up and down. “If I may say so, you are quiet beautiful yourself.”

His lips curled up into a smile. “I suppose I can allow you to say that.”

Jimin tilted his head looking at him. He arched his brow. “What is it Jimin?”

Jimin reached out stroking his cheek. “How’d you get the scar beautiful.” 

Gasps fill the room at Jimin touching the king. His guard quickly stepped forward to take on the offender. Looking from him to Jimin. “Sire do you want me to take care of this scum.”

He looked to his guard with a glare who stepped back and turned to Jimin and grabbed his wrist pulling him closer to him. “I could show you better.” 

Jimin purred pressing his body into him. “Please do.”


He let out a soft growl gripping on his wrist firmly spinning and pulling him from the room. He called over his shoulder “You have the floor.”


Hoseok smirked. “As you wish my King.”


Jimin giggled being drug into a hallway. He threw him against the wall and pressed his body into Jimins. “I could have your head for touching me, or even looking at me as you are.”


Jimin tilted his head. “But something tells me you wont, your Highness.”


He ground his hips forward cause Jimin to gasp softly. “Call me Yoongi.”


Jimin bit on his lip and smiled. “Okay, Yoongi.”


The way his name sounded on his lips was sinful. He wanted more things trailing from those beautiful plump lips. Jimin ground his own hips forward and Yoongi wrapped his hand in his hair the hair pulling it back. Jimin moaned at the treatment looking at at Yoongi.

Yoongi pulled his sword from his waist and lightly pressed to Jimins face. A smirk came across it. “Is that how you got the scar beautiful.”


Yoongi growled. “You like his don’t you dancing with fire, knowing I could kill you any second.”


Jimin nodded as the blade ticked his skin. Yoongi watched a drop run down and saw the lust cloud Jimin’s eyes. “I do, because I know you wont.”


Yoongi tilted his head. “How are you so sure of that, havent you heard I am the Crazy King.”


Jimin nodded. “Crazy, sexy and I just want to feel you in me. I think you want that too, feel free to prove me wrong.”


Yoongi growled and put his sword away taking him by the wrist and dragging him back down the hallway. Jimin giggled again, Yoongi loved the sound but he was also annoyed how quickly he had wormed himself in. He busted through a door and pushed Jimin inside and towards the bed. Jimin quickly scrambled onto it getting on his knees turning to face Yoongi. Yoongi slammed the door and locked it before turning back to face him. Jimin beckoned him forward with a finger. He purred out “Come here my King and let me show you just how loyal I am.”


Yoongis eyes darkened as he moved closer. “Are you sure you want to say that to me?”


Jimin grabbed hold of his robe and pulled him close leaning to whisper in his hear. “If it means your gonna punish me then yes.”


Yoongi pulled Jimins hair back exposing his neck. Jimin let out a ragged breath looking up at him. “I could cut your head off right now.”


Jimin squirmed and moaned softly as his hair was pulled again. Yoongi pulled out his sword again as Jimin watched licking his lips. Yoongi pressed it to his neck with a devilish smirk. “You asked how I got this scar, it was by this sword. The man who gave it to me is now dead.”


Jimin arched up pressing himself into the blade staring at Yoongi. “So do it then, or let me show you how I can put my mouth to use for you.”

Yoongi slowly pulled his sword away and let go of Jimins hair. Jimin straightened himself up running his hands down Yoongis chest. He pulled at his robe as if asking permission to pull the ties when he saw no resistance he started to free Yoongi from this clothing. He gasped licking his lips as Yoongis chest was exposed his hands ran over it nails scratching down softly.


Jimin leaned forward his hands moving lower his tongue licked over his chest. Yoongi groaned at the warm sensation, Jimin looked up through his lashes and he moved his head down pushing Yoongis pants down. Yoongi gripped Jimins hair as he made his way down. Jimin whimpered at the light tug on his hair as he pushed Yoongis clothing down his hips freeing his cock. He hummed in delight as he shifted himself to laying on his stomach to be level with it.


He gave a soft lick to the head looking up at Yoongi who as giving him a hard stare. He sucked the head softly moaning at the taste of him. Jimin took him deep into his mouth sucking softly hollowing out his cheeks earning a groan of pleasure from Yoongi. Jimin reached up tighting Yoongis hand in his hair looking up through this lashes.


Yoongi knew what he wanted so he pulled on his hair and pushed himself down Jimins throat. Jimin gagged and moaned on his cock. “Is that what you want, to be treated like a whore and have me use you?”


Jimin nodded his head unable to speak as Yoongi began to thrust in and out of his mouth slow. Yoongi groaned feeling himself going down Jimins tight throat. He watched as Jimin rutted himself down on the sheets. “Fuck are you gonna get off from sucking me.”


Jimin whimpered and sucked a little harder. Yoongi relished in the feeling and pulled harder on his hair thrusting hard and faster into his mouth. He was abusing his face and Jimin was getting off on it. Yoongi couldn’t believe the dream of a mouth that was wrapped around his cock. Jimin pressed his tongue to the underside and reached a hand up to take Yoongi’s balls into. He massaged them softly as his mouth was being used. Jimin was moaning in pleasure watching as Yoongis head fell back tears were streaming down his own face. He was loving every minute of this.


Yoongi cursed out it was too much he was panting, he thurst his hips forward and held Jimin there who was gagging and sputtering around him. “Go on suck, take me cum.”


Jimin gave a harsh suck and felt the warm load rushing down his throat he moaned his eyes fluttered close his own hips stuttering against the bed. Yoongi twitched in his mouth finishing his release before pulling out. Jimin gasped for air looking up at Yoongi looking a mess covered in tears and drool. Yoongi let go of his hair and stroked his face tipping it up to him. “Tell me did you get off on that.”


Jimin nodded his head voice coming out raspy. “Yes...I.. did.”


Yoongi groaned pulling him up off the bed. Jimin was sure he wanted him to leave and moved towards the door only to be halted by him. “Where do you think you are going?”


Jimin arched a brow. “Do you not want me to leave?”


Yoongi shook his head. “You are staying right here with me. Stay here.”


Yoongi stalked to the wardrobe, rifling through then looking at Jimin he pulled some stuff out and came back over. “Come on.”

He grabbed Jimin by the wrist and pulled him towards a door at the side of the room, and pushed it open. He walked Jimin into another room and Jimin looked around curiously. Yoongi arched his brow. “What is wrong with you?”


Jimin titled his head. “Is that how you wash?”


Yoongi realized he had not had a bath like this before and a smirk came across his face. He pulled him toward a large stone tub. “I know its not like the bathhouses or the river but its nice.”


Jimin nodded as Yoongi turned around taking holding of his top. “Can I take this off you?”


Jimin nodded as Yoongi slowly removed his clothing. Yoongis breath hitched as he took in the sight. “So much beauty under these garments.”


Jimin felt the heat rush up his skin. “King Min are you saying something nice.”


Yoongi smirked. “I do know how to appreciate the finger things in life.”


Jimin licked his lips as Yoongi finished undressing him pulling his sticky clothing from him tossing them to the side in a pile. He pulled Jimin toward the tub and motioned for him to step in. Jimin did and hummed with pleasure. “Its warm.”


Yoongi nodded stepping in behind him. “Heated by fire, just enough to make it comfortable.”

Yoongi sat down and pulled Jimin down with him. Jimin rested against him but wasn’t; sure what to do with himself so his lazily danced his hands over top of the water. “They refresh it daily with water from the river for me.”


Jimin nodded, Yoongi pulled him back against him. “What would you say if I wanted you to say here with me.”


Jimin turned his face to the side to look at him. “Why would you want me around that much.”


Yoongi licked his lips. “You are pretty to look at, and I have a feeling you will keep me on my toes. I am also somewhat fond of you for some reason.”


Jimin let out a soft giggle. “Well I don’t have anything here, not that I have much at all to be honest.”


Yoongi shook his head, “I will make sure you have everything you need for now, just keep me company.”


Jimin nodded resting himself against Yoongis chest. Yoongi ran his hands up and down him softly cleaning his skin. He wasnt sure what propelled him to ask the boy to stay but he was glad he did it. He wanted to keep him as close as possible and protect him from everything. They finished cleaning in relative silence before helping each other dress in the clothing Yoongi had grabbed.


Jimin ran his hands over the fabric in awe. “I have never felt something so nice, that wasnt a costume.”


Yoongi smiled wrapping an arm around him pulling him towards the bed. “Well get used to it.”

Jimin crawled up into the bed laying on it taking a deep inhale. “It smells like you, i like it.”


Yoongi gruffed out a laugh and crawled in beside him. “Come now lets rest. I will show you around the in morning.”


Jimin nodded tucking himself into Yoongis side. Yoongi wound protective arms around him watching him fall asleep. He wasn’t sure what he was doing with the boy, but he would keep him for as long as he allowed.



Yoongi woke first the next morning, watching Jimin sleep peacefully still curled on his chest. Jimin was lightly gripping his bed shirt as if he might disappear if he left go. This made Yoongi smile. He felt him start to stir and his eyes fluttered open. Jimin flushed once he realized Yoongi was staring at him. "Oh, good morning."


Yoongi tightened his grip as an unsure look crossed Jimins face, as if he was wondering if he should even still be there. As Yoongi held him tighter a small smile found its way to his face. Yoongi was about to speak when a knock rapt as his door. Yoongi rolled his eyes. "Who is it, and you better have a good reason for bothering me."


He heard a laugh on the either side of the door and realized it was Hoseok. "Well, King Min. I have breakfast if you care to unlock the door. I figured you two may be hungry."

Yoongi clinched his jaw. Looking to Jimin who was now burrowing under the covers, he only laughed at how impossibly adorable the boy could be. He slid from the bed throwing on a robe and opened the door fixing Hoseok with a glare. Hoseok walked in with a tray pushing passed him. "Please you know that doesn't work on me."

Yoongi rolled his eyes and shut the door. Walking to the bed pulling on the covers. "Come on out, this is Hoseok I trust him with my life."

Jimin slowly peered out seeing Hoseok beaming. "Hey there, was he nice to you cause I will kick his ass. He knows it."


Jimin nodded his head slowly sitting up. Hoseok arched a brow seeing him in Yoongi clothes. "Had a lot of fun I see."


Jimin whined and made a face looking to Yoongi. Yoongi turned to Hoseok. "I will kick your ass too, ya know. Besides it was a tame evening, I just gave him some clothes to wear, since his were dirty."


Jimin groaned and fell back onto the bed hiding his hands in his face. "Are you two always gonna discuss me like I am not here?"


Yoongi pulled on his hand. "Come on out of bed, lets get you fed so I can show you around."

Hoseoks head snapped to him. "Show him around? Will Jimin be staying with us?"


Yoongi wrapped an arm around Jimin as they Join Hoseok at a table in the room. "He will is there a problem with that?"


Hoseok shook his head. "Absolutely not, in fact I think that is perfect. Honestly I like Jimin for you."


Jimin blushed picking up a piece of bread pulling it apart and popping a piece into his mouth. Yoongi still held onto him even as he picked at his breakfast making it difficult to eat some things but he didnt care. Jimin noticed and with a giggled pulled his bread into pieces for him to eat. Hoseok watched the two with mild amusement. "So you have a few things on your agenda. Will Jimin be joining you or would you like someone to escort him around?"


Yoongi looked at Jimin. "He can join me. Would you like to do that?"


Jimin bit on his lip. "Do you trust me like that? I mean I would love to spend the day with you."


Yoongi smiled turning back to Hoseok whose mouth was hanging down. "He will join me then, what is your problem?"


Hoseok raised his hands up. "Nothing, nothing at all. Well the farmers want to talk to you about extending the size of their fields so you have that, plus a few cases to decide punishments on."


Yoongi nodded. "Thats simple, and I have time to show you around. I will lend you some clothing and we can meet with the tailor to get you some of your own."


Jimin shifted around. "That is alot to do for me, I am not sure I am worthy of this."


Yoongis eyes went dark and Jimin squeaked trying to move back but Yoongi gripped his wrist. "Jimin, never let me hear you doubt your worth again do you hear me? You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen, if anything I am unworthy to be in your presence."


Jimin surged forward kissing him deeply, Yoong wound his arm around him kissing him back just as fiercely. They both seemed to have forgotten Hoseok was in the room as he cleared his throat and Jimin jumped away stammering. "Im sorry, I'm so sorry."

Hoseok shook his head. "No no, I interupted your moring. I will take my leave and you two can join me when you are ready. You meet with the farmers just before lunch."


Yoongi nodded to Hoseok who turned and left the room. Jimin was ducking his head as if he was waiting to be yelled at. Yoongi put a finger under his chin tipping his head head up. "You can kiss me like that whenever you want. I will never complain or be angry with you."


Jimin let out a breath. "But what about what people think I mean. I am a nobody and you are the king and we arent exactly supposed to be together."


Yoongi shook his head. "Do you think I give a fuck what people think? The moment I saw you I wanted to know what you felt like under my fingers. I was blinding by your beauty. If they have a problem with my being with you, then I will have their heads."


Jimin giggled and placed his forhead on Yoongis chest. "No need to cut everyones heads off, you highness."


The way he said caused Yoongi gripped onto Jimins hips. "I don't know if I can handle it with you say it like that, it makes me want to throw you on the bed."


Jimin giggled. "Well then wait are you waiting for your highness."


His tone was breathy and Yoongi really did want to rip his clothing off and bend him over the bed. "As much as I want nothing more then to do that right now, let us get dress so I can show you what this place has besides a bedroom."


Jimin shrugged. "Do I really need to see much else."


Yoongi shook his head. "You are going to be a problem arent you."


Jimin giggled as Yoongi stepped away to get them some clothing for the day.



Yoongi walked Jimin through the castle showing him the different rooms. Jimin was in awe "I have never seen a place with so many rooms."

Yoongi was amused as he skipped along taking everything in. Yoongi took him out to the courtyard and showed him the gardens, Jimin was touching every flower smelling it with a big bright smile. Yoongi felt a warmth in his chest but kept a straight face, his guards were following around with him. Jimin skipped up to him, "This is truly so beautiful thank you for showing me it."

Yoongi nodded taking his hand. "Come on its time to meet with the farmers."

Jimin beamed again following along as Yoongi led him through the halls and into a room like where the ball was held but smaller. A throne sat at the front with a smaller seat next to it. Yoongi walked up and motioned for Jimin to sit in the smaller chair, the younger easily complied. An older gentleman was escorted in, Jimin sat up straight and looked at Yoongi who just took a breath with a face of uninterest. He stopped in front of them bowing the older mans eyes flitting to Jimin then back to Yoongi. "Thank you for your time your Highness."


Yoongi waved his hand for the man to continue. He did "I know it is your land that borders my farm, but you see...."

The man stammered nervously, Jimin leaned forward with a soft voice. "Please continue."


Yoongi looked over at him with an arched brow and Jimin leaned back in his chair eyes down cast. Yoongi gently patted his hand letting him now it was okay. The man swallowed continuing "Due to the summer heat part of my lands burned and I cannot farm on them till next season. If I could use some of your land, then I could farm and help the village."


Yoongi tilted his head. "Do you have no other land to farm on?"


The man shifted in his spot. "I do your highness, but it would be far less crops and leave the village with less food."


Yoongi leaned back into his chair. "This is supposed to be my problem, that you didn't do what was needed to care for your land with the elements."


The man hung his head down. "I am sorry your highness, you are correct I...."


A younger man burst into the room. "With all due respect your highness my father is trying...."


Yoongi stood up glaring at the younger man. "Who are you to just burst into my chambers like this. Take this man away now."


The guards moved grabbing a hold of him when Jimin screamed out. "No please don't"


Yoongi whiped his head to Jimin. "What? Why?"


Jimin eyes were darting around from the older man to the younger and back to Yoongi. Yoongi held up his hand as the guards froze in their place the younger man trying to pull from his grasp. Yoongi turned to Jimin. "Explain to me, please."


The room was deadly silent. Jimin swallowed wondering if this would be the end of him. He started to breath heavily shaking. Yoongi took his hands and looked at him his tone soft. "it's okay, can you explain it to me. Please beautiful."


Jimin let out a breath. "That is Taehyung, he is my best friend. Him and his family do the biggest farm that helps feed the village."


Jimin shifted on his spot biting on his lip becoming nervous. Yoongi kept looking at him, his eyes softening. Jimin took a deep breath "The sun was much hotter this year, and no matter what he tried he couldn't keep it from burning. We lost a lot of food and have been rationing, it must have taken a lot for him to come here. He just wants to help people, like me, and my family."

Yoongi tilted his head and turned back to the men. "Let him go. Mr...."


He turned to Jimin who was biting back a small smile. "Kim, they are the Kims."


Yoongi nodded turning back. "Mr. Kim you do the strawberries do you not."


The older man nodded as Taehyung joined his side, his gaze was fixed on Jimin. "Yes your highness we do."


Yoongi pursed his lips. "Well because Jimin here has cared to vouch for you, today is your lucky day. I know where your farm is, my land goes to the south side. Would 5 acres help you?"


The older man and Taehyung shared a look of shock. "Sire yes, that is more then we could have hoped for."


Yoongi nodded turning to Hoseok. "Turn over 5 acres from the south side to the Kims. Your payment will be a basket of strawberries every year to be given to the castle. Please give him a basket."


Hoseok turned walking from the room. Mr. Kim and Taehyung stood their quietly. Jimin shifted in his seat. Yoongi looked over at him as Hoseok came in with a few size baskets, presenting them to Yoongi. "Jimin will you pick a basket and take it to them."


Jimin looked at him with a blinding smile. He picked one that wasnt large but not small feeling like it was fair. He looked to Yoongi who nodded in agreement. Jimin stepped down and walked up to his friend holding out the basket. Taehyung took it with a bow he whispered. "Are you okay? Did he kidnap you?"


Jimin giggled covering his mouth. "No I am fine Tae, I want to be here."


Taehyung nodded. His father turned to Jimin eyes flitting up to Yoongi. "Becareful my boy."

Jimin nodded giving him a quick hug and making his way back up to the throne. Yoongi had an amused look on his face, Jimin ducked his head with a blush and sat back down. Yoongi waved his hand. "That is all, it will do well for you to remember the agreement."


They both bowed and walked out. Yoongi turned to Jimin who was hiding a smile, the next to come in were the ones on trail. They went relatively smoothly, Yoongi was told of their crimes and then he would decide a fitting punishment. Jimin kept relatively quiet just watching, he really saw Yoongi as being fair even through he was discussed as a tyrant and people feared him. The last case came in and Jimin let out a gasp his eyes were focus on the man. He danced with him, the man was not a good one had beaten a few people, and attempted to force himself on Jimin, had it not been for Taehyung coming in. Yoongi hearing the noise looked over and sensed his discomfort. He leaned over to him. "Are you okay?"


Jimin shook his head, his eyes glossy. "He tried to, he wanted to make me...."


Jimin couldn't finish the sentence, but he knew he didn't have to. He turned back to the man his jaw clenching and unclenching, his crimes were read off. Yoongi stood from his throne. "Things were left off that list weren't they. There is more that you have done."


Yoongi spat at him. "Take him to the dungeons, the darkest one. He doesn't deserve to see the light."


The man smirked holding Yoongis gaze. He leaned forward. "I see the little slut has made his way to you. He is just a toy that likes to be played with and used."


Yoongi growled he unsheathed his sword and placed it to the mans throat. "He holds your life in his hands right now, if he tells me to do it I will slit your throat right now."


The man laughed and spat towards Jimin. "Got him wrapped around your finger you are just a whore that couldn't give it up to me huh, just wanted to make yourself the Kings whore."


Yoongi looked at Jimin who looked ready to cry. "Tell me what to do baby."


Hearing the pet name Jimin looked to Yoongi then back at the man, he took a breath and nodded. Yoongi smirked turning back. "Looks like this is where it ends for you."


Yoongi whipped his sword around slicing through his neck the man crumpled to the floor. Yoongi looked down at him as he coughed and bled out. "Cut his head off and put it in the basket in the square. Let them know of his crimes and that it will not be tolerated."


Yoongi held out his sword Hoseok quickly came over taking it knowing he wanted it cleaned. Yoongi turned around to see Jimin wasn't there. Hoseok whispered next to him. "He is in the hall."

Yoongi nodded stalking out of the room seeing Jimin sitting on the floor crying. Yoongi knelt on the floor in front of him. "Hey no crying."


Jimin looked up eyes red and blotchy, Yoongi wiped his face softly. Jimin shook his head. "He spread this rumor that I was the village whore, and what if that is what everyone thinks."


Yoongi shook his head. "I don't care what they think of you. I can tell you are a sweet human being."


Jimin whined Yoongi leaned into him in the middle of the hallway kissing him deeply. Jimin went to pull away but Yoongi didnt let him, he held him gently kissing him deeper. Jimin moaned into his mouth. "We are in the hallway everyone can see us."


Yoongi shrugged. "Okay, and?"


Jimin blushed furiously. "Well I can think of something better to do."


Yoongi nipped at his lip. "And what is that?"


Jimin licked his lips staring Yoongi in the eyes. "You can walk on down the hall and fuck me."

Yoongi growled and picked him up tossing him over his shoulder. Jimin was giggling as Hoseok came out of the rom shaking his head. He yelled at Yoongi, "Your free for the rest of the day have fun."


Yoongi barked out a laugh carrying a giggly Jimin away.



Yoongi got through the bedroom door dropping Jimin the the bed, he turned back to the door shutting it and locking it. He turned to see Jimin kneeling up on the bed pulling his clothing off and toss it. Yoongi leaned back against the door and watched him. Jimin smirked slowing down his movements. “Does the king want me to put on a show for him?”


Yoongi licked his lips and nodded. Jimin titled his head down slightly looking at Yoongi with hooded lust filled eyes. He ran his hands over his now bare body biting on his lips. “I have thought about your hands on me all day, and what its going to feel like to have you fill me up.”


Yoongi loosened his top letting it fall off his shoulders Jimin laid back on the bed his hands gripping his own erection. His head fell back and he let out a breathy moan. “Want to know what your hands feel like.”


Yoongi continued to strip walking closer to the end of the bed. “I want you to show me how you can be ready to take this.”


He lazily stroked his own cock, Jimin eyed him with a groan. “Do you have oils or something?”


Yoongi looked over to the small table beside the bed Jimin saw a small glass bottle and picked it up. He opened it and inhaled softly. “Vanilla, who knew.”

Yoongi narrowed his eyes but it was far from threatening. Jimin covered his fingers and brought his knees to his chest. Yoongi watched carefully as he began to slowly prod himself. Jimin moaned lowly. “It is so hot having you watch me.”


Jimin began to slowly press into himself, going from one to two fingers. He whined needing more. “Please I am not enough I need more, will you help me.”


Yoongi stepped forward taking the bottle he had clutched in his hands. “Hands above your head and keep them there.”


Jimin shuddered following his instructions keeping himself on display. Yoongi covered his own fingers and closed the bottle tossing it to the side. He slowly crawled over Jimin looking down at him with a smirk, without warning he shoved three fingers into him. Jimin gasped out body jolting at the sudden intrusion, Yoongis long fingers went much deeper then he could. “Please, please.”


Jimin could only utter the same word over and over. Yoongi started to thrust in and out of him his fingers searching for something, when he hit it and Jimin let out a delicious moan arching off the bed Yoongi smiled pleased. He continued to abuse the youngers hole Jimin was crying out beneath him wanting more and wanting him to stop at the same time. As Jimins moans became louder and Yoongi knew he was reaching his peak he pulled out and sat up looking down at him. Jimin was panting and breathing hard looking up at him. “Please need you in me, please Yoongi please.”


The desperation in Jimins voice turned him on even more he took his slicked fingers and stroked his own cock before pulling Jimin closer to him. Jimin gave a small yell as Yoongi smacked his thigh, “Are you ready for this.”


Jimin nodded vigorously, Yoongi lined himself up and pushed in, in one fast motion. Jimin groaned out loudly at the stretch and finally feeling full. He hands were clenching and unclenching over his head. He wanted to reach out for Yoongi. His hands moved slightly off the bed. Yoongi growled grabbing him pinning his hands back down. “Did I say you could move.”


Jimin moaned softly shaking his head. Yoongi licked his lips and gave an experimental thrust. Jimin closed his eyes lost in the bliss of it. Yoongi moved faster thrusted hard into him. Jimin was writhing and moaning beneath him, he loved the relentless pace, his body being used he cried out wanting more. He pressed his hips up trying to take more Yoongi held his hands with one hand and roughly pushed his hips down with the other. “Am I not giving you enough, do you need more?”

Jimin closed his eyes arching his back off the bed with a soundless cry as Yoongi hit the spot he’d been aiming for. Yoongi pressed deep into him keeping himself rubbing over the one spot. Jimin was begging for release, Yoongi pressed his body down on to Jimins sandwiching his cock between their bodies. This gave Jimin much needed friction and he was crying out loudly. “Gonna, please, dont stop.”


Yoongi thrust hard and fast into him taking his free hand and gripping on to Jimins throat. His eyes shot open looking up at Yoongi, a moment of concern flickered over Yoongis face before Jimin gave him a nod. Yoongi gripped him just enough to constrict his air. Jimins eyes were rolling back in his head as Yoongi squeezed his throat and pounded into him. Jimin was blissed out and his mouth falling into soundless moans. Yoongi felt his warm orgasm burst out between them and his walls tightening around him. Tears were streaming down his face. Yoongi kissed his lips softly. “Just a bit more my love.”


Jimin nodded his mouth hung open in pleasure, Yoongi felt his orgasm coursing through him before crashing hard into Jimin letting it erupt. Yoongi let his hands and throat go working Jimin through both their highs. Jimin took deep gulps of air feeling his head coming back down from the clouds with a smile working across his face. Yoongi sat up and slowly pulled out both of them wincing from the sensitivity. Yoongi looked him over rubbing his fingers softly on the bruising hips. “Your neck may have one too.”


Jimin looked down and smiled. “Shows people who I belong too.”


Jimins eyes looked up to Yoongis whose were dark. “Do you understand what all that means, being in my world.”


Jimin stretched out his legs and sat up on his elbows. “If I remember correctly I got myself into all of this didnt I?”


Yoongi nodded still wary with concern. Jimin sat up and kissed him softly. “You let me see you today, the good and the bad. If I didnt want to be here would you let me go?”


Yoongi nodded again. His heart was thrumming in his chest. “I think I care for you way more then I should and so quickly.”


Jimin did a smile that lit up his face and Yoongi found himself falling more for him. “Then that answers all the questions, we may not have an easy road but if you will have me. I would like to stay here, by your side.”


Yoongi smiled, a genuine smile and a look of pure wonder crossed Jimins face. Yoongi blushed looking away. “What, why are you looking at me like that.”


Jimin pulled him down to him. “Cause you are beautiful when you smile.”


Yoongi laughed and kissed him softly. “Come on lets get cleaned up for dinner.”


Jimin complied letting himself be pulled up towards the bathroom. “Ever do it in the tub?”


Yoongi groaned turning to look back at Jimin who was just smirking at him, if this was his new life he didn’t think he would have it any other way.

Submitted: February 23, 2021

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