Daddy’s Little Kitten

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Bangtan's Lap

Hobi and Yoongi discover a new kink together

Hobi bounced around the room as Yoongi let out a groan throwing the sheets over his head. He loved him but that boy would wake up like he had three espressos and a Red Bull. Hobi pulled the blanket off Yoongi pouting and stomping his foot. “It’s time to get up it’s noon already and we’re going to the brunch place, you promised”

Yoongi pulled him into the bed with him holding tight and snuggled into his chest. Hobi sighed and wrapped his arms around him. He was so cute when he acted like that. His cold walls falling down and his feelings showing through. Yoongi also knew Hobi liked it and nuzzled tighter. “Ahhh no no, don’t play me you get up right now or I’ll spank you”

Yoongis eyes opened and he smirked at him. “Is that a threat or a promise”

Hobi felt his breath hitch as Yoongi nibbled on his neck “Well depends on how you behave during brunch Kitten.”

Hobi snapped his mouth shut, he always thought about calling him that now it just involuntarily came out. He looked down at Yooongi whose eyes were glued to him. Hobi brushed hair from his eyes and smiled “Be good and you’ll get rewarded” 

Yoongi sat up, he wondered if he went too far if he should have kept his mouth shut. Yoongi leaned back down kissing his neck before whispering in his ear. “I guess I better get ready then, Daddy” 

With that he slinked off the bed turning to smirk at Hobi who had a smile plastered across his face. Now he was the one who wanted to stay in bed. 

The brunch dragged painfully slow for Hobi’s liking. He enjoyed hanging out with his friends but right now all he wanted to do was get Yoongi back in bed. He thought about him writhing under his touch and a smirk drew across his face. Yoongi looked over sensing his thoughts reached his hand under the table running his hand up his leg and massaging his cock through his pants. Hobi purred into Yoongis ear “Are you looking to get punished Kitten”

Yoongi smirked wanting to work him up before turning to him. His voice barely above a whisper “What ever do you mean Daddy?”

Yoongis hand wrapped around Hobi and gave a gentle squeeze. Hobis knees jumped hitting the table causing everyone to look his direction. He quickly took his wallet out threw money on the table grabbing Yoongi by the wrist, causing Yoongi to smirk. “Sorry we have to go. “

With that he drug him out of the he restaurant. “You’re in for it Kitten.”

Yoongi bit lightly on his lower lip as Hobi dragged him to the car. Hobi pinned him to the car kissing him roughly causing the older to moan. “You have been a bad boy getting me all worked up.”

Yoongis breath hitched he looked Hobi in the eye licking his lips. “Are you going to teach me a lesson Daddy?”

Hobi growled, opening the car door and pushing him in. He practically ran around the car and sped from the parking lot. Yoongi was feeling extremely flustered and started rubbing himself through his clothes looking at Hobi. “Kitten needs you so bad Daddy.”

Hobi could barely focus on the road and was grateful they were only ten minutes from the restaurant. “Kitten you are going to make Daddy wreck if you keep this up.”

Yoongi pouted lightly moving to lick on Hobis neck. Hobi groaned at the sensation wanting to take him right then and there. “Mmmm my Kitten needs a serious lesson doesn’t he.”

Yoongi nodded siting back in his seat rubbing himself again and moaning softly. Hobi pressed on the gas rushing through the light that just changed from green to yellow not wanting to stop. 

Finally making it to the house he skidded the car to a stop quickly getting out of the car growling at Yoongi “Get in the house now Kitten, I want you on that bed and naked in the next five minutes. I’ll join you shortly.”

Yoongi leapt from the car and quickly complied wondering what his Daddy could be up to.

Yoongi got on the bed throwing his clothes to the side of the room but opting to leave the silk black panties he had on to surprise his Daddy. His body tingled with anticipation waiting for him to join him. The thoughts running through his head made his cock hard and pressed into the soft fabric making it wet. He could hear Hobi coming up the stairs and settled him self on the bed laying back displaying himself. A blush crept over his cheeks he normally wouldn't be this submissive but the tone in Hobi's voice had been enough to make him do whatever he wanted.

The door opened slowly and Hobi came in already stripped of his own clothes aside from his boxers, he looked over Yoongi and licked his lips. "I should be mad at you Kitten for not being completely naked but those underwear look so good on you I can let it slide this once."

He stood at the end of the bed taking Yoongi all in before smirking and holding up a can of whip cream. "I figured I already ate and wanted to make you my desert"

Yoongi could only nod already unbearably turn on at the dom demeanor his sweet Hobi had taken on. "Now you will let me do that I want but if ever you get uncomfortable you have to let me know alright Kitten."

Yoongi nodded staring at up him Hobi grabbed his chin lightly looking to his eyes. "Use your words Kitten"

A pleasured groan rolled out of his mouth he stared into Hobis eyes "Yes Daddy"

Hobi growled leaning down kissing him hard grinding his whole body down onto him. Yoongi moaned into his mouth letting Hobi take what he wanted. Hobi broke the kiss biting on Yoongi's neck. "Yes Kitten let me hear all your noises I love them so much."

He continued down leaving love marks on his neck, shoulders and chest before sitting back up. Yoongi was panting and lightly bucking against him needing more friction. Hobi held up the can of whip cream "I need to taste you my Kitten are you okay with me putting this all over you and licking it off"

Yoongi shook his head bucking up with a groan. "No Daddy, please touch me please"

Hobi let out a ragged breath it was had controlling himself with him being like this. He squeezed a trail of whip cream down his chest to the top of the panties. Tossing the can to the side he knelt between Yoongis legs and looked up at him. "Oh kitten you look so good writhing like this." 

He grabbed onto Yoongis hips leaning over him slowly kissing and sucking the cream off his chest, Yoongis eyes screwed shut as he let out panting breaths. Hobi worked his way over sucking and licking on his nipples. Yoongi tried to buck his hips but Hobi held them firmly in place only causing Yoongi to moan louder. Hobi gave a little bite to his nipple and Yoongi gasped. "Daddy more need you please need more."

Hobi grinned and continued to move slowly down lapping the cream off of his stomach stopping just above his underwear letting his warm breath fan over it. Yoongi cried out weakly urging his hips to move but Hobi held tight. "As pretty as these are on you I think it is time they come off, don't you"

Yoongi whined out loudly. "Please take them off Daddy please need to you touch me"

Hobi growled again yanking the underwear from him freeing Yoongis cock as he let out a sigh of relief. "Such a pretty cock all wet for me, bet it taste so good too. Do you want that, want me to taste you kitten?"

Yoongi was almost crying wanting something so badly. "Daddy please stop teasing....please..please touch me."

Hobi smirked leaning down grabbing his balls in his hand and massaging gently as his licked up the back of Yoongis cock. Yoongis eyes rolled back happy to finally have some contact letting out a loud lewd moan. Hobi pleased with the noises rewarded him by taking him fully into his mouth and sucking hard. Yoongi whined and writhed his hips trying not to buck up into his mouth. Hobi gripped his hips still digging his nails into them. Yoongi panted out "God Daddy yes thank you."

Hobi wanted more he needed to be inside him he popped off Yoongis cock leaving him to whine at the loss and leaned over to the night stand to grab the lube. "Patience dear Kitten, Daddy needs to get you ready to take him, you dont want me inside you dont you?

Yoongi bucked up his hips in response rubbing himself on Hobis cock which was pressing hard into his boxers, Hobi groan at the sensation before smacking Yoongi on his leg. "Now now Kitten be good or Daddy will punish you"

Yoongi stilled but whined wanting and needing more. Hobi coated two fingers in lube before running them across his hole. Yoongi whined at the cold feeling arching his back off the bed. Hobi leaned over taking him back into his mouth sucking hard again letting him hit the back of his throat as he prodded his entrance. He wanted to distract him from the burning pain, Yoongi wanted to cry and moan he gripped tightly to the sheets crying out. "Oh f-fuck Daddy."

Hobi loved every noise he made while he was under him, he pressed his fingers in working him open before brushing over a sensitive spot that had Yoongi jerking around. He continued to work him adding in another finger while still sucking hard on him Yoongi was panting out. "S..stop, please stop."

Hobi sat up looking down at him a look of concern on his face. Yoongi reached forward pulling at Hobi's boxer. "Off...get me now."

Hobi growled at Yoongis desperation ripping his boxers off and putting some more lube on his cock. "Are you ready for this Kitten?"

Yoongi bucked his hips up with a petulant whine. Hobi smirked and smack his legs again to make him settle down before lining himself up and thrusting fully into him. Yoongi cried out loudly as Hobi pressed his body to his kissing and nibbling on his neck. Hobi stilled for a moment to let him get use to the feeling. Yoongi panted and nodded his head giving him permission to move. 

Hobi started his thrust slow and shallow rocking into him but missing the spot he wanted. Yoongi whined moving his hips up wanting him to go deeper. Snaking his hands between their bodies to stoke his cock. Hobi smacked his hand away. "No no Kitten, no touching."

Yoongi whined as Hobi pressed their bodies harder together. They moaned in tandem. Hobi started to thrust deeper into Yoongi his walls tight around him, he stayed deep rubbing over his prostate with each thrust. Yoongi babbled and moaned under him grabbing onto Hobis back and scratching down. Yoongi could feel his release coming. He mumbled out "Daddy gonna, need to please."

Hobi thrust deeper hitting the spot over and over again. Yoongi moaned loudly arching off the bed into Hobi. "Yes Kitten cum for Daddy you can do it."

Yoongi cried out loud pleasured sobs as his orgasm wracked his body. His cum shooting between their bodies making a mess, Hobi continued to thrust into him riding him through his orgasm. Hobi was near release and thrust harder Yoongi sobbed from over sensitivity. Yoongi grabbed his hips pulling him down harder into him as Hobi suppressed a loud moan. Yoongi choked out "Come in me Daddy please." 

Hobi buried his face into Yoongis neck as he continued to press deep into him. Yoongis body shook and he tightened around Hobis cock which finally caused him to have his release. Yoongi moaned feeling him get filled up. They both came to a still Hobi holding himself deep in him while he finished his orgasm their bodies trembling and racked with sweat. Yoongi kissed on Hobis face as they caught their breathes.

Hobi slowly sat up and pulled out cause the other to whine as the emptiness. Hobi grabbed his boxers that were tossed to the side and lightly wiped them down. Yoongi laid unmoving looking up at Hobi with a blissed out smile. Hobi couldn't help but grin back. "Come on lets get up and get a shower then we can cuddle."

Yoongi pouted not wanting to move which only made Hobi giggle. "Ah come on baby, we can shower and cuddle and watch a movie you like. I will order us some dinner from the place down the street you love."

Yoongi grumbled but sat up, food always made him do a lot of things. He smiled at Hobi though, he was the thing, and only person that could make him do a lot of things he normally wouldn't. "Alright Daddy lets go get that shower."

Yoongi got off the bed and walked to the bathroom smirking before going in, Hobi grinned something told him that this was going to be no quick shower.

Submitted: February 18, 2021

© Copyright 2022 kandiediamonds. All rights reserved.

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