Life and Hell of Faye Hart

Life and Hell of Faye Hart

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Faye Hart is a 26 year old woman living in LA. As she finds herself the only woman in the work place she finds herself in a job she can't get out of. With her best friend Matthew by her side she some how ALWAYS manages to get herself into trouble. Also, it would help is someone didn't wind her up. The only good thing about her job is meeting CEO Jordon Cameron...


Faye Hart is a 26 year old woman living in LA. As she finds herself the only woman in the work place she finds herself in a job she can't get out of.
With her best friend Matthew by her side she some how ALWAYS manages to get herself into trouble. Also, it would help is someone didn't wind her up.
The only good thing about her job is meeting CEO Jordon Cameron...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Life and Hell of Faye Hart

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Faye Hart is a 26 year old woman living in LA. As she finds herself the only woman in the work place she finds herself in a job she can't get out of. With her best friend Matthew by her side she some how ALWAYS manages to get herself into trouble. Also, it would help is someone didn't wind her up. The only good thing about her job is meeting CEO Jordon Cameron...

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Her head rested on the table and she let out a little groan. The other members of her team gathered into the room. The after effects of alcohol were was something she would deal with it.


She jumped up and suddenly sprung to life. She looked up and her boss was glaring down at her.

“Good to see your with us now, Agent!” He slammed a file down on the table. “What have I told you about drinking on a Sunday, Faye?”

Faye gave a little smile. “Don't!” She replied sarcastically.

“Mmm” he quickly walked off and took his place in front of the room. Faye felt someone take the sit beside her. It was her best friend Matthew and he looked just as rough as she did. In fact, half the room looked as bad as she felt apart from Chief Thompson. Well, it wouldn't of been much of a celebration if he had been there. Faye could just hear him going around everyone.. “Don't drink that... Don't do that! Agent Hart get down off that table!”

Faye chuckled to herself.

“Something amusing, Agent Hart?” Cheif Thompson boomed across the room. Faye felt her cheeks blush as everyone turned in her direction.

Matthew leaned over. “Oooo, your in trouble.. Again!” He joked.

Why did work always feel like school??

“Nothing, Chief” Faye smiled as she nugged Matthew under the table.

“Good!” He said with autorization. Faye sank back in her seat and watched as he paced up and down. “As you know we are currently investigating Jordon Cameron.” He clicked a button and a man dressed in a suit appeared on the projector. “We believe he has something to do with the kidnapping threats and we believe he has some involvement in the drug smuggling that seems to be getting out of control.” Chief Thompson clicked his finger. Everyone rushed to open the files in front of them and began to read the information gathered about this man.

“As you can see the 35 year old is the CEO of Cameron cooperation. He deals in many elements of the manufacting world. But what we don't have is someone in there finding out what these elements are. We believe this could be a cover up for something more sincere.”

Philips the teachers pet rose his hand and Faye rolled her eyes. “Yes...”

Philips stood up. “Well, sir...” He coughed and looked round the room proudly. Faye wished one day she could wipe the smirk off that smug face. “If you need someone, I am more than willing to go under cover.”

Faye snorted.

“Agent Hart” the chief bellowed. “Something else amusing you?”


“Well as Agent Hart finds her job really funny she has kindly volteered to be our gingue pig.”

Double FUCK!!!

Faye's mouth opened wide, now she really did want to kick Philips arse. Before she could say anything Chief Thompson dismissed everyone. Faye sat staring at her file.

“When are you going to learn, Hart?” She looked up and Philips was glaring down at her. “Your a massive screw up, there is no way your be able to handle something like this!”

Faye stood up and leaned over the table. “Do you like hospitial food?”

“Just because your the only woman in this apartment don't think I don't take your threats seriously. There would be nothing better I would like to do than beat you.”

Faye saw red and pushed him. “Let's go HERE and NOW...”

Matthew grabbed hold of his best friends arm and held her back. “Come, lets grab some coffee, Faye.” Faye looked at Matthew and then at Philips.

“This isn't finished” she snarled pointing her finger at him. “Your mine, Philips!!” She stormed out of the room leaving her threat out there.

God, why did than man get her frustrated??

“Just ingore that knob” Matthew laughed, wrapping his arm around Faye's shoulder. “We all know he fancy's you.”

“Please.. Do not make me sick” Faye spat.

“Hart!” Yelled a voice. “My office NOW!” Faye stopped in her tracks and looked over at Chief Thompson. She heard Matthew laugh and watched as he walked off. Relutantly she walked into his office and decided it was time to kiss arse, maybe she could get out of this whole load of trouble she had got herself into.

“I am really sorry, sir” she began as Chief Thompson closed the door behind her. “I really have no idea what has gotten into me this morning.”

“Sit!” He ordered. Staright away Faye sat down. “I actually had you in mind the whole time. Not being funny but how is Philips going to wrap this bloke around his finger??”

“I don't understand what you mean?”

“You do... We don't just want to get into this Jordan's office, we need someone to befriend him. Find out about his social life, who is his associates, what are his out of work activities...”

“Your pimping me out?” Faye said with disgust.

“Don't be dramatic, Hart!” Chief Thompson spat. “As the only woman is this department I really have no choice. Now, we know he is interviewing today for a new assiatant and your going!”


“No buts.. Go and sort yourself out and wear something an actual woman would wear.” Faye stood up and looked at her combats, baggy shirt and converse trainers.

What was wrong with the way she dressed?

Chief Thompson sat down at his desk and looked back at Faye. “What are still doing here? GO! Get Matthews to help you find something apporpiate to wear.” Faye rolled her eyes and headed towards the door. “Oh! And I think you can kick Philips arse too...”

Faye grinned at him and walked out of the office. As soon as she closed the door she began to stamp her feet.

“Didn't get out of it?” Matthew laughed appearing out of nowhere. He handed Faye a coffee and they both headed over to their desk. “What has he got you doing exactly?”

“I have to dress up as Barbie and play assistant!” Faye sat down at her desk. “My head hurts and now I have to go shopping.” She took a sip of her coffee. “How is Rupert this morning?”

Rupert was Matthew's partner to be thats why they had been out last night. They had been celebrating the engagement. She watched as her friends eyes went dreamy. Sercretly, she was a little jealous. It had been a long time she had been with someone. Matthew deserved his happiness. They had been best friends from the very first moment Faye had started at LAPD. It fact she got on with most of the men expect Philips.

She had a feeling Philips didn't approve of a woman being part of the team. Even though Faye was much masculine that Philips himself. That's why she liked worry here, also she got to beat all the bad guys up and throw them in jail.

There was nothing feminine about Faye, you would never see her in heels or skirts. She never wore make-up and her long blonde hair was tied back. Also, she never got along with women. She found them bitchy and shallow. Just like her older sister Faith who she had avoided turning into. All Faith cared about was her husband and her two spoilt braty children. The thought of committing herself to a man made Faye sick. No man would tell her what to do.. Well, the exception was Chief Thompson.

“You need some help?” Matthew asked.

“Please” Faye begged. “What do woman wear to interviews these days? Can I wear jeans?”

“Oh Faye” Matthew laughed. “Underneath that bad ass girl persona there is a beautiful feminine woman somewhere.”

Faye raised an eyebrow. “You would think that, wouldn't you?”



Faye looked at her reflection in the mirror and had to stop herself from being sick. A business dress that showed off her legs, heels which she couldn't even walk in, her hair down and make-up covered her face. She turned to look at Matthew.

“Please” she begged. “Do not allow me to go in public like this?”

“I think you look amazing” Matthew admired his handy work. “The blue suit brings out your sparkling blue eyes. You should dress like this more often. Maybe then you would finally get some action in the bedroom.”

Faye turned her nose up. “I get action!”

“Watching Fast and Furious with a tub of cookie dough doesn't count as action!!”

“I can't even walk in these” she moaned and she stumbled along. “Seriously, what decent woman would do this to their selves???”

“Women who want men to notice them!! In my case I am lucky I have found my Mr Right” he let out a little sigh. “You better go you only have half an hour to get down town.”

The both left the locker room and walked through the office. Faye could feel the others looking at her in shock. What was their problem? Hadn't they seen legs before?

“Wow” said a surprise voice. “Faye Hart actually looking like a prober woman!”

Faye stopped directly in front of Philips desk and glared round at him. He was tapping his pen on his desk and laid back in his chair. She could so easily walk round and tip it over.

“I maybe wearing heels but I could still do you serious damage, Philips!!”

He gave a little laugh and ran his free hand through thick black hair. He sat up and leaned a little closer. “I tell you what... Stay in what your wearing and tonight I'll take you out!”

“Really?” Faye gasped pretending to be flattered. “Drop dead!” She yelled and trotted off in the heels she could barely walk in. Faye could her Philips evil chackle.

How was she going to get through this assighment?

This was her nightmare come true. ….


Somehow even by Faye's surprise she managed to get out of the building and into a car which she had to share with Chief Thompson. He opened a case and started handing out gadgets.

“This is necklace has a tiny camera, put it on. This..” He held up a tiny ear device. “This goes in your ear, we will then be able to talk to you and hear exactly what is going on.” Faye just looked at the items she had been given. “Agent Hart just do what I tell you.... So, here is your background... Your name is Evie Davis and rest you can make up.”

“How exciting” she snorted. “I get to make up lies!”

“Within reason, Agent Hart. I know how you can let your imagination get the better of you. I am relying on you to get this job and get in there. Otherwise, I am going to have to get Philips to dress up as a woman.”

Faye gave a little laugh. “That's something I would pay to see.”

“Concertrate, HART!!! Please do NOT let me down otherwise I will be making you do paperwork for the rest of career.” He raised an eyebrow. “Understand???”

Faye gave a little playful salute. “Yes Sir!”

Chief Thompson rolled his eyes and slowly a little smile came to his face. Even though Faye knew Chief Thompson found her unbarable sometimes she knew he liked her. She was glad she had a boss like him, sometimes he seemed to be a father figure to her. He was at least 50 and reminded her a lot of Samual L Jackson.

“Get out the car!” He ordered.

Faye grabbed hold of the hand bag Matthew had insisted on her taking. Faye stepped on to the pavement and looked up at the large building in front of her. The sign proudly read “Cameron cooperation.” She rolled her eyes and headed through the fancy glass double doors and into the forya. She scanned the place, marble floors, fancy seating area and tons of woman dressed in tiny little suits.

Guess their my compertion! Faye laughed to herself.

They all looked liked like their boobs were about to fall out of their tops. Faye looked down at her perfect size ones and pushed them out. She strutted passed the women and could notice the evil looks. The one good perk of her job was the unlimited access to the gym. She liked her lean althelic body and she knew it made some woman jealous.

“Hi” she smiled at the reception who also looked like a clone of the women sat in the seating area.

“Good afternoon” The receptionist gave a pearly white smile. “Are you here for the interview?” Faye just nodded. “Can I take your name??”

Fuck! She had forgotten to the name already...

“Your name?” The receptionist asked again and this time looked at Faye like she was stupid.

Finally, it clicked.

“Evie Davis” Faye smiled.

“Okay, Miss Davis.. If you would take a seat with the others Mr Cameron will see you shortly.” Faye trotted over to the seating area, funnily enough she was slowly getting use to wearing the heels. Didn't mean she was going to actually wear them more often. She sat down next to a petit brunette and gave her a friendly smile.

“Are you nervous?” The woman asked her.

“No!” Faye snorted. “You?”

“Yes” the woman said quietly. “I Googled Mr Cameron and he seems a scary man. Apparently, there was this article about him and no assistant lasts longer than three months.”

“Oh” Faye wasn't really interested and there was no way she would be staying here longer than two weeks. Plus, if that Cameron bloke even tried to intemident her she would put him on his back.

“Evie Davis” called out a voice. The receptionist had walked away from her desk and was standing in front of the group of women. “Mr Cameron is ready for you. If you would like to follow me.”

Faye stood up and could feel her feet wobbling in the heels. She slowly walked and followed the woman through a hallway and into a large room. It was pretty impressive. massive desk, screens all over the walls, all the latest gadgets. It was the pictures that took her interest, they were photos of various cars.

“He will be in shortly” the woman quickly said and ran out the room.

“Into cars?” said a voice. Faye looked over at the man who was drying his hands with a paper towel. He slowly walked and stood next to Faye. “These are a few I have owned. What sort of car do you have?”

“I don't drive” Faye replied. She looked the man up and down. He looked much younger than 35. Just as she had seen in a picture he was wearing a very expensive suit. His mousy hair gelled back, but it was his face that caught her attention. He had that pretty boy look, cute nose, full pink lips and big green eyes that dazzled in the light. No one wonder he couldn't keep an assistant for longer than three months. He probably gave them cardiac arrests with his good looks.

“I'm Jordan Cameron” he finally smiled and held out his hand.

“Evie Davis” Faye replied as she shook his hand.

“Wow” he grinned. “Quite a hand shake you have there..” He stood back and pointed to the chairs. “Shell we?” Faye nodded and followed behind him. She could feel herself biting down on her lip... What was she doing?

“Now tell me about yourself, Miss Davis” he said as he took his place in front of Evie. He rested his elbow on the arm of the seat and his chin sat perfectly in the palm of his hand. He was giving her his full attention which was actually making Faye nervous. She gave a awkward cough, no man ever made her nervous so why was he any different??

“Well” she began, it was time for the lying to begin. She sat up straight and tried to gain control of herself. After all this was a very important assighment and she couldn't allow a good looking man to distract her from it. No matter if she couldn't avoid looking at his green eyes.

“I am 26 years old...”


“No” she laughed.


“No!” she laughed again. How was that important to know? She carried on with her lies. “I have worked since leaving collage as an assistant. I have exellcent communication skills, it skills and I am actually good at making coffee” she joked.

He sat back in his seat and crossed his legs. “Glad to hear it” he laughed. “Are you free tonight?”

Faye narrowed her eyes, this no longer felt like a straight froward interview. Then again, wasn't she told to find out what his out of work activities were. She couldn't possibly except his invitation, she had only met him 30 seconds ago and she liked to play hard to get.

“Hart” a voice said in her ear. Straight away she knew it was Chief Thompson. “If you don't accept I will make sure your new partner will be Philips.”

“Nothing” she quickly said.

“Good” Jordan stood up and Faye followed. “It was a pleasure meeting you?”

“Is that it?” Faye looked puzzled. “I told you a few things and the interview is over.”

Jordan gave a little laugh. “We will continue this tonight at dinner. I'll meet you in that italian place across the road at eight.” His voice lowered, Faye could feel the hairs on her arms stand straight. No man had done that to her before. “Just to let you know you already have the job.”


“Finally!” Chief Thompson laughed as Faye got in the car. “You have done something I actually asked you to do.”

Faye sat back in the seat and took the heels off, finally her feet had freedom. “I don't always mess up” she tutted. “Are you seriously sending me on a date with that man?”

“You bet.. Lets head back to the station and prepare you.”

“Prepare me for what?”

“Your date” he gave a amused look. Why did Faye feel this was something everyone back at the station was going to find out about?


* * *


After lunch Faye returned to her desk and sat down. She couldn't stop herself from thinking about Jordan. She rested her head on her desk, what she really needed was sleep. This was turning out to be the weirdest day of her life.

“Remember, you should never sleep with someone on the first date!” Faye couldn't be bothered to look up and punch Philips in the face.

“Go away” she groaned. She felt him perch on the edge of her desk. “Philips, your like a bad smell that is constantly lingering around me.”

“Oh Hart” he laughed. “What would you do without me?”

Faye sat up and glared at him. “What do you want?”

“Can I not sit here and speak to my friend?”

“We are and never will be friends. I hate you and you hate me. That's how I like it” she gave a fake smile. “Now, please go away.”

“Tell me about this Cameron bloke?”

“I don't know anything about” she lied. She knew he was hot and that was all that mattered. She could mentally see his eyes looking directly at her. Her heart skipped a beat. Faye felt her cheeks blush, what was happening to her? Had today brought out feminine side, she hoped not!

“You love him” Philips teased.

“Fuck off” she snarled.

“Your boyfriend is going to love your dirty mouth.”

“You really want me to punch you, don't you?”

Philips brust out laughing. “I can get you every time” he stood up and began walking backwards towards his desk. “Every time, Hart... Every time!” Faye picked up the nearest object to her, which was pen and threw it directly at his head. Philips caught it and blew her kiss. She could feel her lunch rising back up.

Why did he annoy her so much?


“Now, these are yours” Chief Thompson handed her the necklace and ear piece. “Every time you are with Jordan you wear them.” He pointed over to the car. “We will always been near watching you and listening in from that car.” His eyes widen. “There for we will know if you start playing up.”

“This is really stupid” Faye huffed as she put on the necklace and placed the ear piece in. “Why do I have to wear these stupid clothes?” She tugged at the black boob-tube dress.

“Because you are no longer Faye Hart” he gave Faye a little smile. “You are now Evie Davis a glamerous woman who does what she is TOLD!!”

“Well, the name Evie sucks!”

“Your going to give me trouble tonight, aren't you?”

Faye shrugged. “I don't know! Depends what mood I am in when I sit down for dinner” she spat and got out of the car. She walked round the corner to the restaurant. She had been hiding her excitement all afternoon, she had thought about nothing expect Jordan Cameron. Every now and then reality kicked in. This was just a job and she couldn't allow herself to get too wrapped up in this fantasy life she was living at the moment.

Faye took a deep breath and for the first time looked in the window of the restaurant to make sure she looked okay. She actually had to admit Matthew had done a good job on this outfit. The black boob-tube dress showed off her amazing figure and she liked the smokey eye make-up. She figured there could have been worse things to wear. She was even liking the extra height the heels were giving her.


She was being watched from inside the restaurant. Jordan Cameron was sat at table waving at her. She waved back slightly embrassed and entered the restaurant.

“Good evening, madame. Do you have a reservation?”

“She is with me” Jordan annoced strolling over to them. Faye felt her self holding in a breath. He looked even more handsome in casual clothes; Beige cotton trousers, a white shirt with the top button undone and his hair was all roughed up without gel.

“Oh, I really am sorry Mr Cameron” the bloke looked terrified. Jordan just nodded at him and escorted Faye to the table. Faye couldn't help give a little chuckle as she remembered what the brunette woman had said to her in the seating area.

“What's funny?” Jordan asked, as he pulled out a chair for Faye.

Faye took her seat and watched as Jordan took his directly opposite. “Oh, something I read about you” she lied.

“Well, you shouldn't believe everything you read” he smirked. “I actually thought you weren't going to come as your twenty minutes late.”

“Does that mean you will be giving the job to someone else?”

“NO!” Jordan laughed. “Do you know how frustrating it is when woman only come to interviews to hit on me??”

“Poor you” Faye said sarcastically.

“Are you ready to order?” Asked a waitress.

Jordan held up his hand, but not once did his eyes leave Faye. She shifted in her seat slightly as the look he giving her was making her have indiscent thoughts.

This was a whole new experience for her!

“Not yet” he snapped. “We are talking....” The waitress left them alone. “What do you mean by poor me?”

“It must be a hard life people being scared of you and woman just quening up to work for you.”

He smiled slightly. “True. Very true. If that is the case why did you come for the interview and why are you here now?”

Faye shrugged. “What can I say? I am a sucker for free food.” She picked up her menu and began to read. She was staving and this was making a change to her mircowave meal for one.

Jordan followed Faye's lead and picked up his own menu. “You only came for the food?” Faye peaked over her menu and smiled sweetly. “That's a first for me. So, Evie you never finished telling me about yourself.”

Faye gave a little smile, she had never been a lyer so she could merge Evie and Faye together. She had to remember not to mention her JOB!!

“What do you want to know?” Faye replied in a flirty manner.

“Anything you wish to disclose” he placed his menu down and just like he did earlier rested in his head in his hands. “Tell me about your family...”

“Not much to say about them.. My mother just got married to her fifth husband, my father hates her and wishes she was dead. My sister Faith only cares about her husband and children. She thinks women that don't have them are freaks.”

“Don't give much away, do you?”

“Nope... Especially when all I can think about is ordering the spaghetti and meat balls.”

Jordan sat up and clicked his fingers, within a second the waitress returned to the table. “Two orders of the spaghetti and meat balls, plus a bottle of your finest white wine.”

“Certainly, Mr Cameron.”

“Come here often?” Faye teased as the waitress disappeared as quickly as she arrived.

“Most nights” Jordan answered.

“Conducting interviews?” Faye teased.

Jordan rubbed his bottom lip and Faye could see he was trying to withhold a laugh. “No, always alone. So, what else have you read about me?”

“Not a lot really, guess your not that interesting!”

Jordan gave a laugh. “Well, that's why I have hired you maybe you could teach me how to be interesting.”

Faye looked up through her eyelashes, he was actually starting to have a effect on her with his endless charm and she had a strange feeling she was actually into him. Surely, that was not a good start to her assighment.

“Hey, Hart” boomed a voice in her ear. “Guess who has got the night shift!”


Faye's eyes widened, this was really what she didn't need. She smiled politely at Jordan. “If you'll excuse me” she stood up and was surprised Jordan did them same. He was a real gentleman, she turned on her heel and tried to find the ladies room. Once safely inside and with no one around.

“Philips.. What are you playing at?” She yelled.

“Oh Hart! What's he got that I haven't?” he laughed. Faye could tell he was enjoying himself.

“Where should I start?” Faye spat. “Look, I don't need you pissing me off all night. I need to focus on my work after all this is why I am here.”


“Just fuck off!” She screamed at the top of her voice at the exact same time someone else walked into the ladies room. Faye spun round at the woman giving her a weird look. “It's a form of therapy” she laid. “My brother died and they say talking to him as he was actually in the room can help with the grieving process.”

The woman still looked at Faye as if she was crazy and stepped into a cubicle. Faye gave a sigh of relief.

“See Philips, your a fucking pain!” With that she went back into the restaurant.

The rest of dinner went well although Jordan seemed very reluctant to share anything about his life or family. Faye watched as he paid the bill, she was actually disappointed that it was over this quickly.

“I guess this will be it till Monday” Jordan said.

“Monday?” Faye said with surprise.

Jordan shook his head and sat back in his chair as if he was admiring Faye from a far. Faye was liking the way he would look at her, for the first time in her adult life she felt sexy and worthy to be looked at.

“Your starting your new job. Unless,” Jordan shrugged and Faye actually thought she saw him blush. “You want to meet up over the weekend?”

All of a sudden she wasn't sure what she wanted to do...

“Do it, Hart!” Said a voice in her ear. “Write this number down...”

Faye smiled sweetly. “Do you have a pen?” Jordan quickly clicked his fingers and another waitress appeared at the table. He took the waitress pen from behind her ear and handed it to Faye. Faye quickly wrote down the number she was told and handed the napkin to Jordan.

“Call me” she smiled and Jordan looked mesmerized by what he had just been given.

Faye waited until Jordan had driven away, she turned round the corner and walked over to the car. Philips was leaning up against it looking rather smug with himself. Chief Thompson was standing close by smoking his cigarette. Faye strutted over to Philips and kneed him in his manly area. She gave a big laugh as she watched him winch and fall to the floor.

“Hart!” Chief Thompson snapped.

“What?” Faye smiled innocently. “It's now out of work hours!”


Faye climbed up the stairs to her apartment, she couldn't wait to climb into bed after the day she'd had. She stopped as she reached her front door. Someone had to be kidding, surely this day couldn't get any worse?

Sat outside her front door was Faith.

“What do you want?” Faye said in annoyance.

Faith looked up from her phone, her make-up was all smudged over her face. “I walked out on Troy, can I stay here with you??




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