The erotic adventures of a psychic gasman

The erotic adventures of a psychic gasman The erotic adventures of a psychic gasman

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Paul Stamp recounts stories he remembers as a teenager, to a psychiatrist he needs to convince, that he is no longer under any illusions. Paul believed he had the power to seduce and have sex with whomever he chose, purely by thinking it. After admitting himself to a psych-ward, he found the perverted and wanton ran the asylum. After countless re-counts of his 'imaginary' Sexploits, Paul decided he had to tell the Doctors exactly what they wanted to hear, just to escape. So, here he was, doing just that. the story begins with Paul, telling Dr. Smythe, his first encounter, as he remembers a different one, one he would never tell someone else.


Paul Stamp recounts stories he remembers as a teenager, to a psychiatrist he needs to convince, that he is no longer under any illusions.
Paul believed he had the power to seduce and have sex with whomever he chose, purely by thinking it.
After admitting himself to a psych-ward, he found the perverted and wanton ran the asylum.
After countless re-counts of his 'imaginary' Sexploits, Paul decided he had to tell the Doctors exactly what they wanted to hear, just to escape. So, here he was, doing just that.
the story begins with Paul, telling Dr. Smythe, his first encounter, as he remembers a different one, one he would never tell someone else.

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Paul Stamp remembers his first psychic sex session with a girl from school, at school, whilst in detention.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 08, 2017



The erotic adventures of a psychic gasman.

Knock, knock, knock!

“Yes, come in.”

As I stood outside the door, I pondered the reality of my dilemma.

“Well, come in!”

The couple of seconds of re-consideration was thrown to the wind by the voice beckoning me from the other side.

“Yes, sorry Dr. Smythe. I am here about my discharge papers.”

His expression changed to one of smouldering arrogance. I knew he hated me, I even knew explicitly what he said to the other patients about me.

“Come on in Captain, I thought you would be here earlier than this,” he lifted his fake Rolex watch, displaying it though it was real, “the day is almost gone. Come in, sit down, let’s chat.”

His office was large enough to fit a truck. But all he had was a desk too big to be useful, and a large English leather, high back office chair that was, again, too big to be useful.

“Now, for me to release you back in to the world, I need to assess one more time that you have found reality and not just trying to pull the wool over the Institutes eyes, ok?”

“Sure, and my name is ‘Paul’, Dr. Smythe, I am not a Captain at all, if you don’t mind?”

“Oh come on Paul, your middle name is Tiberius, like Captain Kirk, in Star Trek. Surely you’re not offended by such a reference?”

“I just want to keep us on an even level. My name is Paul Stamp, thanks.”

Deep down I knew the dirty fuck just wanted me to describe in intimate detail my ‘imaginary conquests’, as he put it.

“Ok then. Let us begin Mr. Stamp.”

Even his use of my real name irritated me.

“Where should I start?”

“Mm, wherever you’d like. Maybe what started all this imaginary sex, your fascination with your sister.”

“Ok, but that was all a mistake though.”

“Yes, but either way, I think it’s more relevant.”


‘Let me put you all on the same page before you read on.’

You see, when I was younger, I thought I had a special ability.

When I was around sixteen, I honestly believed I could cause a girl to spontaneously want sex just by thinking she did.

I thought I had telekinesis.

I never told dirty old Doctor Smythe about my first time. That would always be private.

But for the sake of the story I will now re-tell it, so the continuity will flow better.

As usual, when I was a teenager, I was in detention for ‘disrupting the class’.

So, there I was, writing 500 times ‘I will not break wind in class’.

My class room was the furthest from the main school area, the windows on the one side only face towards the back-exit gates.

It was around 3:30 pm, and I saw this girl I liked, Sally, walking past the room on the way home.

I had been reading some of dads old Playboy and Penthouse, after looking at all the pictures of girls in various stages of undress and very awkward positioning.

There were these letters, the ‘Forum’, supposedly from men, who recounted their sexual encounters. Some so outlandish they were unbelievable.

Visualizing the descriptions made it more than easy to jerk off to them, especially as I was still, in the real sense of the term, a virgin.

There were plenty of attractive girls at school, but I fascinated over Sally, as she more than anyone, looked like a girl described in one of those stories.

Her small breasts pushed out her jumper and I regularly stared, to see nipple poking through when she took it off.

I held my books over my crotch between classes, to hide continual stiffy’s.

With her calf-high white socks over black shoes, and a mid-thigh skirt, I dreamed of her panties beneath, stuck in her labia, like a little camel-toe.

Today she walked home with her bag over her shoulder, her long brown locks, cascading down her back, as the sun shone on it, creating a halo effect.

I pressed down on my little cock, the effort was useless, as I really wanted to stick it somewhere completely different, and there she was walking by.

Sally turned, looking straight at me through the classroom windows, which were partially hidden by overgrown trees and shrubs.

Without hesitation, she walked between the branches and leaves, dropping her bag on the ground in front of her.

The bottom part of the window was wound out, as she spoke to me in the opening.

“Hey, stuck in there all alone huh?”

“Um, yeah. Going home huh?” what a stupid reply.

“Time goes slow in there alone, doesn’t it?”

“Oh well, I can watch kids leaving and going home, gives me time to think.”

“Really? Who do you think about?”

Hang on a minute, was this a real conversation, it sounds suspiciously familiar,

“At the moment I’m thinking about you.”

Her face blushed, as she drew in a deep breath, running a hand over her chest, feigning embarrassment. “Me? Why is that Paul, do you like me?”

This was the exact same conversation Robert had with Emily in ‘The case of the office romance’.

At least I hoped it was, he got lucky in the office, during work hours.

Sally bent down, rustling in her schoolbag, I thought for a camera or pen, something to record my misery, to share with the rest of her ‘crew’.

When she stood upright again, she held a banana which was perfectly ripe and yellow, the stiffness in its peel showed how ready to be eaten it was.

At the window, Sally was visible from the top of her waist to her head, probably standing on a rock or stump on the garden outside of the room.

With two fingers, she peeled the fruit open in three wide bands, exposing the soft meat inside.

Teasing me, she licked the front side from peel to tip, wrapping her tongue around the end as she closed her eyes, then slowly inserted the whole length into her mouth, pulling it out again to continue licking it.

“I love how bananas get creamy the more I suck and lick them.”

I was about to burst in my pants, as I rubbed the cloth roughly almost causing abrasions in my cock.

“Is it getting hot out here?”

Sally stopped her antics, long enough to pull her jumper up over her head, catching her shirt front and exposing her abdomen flesh and the bottom of her lacey, underwire bra. I was going to blow in my pants then, but Sally left her shirt up, caressing her body as the fruit began getting a taste of what I wanted.

“You can take it out Paul, I won’t tell,” her gaze flicked down to my crotch, barely visible under the table, but my hand was working it hard.

“Here, I will if you will?”

She lifted her shirt up, releasing the bra strap in the front, and allowed her puffy nippled, size ‘B’ titties stand firm on her chest.

I ripped open my trouser zip and button so quick, the release of my straining penis surprised her, to say the least.

“OH! I was not expecting that!” Then it started to happen.

Her banana changed shape, more penis-like, but still yellow, and still fruit.

Every stroke of her tongue and sucking sent shockwaves into my own body, as if she was directly fellating me.

Sally noticed the change as well, as I watched wet trails of saliva run down my meagre shaft, as small bubbles of spit built on my cock.

I could literally watch how far my cock went into her mouth on my dick, as I had already stopped jerking off, mesmerized by what was happening.

Sally’s eyes were closed as her head rocked back and forth, taking my banana further into her gob, as it swelled and my balls expanded with lust.

Whatever was happening, I took a gamble on it being a dream, and thought to enact my own desires onto the cock sucking girl.

I cupped my hands as if I were describing a female bust size, and thinking of where I wanted to put them, I imagined her ass under that skirt, and those panties covering her most ‘Holiest’ of holies.

In my mind, I put both hands up her dress, along the backs of her thighs, and felt her clench her ass cheeks, as each hand gently groped her butt, squeezing and releasing, as she finally yielded and started rocking her hips with my massage.

Sally had the banana creaming a thick banana juice around her mouth as her other hand molested her breast.

Overcome with desire, she leant forward, as her breasts and nipples crushed against the window, smudging the dirt, and leaving nipple trails across the pane.

It was surreal, and at the same time, enlightening.

Here I was with my ugly, fat cock, being imaginarily drained by the best-looking girl in school, at school, while in detention.

I couldn’t feel her young ass skin through her knickers, so I imagined that I’d hooked a thumb over the sides of her hips and started pulling them down.

Sally’s look suddenly changed to worry, not quite fear. She was too far gone in the moment to stop, but I considered her predicament, and feeling partially to blame, and in control, I decided to not make her go ‘All the way’ as far as fucking, although I saw no harm in enjoying her and helping her enjoy it as well.

I smiled at her through the window, smiling and mouthing the words, ‘Its ok’ which seemed to relieve her anxiety over how far I would go.

Shaking, with the invisible undies in my grasp, I felt them as they released over her waist, and let them settle at her knees, which were spread, wide enough for someone to touch her there, me.

I placed my left hand on the inside of her right thigh, slowly moving it up, as I felt something dripping on my hand, which was warm, and cooled very quickly.

In the old Playboy and Penthouse magazines, all the girls ‘Areas’ looked dry and well groomed. Some even had all the hair shaved off them making them appear really young.

Sometimes, there were girls whose opening glistened, but the wetness was never conveyed like real life. Even the skin tones were the same, not giving the darker, fully aroused purplish lines of the labia or pubis mound of real females

So, to feel a drip, brought caution.

I moved my hand up, stopping when the top blade of my palm reached her crotch, between her inner hip and her outer pussy labia. Sally jumped a little, with sensitivity and arousal overloading her vulva area.

The heat from between her legs was amazing, really hot, but centralized to where my hand is.

I turned my wrist, palm up, as I felt, for the first time ever, the outer lips of female genitalia.

Sally seemed to lower herself, to put more pressure on her crotch, which I helped with, by pushing up. My middle finger found the exact middle of her vulva, and I moved my palm forwards and backwards, pressing more, as my middle finger found the opening of her vagina.

My fingers were sliding easily over and into her wet sex, as I put more knuckles in, her hips spread wider, and I found I could insert another finger with ease.

I curled my fingers so my hand was slightly cupped, with my wrist bone, where it meets the palm, rubbing her erect clitoris.

My whole scrotal sac tensed as a pre-cursor to my climax, as Sally began to shake on my working digits, her vagina released more lubricating fluid, as she put her own hand between her legs, rubbing her clit as I fingered her hole, her mouth took my entire cock length, I thought to put my mouth on her breasts, sucking in her ample flesh, and pressing her nipple between my tongue and the roof of my mouth.

Without any warning, Sally’s pussy pushed my fingers out with her ensuing orgasm, her flicking fingers sent her body into one massive orgasm, as shudder after shudder, her abdomen clenched, my palm was catching her runny discharge, as I bit harder and harder on her nipple, and I attempted to re-insert my fingers, to prolong her pleasure.

Her eyes re-focused slowly, her breathing ebbed, and I finally got one finger inside her to feel her tremors and pulsing cavity.

The banana was still rammed down her throat, as she delicately licked it as she removed it, sending me into pubescent orgasm unlike the picture books could ever achieve.

I exploded into her mouth, between her teeth and lips, covering her face, and enough of the banana ejaculated into her mouth, that it flowed out her nose. Her hair became a tangled mess of thick fluid, yellowish, from the banana orgasm.

Sally put a hand down her front, as she began bouncing and jack-hammering her hand up and down into her pussy, again.

Licking the fruit as it deflated in her hand, I was still semi-erect, but started feeling less contact the more she fingered herself.

Her face tensed as if she was in pain, distorting and scrunching up, as her back arched, pushing her chest forward, as her shirt fell to her sides and her breasts popped out, giving me an eyeful of her perfect, teenage Mammeries.

I started jerking my dick as it became hard, Sally shuddered as I lost more and more of the ability to control the situation, when I came in my hand, over my pants and seat, Sally looked me in the eyes and pulsed on her fingers, a bit like that scene in Alien, when the thing bursts out of the guy’s chest, but her chest just heaved.

Our looks locked, she was spent as she dismounted her hand, lifting it to her face and examining it.

Her discharge was thick, pasty white, as it clung to her fingers. She instinctively plopped them into her mouth, sucking and licking them clean as she did with the banana.

I couldn’t muster another cumshot, but gently rubbing the dick-clag along my shaft, felt like I was inside her.

Something startled her, maybe someone close to her, behind the bushes, as she grabbed her shirt, holding it across her chest, and bent down to pick up her schoolbag. Her longing look back to me was one of confusion, but her stare was one of elation. Off she ran, her skirt flipped up a couple of times, as I watched her bare ass until she was completely gone.

There I was, dick in hand, in detention, just had imaginary sex with the prettiest girl in school, exhausted, with cum dripping off my fingers.

When I eventually left the classroom, I snuck around the side, where Sally had been.

At the half open window there was a small stump, cut off about eight inches from the ground. Wide enough to stand on comfortably.

Laying open, perfectly spread over the flat surface were a pair of wet panties. The stains were unmistakable and the scent from them wafted in the air like a pheromone spray. Large creamy dollops were spread across the crotch, or gusset, with darker spots from a more viscous juice scattered across them.

I picked them up and instantly put them to my nose, smelling her scent as if she were in them.

The aroma was exactly the same as what I smelt in the classroom, but tangible and fresh.

I dipped my tongue in the cool mass, the taste was like musky yoghurt, but sweeter, when I had an insane idea.

I opened my pants, pulling my undies down a little, and wrapped the sex laden underwear around my ugly fuck stick, which made me feel like I had my cock rubbing between her upper thighs, but not penetrating her vagina. I went straight home and jerked off three, or maybe four times, with the panties still around my shaft and head.

I left them on for three days, and by Thursday night, the sweet smell was gone and the combination of my funk and her three-day old cum was becoming rancid.

Sally hadn’t been at school since the Monday, and I hoped she was ok, and not too scared to see me again.

During a shower Thursday night, I washed the knickers out and towel dried them enough to put into a zip-lock bag. Secreting them away, I went to school with a little less of a smile on my face, until I saw Sally storming across the school oval, in a direct bee-line to me.

She grabbed me by the jumper front, pushing me back into the bushes she stood in during our session on Monday.

“Was it you?”

“Um, what, er, are you?”

“don’t muck around, was it you?”

“Yes,” finally a sense of relief at guilt had been lifted, my own admission was good to get off my chest.

“Not Monday, but the last three days, was it you?”

Now I was confused, “what about them?”

“I am so sore from the constant rubbing, I can hardly walk straight Paul. Since Monday afternoon until last night I have had the feeling of something in my undies, something like your thingy!” her head nod to my crotch, made me realise hers, and my predicament.

“Ooohhh, I think I understand, and I am so sorry.”

“So what were you thinking? It isn’t funny Paul, I actually feel a bit violated, I did not give you permission to do any more than we did, yet you carried on like I was a plaything. I am not very happy.” A small tear built in her eye, and although it was accidental, I should have considered all the possibilities.

“I didn’t mean to Sally, I can explain, please?”

“Alright, I mean it is weird enough without knowing exactly what the heck is going on anyway.”

“After you left, in a hurry,”

“Well, I saw some kids coming over this way, looking for a ball or something,”

“And I came out to see if was all real, or it was my imagination, but all I found were your panties.”

“Oh, ok, I came back looking for them, so what did you do?”

Starting to feel a bit embarrassed, I decided to confess, fully.

“They were so fresh, and so much from you was in them, I wrapped them around my, er, um, thingy, and well, you know? Jerked off with them.”

Sally looked mortified, “you had them in your pants for three days?”

“It felt so nice and real, the thought of them being from you, well, I couldn’t stop myself.”

“you should see my bits Paul, so red, and sore, I had to stay home and tell mum it was girl problems. I was cumming all day and night Paul, that was a bit too much, thank you.”

All I heard was ‘you should see my bits’.

“Can I?”

“Can you what?”

“See your bits, I want to see how bad it is,”

“You just want to perve, you dirty little bugger,”

“Sort of, I mean, I know how you feel and taste, a look can’t hurt?”

“Mm, well,”

I dropped to my knees and stuck my head up her skirt, catching Sally a little off guard, “Whoa, hang on,” I gently grabbed her fresh panties and pulled them down, so they left her young, virgin vulva open to the air.

There were fine wisps of hair which ran all the way under her crotch, the middle ones appeared damp, as her raw outer labia shone red, and sore looking, but some moisture sat along the lip line, and a feint patch could be seen in the gusset of these panties as well.

“Had enough?”

“Mm, I was wondering if you want me to numb the area, it won’t hurt so much after that.”

“How do you know?”

“I read it somewhere,” I did, in the penthouse, as a joke, only now I get it.

The joke goes, ‘A doctor was treating the most famous model in the world when she said her nether regions were sore.

Doctor: Would you like me to numb the area while I check you out?

Model: Yes Doctor, would you please?

Doctor: sure.

With that, he got down on both knees and started licking her pussy, making the sounds, num, num, num, num.

Funny now.

The opportunity was golden, with her permission, sort of.

My mouth was already watering, and her pussy looked so inviting, I stuck out my tongue and licked her hard, from the bottom to the top, where a nub of flesh stuck out more than the rest.

Her legs immediately gave way, as her thighs spread, giving me better access, and more able to lick deeper in her wet hole.

“SHIT!” Sally exclaimed, the obvious surprise wasn’t as bad I thought it would be, “Oh my god,”

Her hands instantly grabbed the back of my head, forcing me into her groin, as she rocked back and forward, and going up and down on her feet.

“Fuck, that feels so gooooood,”

 I never heard a girl swear like that before, and with my tongue deep between her pussy, and chewing, randomly, on that small nub at the top, Sally shook violently as my mouth filled with a tangy, hot, wet juice, I drank down as fast as possible.

The velvet feel of her inner vagina was intoxicating, and her musk drove me to jerk off with my right hand as I fingered her pussy with two fingers on my left.

Sally collapsed back onto the wall of the classroom, as I licked her dry, wiping her excess on a hanky mum makes me carry, thanks mum.

She trembled with each stroke of my tongue along her slit, as I countered her climaxes with my hand on my dick.

“Oh, ooooooh, aarrhh, Oh, Paul,”

I saw traces down her thighs, and cleaned her legs with both my mouth and hanky, as I tucked my fat cock back in my pants, “Thank you Paul, I have no idea what just happened, again, but thank you.” I took one last long look at her puffy lips, still red, still wet, as her pubic hairs collected together, like some curtains being pulled closed in the home at winter.

Pulling her knickers up, I watched the bulge grow, as a wet line in her gusset spread, and the memory of Sally was embedded forever.

I never spoke of it to anyone, and Sally went on through school as if nothing ever happened.

I put it down to imagination, again, and had many sessions at home, pulling my ugly cock to submission, with the memories.


That was the first time, and it took 12 months before anything happened again that I could put down to my sexual powers of seduction.

I know it all sounds fairly unbelievable, and the descriptions are very adult, but my recollections are as an adult.

The terminologies are not from a 16-year-old, but that is how I remember it all.

I spent the next few weeks trying to emulate it, so I put it down to imagination when nothing happened.

I tried girls on the bus, at the supermarket cashier, everywhere. But I always came back to thinking about Sally. Maybe it was just fantasy, but it was fantastic.

It didn’t occur to me until months later, that the entire school sex with Sally, was from a story I had read. That one in the Playboy forum.

So, I started reading more, and finding more to read from friends, whose dads had their own libraries of smut.

So many scenarios developed in my mind, that I eventually created my own, which I could adapt to any girl I thought of.

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