Red Liquid Velvet. A Vampires tale

Red Liquid Velvet. A Vampires tale Red Liquid Velvet. A Vampires tale

Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror


From the CrossOver series comes Red Liquid Velvet. An eternal being, the original vampire has found a reason for life. Now, he just has to make sure she survives.


From the CrossOver series comes Red Liquid Velvet.
An eternal being, the original vampire has found a reason for life. Now, he just has to make sure she survives.


Submitted: April 18, 2018

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Submitted: April 18, 2018




I began licking at my fingers, to satiate my longing for her juices and fluids.

Poon leant against the rear wall of the ‘Hong Long Shia’, Chinese restaurant, which she and her husband owned.

She would do anything for me, as long as I satisfied her lust and carnal desires, which her older husband had given up trying to do many years ago. “Please, please!” Every time she cried out in yearning, I would punish her by piercing her skin between her thighs, which Poon actually enjoyed.

“You taste exceptionally sweet tonight,” I ran my palm down her belly, pushing my long fingers deep into her. Raising her off her feet to accommodate the intrusion, she shook on my hand, and I searched inside her for the life-giving source I craved.

Poon held her dress over her face, her whole body, naked underneath, glistened in the moonlight. I sucked her thick nipple into my mouth, biting a little, as I slid down to my knees, leaving a saliva trail to her lower abdomen.

Poon spread her legs and bent her knees, allowing me full access to her vagina. Her soft moans, and the sexual context of me pleasuring her, as she dripped onto the ground, meant little to me. Replacing my fingers with my mouth, as my tongue weaved inside her, sent her into trembling orgasms.

Completely filling her vaginal cavity with my tongue, let me push all the way up into her womb. The pure blood trail from her uterus gave me strength, let me live, never having to take a life, ever again.

Poon put her hand on my head to steady herself, as I finished my meal of her menstrual blood. “’Tank you Erak, I miss you my master. Will you ever come back to just me?” She knew I couldn’t, “No!”

Resting back on her feet, letting her dress cover her form once again, Poon looked into my eyes, she had a look of want I only ever saw in her face.

“I will be back Poon.” Leaving her behind was not just a lack of care, but a survival tactic.

I found Poon sun lee wandering the plains of China, lost, hungry, and in immense pain. Seeing her as an easy meal, I swooped her up by her hair, carrying her back to my mountain refuge. Barely making a sound, as I dropped her unceremoniously to the floor, she didn’t cry, scream or try to run.

There was no fear in her at all.

When I collapsed my wings to make arms, and my face reformed to human, she stood, gently walking to me, her feet bloody and broken from being barefooted.

Placing a hand on my face, then in her mandarin dialect, “Poor thing. My name is Poon, can I help?”

With all her trouble, and so young, at about thirteen, she showed something I had only seen between couples of prey I had feasted on.

“WHAT?” She showed empathy, not pity, but compassion.

“NO! I am the bringer of death, the murderer of cities. I have slain armies in my wake.”

“No,” she uttered, “You are alone.”

Poon wrapped her arms around me in an embrace, the emotions I have never felt before, swelled up inside me like a tornado of hostility.

“BACK!” in my anger, and using my strength, which is unequalled, I pushed Poon backwards, away from me, towards the cave wall.

In that millionth of a second, I watched her fly backwards, her legs and arms trailed until she was within a cubit of the wall face. With all my speed and strength, I had to react faster than any time in my millennia of life.

Faster than thought was still not quick enough, my hand reached hers and started pulling back too late.

Her already frail body almost slammed into the wall, and it was all I could do to stop her head hitting full force into the rock.

I put myself between her and the cave, even my rigid body was better than rock.

But she was still hurt quite badly.

“OOOF!” a sound I had never made before, puffed from my mouth, from the force of Poon ramming into me.

Slightly stunned, I caught her in freefall, laying her softly on the cold, dust filled earth of the cave.

Her eyes stayed shut, and I could just hear her blood being pumped around her body through her heart. I felt like I had stayed and watched her unconscious form for hours, but it was, in reality, minutes.

I was sitting on my haunches, like I was ready to strike the fallen feast. Suddenly, slowly, Poon’s breath got stronger.

She opened her eyes a little, enough to exchange a glance.

“I’m sorry, I did not mean to offend you Fallen Angel,”

My head reeled with thoughts, ‘Why was she apologizing, why is she not scared? More importantly, what do I do with a beast I do not think I will eat?

That freshest of fresh blood, ran out her right nostril, across her cheek, and dripped wastefully to the dirt. Surveying her delicate form, I also saw dried blood on her feet and hands, patches of dirt and blood covered her rag of a dress.

Poon passed out again, this time into a deep type of catatonic sleep.

What I saw before me was nothing short of a pure innocence, unafraid to live, and unafraid to die.

I took a large piece of fabric that was once a cloak, made from wool, silk and deer velvet. The red colouring reminded me of blood, and the thick lining was even to me, warm.

Covering her from toes to neck, for some reason, I decided to make a fire. The provisions and loot of a hundred battles and campaigns filled the cave. Using scrolls and palm paper, stolen from Egyptian and Jordanian kings, I coaxed flames in the immediate area of Poon, as the natural ventilation allowed the smoke to dissipate upwards.

I had a perfectly good feed in front of me, but I could not bring myself to drain her, or even convert her for my bidding, into a Halfling.

I did know she required clothing, and nothing I had would suit or fit such a young thing. ‘FOOD’, she will require food! What do these eat? And do they need fluid, like I drink from them? With a sudden change, I flew from my hide, seeking answers to questions I had never considered.

My sense of self-preservation has always been to kill for food, or kill or be killed. This damaged female was not a threat or enough to eat, so I need to fatten her up, for later.

‘Ding’, the small bell above the door distracted me temporarily, I was an old woman seeking assistance for my young Granddaughter.

“Hello, may I help you?” queried the stout young man behind the counter, “We have new silks and boots, from Europe, nonetheless.”

I pursed my eyes, sensing nobody else in the room, and coerced information from the boy, against his will.

“What do young people eat, for food?”

“Rice, mainly, some root vegetables from the garden.”

“WHAT ELSE?” I could feel his fear, his eyes black, with no thought but to run.

“Um, Dumplings?”

“Yes, Dumplings, give me what you have.”

“Yes, all?” his frightened feet shook with every step, his bladder could not stem the flow from his lack of concentration, pissing himself as he walked around the dingy, back ally shop.

“Do you drink? Fluid, blood?”

“Drink? Water, wine. B, b, b, blood? Not blood.”

“Give me wine, how much do young girls drink?”

“UM, er, how young, Ma’am?”

“Younger than you, young, what does it matter?”

“Wine is no good for young, Water, and goats milk.” He seemed better at my inquisition, settled, more relaxed.

“Do you think I’m stupid? OF COURSE, GOAT MILK, WHAT ELSE WOULD I WANT?”

“Y, yes Ma’am,” instantly becoming un-nerved again made me more tolerant of the imbecile.

Putting the milk into three drink bladders, and the food into cheesecloth, to keep it fresh, the boy bundled the lot into a large cloth, knotting it at the top.

Hooking my crook into the knot, I dragged the food into the alleyway, changed back to my normal, natural self, and flew off, back to my cavern.

“I thought you had gone for ever,” was the soft voiced query at my return, “I hope I am no bother?”

She still apologised, “For you, eat, drink, then rest.”

Very gingerly, Poon rose to her sore, blistered and bloody feet, staggering with immense concentration over her pain.

“Stay, sit.”

Sitting closer to the dwindling fire, I untied the knot, allowing the booty to spill out, near her, where she sat.

“Thank you, I am so hungry, will you join me?”

“No, you eat, I stay.” Even back then my language was crude and rudimental, barely ever holding a conversation, especially as I ate what I talked too.

“I hope this wasn’t too expensive Sir Angel, there is a lot for just me?”

“I take what I need, people give to me, whenever I say.”

“You stole this from somebody, who worked for it?”

“Took? was given.” I never fully understood her rationale, “Then I cannot eat, I will not steal, or eat stolen food. It is not right.”


“No.” The silence was unbearable, I had never met anyone, especially so young, who was so rigidly dignified.


Poon leant forward, as she placed her hand on my front left haunch, “Because it is not right, you must pay for this, or take it all back.”

She did a sweeping open palm motion, across the food and drink, “I cannot afford it.”

“Tsch!” Poon went to stand, her poor little body was just not up to it.


“I cannot if you steal.” My mind reeled from this girl’s morale inclinations, “How Much?”

Her smile caught me unawares, it was beauty personified, “a little gold maybe?”

“To the boy?”

“Whomever you got this from, please?”

“Uggffhh,” I strode over to the measly pile of ill-gotten gains, from hundreds of years of fighting, picked up a small bag of coins, only a hundred or so, rattled it for her to hear, and she smiled again.

Again, I was disarmed by her innocence.

“That should be fine.”

I never paid for things I could take from battles won. I had never had someone, anyone, tell me what I do is wrong. And I never had a living feast, virtually give me orders, through passive negotiation.

“EAT!” For some inane reason, I thought yelling at Poon would make me feel better. It didn’t.

Sedately Poon sat, trying to make herself comfortable on the rag dress she still wore. The heavy cloak dragged at her, and she had let it fall to the floor.

Watching her politely sit, eat and drink reminded me of a princess I once seconded, for a ransom from her father, the last pharaoh of Egypt, Ptolemy XIII.

I think her name was ‘Cleopatra’.

Instead, he offered me a position as his consort, and General of all armies.

Neither he or his daughter feared me, as they thought themselves Gods.

The difference with Poon was, she acted regally, but showed none of the contempt it implied.

“Thank you,” her manners were impeccable.

“Stay, here.” I pointed to the floor of the cave, she knew what I meant, but at least this time I didn’t yell. I think that was what I was trying to achieve.

“I have nowhere to go good Angel.”

“Arrgg!” Flying off, to pay my debt she believed I owed, I could not focus or concentrate.

I thought of going back, throwing the cache of coins at her as hard as i could, the drain her life, as pitiful as it was.

So, I stopped.

I sat on that rocky crop for hours, hunched like a gargoyle on the New England churches. I tried to fathom my reason for the attitude she had stirred in me, why I was not the same.

I was old, and young, I have been to many lands, killed countless soldiers and people for fun and survival.

I realised what she had imbued in me, so I ran her errand, the boy, and his family danced with glee at their good fortune, (evidently, three pounds of gold was a lot!), and I returned to Poon in my cave.

The sun was rising, I had been gone all night. The fire was out, and Poon was curled up beside the dead embers, covered only in the cloak that was way too big for her.

The cave entrance faced South, as my shadow disappeared from view the further I entered.

She didn’t move, my acute hearing barely distinguished her breathing, nor could I hear the warm streams of blood flow through her tiny frame.

In a stride, I was beside her, cupping her body in my arms, afraid the life in her was gone, and after so long, I could not bring her back.

She was cold, shivering, and her skin had turned a pale blue.

“Wake, wake Poon, what is wrong?”

From the corner of the cave I heard a footstep, then two and three.

“I didn’t realise you kept live food Erak, I left just enough to keep her living, just as you did.”

Zaruk had been waiting, I failed to see all the signs he was here.

I failed Poon in keeping her safe, now she may be a walker, like Zaruk.

But unlike Zaruk, she will have a chance.

“She is pure Zaruk, hope you have not taken too much.”

“Hope is not for us Erak, we take, or are you getting soft?” Spinning to my feet, I held out my right arm as if I held something in it.


Zaruk laughed, “That old game my friend. Do not you tire of the threats to me, we both know you cannot wield that axe to kill me. Or yourself.”

An eerie wind stirred the dust on the floor around us.

Zaruk’s manner changed, he stepped back as a shimmering light glowed in the middle, between us.

“What is this Erak? Have you a new trick?”

In the glow of the light a form emerged, first as a shadow, getting more and more solid by the second. The dust settled, a man, on one knee slowly stood.

“Why have you summoned me Death? I am killing my enemies, so that I may make peace with my wife.”

“I have work for you Mr. Fury.”

“Zaruk, tell this man your name, as it were two centuries ago.”

Zaruk stood defiant, walked closer to the man in the long black coat, surveying his appearance.

“Why not, it won’t make any difference to me, my name was Rupert, Rupert James Arthur, of the Irish clan of Canny."

Instantly, Blake threw his coat away from himself, displaying the numerous tattoos I had emblazoned him with.

Tattoo’s that can become weapons, an indefinite supply of weapons, from daggers and guns, to ropes and a specific Battle-Axe.

“You may seek peace, with your relatives, Demon.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. What are you going to do little man? Blind me with your body ink?”

I still held my hand outstretched, and swung it towards Blake, making his hands move at my control.

“What the?” In his right hand, materialised Blood Fury, the one weapon that can kill anything, including me, in the wrong hands.

“WHAT IS THIS?” demanded Zaruk. “You cannot still use it on me.”

Blake’s eyes grew red, as fire leapt from them, and the Blood Fury axe swung at Zaruk.

“W…” No words escaped his mouth as his decapitated head fell to the floor.

“Blake, you may go now,” As he began to fade, he called to me,

“Why was I here?”

Bringing him back, temporarily, I filled him in on a need to know basis. “I made you, you do my bidding, you wreak revenge for yourself.”

Doing up the buttons on his coat, he swaggered to me, confused that I was not the Death he assumed I was.

“Was he sport? Am I a pawn in some game. I only wish to enact revenge for my wife.”

Poon stirred, distracting me. “You asked for the power to do this revenge.”

“You still helped me, but I saw the number ‘1’ on this creature, is that what he is, the first Canny?” Bending down to help Poon sip some liquid, to help her recovery, I continued my discussion with Blake.

“Yes, his bloodline, he is the first.”

“Then my revenge is enacted? I can go and meet my wife?”

“No, your fight began with Big Joe, remember?”


“You asked for the death of all his family, from Big Joe forward.”

“Then I must continue, till they are dead?”

“No, you can stop.”

Blake looked more confused than ever, “So why am I, still killing them?”

“You need to ask.”

“Forgiveness? From you?”

I started laughing for the first time in centuries, “Ho, no, not me, that is humorous though.”

“Then who? The Canny’s?”

“No, yourself.”

“NO, I will never forgive any of them,”

“Then your path is set.”

“No, until they are all dead.”

“Then go, we have naught else to discuss,” Blake turned, and as sent I him back, his final fading moment in contemplation, I told him one more fact, that he needed to be aware of, “Your daughter, Hope, is not dead, she is a Canny, but not by blood. Beware which side you kill off from now on.”

His wide eyes peered desperately at me through the mist of time, his look was of genuine horror. I like that.

“Hello, my angel, I am sorry to trouble you, may I seek your assistance in sitting up, so I may walk?”

Poon stirred, breaking my thoughts of Blake Fury, and his future reckonings, “Yes, wait.”

I willed the deep hole in front of Zaruk’s head, as I shoved a hessian bag of coins into his gaping mouth. Kicking the moving head into the hole, I filled in the dirt covering it completely. Never to be found.

Physically I helped Poon to her feet, the colour of life filled her veins once again.

“I shall never leave you alone again, too much danger in these mountains.”

“I am ashamed of causing the great Angel trouble, will you fatten me up to eat?”

“You have naught to fear from me young one, there is a part of you I wish to preserve.”

Still so very weak, Poon staggered to the corner of my abode.

“Please, do not watch. I am shy about such things.”

Not taking the time to study the human things, I only took what Poon had said as a request. She turned as did I, when I heard a small tinkle from where she now sat.

“Please, do not watch.” I saw a small stream from between her legs, as she crouched in a huddle. Her rag tag dress was pulled up to her mid-thigh, so the wetness would not dampen the cloth.

“I, I was not aware of why, but now I understand. Your physical requirements to relieve the pressures in your body.”

I usually just drank from their vessels, the remnants of their corpses were of no interest to me.

There was the odd occasion I would catch a soldier or lone traveller relieving themselves, but it never made a lasting impression of the absolute necessity.

“UNGF,” The sound made me turn quickly, I assumed Poon was hurt or unable to finish her motions,

“NO! DON’T LOOK!” She had pushed a large piece of excrement from her insides, catching the piece, wrapping it in a part of her dress, which she had torn away.

“You did not need to see my toilet behaviour Angel, I feel like I want to die in front of you now.”

“There is no need for what you humans call modesty, I know no such boundaries. What you think is dirty or shameful is natural to the sanctity of life.”

“Yes, I suppose so, but I still feel it is wrong.”

“Then, I will try not to embarrass you ever again, is that what you would prefer?” Poon nodded, the poor little girl had so many problems, I thought it was the least I could do to minimise them.

“You require more sustenance, and fresh clothe, I will restoke the fire and close the entrance to this cave, so you are safe until I return.”

“Are you sure it is alright?” Poon pointed with her head towards the filled in hole where Zaruk’s head lay buried.

“Yes, he cannot do you any harm, and I will dispose of his body, so he can never threaten you or others, ever again,” For the first time, I saw Poon smile, widely and happily.

It seemed like she relaxed, and then went about burying her turd in the cloth it was in, as I took off with Zaruk’s body. Being able to travel vast distances in small increments of time comes in handy when you are in a hurry.

On my way back from disposing of Zaruk, I stopped at the Emperors castle in Beijing, seconding a new dress from a young Princess’ boudoir, for Poon to wear. I even left a gold coin.

Poon’s eyes lit up like the floating lanterns the humans let fly into the air, during some of their banal celebrations.

“What?” as if I didn’t know, she had spied the dress in my right arm, which I had secreted behind my back.

“Is that for me?” I held it aloft, and in front of me, but Poon resisted the temptation to rush at it.


“I do not deserve such a magnificent piece of clothing, and may I ask if,”

Before she had finished asking, I was a little offended that she needed to ask, if I had left some form of currency for it.

“Yes, a gold coin, take it, I have things to do.”

She was still wary of my magnanimous gesture, but like any human child, she grabbed the garb and ran into the back corner to put it on.

“You look as dirty as the dust on my floor, you need to clean before you wear that.” Poon looked startled at my comment, quickly looking around for some type of cleaning area, and more importantly, water.

“But my Great Angel, there is nowhere to clean myself.”

I had not fathomed the response for all situations, but I did garner great satisfaction at proving my superiority, even to this child.

“Stand aside, the Great Erak shall produce whatever you require.”

There were times over the last couple of centuries, in this cave, that during immense storms and cataclysmic events, water would pour into the corner, leaving some to sit behind the rocks, and dribble out over the following months.

There had been a huge storm some days ago, so I knew there would be water, enough to clean this little thing. I tapped a hole in the dense wall, creating a spout for water to gently trickle out of, so Poon could use as much as necessary.

The more she used the lower I could make another hole.

She shivered in the running water, using her rag dress to tear strips from, and wipe and scrub as much dirt and grime as she could find.

When she was finished, Poon looked at me as if I should be doing something else.

“Could you turn, please? I wish to change, and my dignity wishes you not to see my nudity.”

Exasperated at her constant requests, I walked to the fire, breaking flag bearing poles into kindling, and tore the flags to strips, wrapping a couple around the short end of some poles, so I can use them for Poon to see in the darkness of my cave.

Amidst the rubble of collected bounty, there was a small bag. Something I had long forgotten, or merely not had to remember. It was the travelling bag of a long dead Queen, filled with jewellery and ornate, gold encrusted gems.

Poon could not stay here, even without Zaruk to drain her, others will eventually come, for me.

“What do you think?” Poon’s question made me turn to look at her, she was so dignified, beautiful and regal.

“Yes, you cannot stay here anymore.”

Sadness engulfed my little treasure, “But why, you saved me, and now you will turn me free to be killed by those who left me?”

Emotion is not my best forte. In fact, I don’t have any emotional ties to anyone, or anything. “NO,”

I was about to lie to a child I have only known for three days, for no other reason than ease her worry, “We must leave, tomorrow,”

“WE, you and I?”

“I have a place, far away, I come from a land where nothing can find us, people there will look after you. I can watch over you.”

“Not China?”

“No, South, the great southern continent.”

“You do this for me?” I feigned her gratitude seeking,

“No, I have been away too long. I require my own soil to regenerate.”

“I will look after you there,”

“No, people I leave you with, they will look after you.”

Poon appeared confused, “But I will see you?”

“When I need to, yes.”

“Yes Great Angel, I will do as you ask.”

Poon sulked back to the cave end, I literally felt pain at the prospect I hurt her emotionally.

“I will miss our time Poon.” Sparks filled her cheeks with happiness, “So you will come often, ok?”

My own mouth pulled back on my face, I could feel the cool air on my teeth.

‘WHAT THE?’ was I smiling? What was the hold this young human held over me? I ‘FELT’, the holes in my body, from constant fighting and fleeing ensuing, prospective captors, seeking my blood, ‘HURT’, for the first time in my life.

“We leave tomorrow, sleep, eat, drink. A long journey for you.”

“Yes Great Angel, thank you.”

“Call me Erak, I am no Angel to anybody, yes?”

“Yes Erak, may I call you Sir Erak?”


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