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Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality


Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality


just a short spiel about the mystery of coincidences.


just a short spiel about the mystery of coincidences.


Submitted: March 10, 2017

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Submitted: March 10, 2017



Coincidence, ESP or Gods choice?

How many times does something have to happen before we all realize its predestined.

Not just life and the choices we make. The whole world/Universe ratio.

Do we change a decision that may affect our great grand kids in the future or even deny their existence?

How many times have you asked to win lotto, but found the remote, lost weeks ago, under the same coffee table you searched a hundred times?

Do you make passing remarks to a stranger about the pendant around their neck, only to be told it was a reminder of a lost loved one, a year ago today?

What about when a gesture of good faith to an old friend is repaid by their denial of such generosity. Then find their wife has left them, the car was stolen, and the house broken into, then burned to the ground. Do some of us evoke these happenings. I think so.

I think I’m one of them.

I casually asked a stranger once, how much of her hair was a wig. Her best friend giggled at the preposterous remark, denying any altered hair, until her best friend asked how I knew.

I remarked to an acquaintance that I’m so unlucky that I could be the only person on a thousand miles of road, on a hot summers day, no clouds in the sky, and get hit by lightening.

The following day, at 5:15 am, on a dark cold morning, no-one else around, my car got hit by a water bomb, while traveling at 50 k’s an hour, on a blind turn.

I was told my wife needed a golf ball to help her plantar fasciitis.

After asking her mother if there were any around, she told me there weren’t.

Two days later, after I had mowed beside the house, I found a perfectly new un marked golf ball. Like it was dropped from the sky in the middle of a lane. Weird.

Numerous times, money in one form or another has come to me.

Alone interstate, after giving up all I knew, assumedly, to be with a woman who was giving birth to my first child, from a brief encounter, thousands of dollars became owed to me from the tax office. I tried spending it on necessary items, but still managed to fuck that up, along with people I began to call friends who screwed me over on everything I had. Their Karma will come. We will meet again.

Secondly, years before that, with a girlfriend of the time, I began a job with a rental truck, when on one particular night, we came across $2500. that same day, I was sacked for supposedly stealing.

After confronting the then boss, I mentioned he must have a guilty conscience if he accused me. I still don’t steal, but I do acquire.

Within a month he was sacked. For million-dollar embezzlement.

Very close to the mark.

Doing food deliveries in the 90’s, I was appalled at a recent news report regarding child molesters. I think I said something along the lines that they should all commit suicide, or hang, draw and quarter them. Innocently enough to a relatively new client. Until the next day at the delivery I was informed that the man I had spoken to had, indeed, committed suicide that night.

To this day I hope he wasn’t a victim, but a perpetrator. I wish I could find out.

I am positive there are many more examples that even I am not aware of. These are still just a few.

My wife and I had planed booked and organized a trip interstate with our two boys who had never been on a plane before. A couple of weeks until our planned trip was due, my wife won a day away with a radio station prize, to the state we had organized, the theme park we had organized, and the airplane company we had organized.

This was to happen only a week or two before our holiday. Neither of our sons have been on a plane, and we realized we were given the chance to see how well, if at all they would cope.

Another time we won movie tickets to a movie premier from a radio station, and before the show, while wandering around town, we got freebies, from a rival radio station, then she saw the exact same gown she wanted for her wedding dress that she was told they no longer made, marked down to less than a quarter of its original price.


When I was younger, basic coincidences were aplenty.

If I ever got lost, or became disorientated, especially in new areas, I found myself living around that same place, like I was given a quick guided tour beforehand.

I still find myself, constantly, at business’ that I can relate back through time to a ‘six degrees of separation’, type scenario. This may also be due to the fact of localized concentration of information. People also become a fixation of memories.

De ja vu accounts partially for these coincidences, but can still be relayed to facts of memory and incidence.

I recently damaged my truck, due primarily to lack of concentration, but also an unpainted low vision bollard. It tore my bulbar and bonnet cowling, leaving it hanging.

Only two or so weeks previous, I received a UHF transmission from another truck in regards to the sale of a brand new, unused bulbar to fit my make and model of truck.

Declining the offer politely, I said, that at $1200, it was too much when I didn’t need one.

A week after that encounter, the same person offered the same deal, unwittingly to me again, giving him the same reply of no thanks. Then the accident. A new bulbar cost the insurance company $6000. that could have got me a new paint job on the old rig. When should I have begun to listen to the signs. P.S. the radio I was using, I got from my brother for nothing as well.

When we started looking at trucks there were minimal requirements, nothing flash but something practical. I read the description of this rig, and the yard had barely received it before the add went to press. On first sight I knew it was what I had to have. It was the price range, size, colour. Even the make and model I liked. With a sleeper.

I’d begun local deliveries as a subcontractor to a multi conglomerate, transport company, delivering to supermarkets out of Altona. As green as grass is the first few months were purely a learning curve. An expensive one. Certain aspects of the invoicing system weren’t explained and I never thought to ask.

It became increasingly apparent that my expected goals at this branch of the company weren’t coming to fruition.

At one point, I queried the availability of work at other sites nearby, given the go ahead to work from another area delivering to a large chain of department stores.

So, two or so month’s after starting, I worked from this other bulk warehouse.

Until now my story probably bored you to sleep, but wait.

My first day at the depot around the corner, I was questioned about the truck I was driving, as previously it worked from this exact site no more than three months previous in its capacity as a delivery vehicle by the old owner. Coincidence?

The list of questionable ‘if’s’ grows all the time.

My biggest fear is that if and or when I do actually work out the system and how to benefit from it, I get a godly recall, so as I don’t contaminate the ebb and flow of humanity and its striving to understand ethereal consequences. Or God’s plan.

As a child living with my mum and brother in an outer eastern suburb, across the street was a large playground, with a sand pit and oversize pipes you could run through. Many an afternoon spent wasting time in there.

Twenty cents was alot of money for a kid back then, and to just lose it was a travesty.

So, as it were, one day, whilst playing in the sand with my cousin, throwing back and forth a two-bob coin, we actually played try to lose the coin. One would throw it across the pit, and the other hastily tried to retrieve it. All well and good until on my turn I did lose sight of the coin, and after many hours after looking, it was deemed lost.

We moved away to my grandparent’s house after my Nanna died, and years later, I traipsed back on my pushbike, to visit the old stomping grounds.

Still a kid, like always, I started playing in the sandpit. Almost immediately I dug up a very old looking twenty cent piece. I thought how lucky I was, then I remembered the one I had lost before. It was in the same space, barely under the sand.


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