caught out, at it

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Exhibitionist and Voyeur  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Findiner herself alone at home on a Saturday night, Chilli decides a night of porn to herself is in order. After she gets comfortable, she hears noises next door, below her third floor room window, where she spies a man, sitting jerking off to an invisible audience.

Caught out at it.

For the sake of this story in general, I would like to be referred to as ‘Chilli’.

Most people know me by it and I like it better than my real name.

As a young woman in today’s society, I still find it difficult to explain to others what I want to do.

Everybody is afraid to talk about sex, or their own deviant desires, that they act out at home with paid escorts or BDSM dominatrix.

Here I am at home on a Saturday night with very little money and nobody to spend it with if I did.

My male friends, most of who are gay or taken with a bit on the side in their relationship, tell me to find a nice bloke and settle down, or I’ll end up an old maid with a house full of cats and newspapers, where no one will find me until they tear down the house and find my miserable remains.

They seem a bit too melodramatic to me, but the news came on the Tele half an hour ago about an old lady found dead and alone in her house full of cats.

That was the last straw for me as I set about designing my life.

With a full bottle of Riesling and a catalogue of old movies in the DVD shelves I sat back to contemplate my life as it was and what I was going to do so I could get back on track.

The dilapidated three story town house I had moved into a week ago was quiet with the room on the top floor.

Three long flights of stairs made it obvious to the rest of the housemates who was home. I left home with barely anything except my ‘had to have clothes’. The argument with mum was pretty bad, and at nineteen I am sure I can handle most things in life without her or dad’s interference.


My room consists basically of a bedroom the size of a small lounge, with two smaller rooms off it that had been converted into a kitchenette and shower with a toilet to the side.

This supposedly, make it self-contained.

Most people don’t like the stairs, or the prying eyes as you go past three other rooms on the way up, but I prefer to think of it as my top floor apartment, my penthouse suite.

I have a large skylight in the middle of the main room ceiling with a one-way glass sheet that acts like a dark mirror that I sit and watch myself in sometimes.

I bought a large old fashioned couch that took four of my housemates and a full hour of struggle to get into my room. The large cushions were thick and heavy but made for a great mattress that I use as a bed.

On each corner are two large conical knobs that remind me of pinecones on the back, and two smaller knobs on the front that I use as handles to get up and down with as the base is higher than normal and I am relatively short.

The size of the base can comfortably fit four to five people but so far I haven’t had any stay over friends and I never bought a bed.

I have leaned my new 80 cm LCD TV against the far wall, which leaves my back to the only window, so I can lay in bed at night and look up at the night sky and stars.

The front and only door to my room is literally to the left of my TV and I can tell if somebody is there because of the light casting a shadow from behind the door, just so I know if there is a lurking perv or someone about to knock.


My new telly that I picked up off the street, has an inbuilt DVD player so I decided not to go out tonight and to rearrange my room properly.

I finished the task early and now I was sitting there with my second glass of cheap vino, deciding what type of movie I would watch from my limited horror, tear jerker or mild porn collection.


Even though the four, poor quality dirty movies had been paused, fast forwarded and copied hundreds of times combined, the wine was having the warming effect it usually does on these more than frequent nights and I decided on my fav’ type of porn, boy on girl with hard ass fucking.

I fast forward through the awkward pretence of asking for a cup of sugar to him grabbing the girl’s ass playfully which she allows and French kisses him until he begins to undress her.

Pulling her top up over her mountainous breasts lets them fall and bounce before he grabs them and kisses and licks around her areola like there was no tomorrow.

Completely covering her tits in his spit, she undoes his pants which fall down to his ankles, stepping out of them in the same motion, his erection sways like a metronome, before she kneels taking the full length into her mouth which is when I press play on the remote and the scenario begins at normal pace.

The male lead holds the girls head and guides it back and forth and up and down on his huge cock as she coats it in spit, fondling his sac at the same time.

Rubbing his shaft on each upward suck, her hand falls between her own thighs into her panties as the camera pans between her legs, and the pistoning motion of her fingers leaves no doubt of her insertion in and out of her warm wet vagina.

Watching a guy get his cock sucked and a girl fingering herself lets me imagine myself being so dirty. Imagining so much that I find my hand down the front of my loose tracky-dacks tracing two fingers the length of my pussy from clit to arsehole, just.

The wine glass starts to spill drops onto the top of the couch, so I place it gently on the wood floor beside the armrest.

The couple on the screen take it right up to where he is already pushing his fat cock into her tiny looking vagina. She screams a little but I can tell she has had bigger.

He puts her arse first on their couch and pumps into her as the camera pans between his legs right up to the juice laden hole he is fucking.

She bounces her butt to let him penetrate as far as possible, just as he begins to empty his first load deep in her cunt.

By now I am fingering myself, even though I know how it ends, it’s my favourite parts.

“these are way too restrictive girl-friend,” as I push my pants down to my ankles, kicking them completely off onto the floor, along with my wet panties that were stopping me getting full access.

Shoving my hand up my top and under my tatty old bra, I groped my own left breast, tweaking the nipple just how I like it, not too hard not too soft.

The action on the screen was going on so fast now I hardly rubbed my clitty nub hard or fast enough.

The souls of my feet were together, keeping my knees apart so I rubbed my dripping flaps sideways, up, down and, occasionally, dipped a finger or three right up myself.

“go boy, you ram that cock up her arse,”

The man on the screen rolled his fuck buddy over so that she was kneeling on the carpet with her head on the seat cushions of the couch.

“I fucking love this bit,”

His man meat dripped with her pussy juices and his still emptying cum.

He held the tip at her puckered rectum and proceeded to push gently into her tight anus.

“Go on man, ram it deep into that bitch.”

It wasn’t too much of a stretch for her as he planted his shaft full up her date in one foul stroke.


As flexible as I am, I had my ankles near the back of my head.

My right hand was ploughing into my sloppy wet pussy with three and four fingers.

I love watching arse fucking as much as I enjoy it with the right person.

I like a finger or two in my cakehole but not more, unless the bloke has plenty of lube himself.

I rocked back and forth, fingering my cunt hard and fast, with another couple in my date that juices up as well when I am this super horny.

I looked up at the skylight to see the awkward position I was in but became more aroused watching myself getting arse action.

“Oh fuck yeah, I’m cumming, I’m cuuuummminnnnggg, shhhiiiit.”

My pussy clamped so hard I pushed my own hand out as my sphincter muscles held onto my digging dirty fingers, and I pulsed so deep I felt my fingers up my arse in my pussy.

“OOHH yyeeesss,”

Contraction after contraction pumped thick girl clag out my cunt and over my still embedded fingers in my arse.

Just as I was coming around to normality, I heard a guttural groan from outside my room and instantly disengaged myself from the enjoyment to listen for where it was coming from.

There wasn’t a shadow at the door, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any peep holes in any of the walls but I could still hear it.

Without putting my pants back on, I got up and sneaked around the room to listen for the direction.

Still cupping my pussy with both hands, my cum dripping between my fingers, I moved cautiously not to let it fall everywhere.

Slowly, I got near the window and peered out over the sill, to the other terrace house next door.

There was a guy with his window completely open, sitting in a chair facing out of it.

His cock was firmly in his hand and I assumed the TV he was watching was on the same wall as his window.

His porn seemed better than mine as he was still stroking the rigid shaft with at least two wads of his own cum backed up on his wrist.

Startled that he may see me watching, I backed up quickly and rammed my raw arsehole onto one of the conical decorations of the couch.

It didn’t hurt or inset itself fully into me, but it did have a hard, round surface I could easily enjoy.

Keeping just enough of my head above the sill to see, I could spread my ass cheeks around the base of the cone and rub up and down enough to cause an electric type sensation.

The small bulges of the cone grated across my anus, just as if I was rubbing it with a dildo.

I leant to a spot under the window and, with my other hand, forgot about the gooey mess I had exuded earlier and started fingering my pussy while frotting on the couch cone.

His hips matched mine in thrusts as I could tell he was ready to cum another time, surely this would be the last.

At one point, the tip of the cone hit the centre of my creamy date hole and I realised I was high enough to press onto it and see how far I could get it inside me.

Tilting my hips, fingering my pussy deeper than ever before, I sat down on the cone and the tip putting most of my own weight on it.

“OH fuck yeah,”

Each thrust and tilt got me further and further onto my new found toy, as I used my cunt lube to coat the bulbous toy, making it better and easier to push inside me.

With my voyeur target pumping his hand, and his jism spurting across his lap and wrist, it all became too much.

“OOOOOhh fffuucckkk!”

Without thinking, I stood up and rammed my ass onto the cone, dilating my rectum, still frigging my hand, before erupting all over the carpet and squirting across to the window sill.

The realisation of him being able to see me was too late, but I was so embarrassed, I dropped to the ground, sitting now under the window.

My heart was still racing from the super orgasm and being caught, that my breath seemed to take forever to slow.

The whole scenario became a bit of a giggle to me and I started laughing at the whole episode, before I looked up.

From the floor position I could see the skylight I usually sit under. A small tilt in the glass gives a fairly good view of whoever sits on the couch.

That’s when I realised what was actually going on.

Where the man sat was the same elevation but a bit further out.

He could see everything I was doing, from start to finish.

He was perving on me, “what an arsehole!”

I was his entertainment, not some porn movie.

I jumped up to look at the audience when he raised his hands, holding the towel he was cleaning his seed up with in one hand, and began to applaud me.

At first, I was enraged, but it gradually dawned on me that I was the one who had instigated it.

He used his fingers to simulate a finger going into another hole, then pointed at me. He then gestured by pointing to his arse.

I figured he thought he could fuck my tiny arse because he’d seen me in action. Not a bad idea, and he wasn’t fat or anything.

I nodded and shrugged my shoulders like, ‘maybe’, then lifted my top and flashed my tits at him. I gave a little jiggle and watched as his limp dick grew and grew into at least ten inches.

“Come on over, I’ll let you in,” I screamed across to him.

‘oh, What the hell’ I thought to myself.

He immediately pulled up his pants, tucking his rock-hard cock back into his undies, and left before I could change my mind.

“Shit, I’m filthy.” Racing into the shower for a quick rinse down, I barely got to the towel before a knock on the door.

“Coming?” that was a statement and a request all in the same sentence. ‘Mmm.” Should I ask his name?

The rest of the night is another story.


Submitted: May 02, 2021

© Copyright 2022 kalelthemith. All rights reserved.

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That was actually rather innovative, Kalel. I like that scenario. Kind of a surprise.
I wouldn't give away the surprise ending in your summary. Fourth paragraph at the top, change 'deviate' to deviant.

So, you're writing from a female perspective! Interesting.

Sun, May 2nd, 2021 8:45pm


Thanks as always DK.
Deviate, changed?
How do I compare as an opposite gender author?
I would like to think that what I do write is from a male perspective as how a female would be.
I don't write victims or objectify women, hopefully, but strong, intelligent characters at all times.
Would you be disappointed that I am a 6'3", 250lb, truck driving, Aussie male, happily married to the same woman for over twenty years, writing this type of story?
Thanks again DK.
I do always appreciate your generous comments.

Sun, May 2nd, 2021 2:59pm


There's nothing I'm hearing about your body that disappoints me!
Congrats on your marriage tenure! That's fantastic!

I thought you did well as a presumed female narrator...

Mon, May 3rd, 2021 2:50am


Appreciate your comments, I'm never sure how readers picture me as a writer, as I'm also sure there are those who imagine a short, dumpy, greasy old man with a combover writing such explicit material.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
I always love hearing your thoughts and feedback, keep on posting though, I have a lot to learn by reading your works DK.

Sun, May 2nd, 2021 8:53pm

Amy F. Turner

What a fun story, K! Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed this romp and the surprise ending! It was an awesome twist. Gotta love a lady that knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it. :)

Fri, May 7th, 2021 11:26pm


That means a lot Amy, it is always my intent to show positivity instead of compliance.
Glad you enjoyed it.

Fri, May 7th, 2021 9:19pm

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