A day in the park

A day in the park A day in the park

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When a heavily pregnant Cat, decides she wants to give birth as a non-virgin woman, she enlists the aid of a truck driver, who, on a one off, takes her virginity, and keeps it secret from her girlfriend forever.


When a heavily pregnant Cat, decides she wants to give birth as a non-virgin woman, she enlists the aid of a truck driver, who, on a one off, takes her virginity, and keeps it secret from her girlfriend forever.


Submitted: October 27, 2017

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Submitted: October 27, 2017



That day in the parkland.


“G’day Cat, just passing thought I’d drop in.”

I had only met Cat once before and my ‘Passing’ was because I was acting on a hunch.

“Hey there you, what brings you this way?”

Cat was a beautiful young woman that looked a bit too butch to me for her to be hetero.

Close cropped hair at the sides with the cap of hair tied in a tight tail, coloured green with bright blue eyes that sparkled back at you.

Thick denim jeans and the logo polo shirt did not do her figure justice.

“I was hoping to get a cuppa, and to use the loo if it isn’t too much trouble?”

“No, that’s fine, it’s behind me to the left, gents on the left, first door.”

“Ta, I’ve been busting for hours.”

That wasn’t entirely true, my balls have been aching for hours, until I got here to see what type of gender Cat actually prefers.

Not only did Cat look a bit butch, but she never referred to her partner as ‘him’ or ‘her’ and no name in our little conversation just over a week ago.

‘They’ were buying a house and moving.

The only evidence she was anything but a boy chaser was the fact she was 23 weeks pregnant.

Walking into the small office style toilet I immediately undid my Yakka cargo pants and relieved my hard, erect penis of its confinement.

“AAhhhhh.” I pushed the stiff bugger downwards trying to take aim into the bowl when I heard the door I just entered close, again, like someone had opened it to watch me peeing.

Shaking off the excess made it hard again as I tucked it sideways in my pants and tucking my shirt into the front trying to make it look inconspicuous.

Washing my hands and quickly drying them on the hand towel I wandered non-chalantly back to front desk to see Cat sitting there with a wide grin.

‘All better then?” she casually asked.

“Sure, much better out than in.”

“You should deal with it when your knocked up, it’s all the time.”

“No thanks, it bad enough having to pull on the side of dirt tracks to take a leak. By the way how is the bub going? You seem pretty relaxed today.’

“Yeah okay, nice to get a visitor though, I’m own my own here most days. Today I won’t see anybody else till I go home this afternoon.”

“That would be nice to get some alone time,” I gestured the enclosed caption that made her teeth shine, as she licked her lips in some type of anticipation. “Do you know what sex it is yet or are you two going to wait?”

Cat leaned back in her chair and rolled her hands and fingers across her belly as a fortune teller would look into a crystal ball, “We’ll probably wait, it doesn’t matter to either of us.”

We’ll, us, either, how annoying it is not to get a gender from such a conversation?

“You know,” I gestured, “I can tell the sex of babies, I’ve done it for my friends and other rel’s as well, can I give it a go?” as I pointed to her slightly swollen belly.

‘We don’t want to know the sex but I’ll let you try and I’ll let you know in about 5 months,” Cat giggled a little as she stood up and sauntered over to me and I stepped beside her.

I placed the palm of my right hand in the small of her back.

Standing on her left I placed my left hand gently on the small protruding bulge.

Still covered by the polo shirt, I stepped a little closer, “Let me know if this is uncomfortable Cat, it is only a little fun.”

“No that’s fine, do you want to put your hand on my skin, would that make it easier?”

Bloody oath that would make it easier, I thought to myself, but not what she’s talking about. “Yeah, why not?”

She lifted the shirt to just below her breasts and I saw her smooth white stretched flesh that seemed so inviting, as almost nervously, I placed my hand on her abdomen and started to move it around in ever so small circles.

“Your hands are so warm; I’ve never had a man caress me like this before. It’s nice.”

That was a blatant invitation to ask her ‘why hasn’t a man touched her like this before’ and I took the opportunity.

“What about your boyfriend or husband, doesn’t he give you massages or rub downs?”

Cat sighed a little, “My girlfriend and I have been together for five years, I’ve never been with a man, not even to get pregnant, Shelley wouldn’t allow it.”

“How then?”

“The good old turkey baster, her brother offered, she wanted a child and I was her prime candidate.”

I felt a little guilty at putting my pleasures before hers, but only for a second.

“I’m still a virgin, an immaculate birth Shelley calls it.”

Cats voice trailed off almost distracted by her thoughts, and just as I was about to remove my hand from her tummy she placed her right hand directly over mine and looked up into my eyes.

“I don’t want to be the Virgin Mary Drago; I want to know what a real man feels like before I give birth, not after, like it should be, the cock before the kid.”

“Did you ever think about that for yourself before your partner used you as an incubator?”

“No, I thought it was what she wanted, but I don’t want regrets like this. I worry it may inflict a negative idea on the baby, and I might blame it.”

“There isn’t much you can do now Cat, it’s like the horse has already bolted.”

Another sigh.

“just once, you know?”

Cat looked up into my eyes looking so dejected.

I hardly even noticed her covering my left hand with her right hand and slowly, beggingly, guided it up and over her belly to her waist, keeping the momentum up as it grazed the bottom of her right breast.

“Please Dargo?”

There was no bra only flesh as my hand was pushed over her tight erect nipple, wincing in pleasure as my entire hand now covered her tit.

“Your hands are so big and warm. You can squeeze a little, not too hard, ok?”

“Sure, I’ll try and be as gentle a I can.”

Her head lolled back onto my shoulder as I felt her left hand on the top of my left thigh.

Her right hand left my left hand to play and rub as I choose, but I was still focused on her left.

Cat rubbed across my hard, throbbing, clothed cock searching for the top and the belt, button and zipper.

Squeezing the full length from base to tip, she gauged the size, and her attempts to release me became more fervent.

Moving my right hand from her back to her right tit, allowed me to undo my work pants and let them fall to the floor.

My rigid stiffy held my boxers up and out, which Cat was more than able to take care of.

She took my left hand and placed it back on her belly, this time pushing it down.

At some stage, she had undone her own pants and left them open at the top. My hand was pushed under her panty line, and I felt the heat emanating from her loins as I ran my fingers across her fine pubic hair.

One hand on her tit, massaging and teasing, the other deep in her pants being guided between the wet, hot folds of her vagina.

Her right hand took over as I slipped a finger into her sex, not too far, but enough to feel her tightness and the slick lubricating juice flowing out of her.

She dropped her pants to the floor and spread her thighs for better access for me, letting me delve two fingers into and around her hot swollen vulva then deeper back up her pussy.

Rocking on my hand, she began jerking me off as both our hips swayed in desire at an impending fuck I was about to give, and she receive.

I literally felt her thick girly cum pulse out of her over my hand, so I removed all the digits and shoved each dripping finger into my mouth, savouring her, as a connoisseur would taste a dish.

Watching me enjoy her, Cat trembled and her body arched in her first orgasm. From a man anyway.

My cock twitched and I blew all over her hand from watching her cum, Cat looked up at me in despair, “Is that it? Don’t I get to feel..”

I leant down and began kissing her mouth mid-sentence.

Our lips met, mine covered in her cum, which she seemed to know what it tasted like.

I rubbed her tiny button clit, making her ready again as I already was.

She turned and pushed all the office equipment off the desk and leant across to lock the door.

She stepped out of her pants as mine were locked around my feet from my work boots still being on.

“Fuck me here, so I can remember as I work, where I lost my virginity.”

Cat lay back on the desk exposing her purple aroused pleasure hole, dilated and soaking wet, her love juice soaked into her pants on the floor from her hole. I had to have a taste.

Kneeling between her open legs, I covered her entire hole and sucked in the wet flesh as she grabbed my head, holding it tight as she humped my face and I drank in every luscious drop I could.


Her pussy almost prolapsed in the pressure from her second orgasm, as I copped a face full of her squirt juice then covering her open cunt hole to drink in as much as I could.

I was drained already, but I still wanted her pound of flesh, her pussy, her virginity.

Quickly standing now, between her thighs, still quivering from the intensity of the last climax, I pressed the head of my still raging cock at her hot hole and, looking squarely into her eyes, she begged for release, ‘Please, don’t stop, don’t stop.’

Holding her calves near the top of her thighs, I could control how far she moved as I stuck my dick in her slickness.

I went in quite easily, especially as she pushed onto me.

I took a couple of times to fully insert it in her, but with her natural erotic rhythm, we were fucking in time in no time.

“OH God, that is so good, what have I been missing out on, faster Drago, faster, deeper, it’s so gooood.”

Another orgasm, clamping on my embedded cock hurt, the ejaculatory juices eased the pain as I pumped harder and faster.

Squirt jettisoned from her like a hose, but I covered her to stem the flow, I still had to work.

Her girl cream spread out over my shaft as I pulled out, it created two streaks of white from her inner labia, and pushing back in, the lube built up, clinging to my own pubic hair.

“Fuck you are so hard, but it is soft and warm. I want this to last forever.”

“You are so hot right now, I just want to cum in your wet pussy. I’m about to explode Cat, can I cum in you?”

I sped up my thrusts to meet her bouncing ass on the desk.

“Yes, don’t pull out. I want to feel you cum in me, please?”

‘No need to ask twice girl’, I think to myself.

My helmet rubs the top inside her twat. I can feel it throbbing and expand with her internal pressure.

This is going to be a big cum squirt, and I am going to make her enjoy every second of it.

Faster in and out, change the tilt up and down. Deeper and faster, even I’m about to cum so hard it may hurt.

Cat is rubbing her full, mother-to-be titties and pinching her nipples. I can’t hold on any more while watching her squirm.

“OH shit, I cumming Cat, I’m cumming.”

I grab her legs and pull myself right into her and pump my full ball bag of baby batter fair square up her girl-cum laden hole.

That muscle that pumps your seed into women or your hand, clenched so tight I felt like I had never ejaculated before.

“Fuck, I can feel it filling me, it’s so hot, shit I can actually feel it.”

Her ecstasy prolonged my orgasm, and even though I have no more to shoot into her, I just kept humping her as she reciprocated with hip humps on my embedded man meat.

Cats entire body trembles like an electric shock filters in her. More juice escapes her sodden dilated woman hole, trickling over my cock, cleaning our mingled jism.

Sweat beads off her chest as perspiration builds on her breasts and runs down her sides and into her neck.

Slowly lowering her legs, which I can’t support anymore, cat pulls herself further onto her desk and I step back to a seat in the corner and watch my cum dribble out of her onto the desk between her thighs.

“Holy fuck Drago, men fuck heaps better than a strap-on. I’m going to feel that for weeks.”

Hoping I had sort of converted her, I still recognised she was in a relationship with another female, albeit to my misfortune.

“You know we can never do this again Cat!”

“Yeah, I know. Pity.”

Cat raised herself up on her elbows and looked down at my now limp, spent, shrivelled cock which hung a little between my own thighs. Small dribbles of cum ran out of the eye still and some strung across to my legs in complete satisfaction.

“You certainly know how to use that on and in a girl Drago. I can set you up with a couple of bi-friends of mine. I can put in a good word for you if you like?”

“No, it might get back to Shelley. I couldn’t live with that. Maybe another couple of months?”

“Mm. You’re right.”

Our breathing slowed and to some degree I stood up, pulling up my pants and tidying myself as I helped Cat to stand and redress too.

She had a beautiful body, and my cum still ebbed from her pussy down her inner legs, and each time it ran she licked it up from her fingers, “Man cum tastes so much different, but not what I expected.”

“What did you expect?”

“Not sure, but I may blow you next time I see you, just to see if it changes,”

The naughty, dirty look in her eyes started making me hard again.

“Got to go Cat, Thanks for letting me, you know,”

Cat smiled, “Taking my virginity? Thanks for such a special moment to share with you Drago.”

I kissed her quickly on her cheek and walked out the door just as a car pulled up with a large, butch looking female behind the steering wheel.

“Who are you mate?” queried the deep throated man-girl.

“Delivery driver, you must be Shelley. Cat speaks of you often. Congrats on the bub. Not far now?”

“Hrmpf.” Strutting straight into the office, I hoped I talked loud enough for Cat to hear and finish cleaning herself up before butch went inside.

A raised female voice inside settled and before I actually drove off, I saw Cat in the window waving with a big grin and Shelley standing behind her with arms outstretched for her.

‘I may have to keep clear of here for a while, I don’t want to get caught up in a lesbos triangle.’

The day was over before I knew it, and the park will never be the same again.

© Copyright 2018 kalelthemith. All rights reserved.

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