The Catchers Mitt

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Sports Is More Than Entertainment

My pink glove opens, and it closes, clenching your balls

I can see your eyes rolling to the rear of your skull when I can squeeze your bat constricting my walls

When bat strikes my pink mitt

I love the sensation I experience when it slides and slips

Bats… I like them all sizes, textures, and widths

No matter the size it will fit in my pink mitt

I will ignite your darkest desires like a lord who is a Sith

If you leave your load in me, you will ultimately end up with a gift

You hear rumors of people saying “it is good”

I bet you are curious to know if what they told you was a fact or a myth

How many times did you make me cum? If you are curious to know, I want the experience to be everlasting, and neverinning if there is such a word but to bluntly answer your question, I am on my fifth

No sleepovers, when you are finished, I will put you out and call you a Lyft

After you pitch your shaft into my mitt

I want you to curve your tongue all over my clit and my outer lips

I love when he eats me out, his tongue is dining

I love a little gnawing and gentle biting

It is not only about how you lick, but it is also about the timing…

Which causes me to periodically moan, as I squirm while I am wining

When I squirt I hope your thirst is quenched

I will leave your face drenched

I want you stick your tongue in my puddles

I then want you to take my puddles and before you swallow, I want you to gargle, and guzzle

Then afterwards… we can temporarily cuddle

So, do you have something to say?

I must have left you speechless, apparently you have no rebuttal


I give you chills up your spine when my mitt closes on your bat, you become obsessed with its grip… are you a swinger?

If you leave another man and woman in my presence, they are in danger

As to the experience of a threesome or an orgy, they will no longer be a stranger

I hope you can appreciate my honesty and openness

I do not get jealous; I consider extra players in the room as bonuses


Pitch me your knuckle, my glove loves when you use your fist

I love when you whip your wrist

Your fingers stir up the emotion inside of me as if you were mixing cake batter with a whisk

I will forever make you want us to be together and have you wishing that we never break apart like a continental drift

Within my mitt, what is your favorite spot that you like to hit?

Some like it when I am on my back, when I stand, or when I sit

I am not referring to tobacco when I say I love the way you dip

Do you love the circular motion when I move my hips?

I love when your balls are soft, and your bat is hard and stiff

No man has been able to handle the missionary position; they only have been able to last 5 minutes, so I always get on top instead of letting them mount

No man until this day has been able to last past the 5-minute full count


I like to have sex in the bed, when I am taking a bath, and beyond…

I like it on the roof, in the car, and in a pond

I once knew a guy who was incarcerated whose name was Barry and I remember the day he made bond

I did not care for his looks so much, but to the way he sexed me I was very fond

He sexed me like a young adult who was in his prime

And since then… I have been searching for that same sensation… the invigorating chills up the spine

I loved it when he put his hand over my mouth preventing me from moaning; I love foul language, but I could not talk

He beat me down so good, I could barely walk

He shocked me; I am puzzled by the grand slam my walls experienced; I was not prepared for the onslaught

I became addicted to the way he had sex with me… it put me in a bind

Put me in a bind so much I consistently searched for the same sexual high; the more I search the more it became hard to find

I consistently searched for the man that can strike my glove the right way, but I had yet to find that designated hitter

I was out of my mind; I found myself constantly searching for that sexual high; as a result, there is not a man that spent the night with me that resulted in a no- hitter


I do not mind if you have your cake and eat it too

I love to have my cake and eat it too

Allow me to take the lead

I squatted like a catcher, lowering my face to his pelvis, and when I kneed…

I put strawberries and frosting on his shaft licking it from the tip to the base

Made his shaft pulsate, causing him to explode when he ejaculates, I love when his warm milk strikes my face


It does not matter how long it takes

I will continue to suck, until your juice pop-up when you bust those grapes

And I will continue to suck even when you attempt to squirm, wither, and escape

How does it feel?  

I adore when I change up my head game causing you to have a menacing grimace on your face

Making your toes curl, and making you see stars like an astronaut in deep space

Then… I will firmly grip the shaft of your bat, intermittently shifting your bat to the right and to the left  field within the interior of my jaws…

continuously sucking it until you once again erupt in my mouth, and when you erupt…my tonsils will catch every drop as I will swallow it all and…I will still continue to suck it without a pause

The intensity of the moment will inadvertently wish you could make me your wife as my family will soon become, you’re in laws







Submitted: December 12, 2020

© Copyright 2022 K. Wisendanger. All rights reserved.

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