The Siren Calls Chpt. 12

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Chapter 12

As Kimberly and Nicolas walked out into the courtyard, she was in full vision of all of the men there that would give their lives to protect Nicolas, her, and her children.  A few, she has had the opportunity to be intimate with, but the others she was not drawn to.  Then she catches the sight of Joseph.  So handsome in his suit.  They all were, but he was exceptionally handsome beside Nicolas.  Yes, she definitely wanted this young man.  She felt he was the third.  If he kept his demeanor, he would be it. She was a southerner born and bred and he was as well.  She could hear it in his voice. 

As she walked towards the full view of the men, Nicolas noticed she was looking at Joseph.  The photographer placed all of them in a perfect placement, but Nicolas moved Joseph to come stand beside Kimberly.  Nicolas was on her right, Joseph on her left.  As the three came together, she knew this was it.  Joseph leaned in as Nicolas walked over to talk to the photographer, and whispered in Kimberly’s ear.  “No amount of Jasmine can cover up the scent of you.” 

Kimberly turned to look at him, and he was still so close looking at her.  They were so close; she could feel his breath on her lips.  How she wanted to kiss him.  She wanted to touch him, to make him hers.  She did not want him to desire anyone else.  However, she was a married woman; this is the same feelings she had for Nicolas.  Yes, Joseph was her third.  Now if he can hold up in the bedroom, it would be perfectly satisfying.  Nicolas saw the connection, and immediately became hard, wanting to see this young man satisfying his siren.  She was so sexy, so wanting, and she was insatiable.  She had the sex drive of a rabbit.  He knew he would never be enough, but she could not very well continue to experiment with different men.  He knew it made her feel cheap, slutty, like a whore.  He never wanted her to feel this way, only sexy, wanted, and needed.

Yes, she was needed.  Women like her were rare; they were needed in this world.  Sexy, with the scent of a siren walking on two legs.  This was something that fairy tales were written about.  He never guested she would be so open to what he needed, to what he wanted from her. Apparently, she had always had it in her, Jay kept it concealed, making her feel cheap, used, and worthless for the feelings she had, the need she carried, and the sexuality of her.  Kimberly was a siren.  She could sing to any man, but it was up to her whom she chose.  Moreover, she did choose well.  He had proven by letting Erin in that he was a bad choice of sexual partners for her.  He hurt her, and he never, ever wanted anyone to hurt her again.

As Kimberly and Joseph faced one another, their breathing became heavier and labored.  Joseph could not help himself.  Looking into her beautiful blue eyes, he told her, “I want you.  I want to make love to you for hours and hours.  I want to be inside you, hard and deep, until you scream my name. I want to make you want me.” 

“I already do.”  Kimberly told him.  She looked away seeing Nicolas looking back at her, smiling, he nodded.  She smiled back, with her hands at her sides, she held out three fingers.  Nicolas smiled, and walked back over to her.  Putting his arm around her, he smiled at Joseph, “welcome to our home.” 

Joseph’s heart skipped a beat.  He was sure he had overstepped his boundaries, and a knot came up in his throat.  “Thank You sir.” 

“Put your arm around the lady of the house for the pictures.” Nicolas told him.

“Okay.”  Joseph said.  Placing his arm around Kimberly, he held her close, as did Nicolas.  This felt natural, he thought it would feel strange, but it did not.  He felt as if he was at home. 

Nestled between the two men she found irresistible, she knew she had chosen correctly.  Joseph was the third.  He was strong, warm, handsome, gentle, and everything she needed in a man that met Nicolas’s standards without being him.  Yes, he was the third.  She could not wait to get him upstairs to the playroom and have her way with him, and he her. 

Once the photographer was done, Kimberly turned to look around behind her.  She could feel someone staring at her.  It was Erin.  His eyes were like daggers shooting through her.  A chill shot through her and she shivered.  Joseph looked in his direction; Erin’s eyes became narrow and angry.  

“Who is that?” Joseph asked Kimberly.

“That is Erin, the head of security while Ben is gone.” She told him.

“Is he middle eastern?” Joseph asked.

“Yes” Kimberly answered as she looked at the youthful young man. She could see the anger and animosity in his eyes for the foreigner. 

“Have you had some experiences with the middle East?”  As soon as she asked, she felt stupid.  Of course, he had, he was a Marine, and she knew he had had his experiences with the Middle East. 

“Unfortunately, Yes.” Joseph answered her as he looked down into her blue eyes.  He became lost; she filled his senses with wanting, with need.  He reached out to touch her when Nicolas interrupted. 

“There will be plenty of time for that.” He told the younger man.

“I’m sorry. What are you speaking of?”  Joseph asked him blushing.

“Well, it seems Kimberly has decided that she wants you to be her third.” Nicolas told him.

Joseph was in shock. “What do you mean? Her third.”  He did not quite understand but he was certain he knew what he meant.

“Really, Joseph.  I think you know what Nicolas means. I want you to join us as a third in our bedroom.” Kimberly tried to explain it without going into too much detail.

“Oh, I thought that is what he meant, but I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly.” Joseph blushed.  He had never been with more than one person at a time, and he had only been with two women his whole life.

“Relax honey.  I don’t bite, much.”  Kimberly smiled at him, winking at the younger man. 

“Don’t let her fool you, she bites all the time, but I love every bit of it.” Nicolas interjected as he wrapped his arm around Kimberly and kissed her passionately.

Joseph automatically became aroused.  Maybe he could do this.  It would be better than porn.  He would be in it, and the main star is a desirable woman he wanted more than this job.  In addition, he needed this job.  The longer he watched the more he wanted to get in the middle of things and sweep her off her feet, taking her to the room, and fucking her brains out for hours.  Kimberly turned to look at Joseph, pulling away from Nicolas; she placed her hand on his cheek.

“I will come for you soon, and it will be amazing,” she told him as she kissed him on the cheek.

Joseph shuttered.  He wanted her now.  He wanted to take her and make love to her now.  He had to learn self-control.  If the marines did not teach him anything, it was self-control.  The problem was it did not include such a sexy, siren such as Kimberly.  He wanted what he wanted and he was not sure if his body could hold on until she came for him.  He would have to take a back seat to Nicolas.  He would not be the main lover of her life, but he would settle for what he could get for now.  Something was so much better than nothing with the scent of her all around him.  He was not sure if he could keep his control in check, but he was sure as hell going to try. 

As Kimberly and Nicolas mingled with the rest of the men’s families, watched them swimming, kids playing, Lily stuck to her mother like glue.  It was wonderful.  He felt at home, he felt he had come home for the first time in many years.  As Joseph mingled, Erin walked up to him to introduce himself as the head security officer here, and told Joseph to rest up tonight, he would need all of the strength he could muster for tomorrow’s drills.  Joseph raised his glass to him, “I sure will. Thanks for letting me know.”  Joseph had just been relieved from duty, so he was used to the early runs, pt., and such surprises.  Not a problem.

Erin would have a challenge on his hands if he thought he would be able to get under Josephs’ skin. 

Looking around everyone was having a great time.  The games, rides, and entertainment that were arranged were great.  Nicolas had given Joseph strict orders to protect Kimberly with his life.  She would be his number one priority.  Nicolas and the rest of the security team went into a meeting, and left Joseph to find the siren on his own.  Joseph looked for Kimberly, but she was out of sight, not seeing her anywhere.  Joseph began to search for her, finding her in the horse barn, alone. 

She was caressing a mare in foal.  The foal was having troubles, and so was the mare.  It was the most favorite of all of Kimberly’s horses, a Belgian names “Virginia Miss.”  She was blonde, beautiful, twenty hands, and strong, just like Kimberly.  Joseph knelt down beside the mare, commenting to Kimberly, “You should call the vet.” 

“Already done, she will be her any minute now.” 

“I don’t think this mare can wait, the foal is coming out feet first.  I think I can help her. I have done this at home before.” 

Kimberly watched Joseph as he tried to help the foal enter into this world without troubles, and without the vet being there.  Once the foal was out, and all was right, she stood up automatically without any coaching or assistance.  This was going to be a strong little woman.  That is it, her name would be “Virginia’s Little Lady” a prize like her mother, and just as beautiful.  Joseph was in awe as he watched Kimberly with these large animals.  “Now I see how you can tame the wild beast inside of men.”  He told her.  Moving in to take her around the waist, he wanted to kiss her.  Kimberly stopped him, “No, we must not do this.  Only Nicolas can decide when its right.” 

“Nicolas told me to find you, to protect you with my life.  Don’t you think he predicted this entire event?  He knew how much we are attracted to one another.” Joseph whispered in her ear as he slowly laid soft kisses on her neck. 

“The third isn’t the one who makes the decisions.  We must have some ground rules here Joseph.” Kimberly explained to him.

Just then, the vet came in, startling them both.  She did a once over of mother and foal, stating she would return in a few days to see how things were going. 

“Not a minute to soon.” Kimberly verbalized with an exasperated exhale.

“Come on now. Is it that bad, being alone with me?” Joseph asked her.

“No, it isn’t.  That’s just it, I want to do things to you that wouldn’t be appropriate without Nicolas being involved, considering he likes to watch, and he encourages me to pleasure myself first and foremost.” 

“You smell so good, I don’t know how much longer I can keep my hands to myself.  You call out to me.  You make my mouth water, my dick harder than I have ever been, and I haven’t even touched you yet.” 

Joseph told her as he walked over to the barn doors to close them.  Seeing Nicolas coming to the barn, he paused, waiting for the man to enter in.  He did not want to insult him so soon. 

“Ah, Joseph, just the man I wanted to see.  Let us go into my office; I have some forms for you to sign.  Baby, would you come with us please.  I need your signature as well on these forms.”

Kimberly had a good idea what the forms were.  The same version of his subs contracts except it would be a male and Kimberly would be the Dom.  This would be strange.  Even though she knew it was all to pleasure her, it seemed it was to punish her instead.  There is a very fine line between pleasure and pain, and Erin crossed that line with her.  She hoped Joseph would not do the same.  She really wanted to keep him.

As the three walked back to the house, all eyes were on Kimberly.  She sauntered slowly behind the two men, like an obedient pet.  She was far from obedient.  She was probably the most defiant woman in the world.  She had a mind of her own, and she would make her own decisions. 

Kimberly was right.  The forms were a contract that Nicolas had drawn up for Joseph to be the third.

Joseph read over the contract and began to laugh. “Are you seriously going to pay me to have sex with your wife, and also protect her with my life?  I have to distance my feelings while in the presence of others, but when called upon, no matter the time, day or night I must come to her every becon call?” Joseph asked as if he were amused.

“Yes” Nicolas answered. “Can you think of a better relationship or a better way to work? Please, if you have suggestions, tell me. Otherwise, make up your mind before I change mine.”  Nicolas was irritated by the young man’s amusement. 

Joseph looked at Kimberly, then back at Nicolas, and took the pen to sign the contract.  Looking up at Nicolas, “First, I need to know, if the feeling comes over us, am I allowed to have sex with her, with her permission of course, without you present?” 

Nicolas had his hands in his pockets, looking at the young man with cold iced over eyes, “If Kimberly decided to, and then yes, you can.”  As he said those words, Kimberly felt as if her heart had been ripped from her chest.  She had hoped that Nicolas would not allow the sexual encounters without him being present to show that his love was what she was doing this for, and the pleasure was for all involved.  Without this, she just felt like a slut.  Just a kept woman, that spread her legs for just anyone that wanted her. 

Kimberly left the room without saying a word.  She headed towards the barn, and then changed her course.  It was mid-August now, and she went into the pool house to change into a swimsuit.  If he were to parade her in front of his men, then she would certainly be in the best of form, without being completely naked. Hell, if the mood strikes her, she just may take off the suit and go nude.  As she began to change, Nicolas walked into the pool house.  “What is wrong?”  He asked her.

“By giving him an open door to my sexuality, you may have given him a free pass to fuck me anytime he wants. That is exactly what it is, isn’t it?” Kimberly snapped at him.

“Honey, I only gave him the permission to satisfy you.”  Nicolas moved closer to her to take her into his arms.  “I just want you to be completely satisfied, to be happy.” He leaned in to kiss her gently, caressing her naked body, lifting her to him, to wrap her legs around his waist. 

Kimberly told him, “Wait a minute, let me down for a second.”  She moved to lock the door, and lay down on the cot in the front room for changing. “Come here.” She motioned for Nicolas to come to her.

As he moved towards her, he began to remove his suit, one piece at a time.  When it came to the belt, she reached to undo it, pulling it from his waist.  She pulled at the zipper on his slacks, yanking down the soft silken material.  Grabbing at the boxers, she pulled them down to reveal the full length of him, hard and ready for her.  Taking it into her mouth, she looked up at him as he ran his hands through her long red hair. Nicolas tried to hold her gaze, but she made it difficult.  She was so sexy with her beautiful lips around his cock.  He wrapped his hands in her hair, fisting it, moving her head in rhythm with his thrusts, as she sucked and nibbled at this flesh. 

She always knew how to please him, as if she were meant to be with him.  His soul mate, born to fit him like a glove.  He could not help but express the way he was feeling.  “Oh God, baby, we were meant to be together.  You know just what to do, to drive me crazy insane.” Laying her down on the cot, she let go of his cock, as he leaned down to savor the juices that flowed from her every time she sucked his cock.  He knew she loved it just as much as he did, and that turned him on so. He loved the way she tasted.  So sweet, so salty, so sexy.  She was so wet, so juicy.  The juices flowed from her as if she were an open faucet turned on.  He sucked at the tender flesh of her clit, taking in all of the fluids she produced.  Kimberly could hear him swallowing the fluids from her, as she lifted her hips to meet his thrusts from his tongue. 

She did so love the way he ate at her, devouring her flesh underneath him.  He could make her cum repeatedly like this.  She fisted her hands in his hair, pushing him harder into the opening of her sweet spot.  She did so love this, how could she ever want another man?  She did not know, it was just a part of her that cried out to the male race.  Maybe she was born to be doomed to roam from man to man; being the harlot Jay always said she was.  She had to shake this thought from her mind, it was distracting her from the pleasures her husband was giving her.Just as she was reaching the ultimate climax, Nicolas climbed on top of her, lunging in hard, fast and in a hurry. He was cumin before he even put it inside her. 

The feel of her, the taste of her, so soft, so sexy.  He could not resist the feel of her body under him.  This is where he wanted her all of the time.  Naked, sexually satisfied, and wet. So wet that he could slide off her body, in and out, satisfying both of them.  He whispered in her ear, “How I love you.  You are so damn soft, so sweet.  I love the way you feel underneath me.”  As Kimberly came to her climax, she could feel the convulsions inside her and on the wall of her vagina.  This made her cum harder, letting out a cry to him, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”  She said repeatedly, kissing him on his neck, his jaw line, all the way to his lips, so soft, she caressed his face.

Kimberly wrapped her legs around his waist, holding on to him with all she had until the walls of her vagina stopped convulsing.  She hung on, wanting it to never stop.  Nicolas did not stop either; he continued to move in and out as if he had not cum at all yet.  Lifting up, he saw the cloudiness in her eyes, the rimnance of their lovemaking on her face.  He began to get hard again, just looking into her eyes, drove him wild to know he could do this to her, this beautiful woman, so sexy, so full of lust and love. 

He turned her onto her stomach, taking her from behind.  Lying flat against her, he talked to her softly, whispering in her ear as he thrust inside her, how he loved her, how he loved her body, how he loved the feel of her, the smell of her, the essence of her.  He told her of what he wanted to do to her, to make love to her in every way possible, to keep her forever in his heart and in his life as his wife.  The forbidden has become the necessity.  He could not lose her, not now, not ever.  She had to remain with him in this house, with the children he loved as his own. 

The next day, Joseph was standing outside their bedroom door.  Nicolas had to leave early that morning to go to England to check on Mike and Nikki, to make sure all was going well, and to see what progress they had made.  She knew Joseph was left to watch over her and provide her with whatever she may need.  They spent the day together, checking on the new foal, gathering food from the garden with the pickers for dinner tonight, and helping Lily with her new treats for the horses.  She would be such a successful businessperson someday.  She was a born natural.  Just like her mom. Beautiful, taller than Kimberly, thank goodness, and thin.  She was turning fifteen this coming year, and becoming a beautiful young woman.

Kimberly was not sure what to do, but she would try.  She only wanted Lily to know how much she loved her, and that she would be there for her no matter what.  It was such fun being with her, when she went up to tuck her into bed, she gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead, making sure to tell her she loved her, while Joseph stood at the door, waiting for Kimberly to come out.

The two walked down to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of wine, and went to sit beside the pool and enjoy the stars in the moonlight.  Joseph poured the wine, handing a glass to Kimberly.  Sitting there, he moved in closer to put his hand in hers.
“You see the one reason I decided to stay was because of you.” He smiled at her.

“Why?” Kimberly looked confused.

“Because, I have never come in contact with such a sexual, sensual creature as yourself. No matter the amount of Jazmine in your shampoo or body, wash can hide the smell of you. The scent that comes from your body, drives me wild with wanting.” 

Joseph leaned in slowly, taking her behind the nape of her neck, nuzzling her then taking her mouth in his.  He was a damn good kisser.  He stirred up the juices inside her, making her want him even more.  As he kissed her, his hands moved to her breast, caressing her nipples, softly, then more aggressively.  Strong and gentle he was.  Lowering the lawn chair back, he moved to run his hand between her legs, finding the saturated material there. 

Yes, she was so wet, so ready.  He placed his two fingers inside the rim of her panties under her sundress.  With the two moving to enter her, she let out a moan of satisfaction.  He worked his hands inside her while he kissed her passionately, wanting, and needing to be inside her.  She could feel the length of him against her side, and she was certain she would not be disappointed. 

As he climbed over her, he simply ripped the material away from her opening.  He moved to enter her, needing some effort, even though she was so wet, he was a bit larger than she had experienced.  Taking in a deep breath, she let out a low moan as he covered her mouth with kisses.  He knew she liked what he was doing to her, and he continued.  Moving slowly, circling his hips to massage the inside of her walls, she could not hold on to the climax that waited for her. 

Joseph looked down at her, “You have to cum soon, I can feel it, and if you don’t I’m going to cum inside you so hard, so fast, I won’t be able to stop it.” 

Kimberly let out another low moan, “Oh yes, Joseph, oh yes.  Fuck me harder, faster, and deeper.”

Rising up on his arms, he began to bang harder, faster, and diving in deeper to rock her body as she thrust her hips into his.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, “Fuck me.” She begged him. “Fuck me harder.”  She wanted it hard, fast, and deeper.  Joseph was able to hold on, as she flipped him over onto the sand by the pool, riding him hard.  The way she moved fast, pushing him deep inside her, brought on waves of pulsations so strong he had never felt before.  Not that he had a lot of experience, but he knew he could never match this feeling again. 

Kimberly thrust and ground her hips so hard; she could feel the slapping of their flesh against each other.  Up and down, hard, and fast, she rode his dick as if she had not had sex in years.  His girth is what she needed, his hard length is what she desired.  Harder and harder, “Oh, God. Oh, so good.” She looked him in the eye, saying with a soft voice.  “Grab my ass, squeezing it as I ride your dick.” She told him.  Joseph did as she said, spreading his legs to get the full thrust of his hips.  As he began to cum, he lifted her up off the ground, grinding her hard and deep.  She let out a moan, then a whimper of satisfaction as she continued to move against him.  She came hard, but not as hard as she had with Nicolas. It was good nonetheless.  She would remember that he was a beginner, and she was going to love teaching this one. 






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