The Siren Calls Chapter 3

The Siren Calls Chapter 3 The Siren Calls Chapter 3

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Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica





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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 06, 2013



Chapter 3

Once they could let their breaths go, all was well.  The rest of the ceremony went well.  The minister looked at Nicolas “You may kiss your bride.”

Nicolas smiled at Kimberly, and Kimberly smiled back.  “You ready for the rest of your life?”

“Just you and me forever?”  Kimberly asked

“Just me and you, forever, unless you chose.”  Nicolas answered.

“You gonna kiss me or not?”  She asked

“You damn right I am.”  Nicolas’ smiled out of the corner of his mouth.  That little smirk, Kimberly always knew he was being dirty when he smiled like that.  That was his tell, he had a few she had learned over the past few months.

Nicolas wrapped his hands around her neck, rubbing his thumbs across her cheeks, smiling bright and looking as handsome as he always did.  She could smell him.  The very scent of him made her wet and ready, he always smelt so good, so edible.  So sweet, so delicious.  He leaned down and brushed his lips across hers, taking her breath away.  He took her mouth in his, sweeping his tongue around her mouth, across her teeth, biting her tongue gently making her his, when she was his already, from the first time he touched her.

With all of the whooping and hollering in the back ground, Kimberly and Nicolas didn’t notice what was going on.  They were in their own little world when suddenly shots rang out in the back ground.  Ben covered Mike, Lily, and Nikki.  Erin threw Kimberly to the ground while Nicolas was left standing with the minister, and fell beside Kimberly.

“What the hell was that?”  He asked his friend.  Ben looked around to see if anyone was moving towards them.  Erin looked into Kimberly’s eyes, breathing hard, being so close to her.  “Are you okay, love?”

“I’m fine, what about my children?”

Erin looked over to Ben, “All is well here.”  He assured her.

Looking over to Nicolas, Kimberly was in shock.  She could see blood starting to soak through his white shirt, and she began to panic.  Erin moved from on top of her as she tried to put her hand over the bullet hole in his chest.  Ben and Erin had already began to move toward the shooter.  Who was it?  She looked over to see who it was.  She had never seen the woman before.  It must have been one of Nicolas’ old subs.  He had a knack of choosing the crazy ones.

Kimberly looked into Nicolas’ eyes, “Hold on, help is coming.  Don’t you leave me now.  Not after everything we have been through.”

“Of all days I chose not to wear a bullet proof vest.” Nicolas joked.  “I’m not going anywhere; just tell them to hurry up.”

When the EMTs arrived, Kimberly watched them take Nicolas away as the police arrived and the guests began to separate into groups to talk to the police.  Kimberly asked them if he was stable to wait for her to talk to Ben for a moment.  As she walked over to Ben and Erin, she saw the woman who shot Nicolas.

“Who the hell are You?”  Kimberly moved towards the woman.

The woman laughed at her.  Kimberly moved closer, getting in the woman’s face.  “Who are You!”  She was more assertive this time.

The mystery woman spat in her face, and with one punch, Kimberly knocked her out.  She went to continue to punch the woman when Ben and Erin pulled her off of her.  “This is a bit unfair, don’t you think?  She is unconscious.”  Erin laughed.  Ben laughed and told Kimberly, “Go with Nicolas, they are waiting for you.  We will find out who she is.”

“You mean you don’t know?  I thought she was one of Nicolas’s old subs or something.”

“No she isn’t.” Ben answered.  “I will find out though.  Now go. They are waiting for you.”

Kimberly started to walk towards the ambulance, and turned back to kick the woman on the ground as she noticed she was coming to.  Kimberly wanted to make sure she knew who she was dealing with.  Smiling at Erin and Ben, she turned on her heels strutting towards the ambulance.  Climbing in, she waved to the two men as they picked the woman up off the ground, and carried her to the stage, where she would be arrested.

Erin looked at Ben as he laid the woman on the stage.  “I know who she is.”  He told his brother.

“You do?”  Ben asked

“She is one of my mistresses.”  Erin told him.

“Why did she shoot Nicolas?”  Ben wanted to know.  “Is she that bad of a shot she missed you?”  He wanted to know.

“I think she was trying to hit Kimberly.”  Erin told him.

“Why?”  Ben wanted to know.

“I told her that I wanted nothing to do with her anymore.  I told her I had fallen in love with another woman.  The same thing I told the others.  She is the only one that didn’t take it well.  All of the others expected it, because I had made no final commitments to anyone.  This woman just expected it, I suppose.”

As the woman began to come to, she cursed Erin in Arabic.  As the two argued in their native language, the police came to handcuff her.  Erin convinced them that she was to be escorted back to his private plane, and taken care of back in Saudi.  Since Erin had diplomatic asylum in many countries, he was able to take her.  The woman begged to be taken to an American jail, not to be let go to Erin.  Why?

Erin made some phone calls and in an hour there was a black car coming to take the woman away.  Erin spoke to the men in the vehicle, and then the car left.

“What is going to happen to her?” Mike asked Ben.

“I don’t want to know, bud.  Knowing Erin, I don’t want to know.”  Ben answered.

“Remind me not to get on his bad side.”  Mike patted Ben on the back.  This was no laughing matter when it came to Erin.

He was powerful, a king in his country.  Wealthy, powerful, and strong.  He was no one to toy with.  A great ally or a dangerous enemy.  It was fortunate that Nicolas had him as a brother in arms, how it came about, only they knew.  Mike decided not to ask.

Once the ambulance arrived at the E.R. Kimberly stayed by Nicolas’s side.  The doctor took him straight into the operating room, and an hour later he was in recovery.  Nikki, Mike, and Lily brought a change of clothes up to their mother.  She was glad to get into something more comfortable, and out of the dress she was in.  Another blood stained wedding dress.  Was this an omen?  Were they destined to not be together?  She was beginning to believe so.

Nicolas was in a private room on the fifth floor of the hospital, basically all alone, where Kimberly had been just a few months before.  Timothy was stationed outside the door, and the children had already left when Nicolas started to wake up.  As he tried to form words, he called out for Kimberly.  She loved to hear him say her name.  It flowed like silk off his tongue.

“Kimberly, Kimberly where are you?”  Nicolas whispered.

“I’m rite here honey.”  She spoke softly.

“Who was the person that shot me?”  Nicolas wanted to know.

“Some woman that Ben said he didn’t know.”  She told him.

“Well that makes me feel a little better.  At least I know it wasn’t another crazy ex-sub.”  He tried to smile.

“It’s okay” Kimberly said to him.  “We will get past all of the ghosts in our pasts.”  She knew he had a lot of skeletons, she just hoped that they would all soon be out and disposed of, or at least put to rest.

Nicolas tried to keep a smile on his face.  He was in pain, but not so much that he couldn’t bare it.  He was used to it, he had been shot before.  But he wanted his wife.  He wanted to be with her on their wedding night, even with a bullet wound.  “Come here.  Come to me.”

He pulled Kimberly closer to him, almost on top of him, giving her that smirky little smile.

“What?”  She asked, “No, you just got out of surgery.  You were shot.  You can’t be serious?”  Kimberly laughed silently.

“It is our wedding night, and I am not in that much pain.  I can handle it, if you don’t mind being on top of a cripple.”  Nicolas teased.  “I could hear you singing to me while I was out of it, you are my siren.  I know when you are close, I know when you are far, and I know when you are wanting.  I can smell sex on you when you are horny.”

Kimberly began to blush.  “Please stop.  You are making me ashamed of whom I am.”

“Don’t be ashamed.  You have nothing to be ashamed of.  This is who you are.  This is how you are made.  You are a siren, singing to men with your sexuality.  You are a beautiful, sexy, vibrant woman.  My woman and I want you. I love you.”  Nicolas kissed her on the palm and up her arm, as he spoke those loving words to make her calm about what he was saying to her.

She loved it when he was so verbal, telling her how he felt.  Making her feel comfortable about who and what she was.  She was a very sexual woman, and it did always make her uncomfortable with Jay.  She could never tell him how she felt.

Nicolas looked up at Kimberly, just as if he had never seen her before.  “What is it?”  she asked

“You have an ora around you. It is a light blue green.  It is your essence.  The sexuality of you.” 

Kimberly smiled.  Jay had told her once before, long ago, he could see this ora around her.  She didn’t know what to say then, and she didn’t know what to say now.  Kimberly knew she was different for a long time, but she didn’t realize just how different.  This was becoming all too creepy, and she was worried she would lose Nicolas if she didn’t get this under control soon. Men needed to keep their distance in order for her to keep control of this thing she excreted from her body.

Just as she leaned over to kiss Nicolas, Ben walked in the door.  “What happened to Timothy not letting Anyone in?”  Kimberly asked.

Ben walked over to the bed to shake Nicolas’ hand, “I thought you might need some help.” He winked at Kimberly.

Kimberly looked at Nicolas, “I do miss that sweet ass.  I can’t exactly do anything right now, but I wouldn’t mind watching, because I know that you anticipated something tonight.”  Nicolas explained.  “You have had that Madam working inside you all day.”

Kimberly smiled, “Nicolas, really.  Are you sure?  I mean we did have an agreement.”

“The agreement was, if you agree to it.  Only if you wanted it.  And I don’t trust anyone more than you, except Ben.”  Nicolas smiled that bright Cheshire grin.

Ben leaned over to put his hand on the small of Kimberly’s back.  He began to run his hand up and down her back.  Nicolas started to fondle her breasts.  Ben worked his way up to her shoulders.  Nicolas unbuttoned her shirt, exposing those beautiful taught breasts she has.  Kimberly leaned into is tugging on her nipples, as Ben pulled her shirt off of her shoulders.  Kissing her neck, she could feel his erection on her back.

Nicolas leaned forward, to take her nipple into his mouth, sucking hard, taking it between his teeth.  Just a little nibble, when he let out a moan.  This wasn’t a sound of pleasure; it was a sound of pain.  Kimberly back off and looked down at the man she loved so much. “It’s okay, don’t let me stop you.  I will watch, and wait until I feel better.”

“Are you sure?”  She asked.

“Positive, I know you need it, and I want you to have what you want.”  He smiled.

Ben continued to kiss her neck, telling her how he missed her, how he lay in bed at night and think of her as he touched himself, pleasuring himself, wanting her. Nicolas didn’t flinch, but Kimberly was beginning to enjoy the whispering of sweetness in her ear.  How enduring Ben was, and he was there for her and her children the whole time.  She trusted him, not like Erin, she was unsure of him.

Ben slid his hands around to grasp her nipples between his thumb and forefinger.  Just a little squeeze and Kimberly was pushing against him feeling the large wanting he had for her.  He larger than Nicolas, but Nicolas was large enough himself.  How would she deal with this?  She would let Ben take the lead.

Ben leaned her head back, kissing her hungrily.  This is very untraditional for a wedding night, but she had been wanting all day, and Nicolas was okay with it.  As she kissed Ben, she couldn’t help but think of Nicolas.  But soon Ben took those thoughts away, and Kimberly’s mind went blank.  She thought of nothing but the pleasure he was giving her.  Ben was a fantastic lover, and she lost herself in the moment.

He slowly turned her to face him.  She thought he would take her from behind, but he had other plans.  Lifting her up off of the bed, Ben carried her to the cot that was brought in for her to sleep with Nicolas in the room.  Ben sat her down slowly, still connected to her with lavishing kisses, romantic, passionate, and hard kisses.  When he pulled away, he told her, “Wait one minute.”  Holding up a finger for one second.  Ben walked to the door, locking it, so no one would walk in.  This would be the first time he took her with out Nicolas.  It was so intimate, so passionate, could she hold on?

Nicolas was watching with anticipation, waiting to see what was going to transpire.  Ben reached the bed again, slipping her shoes, pants, and panties off.  He lowered himself over her, caressing each part of her body, from her toes, to her sweet, wet spot between her legs.  She was ready hours ago.  She just needed a release.  She needed this wanting gone so she could focus.

He licked the juices from her lips, taking her clit into his mouth, sucking on it, flicking it with his tongue.  He knew that it had been days since she had had sex.  She and Nicolas wanted to wait, but he wondered if his friend actually did.  There was some reason she was so ready.

She bent her knees to grab his hair in her hands, pushing him deeper, harder onto her sweet spot.  He delved his tongue into her hole, sucking the juices from her.  She let out a moan, wanting him inside her.  Ben glanced over towards Nicolas to see if he was watching. Apparently his pain pump hit him and he was out like a light.  That was even better, he could actually have the way he wanted to with her the first night they brought her into their home.

Ben moved his face from her mound, and began kissing her up her thighs, pulling her closer to him, his right hand landed on her juices, and he began to finger her two then three, preparing her for his girth.  He knew she could take it, it had just been so long since he had been with her, he didn’t want to hurt her, but he did want to bring her pleasure, the most pleasure he could give any woman.  He if anyone knew the sirens call, he had heard it every day of his life now, and he has felt it before, he has tasted it first hand, he wanted more.  He dreamed of her sweet ass every night.  He wanted her, every part of her.

He loved the smell of her, the taste of her, and the feel of her.  He knew what she wanted.  And he knew exactly how to give it to her.  He kissed her to her hips as he buried his fingers deep inside her, causing her to raise her hips.  Up her stomach to her breasts.  He removed her bra to reveal her breasts, taking one in his mouth.  Sucking hard, then harders, nibbling on each nipple.  She grabbed his head to pull him closer.  She felt so easy when she opened her eyes, seeing Ben.  She had to close her eyes, so she didn’t let the thought cloud what was happening.  She liked Ben, she enjoyed the assault on her body, but she felt like she was cheating on Nicolas.

She knew he was okay with him, she just felt it wasn’t the perfect relationship she had strode to accomplish.  Maybe this is what made it perfect, that Nicolas was okay with her sexuality.  The song of the siren, she was fearful that this would get the best of her.  She was afraid Nicolas couldn’t handle the calls from all of the different men.  It was her choice, always.

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