"41" The Siren Calls Chapter 5

"41" The Siren Calls Chapter 5

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kimberly learns some disturbing news, and realizes the flip side of the consequences.


Kimberly learns some disturbing news, and realizes the flip side of the consequences.

Chapter1 (v.1) - "41" The Siren Calls Chapter 5

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Kimberly learns some disturbing news, and realizes the flip side of the consequences.

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Submitted: October 13, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 13, 2013



Chapter 5

Erin looked at Kimberly, knowing what she had done.  Wondering what she looked like while Ben was loving her body, without Nicolas knowing what was going on.  He could see the remorse in her eyes, but she was so sexy lying there, naked beneath the blanket Ben covered her silken flesh with.  He went to reach out to touch her, and then quickly withdrew before Nicolas or Kimberly caught what he almost did.He would wait for her.

He knew she would come to him eventually.  She needed a bit more experience before he could give her what she craved.  He knew she was a siren, and they always come to their wantings of the flesh sooner or later.  Erin could tell she had showered.  She smelt of freshness and sparkling water, but he could still smell the wanting within her.  Her scent was so strong, he had to take a deep breath to calm his nerves, to reassure himself that he wasn’t imagining the sweet juices she excreted from her body. The smell of sex in the air, the sweetness of her flesh, and the heat that radiated from her.

Then Erin snapped out of his hallucinations when Nicolas yelled his name.  “What the hell man.  What has you so deep in thought you couldn’t hear me?”

Nicolas smiled, as Erin looked back at Kimberly.  “Oh, yeah.  She is something, isn’t she? But hands off my friend, remember?”

Erin looked Nicolas in the eye; “Only if she says so, isn’t that right sweetheart?”  He was being facetious.

Kimberly just looked at Erin.  She knew that he was trying to make an insinuation about what had happened.  She was going to tell Nicolas, but she did not want anyone to be there with them while she did so.  She made a promise; she would always try to do her best to be as honest as possible with Nicolas.  No secrets between them.  That is what ruined her and Jay’s marriage.

Jay lied to her so much, she never knew what was the truth.  He always made her feel ashamed of the sexuality that was herself.  He was so vulgar, so harsh.  He had no issue with making comments about other women, how sexy or beautiful they were, but never did he bother to tell her such things.  He just wanted her for security, for someone to keep him company when the little girls weren’t able to come over to play with him.  He never was with a girl under eighteen, but compared to him, they were all children.

Kimberly looked back at Erin, as he was smirking in Nicolas’ face, “You Damn Right, Erin.  And I still can feel the bites and bruises you left on me.  So don’t think you have much of a chance anytime soon.”

Erin started to laugh, standing up, he shook Nicolas’ hand.  “It isn’t me you have to worry about my friend.”

Moving towards the door, passing Kimberly, he blew her a kiss.  She flipped him off sending him into a fit of laughter again. “I thought you said no time soon, Honey.”

Kimberly jumped up off the bed wrapping the sheet around her quickly, almost running to the door.

As she opened it, she said “Goodbye Erin.”

“Awe, but you mean I can’t stay and watch the heart felt confession.”  He was still angry and bitter.

Kimberly smiled back at him, getting so close she could feel his heart beating in his neck, breathing in the masculine scent of this Middle Easterner.  “I am going to give my husband a blow job.  It is our wedding night, and no, you can’t stay and watch.  It’s up to me, remember sweetheart.”

Erin could feel the heat rushing to his groin, as she was so close to him, naked, smelling of sex and sweetness.  She was fire and he wanted to put it out so badly.  Just the sound of her voice made his cock grow long and hard.  He thought he had this under control until tonight.  He must focus.  If not, he would take her without her permission.  Knowing she would love it anyway, he promised his brother in arms he would not.  With her breath kissing his lips as she spoke, with  her last words, he leaned in to kiss her.

He didn’t touch her, just his lips on hers.  She was shocked.  Not in a million years did she think he would have done something like that.  What nerve.  She pushed him away, telling him calmly to get out.  As he left the room, he looked over to Nicolas to make sure they were okay.  “We still good bro?”  he asked his friend

Nicolas was laughing, “Yeah, bro. We still good.”

Kimberly slammed the door shut barely before Erin could even get the rest of his body out of the threshold.  Taking a deep breath, she turned the bolt lock; turning around on her barefooted heals, striding back over to Nicolas, slowly doing a sleek strip tease, removing the sheet from her bare flesh.  When she reached his bedside, the sheet was on the floor, and she was climbing on top of him, in his hospital bed.  Before she got too far, she felt so guilty she had to tell him what she had done.  If he couldn’t forgive her, she would die.  Not really, but she would feel dead inside after all that they had been through the past year.

Kimberly ran her hands up and down his chest, trying not to touch the bandage that covered his bullet wound.  Tears began to roll down her cheeks, as she looked up to make the confession.  “What’s wrong, baby? Don’t let Erin get you all depressed and riled up.”

“It isn’t just him, Nick.  I have something I need to tell you.”  Kimberly at her love.

“I know. It’s okay.  I am the one that coaxed you into it, my pain meds kicked in, and I fell asleep.  You had that damn thing inside you all day, and I know you were hurting, so I just wanted to make it better, even if it couldn’t actually be me doing the deed. You know I trust Ben.  Don’t you trust Ben?” He confirmed.

“Yes, yes I do trust him with my life.  But I wanted you, I wanted my husband.”  The tears rolled down her cheeks.

Nick took her face into his hand, using his thumb to wipe the water from them.  “I know love, I know.  I would have given anything to be the one making love to you tonight, but considering the circumstances, it wasn’t possible.  I knew you were horny as hell.  I could smell it.  That is what drives all the men crazy baby.  You sweat sexy, you shower and I can still smell the pheromones coming from you, that is what is meant by you being a siren.  You sing to the flesh of a man.  Your voice is your natural scent, pure, raw, sexy.  Your body cries out to be touched, to be sucked and to be fucked.”  He started to laugh, with the word play he came up with.  Although it was true, it was funny.

Kimberly went to give him a playful swat in his good arm, when the door began to shake violently, someone banging and shouting, “Let me in this instant.”  A woman’s voice came through the door.

“Who the hell is that?” Kimberly looked at her new husband with anger.  Was she being punked again?

“I don’t know.”  Nicolas looked like a scolded child.

Kimberly jumped up off the bed, grabbed a shirt and went to answer the door.  The woman standing in the threshold was Nick’s sister.  Screaming at Taylor to let her go, she wanted to see her brother and kick that wife of his ass.  Kimberly started to breath heavily, hearing a direct challenge; she didn’t like the girl anyway.  Reaching out to grab her from Taylor, she flung the young little bit into the room, before Taylor could do another thing; the door was slammed shut again and locked.  The young little spit fire didn’t get a chance to say anything before Kimberly landed a solid punch to the square of her jaw, knocking her out cold.

That will teach you to mess with a grown woman.  “If you can’t take the heat, don’t start the fire.” She voiced as the girl lay on the floor in front of her brother.

“Damn Baby, did you have to knock her out?”  Nicolas asked.

“She had it coming.  Showing her ass like that in the hall way of the hospital, everyone watching her act like a spoiled little brat.”  Kimberly said putting her hands on her hips, being the mom she was.

“If that were one of my children, they already know what would happen.”  She asserted to her husband.

“You always seem to surprise me with something new I learn about you every day.”  Nicolas held his hand out to check Kimberly’s knuckles.

“You should put some ice on that.” He pointed to the swelling beginning to show in her hand.

“I will, but if she wakes up while I am gone, you had better warn her to mind her manners and at least act like a respectable young woman while she is here.”  She commanded.

“Yes mamma. I love it when you take charge. Remind me to bring up a punishment for you when we get home.”  He patted her on the ass as she put on some pajama pants to venture down the hall for ice.

“Watch it soldier.  I will call your commanding officer on you if you do that again.”  She teased.

“That’s all well and good, since I am the commanding officer.”  He laughed at her teasing.

The young woman started to move a little, so Kimberly hurried to the ice machine to grab a bucket of ice and get back into the room before she was fully awake.

When Kimberly walked back into the room, she saw the girl sitting on the edge of the bed by Nick and talking in the most winey voice she could muster.  How annoying Kimberly though.

The door slamming shut drew their attention to her from one another.  “Oh, I am sorry for my behavior. I was worried about my brother, and I didn’t want anyone to keep me from him.”

Kimberly walked back over to her husband, without the ice pack, and put her hands on her hips, standing firm and sturdy. “If you ever act like that again in a public place, any public place, while I’m there, you will get more than just a punch to the jaw next time.  You got me?”

“I said I was sorry,” the girl raised her voice a little until she saw the look on Kimberly’s face, toning it down a bit.

“You had just better remember one thing.  Nicolas is my husband.  Not yours.  He is your brother, not lover.  Take it easy, he is a grown ass man, and he can make decisions all by himself now.  He doesn’t need a babysitter or a little sister to protect him.  He went through several missions, and I feel like if he can make it through that he can make it in regular life.”

“Okay, your right.”  She drug out in a winey voice.

“I was just so worried about Nikki.”  She called him. 
“Well, Nicolas is a grown man, and he can handle himself.  Unlike you from what I have seen.”  Kimberly told the little brat of a half-sister to Nicolas.  She would be tending to her soon.

“You see how she is talking to me, Nikki?  Are you going to let her talk to me like that?”

The winey voice was back again.  “Yes, she is right.  You are a spoiled brat, and you need to learn you can’t have everything you want. Simple as that.” He scolded.

“Well, I can tell when I’m not wanted.  I will leave now.  I don’t know why I came anyway.”  She pouted.

“That’s such bull shit, sis.  You know damn good and well why you’re here, and it wasn’t for the wedding, because you weren’t there.”

The girl stopped in stride, and turned to look at her brother.  “I’m sorry, was that today?  I thought it was tomorrow.”  She batted her eyes, and tried to make Nicolas think she really meant what she was saying.

“Ben is at home now.  I don’t think he will be in any mood to play your little games when you get to the house.  I’m sure that the stress of the day has made him tired and he is probably just going to have a bite to eat and go to bed.”  Nicolas warned her so she wouldn’t get her feelings hurt.

“Oh, I heard he was here all day looking after your misses while you were in surgery, and after you came out of recovery.”  She smiled looking at Kimberly.  Sizing her up from head to toe.

Kimberly just stood her ground in a tshirt of Nicks and PJ pants that were brought to her from Ben earlier.  “Yeah” Kimberly looked at his sister, “You must like what you see, you can never stop checking me out.” Kimberly said this as she walked closer to the young woman.

The girl swallowed hard, “I just don’t see what men see in you is all.  They all talk about how sexy you are, how you smell so sweet, and how they want to just have a chance to have sex with you just once.  I just don’t see where you are so special.”

Kimberly stopped moving towards her then, and looked shocked that they brothers in arms all talk about having sex with her.  She looked at Nick, “Did you know about this?”  she asked.

Nicolas shrugged his shoulders letting out a yelp, “Its just talk. None of them will do anything unless you want them too.  They know the rules.”  He groaned as he tried to sit up in the bed.

“Are you fucking serious.  So, I am just a pawn for all of your brothers to pass around like a trinket found in some foreign lands.  Like a toy handed down from oldest to youngest brother.” Kimberly’s blood began to boil.Jay used to tell her with that red hair and curls as it does, she had the temper of Satan’s Daughter.

That always made her so upset.  She hated it, having the Irish red/orange hair and ringlets in her hair.  When Kimberly would get angry, she always reached around and pulled her hair up on top of her head.  She felt like she did this subconsciously preparing for conflict.That is what she was doing now, as she was confronting Nicolas with the news she just heard.

“Were you ever going to tell me about this?”  she demanded an answer.

“Babe, it’s okay.  It’s no big deal.  I know how you feel.  Men will talk, and soldiers at that.  They mean no dis-respect actually. They all find you quite respectable, sexy as hell, and they like you for who you are.  You can’t help who you are, baby.  It is the way God intended for you to be.”

“You know when I was married to Jay; he used to tell me that he hated the color of my hair.  The orange/red fiery color and curls reminded him of something, and he used to call me the devils daughter when I would get angry.”  She began to cry again.  Why couldn’t she just be normal?  Why must she be the one to be different? She didn’t mind the sexuality of the situation, just the emptiness feeling of being a slut made her not want to  even go home.  All of his men wanted her, to have sex with her.

Nicolas’ sister gave a humph, looking at her brother, “I am going to the house.  Is there anything you need me to bring you in the morning?”

“No, I am going home in the morning. Thanks though.  I’m telling you, behave yourself and leave Ben alone tonight.  I mean it sis.”

“Okay, Okay I hear ya.  I will be good.  But I can’t promise that I won’t still flirt a little.”

She walks out of the hospital room prancing like a show pony that just won first place at the county fair.  What in the hell is she thinking acting like that?  Nicolas wondered.  He bet Erin told her about Kimberly and Ben being here alone while I was in my drug induced sleep.  It doesn’t bother him so badly.  Nicolas actually blames himself for making her wear that thing inside her all day, then he can blame Erin for the shooting, and he not getting to pleasure his new wife himself after she was primed up all day.  How he did love that little siren.

 He just knew she needed what she needed to be able to get through with all of this.  Then walks in Karen, and throws herself around like a two year old temper tantrum.  Nicolas just lay there looking at the ceiling.  Kimberly looked at her wonderful new husband and felt such remorse for what she had done.  But Nicolas had some secrets of his own that he must tell his new wife.  Would she accept him after he tells her the truth about how he and his brothers in arms are so closely intertwined and can never be apart for long.  They are bound by blood, by oath, and by the women they love.

“Penny for your thoughts?”  Kimberly moved to sit at the side of his bed.

Nicolas looked at her with tears in his eyes. “I need to tell you something, Kim.”

“Okay. What has you so upset?”  She felt the butterfly’s churning in her stomach.

She knew by his look and demeanor that it wasn’t going to be a good conversation.

“My brothers and I can never be separated for very long for a reason.”  Nicolas swallowed hard before he began to speak again.  “Can I have some water?” he asked

Kimberly poured him a glass of water from the pitcher beside the bed, waiting for him to continue with his confession.

“So why can’t you all be separated for very long.”  She wanted to know.

“We belong to a secret society of men.  The kind of club that is full of sex, danger, orgies, women, and children that no one ever questions who’s it is.  When we all get together, one or the other is to never ask if one of the women gets pregnant, who is the father.  That isn’t a part of the society.  Do you understand what I am saying?”

“I think so.  I never thought about how I would feel if I saw you with another woman.”  She put her head down, thinking she would vomit soon if she couldn’t get the image out of her soon, of Nicolas making love to another woman.

“That isn’t it, Kim.  I took an oath the day I moved you into my home, that I wouldn’t touch another woman even if you had other men.”  He lifted her chin up to see the tears in her eyes.

“Why?” she asked.  “If I were to take another, then you should have the right as well.”  She felt the vomit coming up in her throat and had to swallow it back.

“Because I love you, and I know how badly Jay hurt you.  You are the only woman I want for the rest of my life.  I don’t want another.  I decided that four years ago, when I started investigating you for him.  How could such a beautiful woman be any of the things he accused you of?”  Nicolas kissed the palm of her hand.

“Nicolas, I don’t know what to say.  I wish I could tell you that I will never want for another man.  When I was married to Jay, I didn’t feel the urges like I do now. Maybe it’s because he always made me feel worthless, unwanted, and that no good man would ever want me.  Now, I have you.  The perfect man, handsome, loving, sexy, rich, and you are telling me I can have any man I want and you won’t get angry or leave me because of it.”

She shook her head, trying to make sense of it out by saying it aloud.  “Kimberly, what I am saying is even though I have made the decision not to take another woman, my men may expect you to do things that you may not want to do.  Ben and I have been together with women so long we can read each other.  That is how he knew what to do tonight.  We are partners, brothers, and friends.  I can only trust him with you, the others are brutal, violent, and some have even left permanent scars on women.”  He expressed his concerns.

“So you’re saying that just because of this brotherhood, all of the men that come to the house are a part of it, and they may expect me to give them what other women have?  Have all of your subs given in and taken them?”  She wanted to know.

“Yes, and yes.”  He looked at her waiting for an expression to give him some idea of what she was thinking.

“Do you really think that you can never touch another woman again?  That you will not lust for another beautiful woman when I become old, wrinkled and gray.  When we get into an argument, and you storm out of the house, are you saying you won’t go to the club, and find another woman to console you, to pamper you, and make you feel better.”

“I can say that I love you, and I don’t want another woman. If the day comes when that changes, I will let you know first before it happens.”  He promised her.

“I want to take you to the club and show you off.  I want to be able to kiss you and touch you without you having any reservations of public affections.  And if another man walks up to you, and puts his hands on you, if you say no, then that is how it will be.  If you say yes, then that is how it will be. But I can promise you for the way I feel right now, there is no other woman for me.”

Now Kimberly really felt dirty. She had had sex with his best friend in the same room as he was sleeping, in the shower, and now he was professing his devotion to never take another woman, but giving her the option to take another man.  Kimberly stood up, turning around in a circle, looking back at Nicolas.

“I need to think about this.  This would make me a sex object. A toy for you and your brothers.  If I so chose.  That is no different than a common slut.”  She crinkled up her brow as she said this.

“No, no.  It isn’t like that.  We are all respectable private men with distinctive tastes in women.  Not all will be interested, and not all will make a move, because they know you’re my wife.  Mostly it is by invitation only.  We can make it so.  Would that make you feel better?”  He began to feel he was losing her.

“What if I decide to not ever take another? What then?” she asked

“That will be fine too.  After a while though, we will be considered inactive and no one will even ask or try to make an advance.  If that is what you want, then it will be so.”

“Okay, Okay.  I see.  As long as I have the ability to say no, and they will accept it, then fine, I can do this.  No worries, I can do it.”

“Are you sure?  You haven’t met all of my brothers.  There are a few that some women just can’t keep their hands off of.”

“I’m sure I will be at my very best. We can work this out.  No problem.”  She assured her new husband.  “Now get some rest, we will be going home tomorrow to our own bed where I can take advantage of you whenever I wish.” She giggled like a schoolgirl.

Nicolas felt a little relief.  She accepted that the society was about men having many sexual partners and it being okay with everyone in the room, husbands, wives, and the like.  Nicolas did enjoy watching while someone pleasured her.  He just knew it wouldn’t be Erin again.  He can’t control himself with Kimberly.  He hurt her, and if another ever attempted to do it again, they would lose their heads.  That was a promise.  She deserved to be loved, made love to, the way that only someone who has loved would know how.

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