"41" The Siren Calls

"41" The Siren Calls

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Second book to "41" Surviving Loneliness


Second book to "41" Surviving Loneliness

Chapter1 (v.1) - 1

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Continuation of "41" Surviving Loneliness book 1

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 26, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 26, 2013



Chapter 1

Kimberly woke up this morning feeling refreshed.  She and Nick had a wonder night together.  As she turned over to grab her pillow and go back to sleep, she heard a buzzing sound.  Nicolas was standing beside the bed, pushed the auto shade, and sunlight came pouring into the newly remodeled room.  Sitting up on her elbows to take in the view, she loved that all of this had been done so quickly, and beyond her expectations.

“Good morning baby.”  He said to her as he handed her a cup of coffee.  Sitting down beside her on the edge of the bed, Nicolas moved a lock of her fiery red hair behind one ear to view her face fully.  Nickolas leaned in to kiss her softly on the lips.

“I haven’t brushed my teeth.” Leaning back so he didn’t smell her morning breath.

“I don’t care.”  Nicolas laughed at her.  “Get up and get a shower.  The fitting for your dress is in an hour.”  He told her as he walked to the table where Sarah left their breakfast.  “Come on, grab a slice of bacon, since that’s all you eat anyway, and get ready.”

“So, you were serious about us getting married today?” Kimberly asked suspiciously as she swung her legs over the side of the highest bed she had ever been in.  There were three steps attached to the enormous bed, and she stretched as she walked down them, and over to the table where Nicolas stood drinking his coffee.

“Baby, have you ever know me to kid about too much of anything.”  Giving her that devilish bright white smile.

“Why can’t I wear the dress I originally had?”  She didn’t want to waste anything, especially when Nicolas was paying for it.  She did love him, but she didn’t want him to think she was only in it for the money.

“I threw that dress out the day you were shot.”  He growled.

“What about my training?  The trainer is going to be here this morning, to get me ready for the defense classes.”

“I have already called him.  He will be here, but as a guest at our wedding.” Nicolas told her with a firm voice.

He walked over to Kimberly as she picked up a piece of bacon, stuffing it in her mouth.

“You do like the meat, don’t you baby?”  Nicolas teased as he wrapped one arm around her waist from behind, as she took a sip of her coffee.

“Gotta get my protein somehow.”  She smiled as he began to nibble on the back of her neck.

Kimberly laid her head back against his chest as he began to move slowly with the music that seemed to always be on in their room.  The large grandfather clock chimed, startling her back into the now.  It was now eight o’clock, and she so wanted to get back in

bed with Nicolas and do the wedding thing another day.  Not because she didn’t want to be his wife, she just wanted to be next to him, his naked body, hot against her flesh, pleasuring her into a gentle sleep.

Nicolas gave her one last bite on the nape of her neck, before he dished out a nice smack on her ass, twisting her to face him.

“Go on now, get ready, before I rip this little tank top off of you, and make us both late for our own wedding.”  Giving her a gentle nudge towards the bathroom.

Kimberly reached down to grab his crotch, just to tease a little, and see if he was serious about making them both late.He wasn’t joking.

“Come with me, and it won’t matter if we are late.”She smiled, tugging him by the material of his slacks.  “Hey, you’re not wearing jeans?”

“No, not this time, if I did, everyone would see what you do to me when you and I are in the same room together.”  Finishing up the coffee in his cup, he twisted her around again, pointing her in the direction of the bathroom, giving her a harder smack on her ass, “Believe me baby, I would love to cum with you, but right now I have some business to take care of before the guests start to arrive.”

“What is more important than being naked with me in the shower?”  She pulled the shirt off over her head, exposing her firm breast and hard nipples.  Kimberly had the breasts of a twenty something, and she knew Nicolas loved it.

“I have arranged a meeting with all of the security and household staff in ten minutes.”

Kimberly’s smile left her face, and she wondered. “What for?”

“There are some unsolved issues I need to get cleared up, before the wedding.” Nicolas was firm, his jaw clenched; flexing with each passing second.

Kimberly’s look on her face was concern, and Nicolas realized it. “Don’t worry baby.  I will make sure that it isn’t obvious.  I won’t out Erin in front of everyone.”

“I just don’t want the team to think things are going to change because we are getting married.”

“Things are going to change, but for the better.  You are a very reasonable, down to earth woman.  You don’t expect anything from anyone that you wouldn’t do yourself.  It’s going to be fine.  I promise.”  Nicolas told her as he walked towards her, kissing her again, on the lips.

Another firmer smack on the ass followed, “Now hurry up.  We are wasting time.”

Kimberly walked towards the bathroom, this time, rubbing her cheek; the last one hurt, and excited her at the same time.

“There is going to be more where that one came from.”  Nicolas promised the sexy siren.  Her face flushed, he was so good at reading her. 
“Turn up the radio, please.  I’m feeling a little country today.”

Nicolas opened the turn table, finding a CD that he thought she might like.  It held nine CD’s so he filled it up with some favorite country bands that he himself liked.  The first song that came on was “Good morning Beautiful.”

Nicolas could hear her in their singing along, when the phone rang.  Everyone was waiting for him in the downstairs library.  Taking a deep breath, he left everything as it was, and headed downstairs.  Mulling things over in his mind, he wanted to make sure he didn’t lose his temper when it came to Erin.  This might be an ugly situation.

When Nicolas walked into the library, everyone was talking amongst themselves.  They all stood until he told everyone to be seated.  Ben began by handing out portfolios full of information detailing the new programs their company was beginning, Mike and Nikki’s progression in their natural fuel and growing facility, and all of the good things that the company was doing.  There were applauds on successful issues, suggestions on improvements and then came the wedding information.

Nicolas saw Erin tense up, and then he relaxed suddenly when Ben and he connected eye to eye.  Wondering what had transpired between the two, he would take that up with Ben later.  Everyone was expected to be at the wedding, not only as guests, but working.  Kimberly and the children were to be protected at all cost.  He was not important, insignificant.

There were no expectations for trouble considering the wedding plans were just made last night, so no one really knew until today, such short notice.  Peggy had been making phone calls since seven o’clock this morning.  There would be two hundred attending so far, and it was just now nine o’clock in the morning.  WOW!  So far not all of the phone calls that were made, RSVP’ed yet.

There were people all over the grounds, setting up tents, chairs, runners, the dance floor, and valet parking.  There were caterers in and out of the house, the bakers cooking in the kitchen, making the grooms cake, and the wedding cake, and personal gift cakes, and mints, the wedding wasn’t going to take place until dusk, so there was little time to get prepared.  So much to do, so little time, but they would make it.

The designer rang the bell at exactly ten.  Kimberly was ready in her corset and gartered thigh high white hose.  She was so surprised when Peggy walked in with HIM.  It was a man.  She grabbed her robe, and covered herself.  Peggy asked if Kimberly wanted her to stay, and she looked over at the designer.

“No, this is his job.  He is a professional, I will be fine.  One thing though.  Could you please send Nicolas up as soon as he gets out of his meeting?”  Kimberly seemed upset.

“Yes mama.  I certainly will.”  Peggy answered walking out of the room, she closed the double doors, and the new ones were made out of glass, for all to see.

The designer began by asking her to remove her robe.  “How am I supposed to find the perfect dress for you if I can’t see your body?”  His voice was deep, not like the norm.  She actually expected him to be gay, but she also thought Ben and Nick were gay.  She had a really bad judgment when it comes to people, really just men.

He stood approximately six foot six, dark brown hair, extremely bright blue eyes, suit made of Italian silk, which is what Nicolas requested for her dress to be made of.  It would be off white, just by one shade.  A Chapel length detachable train, so she could disconnect it to dance.  The dress was decided to be just up to her breasts, with a sweetheart plunging neck line, the sleeves will meet the neckline off the shoulders, with a slit in the front of the skirt, and one on each side.  The ones on the side would be open, the one in the front would not.

Kimberly was a bit nervous.  This was a superbly masculine man, had to be one of Nicolas’ marine buddies.  He was extremely handsome, with chiseled features.  He reached out to her to untie her robe, moving to let it fall to the floor.  He slowly walked around her not disconnecting his hands from her body.  He was caressing her with his eyes as well as his hands.

Kimberly began to blush, she knew then he wasn’t gay.  Just slick.  He began to take her measurements, and when he was measuring her back for the bust of the dress, he slid his hands down her arms, leaned into her and kissed her shoulders, up to the back of her neck.  Damn it, why is this happening now?  The past four years, she spent alone.  No one expressed any interests in her at all, and now, she had men fine as hell all wanting her.  This was a cruel joke.

Every person Nicolas knew, especially men, were definitely easy to look at.  Handsome, built, strong, heroic. Why was it that she all of a sudden got more attention in the past few months than she had in the whole forty one years she has been alive?  As he kissed the back of her neck, which was a huge weak spot for her, she closed her eyes and let her head fall forward.  Suddenly she snapped back to reality, moving from him.

She was out of breath, panting.  Sweating profusely, she realized she was enjoying him touching her.  She felt her panties wet, and she could feel the juices flowing from her vagina.  He smiled at her, moving in to touch her again.  Kimberly took another step back, holding her hand out to stop him, she touched his chest.

He was solid, hard like Nicolas.  She knew then he was one of his brothers.  Fine as hell, but a brother in arms none the less.  “Stop!”  She demanded.

“Why?  I know what it is doing to you.  Me touching you.  You sing to me, a song of lust, love, sexuality that I can smell on you.  I can smell what I am doing to you.”  He smiled a devilish smile.

The temptations were growing stronger with him in the same room with her alone.  Taking her hand in his, he kissed the palm of her hand.  Another trigger that only Nicolas knew.  Perhaps it was a seduction of the brotherhood that they shared.  “What is your name?”  She asked.

“Logan.  My name is Logan.”  He replied to her as he kissed the palms of her hands, and putting one of them down his pants.  He was large, stiff, thick, and hot.  What would Nick do if he walked in right now?  Jerking her hand out of his pants, the glass doors opened, and Nicolas walked in.  Kimberly was so glad he came in when he did.  She didn’t know what she would do if he hadn’t interrupted.  She wondered if he had seen everything, since the doors were glass, and see through.

“Kimberly, this is Logan.  Logan this is my soon to be wife, Kimberly.”  Nick felt like a formal introduction might help the tension he could feel in the room.

Logan tilted his head, “We have met, nice to meet you.”  He assured Nicolas.

“Well Logan, I can see that time hasn’t changed the player in you.  You knew she was to be my wife, and yet you posed a pass at her anyway.  Why?”

“I mean, I am just trying to understand why all of you men want what I have. Can you explain that to me?”  Nicolas questioned as he handed his buddy a glass of Scotch.

“Really Nick?  I have never known you not to share.  And really, look at her.  She is sexy, lustful, and full of pent up sexuality.  She is a siren, singing out loud and clear. I have never met such a woman, and I know it was hard for you to keep your hands to yourself.”

Nicolas looked at Kimberly, and then looked back at Logan.  “You have always been an honest, dependable brother.  I have never known you to lie, and yes, it is hard for me to keep my hands to myself; and I am going to marry her.  So I expect you to honor the fact that she will be a married woman, and married to me.  Is that clear major?”

Logan stood up right, nodding yes.  “Copy that boss” His whole demeanor changed.  He was no longer the playboy sex symbol trying to get into her panties.  This gave Kimberly an idea.

“This might not be the right time, Nicolas, but I have an idea for the new season kick off for the company.”  She was very excited and she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

“Has he fitted your dress yet?”

“Yes, it’s beautiful.  Now before I forget, I want to run this past you.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“I am going to contact the editor of Playgirl magazine, and have all of you and your

marine brother’s pose for them.  Not only will it be a large sum of money for each of them, but the “Brother in Arms” edition will sell like wild fire.

Nicolas was set back a little, a little in shock, but he nodded, “Okay, okay, it just might work.  Especially if you are there to egg them on.  I mean don’t lead them on, but encourage them to be the masters of sexuality that they are.  Yeah, this could work.”

“What do you mean, egg them on?”  Kimberly asked suspiciously.

“Well baby, you do have a sirens way of calling to men.  You sing of beauty, sexuality,

Desire, hunger, rough stuff, shall I go on?”

“Nooo!  Why do you say that?”  She was blushing.

“You have this sunlit red hair, not quite blonde or red, curls that women pay hundreds of dollars for, milky smooth skin, bright blue eyes, a wonderful smile that brightens up a room.  Just the smell of you set me on fire.  It doesn’t matter what perfume, what soap, or shampoo.  It’s you, pheromones from your body that I can smell.  It is what Logan and all of the other men can smell.  It is sexy, hot, begging for pleasure. And you don’t even know it. That makes it even sexier”

Kimberly was speechless.  She had heard Nicolas say things like this before, but not in reference to other men.  She didn’t realize they could sense it as well.  She was doomed. Every man she came in contact with was going to hit on her.  She was going to become famous for saying no. She would be called a tease, and all kinds of things, like Jay called her.

“What are you thinking?”  He asked

“I will be deemed a tease, and called all kinds of names, like Jay called me.”  She put her head down, beginning to cry.

“No, No you won’t.  This is a natural part of you, it isn’t your fault. You just have to be strong, unless you want a third, then you have to ask me, and I have to approve of him.”  Nicolas smiled, he knew she would choose one sooner or later, it was just a matter of whom.  She was a siren, she couldn’t help but be loved, fondled, and she was so sexual, she hasn’t broken out of her shell yet.  He would get her there.  Especially when she sees the new Play Room.

Logan was listening in on the conversation as the two lovers talked over the possibility of a third.  He would make a mental note to come around more often.  He needed to make his place known so if she did choose a third, it could be him.  He knew that Ben and Erin had been with her, and that Erin would probably not get another chance with her again.  He was always to rough.  She liked the rough stuff, but not too rough.  That was his specialty.

Sex was an art to Logan.  He was a perfectionist.  That is why he was so good at it.  Logan was a loner, going from one mission to another, not claiming anything or anyone for his own.  His job was his mate.  Like Nicolas was at his age, she was sure.  The time came for the fitting of the dress, and Nicolas left the room.  Kimberly became nervous, but immediately relaxed, because she could say no.  She realized this now.

Logan’s demeanor was different.  What Nicolas said to him got through.  Logan made the fitting perfect.  Not saying a word to her.  When he was done, he looked up at Kimberly, “You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen.  I just wanted you to know that.”  Logan got up from the floor, and headed out the door.  “You are beautiful.”  He reiterated before he exited the glass doors that led into the newly remodeled office area.

It was now one o’clock and Kimberly hadn’t seen Nicolas since he left during the fitting.  She hoped he hadn’t had it out with Erin, and would be all bruised up for the wedding.

She slipped on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to go and see what all was going on in the house.  There were people running all over the place.  The entire house was decorated, the rose garden was set just beautifully, and then she saw Nicolas talking to Erin in the back of the house, just out by the pool.  Should she dare go out and interrupt?  She waited and watched to see how it was going.

It seemed that it was smooth.  The two men shook hands in an understanding way.  They both began to walk towards the house when Kimberly tried to find something to make herself look busy.  She could find nothing.  So when the two men walked in, she was just standing there with her hands in her pockets, looking suspicious of course.

“What are you up to?”  Nicolas asked of the devilish woman.

Kimberly shrugged, “Oh, just trying to find something to do. You know until the wedding.”

Nicolas looked at Erin, and then they both looked back at Kimberly, and started to laugh.  “What’s so funny?”  She asked

“Nothing baby, nothing at all.”  Nicolas told her.

“My, my, my, looking for something to do.  Humm.  What could you possibly do for the next four hours?”  Erin smiled at Nick, patted him on the back, and walked into the large living room full of people.  “I got this here bro, if you want to take care of business.”

“Thanks, appreciate it.”  Nicolas winked at Erin.

“Did I miss something?”  Kimberly turned in wonder.

Nicolas grabbed her up in his arms, to meet her face to face, kissing her furiously.  “Take me upstairs.”  She begged Nicolas.

“My pleasure baby. You just have to wait until after the wedding and the reception is over.  I have to make sure things are perfect for you.”

Kimberly began to pout, “But Erin said he had it.”

“I know, but I have to pay everyone, and I want you to be extremely ready for me. I bought you something.  Let’s go upstairs and get it.”

“Nicolas, how many times have I told you to stop buying me things?”  Kimberly asserted.

“Believe me, it is something you will enjoy.”  Nick told her.

When they reached the bedroom, Nicolas had Kimberly climb up on the bed.  He slid over top of her, kissing and caressing her from neck to waist.  He unbuttoned her jeans, and then began to slide them down her silky flesh.

“I thought you said we had to wait?”  Kimberly was eager, trying not to show it too much.

“Oh, you are.  This is for the present I have for you.”  Nick smiled as he pulled a box out of the top side table drawer.

“This is called a Madam Butterfly.  I want you to keep it in until I say you can take it out. This will prove to me yourself control, and if you will obey me when we go into the new Play Room.  Will you do this for me?”

Kimberly looked a little scared, but what the hell.  “I will do my best.”  Kimberly knew of this and knew it was going to be almost impossible to keep focused with this thing vibrating inside her pussy.  She wouldn’t be able to walk, if Nicolas has control of it.  “Please don’t set it to high, or I won’t be able to walk or talk with our guests.” She pleaded for his understanding.

“Oh, I won’t.  I will set it just enough to distract you for the next four hours, but you will have to focus on what you are doing to keep you from folding.”  He teased.

Before she could say another word, he had it in and on.  She began to wiggle and close her thighs tight to hold the pleasures it was giving her to herself.  Could she do this?  Kimberly tried to sit up and it got harder.  She almost fell to her knees when she stood, and Nicolas told her, “Remember, you have to keep it until the guests all leave.”

“You are so mean, turn it down if you expect me to walk anywhere.”  She was already horny as hell, now this.  Nicolas laughed a deep hardy tone, “ It is already on the lowest setting, baby.  You were just already ready to go. That is why it’s so intense.”

“Oh, I am going to get you for this.” Kimberly managed to get sturdy on her feet, and walk into the bathroom to start doing her makeup.

“Okay then, I will leave you to it.”  Nicolas smiled as she stumbled to the bathroom barely able to keep a steady pace.  This was going to be so much fun.

Nikki came in a hour later to help Kimberly get her hair done, and put on her pre-wedding dress.  This was to great the guests before the wedding.  As she walked down the steps, Nicolas was standing in the rose garden with his tuxedo on.  All of the men had their tuxedo’s on.  Nicolas was wearing a button up white silk shirt, with a crimson cummerbund, all of the other men had on white, with black cummerbunds.  She was wondering why he was dressed already.  Maybe he was just ready to get it over with.

As Kimberly and Nikki walked out the door to meet the guest, and meet with Nicolas in the rose garden, he fussed at her because she should be upstairs until it was time.

“I wanted to come greet the guests, I don’t know anyone here.”  She wined to him.

Taking her by the waist, he pulled her to him, the other hand raising her chin to him.  “Don’t pout baby, you will have plenty of time to meet everyone.  You and I will be together forever.”

“You promise?”  She worried.

“I promise. Just you and Me.”  He assured her, “Now go back upstairs before the men get a good whiff of you, your downwind of everyone.”  He gave her a hard smack on the ass, harder than before and with the Madam on inside her, she really felt it, and it felt amazing.

She got goose bumps all over, and shivered.  “I know you like it. Now go.”  Smacking her again.  She turned to smile at him, prancing herself back to the house.  She had found a way to move so that the object inside her didn’t affect her so much when she walked.

Heading back up the steps, she was called over by Erin.  Stopping her in her path, she looked at him with questioning eyes. “ Yes Erin, what can I do for you?”

Erin smiled, “I am very happy for you and Nicolas, as long as he makes you happy.”  He seemed honest in his words.  “Thank You Erin, you don’t know how happy I am to hear that from you.  I do love him.”  She confirmed.

“Your welcome, love.”  Erin answered.

“Now go upstairs and relax, you have about an hour before the ceremony starts.  I will get Mike to come get you when it’s time.”  Mike was going to give her away, and she couldn’t have been happier about this.  She did so love her children so much.  They were her whole world; her first priority.  If Mike and Lily didn’t approve, she wouldn’t still be here.  Lily was in the bedroom waiting for her mother, primping in front of the mirror.

“Oh, Lily, You look so beautiful in that dress.”  Kimberly clasped her hands over her mouth, then her cheeks, looking at her daughter, she was in awe.  The young lady had grown into a young woman.  She was gorgeous.

“Just like her mother.”  Nicolas asserted.

Lily did a curtsy, to him, thanking him.  Then she pushed him out the door, “Mom has to get her dress on now. Get out.  We will be down when the music starts.”

“Well, wait a minute, I have a gift for your mother first.” He chuckled.

Handing Kimberly the little red box, she was afraid to open it.  When she did, it was a beautiful ruby red necklace, earrings, and bracelet.  “Look mom, we match.”  Nicolas had given the young lady a set similar to the one he bought for her mother just this morning.  And Lily was her mother’s maid of honor, so her dress was crimson red, like Nicolas’ cummerbund.  Mikes was too, so they all knew who was a part of the new family.  Red was Kimberly’s favorite color for some reason, but it was, and how Nick found out she will probably never know.

“I love them. I have never had anything so beautiful before. Thank You, I love you.”  Kimberly told him as she took his face into her hands planting a smooth kiss to his lips.

“Okay, now go.”  Asserted Lily “or we will be late.”

Nicolas left the room, when Kimberly began to cry.  She was so happy, and she knew that something was going to happen to ruin that.  It always did.  She has never been able to be happy for any length of time.  If it weren’t for bad luck, she would have no luck at all.

“Mommy, why are you crying?” Lily asked her mother.

Kimberly looked up into her daughters bright blue eyes, “I just happy, baby. That’s all.”

“So you are crying?  I remember when Dad used to make you cry.  That was bad.  Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yes, I am happy.  I’m happy that I have both of my beautiful children here with me, and I am thankful for Nicolas.  That makes me happy.”  Kimberly told her daughter as she gave her a great big hug, “Now let’s get ready.”

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