Wrong winner...Right Man

Wrong winner...Right Man

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Sometimes being the wrong person, makes everything right.


Sometimes being the wrong person, makes everything right.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Wrong winner...Right Man

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Sometimes being the wrong person, makes everything right.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 20, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 20, 2015



I looked around the large room. It was made to be occupied by many people, but I was stuck here alone, waiting for Cal Cooper. He was at least half an hour late. I was bored, hungry and basically pissed off. I didn’t want to be here in the first place. The crowd outside were loud and annoying. If he didn’t arrive soon, I would just go home.

I became aware of the noise outside, reaching a fever pitch. Lights flashed like a strobe through the window. Plus there was now movement outside the main door to the restaurant. I guess all this meant he had finally arrived.

The big double doors swung open, and the room was filed with the screaming from outside. Then he stepped inside, thankfully closing the doors, leaving the din behind him. He strode toward me, and I had to admit, he gave off an air of sexiness.

He wore a dark blue shirt, tucked into a pair of black jeans. His dark hair was slightly wavy, and tussled, and his skin was tanned and perfect. He smiled at me as he approached the table. Again his smile was sexy, and so where his big blue eyes.

His appearance almost made me forget my anger, but as it struck me why I was here in the first place, the anger took hold again. He extended his hand to me.

“Angie, nice to meet you I’m Cal”

I just shook his hand, and then looked away again. He sat opposite me, and I could feel the awkwardness already.

“Have you ordered?”

He asked me with a smile. I shook my head. He looked around till he spied the waitress, and gave her a nod. The waitress approached, and gave him a most dazzling smile. I could see her face going crimson as he spoke to her, giving her his order.

“And for you madam?”

I heard her ask me, even though her eyes never left him.

“I’ll just have a salad please”

She did an almost curtsey, and backed away. Jesus, you would think he was royalty. I thought with a sneer. A young man appeared beside us, with a bottle of wine. When he offered me a glass, I shook my head.

“No thank you, I’m driving”

Cal turned to me and frowned.

“I thought they said they sent you a car?”

“They did, I just wanted to drive myself”

He turned back to the young man, and also shook his head.

“Just two soft drinks please mate”

He smiled. The guy backed away just as the waitress had, basically bowing. I had to supress a laugh, it was just pathetic. As we sat waiting for our food, silence enveloped us. I looked anywhere but at him. If I wasn’t doing this for Angie, I would have just made an excuse and left.

Finally the food arrived, and he was once again awarded with a face splitting smile off the waitress. I didn’t get the same treatment, she basically flopped my plate down in front of me. A bit of the salad dressing even splashed onto my blouse. 

“Gee thanks”

I said sarcastically, with a fake smile. She barely noticed my annoyance. This night was just getting better by the second. As we ate, he attempted to make conversation. But when I replied with just yes or no answers, he soon gave up. It was better quiet, that way we could get this over with quicker.

When the meal was over, a man came in the double doors and approached us.

“I hope you have had a pleasant evening”

He smiled smarmily.

“If you would both come with me, we will get the pictures taken”

“I don’t want my picture taken”

I snapped at him. Both men turned toward me and frowned. Then the smarmy man smiled again.

“But it was part of the competition. You get your picture in the magazine with Cal”

“I said no”

I answered resolute. They would not make me do this, no matter what. I could just imagine Angie’s hurt face if she saw that. Both men exchanged a look of bewilderment, but they didn’t press me. The man, whose name I learnt was Josh, left us alone again. Cal stared at me.

“Have I done something to offend you?”

He asked, looking worried.

“This whole thing offends me”

I snapped. Again he frowned.

“Why did you enter the competition, if you didn’t want to be here?”

 “I didn’t enter the competition, my niece did”

“So why isn’t she here?”

I turned and locked eyes with him, leaning forward slightly. My anger taking hold again, I started yelling at him

“Don’t you think she would have loved to have been here? She spent all day getting ready. The school paid for her to have her hair and makeup done by a professional. All her friends were so excited for her. But when your driver arrived, he told her she couldn’t come. She is only 14, and the restaurant is licenced as a bar, she is too young to be here. There was no age limit on the competition. She was devastated. So she begged me to attend in her place. So I could at least meet you, and get an autograph for her. So excuse me if I’m not enjoying myself”

His mouth dropped open. He looked surprised.

“I had no idea. I stepped off a plane an hour ago, and was told I was meeting a competition winner. They never told me any of that”

He sounded apologetic, but I wasn’t really listening, I was still angry.

“I would not take your car, and I will not have my picture taken. I am here for just one purpose”

I felt like I was close to tears.

“I could hear her crying as I drove away”

He reached out and grabbed my hand, finally getting my attention.

“I swear I had no idea. I am not happy about this either. It should have been better arranged. I’m sorry Angie”

I smiled then, realising he was not to blame.

“My niece is Angie, I’m Keri”

He smiled at me, taking my breath away.

“Keri, it’s a pleasure to meet you”

He looked thoughtful for a minute. Then when he spoke, he seemed excited.

“I have an idea. Do you want to get away from here?”

I just nodded, desperate to leave.

“Come with me”

He said as he stood up, offering me his hand. I gladly took it, and was instantly tingling with just a touch. He pulled me toward the main doors. The noise once again erupted, when we entered the foyer of the hotel.

“Josh, I’m going to my room, we’ll be back down soon”

He said to the worried looking man at the door. Josh just smiled leeringly at me and nodded. Then we headed for the lifts. He placed a key in the slot, and pressed the button for the top floor. I wanted to know why we were going up to his room, but I couldn’t ask. I was completely frozen, by the grip he had on my hand.

The lift opened up into a beautiful hotel room. It was bigger than my whole house. The room was split in two by a double sided fireplace. A white piano sat in the far corner. The furniture was exquisite, all antique, and elegant. It was all mainly white, with the paintings that adorned the walls, breaking up the colour scheme.

He walked over to the back wall, and pulled open the blinds, and the door that led to the balcony. He smiled at me again as he pulled me outside.

“We have to go down a lot of stairs. Will you be ok in those heels?”

He asked with a grin. I just nodded, still unsure what was going on. When we reached the bottom of the outside staircase, which I guessed was the fire escape, we entered a garage. He walked toward a bike, with me following close behind.

“Have you ever been on a motorbike?”

He asked me, handing me a helmet. My whole face paled.


I muttered. He seemed to find this funny. He helped me put on the helmet.

“Very cute”

He grinned before pulling his own on, and climbing on the bike.

“Just jump on, and keep tight hold”

He muffled. I took a deep breath and tossed my leg over the bike. I was so glad I had decided to wear pants. He pulled my arms, wrapping them tightly around his waist. He smelt so good, and my hands felt strong muscles under his shirt. When the bike started up, it rumbled through my body, making me jump. He placed his hand over mine.

“You’ll be ok, trust me”

And with those words, I suddenly felt very safe. The ride was amazing, I felt free and almost like I was flying. He pulled up after about 10 minutes, and took off his helmet. He tuned his head around to face me and smiled.

“You can let go now”

I quickly pulled my arms from around his waist. I took in my surroundings.

“Why are we here?”

I muffled through my helmet.

“Well I don’t know where you live”

I pulled off my helmet and frowned at him.

“Your niece won the competition, I think it’s only fair we go and see her”

I was gob smacked.

“You would do that?”

I asked. He smiled again.

“If you don’t mind taking me home”

I laughed.

“Well she’s in my parent’s house, they live next door to me, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. Thank you Mr Cooper”

I said, pulling my helmet back on.

“Call me Cal”

He smiled. I guided him to my mum and dad’s house, praying Angie was still awake. We pulled into the driveway, and I reluctantly climbed off the bike. We walked to the door. Before I knocked, I turned around to face him.

“I can’t thank you enough for this. She will be so made up. But I have to warn you, and apologize in advance, my family are crazy”

He laughed.

“It’s ok. Mine are just as crazy I’m sure”

I nodded, and lifted my fist to knock. Before I could connect with the wood, the door was pulled open. Angie appeared. Her eyes were still red from crying.

“Did you meet him? What is he like? Does he smell good? Did you get an autograph?”

She said all in one breathe. She was literally jumping around in the doorway. Cal was just out of sight, so I just smiled at her.

“Sorry Angie, I didn’t get an autograph”

Her face fell, which made me smile wider.

“I went one better”

I said. She looked at me confused. I moved back and let Cal step forward. I wish I had had a camera to capture her expression. It took her at least 30 seconds, to realise that he was really standing there.

“Hello Angie”

He smiled. Her grin could have lit up the whole street. Then my ears were filled with an almighty scream, as she launched herself at him. He gripped her around the waist, as she held him close. Suddenly my parents appeared.

“What the hell is going on?”

My mum said.

“Angie, are you ok?”

My father asked worried. They both realised what was happening at the same time. And just like Angie, their faces were a picture. My mum covered her mouth.

“Oh my god”

She exclaimed. I couldn’t help laughing at the whole scene. Cal turned and looked at me, and I realised Angie still had him in a bear hug.

“Ok Angie, I think you can let go now”

I laughed, grabbing her arm, and pulling her away.

“Mr Cooper, thank you for coming”

My mum said, in her posh voice.

“Would you like to come inside?”

She pushed my dad out the way, when he didn’t move himself.

“Yes please”

He answered politely. She practically bowed like the people in the restaurant.

“Ok mum, he’s not a prince or anything”

I grinned at her, moving her aside to let him enter. We all went into the living room. All eyes were on Cal as he sat down.

“Can I offer you a beverage Mr Cooper?”

My mum asked, still using her posh voice. I cringed.

“She means would you like a coffee or tea”

My mum gave me a glare.

“Please call me Cal and coffee would be fine thanks”

He smiled. My mum vanished, only to come back in again a few seconds later, to ask how he took his coffee. Then she appeared with a plate full of cakes and biscuits. I could tell he was slightly uncomfortable, but he was very polite and courteous.

When my mum took her seat again, they all just sat looking at him. Then the questions began. After at least an hour of basic interrogation by my family, I was ready to go, and I assumed he would feel the same.

“My friends won’t believe me, when I tell them you were here. Can I have a picture?”

Angie suddenly asked.

“Of course”

He grinned. She jumped up and ran to her room. When she came back, she had hold of her camera.

“Keri will you take the picture?”

She said excitedly. I stood up and took the camera off her. She leapt onto Cal’s knee. I was as surprised as he was at her forwardness. But he once again just obliged her. He hugged her and smiled for the camera. I had never seen her look so happy.

After a few more pictures, I suggested we should go back. I had to pick up my car, and he would surely be missed soon. Everyone came to the door to say goodbye. He thanked my mum and dad for their hospitality, and gave Angie a kiss on the cheek. Then we climbed back on the bike, and headed off.

I was glad to be away from the madness, but more glad to be wrapping my body around his again. I snuggled in closer when it started to rain. Then he pulled over, into an underpass. He pulled his helmet off, and climbed off the bike.

“Sorry, I couldn’t see too far ahead of me. If I was on my own I would just keep going, but I don’t want to put you in any danger. We’ll head off again when the rain settles down”

I pulled my own helmet off.

“That’s fine”

I smiled. I was shivering from the cold. He took off his jacket, and wrapped it around my shoulders. He kept his arm around me, pulling me close to him.

“I’m so sorry about this. I should have just took the car. But the bike is the only way I get privacy. No one knows it’s me under the helmet”

“It must be hard, not being able to go anywhere”

“Well wherever I’m staying, I have everything I need. But sometimes I like to just get away from it all, the bike gives me that freedom. I’m obviously happy with what I have, but it can be boring I guess”

I couldn’t help feeling bad for him. I had always been of the opinion, that when someone becomes famous, they have done so of their own free will. They should just deal with the consequences. But I would hate to lose my freedom, for the sake of a job.

The rain had started pouring heavier, and it was beginning to splash inside the underpass. He started looking around for something.

“Jump of the bike please Keri”

He said, with a smile. I did as he asked. He pushed the bike over to the side, and put it on its stand. He reached for my hand, and pulled me further inside the underpass. We found a corner which blocked the wind and rain. I laid his jacket on the floor, and we sat down. He was so close to me that I could feel the heat coming off his body.

I was trembling, but not only from the cold. How could I not react this way to him? He was gorgeous, funny, friendly and not at all what I expected.

“Are you cold?”

He asked. I just nodded. He put his arm around me, and pulled me against his body. I snuggled in, enjoying the warmth and the scent of him. This was unbelievable. I was below an underpass, being held by Cal Cooper. I was so comfortable and warm, I felt myself drifting off to sleep. 

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