Unknown Love

Unknown Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Who knew he looked this way?? I certainly didn't, but I'm glad I know now :-)



Who knew he looked this way?? I certainly didn't, but I'm glad I know now :-)

Chapter1 (v.1) - Unknown Love

Author Chapter Note

Who knew he looked this way?? I certainly didn't, but I'm glad I know now :-)

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 14, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 14, 2015



He was my older brother Dave’s geeky best friend. John Walsh was 6 foot tall, lanky and had the biggest, bottle bottom, glasses I had ever seen. He dressed in clothes that were way too big for his frame. Hand me down’s from his brother. And he had a rather long scruffy beard. I had never even given him a second glance, or found him attractive in any way. But here I was, considering letting him take me to my university graduation ball.

My date had let me down at the last minute. I had been devastated. John had heard my telephone conversation, and had offered to take his place as my date. I did not want to go alone. And all my other friends had dates, so we couldn’t even go as a group.

“Well, should I go home and get ready or what?”

He asked impatiently. I just nodded my head, regretting it as soon as I had. I could just imagine what he would wear. One of his brother’s old suits no doubt. He left for his house, and I grabbed hold of Dave.

“Please tell me he has got a decent suit”

I said, panic evident.

“Your such a snob Annabelle, he will wear what he is comfortable in”

“I’m not a snob, this night is just important to me”

“Yeah and he knows that, just relax, he won’t show you up”

“I hope not”

I muttered, as I went upstairs to get ready myself. I had chosen a blue chiffon dress. It was long, and had a small train leading off the back of it. It hung off one shoulder, and dipped down the back, leaving my skin exposed. It fit my curvy figure perfectly, accentuating my assets. I applied my make-up, perfume and pinned up my hair. Then I was ready, and just waiting for John.

My phone rang. I saw the smiling face of my best friend on the screen, and pressed the button to answer.

“Hay Mel, just waiting for my date, then I will be leaving”

“Date, I thought Sam couldn’t make it? I was actually calling to see if you wanted a lift”

“John offered to take me”

“John, oh you don’t mean John Walsh do you?”


“He’s not going to turn up in a tracksuit is he?”

She laughed. I inwardly cringed.

“God I hope not”

I laughed back.

“Well I can’t wait. See you there then”

She said, laughter still in her voice, and then she hung up. I went downstairs. Dave looked at me with an open mouth.

“Wow Annabelle, you look amazing”

“Don’t sound too shocked will you”

I frowned. He laughed and gave me a playful slap.

“Just saying you scrub up well”

“Thanks, I think”

I smiled. I looked at the clock. It was a quarter after 7. We had to be there for 8, I just hoped he wouldn’t be late. Dave opened the bottle of Champaign, which my parents had bought me for tonight. And he toasted to my graduation. As I poured the second glass, the doorbell rang.

My heart sped up. This was it. Whatever he had on, and whatever he looked like, I had to just accept. Dave answered the door. I stood and waited to be horrified. Dave walked into the room, grinning from ear to ear. He must look ridiculous. Why had I ever agreed to this?

A man walked in behind Dave. I had never seen him before. He was tall, with dark skin. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. His skin looked so smooth, I wanted to reach out and touch his cheek. The suit he wore clung to his well-defined body perfectly. He was drop dead gorgeous. I swallowed hard, and waited for Dave to introduce him.

“You look beautiful”

The stranger uttered. I almost fell over. The Adonis standing in front of me was John. I looked him up and down. He looked like he had just stepped out of a catalogue. It couldn’t be John.


I asked with scepticism in my voice. He smiled and nodded. My stomach was suddenly full of butterflies. How had I never seen this gorgeous man beneath the exterior? I was taken totally aback.

“So are you ready to leave? You don’t want to be late”

I just nodded my head. He held out his muscular arm, and I linked my own through it.

“See you later”

Dave said, grinning wide again. John led me outside. And waiting at the bottom of my path was a silver limousine. I stared, mouth agape. Then I turned to him. He gave me that devastatingly sexy smile again.

“Well I thought we should arrive in style”

He said. I was again shocked by this man.

“Thank you”

I muttered.

“My pleasure”

He answered, leading me down the path, toward the waiting car. He opened the door for me, and then climbed in himself. I could hardly breathe. Being so close to him, in such a small space, was mind blowing. I could smell his aftershave, so manly. I could see the definition of his firm body, through the fitted material of his suit. In the past, his clothes had just hung from him. I never knew he had such a muscular physique.

We didn’t speak on the way to the hall. But the silence felt comfortable. I had known this man literally my whole life. He and my brother teased me relentlessly as I was growing up, but sitting next to him in this car, it felt so different. He was a man and I was a woman, and this was a date, wasn’t it?

We arrived at the venue spot on 8 pm. Mel was waiting at the entrance. Probably to see what a disaster John was. She would no doubt be as surprised as me. He climbed out the car, and held the door open for me. When I got out, he again held his arm out, and I took it with a smile.

When we reached the door, Mel gave me a hug. John took my wrap, and headed for the cloak room. Mel pulled me aside.

“Who the hell is he, he is dreamy. I thought John was bringing you?”

Just then John came and stood by me, placing his arm around my waist, sending shivers up my spine. He smiled at her.

“You look very pretty tonight Mel”

The moment he spoke she knew.


She asked. He laughed.

“Why do people keep saying my name like that, yes it’s me”

She starred open mouthed. That must have been what I looked like, when he walked in my house earlier tonight. I reached out, placing my finger under her chin.

“Close your mouth Mel, you look like your catching flies”

She snapped her lips shut.

“Are you ready to go inside?”

He asked with a smile. I nodded. As we walked, his hand rested against the small of my back. Feeling his skin on mine was very distracting. I couldn’t believe I was having these reactions to John Walsh. Throughout the night, any woman we passed, would eye him up. I felt proud to be with him. This also made me feel a little bit shallow. Dave was right, I was a snob.

No way would I be proudly parading him around my friends, if he looked how he did this afternoon. I would have found a dark corner for us to hide in, until the night was over. We went to the bar and had a few drinks, with Mel and Wayne, her date. I was so surprised with how witty and intelligent he was. He was always so goofy around me and Dave. Soon a small crowd had surrounded us. It was like he had a beacon, calling them to him.

I sat at his side, and just watched, as he charmed them all. After a while, he glanced at me and smiled, and then turning back toward his new crowd of friends, he said.

“If you will all excuse me, I have been neglecting my beautiful date”

He stood and took my hand, pulling me from my own seat. He leaned in and whispered in my ear.

“Would you like to dance Annabelle?”

I smiled, and let him lead me to the dance floor. A slow song had just started playing, and he pulled me close. I could feel his hard body against my own. It was difficult to even tell my feet to move, I was so consumed in him. Luckily his strength was able to literally pull me around the dance floor. He stared into my eyes as we moved.

Soon the room was empty, the music had vanished. It was just me and him, holding each other. Everything else was just a blur around me. All this time, he had been there, right in front of me. How had I never realised how wonderful he was. His hand caressed the skin on my back, moving slowly up my spine.

“You feel amazing”

He whispered.

“And you look even better”

I shivered at his words and his touch.

“Are you cold?”

He asked, his lips against my ear, making my shivering worse. I shook my head.

“You’re shaking”

He stated. I felt my face flush.

“And now you’re blushing. Am I embarrassing you?”

He grinned. I looked in his eyes and recognised that little glint. He was teasing me. I slapped his arm.

“Stop it; I know your teasing me”

“Maybe about your embarrassment, but definitely not about how you look”

I flushed again.

“Why is that so hard to hear? I have watched you grow up, and fill out, into this amazingly beautiful woman Annabelle. You should never feel embarrassed when someone tells you so”

“I’m just not used to it”

I said in a hushed voice. He placed a hand on my cheek, using his thumb to lift my chin. Our eyes met.

“Well that is a shame. Someone like you should be told daily how amazing you are”

“John, stop teasing me”

“I’ve already told you Annabelle, I am not teasing you about how you look. I have liked you, a lot, for a long time. I know you have never felt anything for me, so I kept my distance. But now I see”

“See what?”

“The effect I have on you. Had I known it would be this easy to get you to notice me, I would have shaved and worn my contacts long before now”

I thought about what he was saying. And I realised it definitely made me sound as shallow as I was already feeling. We finished the dance, and then went to sit down again. All the women at the bar were shamelessly flirting with him. Thankfully he never responded. I know it would have caused me to feel jealous, even though I had no right to.

The whole night was wonderful. We danced a few more times, and he was so attentive to me. And when they called the last dance, he whirled me around the floor. At the end of the night, we all headed for the door. I saw a girl I know, Julia, hand John a piece of paper, which he put in his pocket. I would have to ask what it was. Mel hugged me goodbye.

“He is so hot Anna, if you don’t go in for a snog tonight your stupid”

She whispered in my ear. I smiled at her, and nodded. Although I already knew I would not make the first move. However, if he made a move on me, I would not say no. We jumped in the limo, and it took us to my house. He saw me to the door. I turned around to face him.

“Thank you for tonight John, I appreciate you taking me”

“Not a problem at all, I enjoyed myself”

He smiled. He leaned in and kissed my cheek. My whole body tingled. For some reason the paper Julia had given him sprung to my mind.

“What was on the paper Julia gave you?”

I heard myself say. He frowned.

“You saw that? It was just her number. I doubt I will ring her”

My body went rigid. If he wasn’t going to ring her, why keep the paper? I suddenly felt myself getting angry.

“There is no reason why you shouldn’t. You’re single and so is she. She’s a lovely girl”

Again my mouth spoke without my brain getting in gear. And again he frowned. Maybe at my tone of voice, but maybe because he had already told me he liked me. Maybe he thought I was giving him the brush off. What he said next made me realise, he must have been thinking the latter.

“Fine then, as you said, I am single. I obviously I have no hope with anybody else, so why not?”

He took a step back.

“Goodnight Anna”

He muttered, and then walked up the street to his house. I watched him till he disappeared inside. I was such an idiot. Who the hell did I think I was? I had never given him any indication that I liked him, because until this evening, I didn’t. Even tonight when he made it clear he liked me, I never actually responded. I was a snob, and a bitch and shallow. Why shouldn’t he call Julia?

I let out a sigh, and went inside. Dave was lying on the couch. He looked at me when I came in.

“What’s wrong with you?”

He asked.

“I’m a bitch”

I stated. He laughed.

“I already knew that. What have you done?”

He sat up, and patted the seat next to him. I sat down and explained.

“So you gave him the cold shoulder?”

“I didn’t mean to. I like him Dave a lot, but as you said I’m a snob, I didn’t look past his appearance”

“Don’t be stupid. Annabelle I was just as shocked as you tonight. He’s never looked like that for as long as I have known him. Take it as a compliment. He did all that for you”

I went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. Johns smile was all I could think about. Why did I insist on saying things before thinking? I had to talk to him, and hopefully before he rang Julia. I got up the next morning. When I was half way down the stairs, I heard voices.

“So you called her? What will you tell Annabelle?”

“She doesn’t like me like that”

The stairs creaked as I tried to lean closer to listen. It was silent for a minute.

“Besides she’s your kid sister, it wouldn’t feel right”

I waited for Dave to tell him I did like him, but he didn’t say anything. I could have killed him.

“So are you going out with her then?”

He asked. My heart lurched. Please say no, please say no. I thought to myself.

“Yeah, tomorrow night”

“Is she fit?”

I really could have killed Dave now.

“She’s pretty hot”

John muttered. I turned to go back upstairs, but I tripped on Dave’s boots, that sat on the middle stair. I was sick of telling him about leaving them there. I fell backward, screaming as I went. I expected to feel pain as I hit the ground. Instead, all I felt was strong arms around me.

“Are you ok?”

John asked, still cradling me in his arms. I pushed myself up onto my feet.

“I’m fine thanks”

I muttered, making my way toward the kitchen. I needed coffee. John shouted goodbye, and then I heard the front door close. Dave came into the kitchen.

“You could have at least thanked him for catching you”

He snapped.

“I did”

“No I believe your words were, I’m fine thanks”

He imitated me with the last part.

“I do not talk like that”

I fumed.

“What is your problem Annabelle?”

“Why didn’t you tell him I liked him?”

He grinned.

“I knew it. You’re unbelievable; I can’t believe you were snooping, so that’s why you fell?”

I felt defensive suddenly.

“I was not snooping, I just happened to hear you. And I fell because of your damn boots”

I snapped this time.

“Don’t take your shitty mood out on me. It’s not my fault you fucked up with John”

He was right about that. I just turned away and poured my coffee. When I sat down, he sat next to me.

“I didn’t tell him you liked him, because I thought you would kill me. Besides that should be something you tell him yourself”

“Well it’s too late isn’t it? He’s going out with Julia now”

“If you would have started listening sooner, you would have heard him tell me, he only called her because he was mad with you. He doesn’t really want to go out with her”

“I heard him say he wouldn’t go out with me, because I’m your sister. And he fancies Julia so I have no chance”

He started laughing.

“We heard you on the stairs. That last part was for your benefit”

“I hate you”

I said, laughing with him.

“Look Annabelle, he knows I don’t mind. I’ve known for ages he liked you”

I put my head in my hands. .

“OH god. What a fucked up situation. What am I going to do Dave?”

“Tell him you like him, before it’s too late”

I knew he was right. I would go and see him, after my last day at university. On my way there, my head ached. I had drunk to much Champaign last night. I didn’t understand why they had chosen to have the ball, the night before our final day. I could see that everybody felt the same as me, as I walked into the classroom. Thankfully, the teacher was also feeling the pain. So we spent most of the day, just sitting around chatting.

At lunch time, Julia came to sit with me and Mel. I felt so uncomfortable.

“So did you get a snog last night or what?”

Mel blurted out. I saw Julia’s face fall. I suddenly felt bad for her. She really was a nice girl. It was wrong for her to get dragged into mine and John’s fight.

“Of course not, I and John are just friends”

As I spoke, I gave her a swift kick under the table. She frowned at me, but took the hint and changed the subject. When the bell rang out, we all got up to leave. Julia was on a different course to me and Mel, so she left with a smile and a spring in her step.

“Ok what the hell did you kick me for, and by the way ouch”

She said slapping my arm.

“She’s going out with John”

She stopped in her tracks.

“When in god’s name did that happen?”

“Last night, she slipped him her number. I didn’t take it very well, and told him to ring her. He left in a mood, and called her when he got home”

“Wow. So little meek Julia is not so meek with a drink in her then?”

She laughed.

“It’s not funny Mel, I really like him”

“Well if he can call her, after just a little misunderstanding, he isn’t worth it”

“Dave told me he regrets calling her. It was a stupid spare of the moment thing”

“Bloody hell, so what are you going to do?”

“I was going to go and see him after school. But now I’m not so sure”

“Why not?”

“I feel bad for Julia. It’s not her fault we are a pair of idiots. She doesn’t deserve to be let-down”

“And what if he goes out with her, and they start dating?”

“Then I will deal with it. I don’t really have a choice do I?”

The second bell rang out, so we had to get to class sharpish. The rest of the day, I turned all the events of the past 24 hours over in my mind. I really have no right to interfere in anything John does. I concluded I would just forget about last night, and move on. Yet still, his face kept creeping into my thoughts.

When I got home, John was in the living room. He had on a pair of tight jeans, and a white t shirt. He looked so sexy. I just smiled at him, and then went to get changed. I couldn’t be alone with him right now. When I came back down, Dave was in the room, thankfully.

“Does anybody want a coffee?”

I asked, trying to sound normal.

“I’d love one thanks”

John smiled. Dave shook his head. I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on. Dave came out behind me.

“I tried to call you, to let you know he was here. Did you go to his house?”

I shook my head.

“I’m not going to tell him”

“Why not?”

“I don’t want to hurt Julia”

“Fuck Julia, it’s you I’m bothered about”

“I’m fine, honestly. It was just one night. It didn’t mean anything. Nothing happened anyway”

“As long as you’re sure? But remember it’ll be on your own head if they start dating”

I just nodded and continued making the coffee. John didn’t stay too late, which I was glad about. For the first time ever, I felt uncomfortable around him. I just couldn’t shake the attraction I felt toward him. Again I didn’t sleep much. I kept dreaming of him and Julia laughing at me. I hated my own mind right now.

When morning came, I decided to just have a lazy day. I pulled on my sweat pants and old jumper, tied my blonde hair back, and headed downstairs. Again when I entered the living room John was there. Why was he spending so much time here? Then again, I realised, it had always been this way. I guess in the past, I was just never aware of him being here. He was part of the family.

I made breakfast for us all as usual. We sat in silence and ate our meals. The television was the only sound in the background. I was very aware that once again John looked super sexy. I could only guess that he had bought himself a new wardrobe. Today he wore dark blue jeans, and a black t shirt. I on the other hand looked so scruffy, I inwardly cringed.

When it came to early evening, John said he had to go. I knew where he was going, and my heart sank.

“Enjoy your date”

I said sarcastically. I really hated my lack of tact. It was like a curse for me. Both John and Dave looked at me shocked. I was being a bitch again, and I knew it.

“I will thanks”

He said just as sarcastically. And we exchanged a fake smile. Then he turned and left. Dave came back inside, after seeing him to the door. He looked at me with raised eyebrows. I hung my head.

“I know ok. God what is wrong with me?”

“You’re a bitch”

“I said I know Dave. He just brings out the worst in me”

“Because you’re jealous”

“I am. I tried to ignore it but I am”

“Well it’s too late now. He’s gone to meet her”

“State the obvious Dave, for god sakes”

He sat down beside me, and put his arm around my shoulder.

“You never know, they might not hit it off”

I sighed. Somehow I doubted that. They had a lot in common. And they were both really nice people. Another night flew by without me getting hardly any sleep. I wish I knew how things had gone with John and Julia. Oh god even their names matched, I thought. I realised Mel might be able to help.

I rang her the next morning.

“Have you spoken to Julia today?”

I asked as soon as she answered.

“Well hello to you too”

She snapped.

“Sorry, hi, have you spoken to her?”

“Yes I was just about to call you. She said she was not sure it was going to work out”

“Oh, why not?”

“Because all he did was talk about you”

My heart soared.


“Yes really. Anna, will you just talk to him. It’s obvious you really like each other”

I decided to go for it. She was right, I liked him a lot.

“I’m going to do it”

“Good girl. Call me when you have spoken to him”

Then she hung up. I dressed in my favourite jeans, and off the shoulder shirt. I pinned my hair up, and rushed down the stairs, grabbing my jacket as I ran out the door. I walked up the street to John’s house. He had lived just a few doors away all my life. After he lost his parents, my mum and dad treated him like one of their own. And when they emigrated to Australia, they asked us to keep him close, and take care of him, which we had done well.

My heart beat wildly, as I approached his front door. I could do this. I had to keep repeating that to myself. I knocked on his door. When it opened I smiled, then my heart stopped. Julia was standing in the doorway. She smiled back at me.

“Hi Anna, do you want John? He’s just in the shower”

I found it hard to speak. My mouth had gone so dry. What could I say? I found myself talking once again before thinking.

“Did you call Mel this morning?”

She frowned.

“No, I haven’t spoken to her since the last day of term”

“Ok no problem”

I turned to leave, fuming at Mel.

“Didn’t you want to speak to John?”

She asked, sounding confused.

“Oh yeah, just tell him Dave needs him please”

I yelled as I rushed out of the drive. I literally ran back to my house, slamming the door shut behind me. The tears that had threatened to fall when I saw Julia in John’s house began to rain down my cheeks. Dave came down the stairs and saw me crying.

“Annabelle, what’s wrong?”

He rushed to my side.

“She stayed the night Dave. I went to tell him I had feelings for him, and she answered the door”

“Shit. What did you say?”

“I told her you wanted to see him”

“Guess I should think up a reason then, thanks for that”

He sighed. I suddenly realised I had a bone to pick with Mel.

“I have to go somewhere”

I said. He gave me a swift hug.

“Cheer up kid, he will realise he made a mistake”

“Yeah maybe, but it won’t change anything”

I slipped out of his arms, and out the door. I jumped in my car, and headed for Mel’s. When I got there I banged on her door. When she answered the colour drained from her face. She knew me well enough, to know I was pissed off.

“I am so mad at you. Why did you lie to me?”

I yelled.

“How did I lie?”

She asked feigning innocence.

“You told me Julia had rung you. So I go to John’s and guess who answered the door?”

“Oh shit. I am so sorry Anna. I had no idea. I was just trying to give you the push to tell him how you felt”

“Well now I just feel humiliated”

“Did you speak to John? What did you say?”

“No he was in the shower, probably washing her off his body. I made some lame excuse about Dave looking for him. Then I made a hasty retreat. I could seriously kill you Mel”

“I really am sorry. So Julia is a slapper, who would have thought?”

She said with a small smile. I narrowed my eyes at her. She raised her hands in defence.

“I’m sorry”

We went inside, and she poured us both a glass of wine. Even though it was only mid-morning, I needed it.

“So what did she have on?”

I looked at her confused.

“Julia, what was she wearing?”

“I don’t know. A jumper and jeans I think. Why?”

“Well there you go”

“There I go what?”

“Surly she didn’t wear them on their date. Maybe she came over this morning”

“Or maybe she took a change of clothes with her last night”

“Yeah I suppose that’s another way to look at it”

“I left it too long Mel. It’s my own fault. I’ve lost him, before I even had him”

She grabbed my hand.

“Honey if you really like him that much, don’t give up just yet. It’s not like you haven’t slept with anybody before”

I glanced up at her, biting my bottom lip. She looked at me shocked.

“Anna, why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“It’s not something you tell people. Hay guess what, I’m a 20 year old virgin”

“What about Andy? You guys always seemed very touchy feely”

“I’m not saying I’m a total novice. I have just never actually gone all the way”

“Well I have to say I am surprised. But good for you honey. However that doesn’t change what I said. It was one night. It’s not a big deal. If you two get together, it could be forever”

“I just don’t know”

I stood up waving my arms around.

“I don’t know why the hell this is getting to me so much? He’s had girlfriends in the past. I have even become friends with a few. Nothing has happened between us, so why does this hurt so much this time?”

Mel stood and grabbed my arms, stopping my pacing.

“Because I think you love him. Maybe you always have, and just never realised it”

I thought about that, and realised she was right. John and I had spent so many years together. He was part of the furniture in our house. Although I had never before had any attraction to him physically, he did mean a great deal to me. Had I always loved him?

“I’m right aren’t I?”

She asked with a smile.

“I think you are”

I said, shocking myself with my confession.

“I think I have always loved him. I guess I just thought it was in a brotherly way. But thinking about it, I couldn’t wait for him to come along each day. We would talk constantly. He would always tell me I looked beautiful if I was going out, and I liked it when he did. Jesus Mel, why didn’t I ever realise?”

“Because you’re dumb”

I slapped her arm.

“Hay, it’s true. Look Anna, all I’m saying is, don’t just toss away those feelings because he spent the night with an obviously, deceivingly, easy girl”

We had a few more glasses of wine, and then she called me a taxi. When she saw me to the door, she hugged me.

“Just talk to him Anna. Tell him”

“I will, I have to. I’ll pick my car up in the morning”

I said, as I climbed in the cab.

“Call me later”

She yelled. All the way home, I geared myself up to tell John how I felt. When the taxi pulled up outside his house, the wine, and my own force pushed me forward. I can do this. I thought.  I knocked, and waited for the door to open. Suddenly it dawned on me, Julia might still be there. I turned and started walking back up the path.


I heard John say. I turned slowly, expecting to see Julia at his side. But he was alone.

“Did you want something? Would you like to come inside?”

I had to know if she was there first.

“If I come in will I be disturbing anything?”

I asked. He frowned.

“What could you be disturbing?”

“Well I know Julia was here”

His mouth dropped open. Didn’t she tell him I had knocked?

“She’s not here now”

He uttered. He stood back so I could go inside. We went into the living room, and sat down. Neither of us spoke for a few minutes. Then suddenly he asked me a question.

“How did you know Julia was here before?”

“I knocked this morning, and she answered”

“She never said”

He frowned. And I thought I was a bitch, I mused.

“What did you want me for?”

“Actually I wanted to tell you something”

“Yeah, what was it?”

“I wanted to tell you…”

Suddenly I felt my stomach do a somersault. I was going to be sick. I dived off the couch, and up the stairs, as fast as my legs would carry me. I only just reached the bathroom, when my stomach gave way. I vomited in the toilet. As I sat on the floor, I heard a voice behind me.

“Annabelle, are you alright?”

John asked. I turned and saw him standing in the doorway. I stood up quickly, maybe a little too quickly, because I went dizzy. John caught me in his arms.

“Anna, what’s wrong with you?”

“I think drinking in the day is a bad idea”

I muttered. He let out a relieved laugh.

“I thought you were ill”

I gained my footing, and pulled away from him.

“I’m sorry John. Do you have a spare toothbrush I can borrow?”

He reached up into the cabinet, and handed me a new toothbrush.

“I’ll leave you to it. Are you sure you’re alright?”

I just nodded, feeling the shame setting in. This was not what I had planned at all. He left the bathroom, closing the door behind him. I brushed my teeth, and then opened the door. John was still outside.

“I just had to make sure you would be ok walking down the stairs”

He smiled. I laughed a little, and started walking. But my head swam. I felt myself falling. But again, John caught me.

“You have to stop falling over. This is the third time I’ve had to catch you”

He smiled again.

“Come on, you should lay down”

He said, leading me into the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed.

“Lay back, you will feel better soon”

I kicked off my shoes, and leaned back against his pillows. I could smell his aftershave on the pillow case; it made my head feel fuzzier. He sat down next to me.

“What have you been drinking?”

“Just a glass of wine…or two”

I shrugged.

“What made you drink in the day? That’s not like you”

He asked grinning.

“And I thought sleeping with my friend on your first date, wasn’t like you, but I was obviously wrong”

I realised I was lying in the bed they had shared. I jumped up quickly.

“Oh god, I can’t believe I have just been lying on the sheets you fucked her on”

John stood up. He looked so shocked at my outburst.

“Annabelle, what the hell are you talking about?”

“Julia, I already told you I saw her here this morning. I know she spent the night”

“She came this morning with breakfast. She never stayed over”


I yelled. He stormed toward me, and grabbed my arms.

“Anna, look at me”

I locked eyes with him.

“I swear to you, nothing at all happened with Julia. We didn’t even kiss. She arrived on my doorstep this morning, with coffee and bagels. I couldn’t just turn her away. I have never lied to you Anna, you know that”

I didn’t know whether to believe him or not. He was right. He had never lied to me about anything. He let go of my arms, and started pacing the room.

“For fuck sake Anna, do you really think I would sleep with your friend? I only asked her out, because I was mad with you”

“Mad with me? Well I was mad with you too, but I didn’t go and fuck one of your friends”

I cringed at my own words. My tongue had run away with me again.

“I didn’t fuck her”

He yelled.

“I don’t care ok”

I shouted at him. I turned and headed for the bedroom door. Before I could leave, he was in front of me.

“You are not leaving until we sort this out”

He said in an eerily calm voice.

“There is nothing to sort out. I don’t even know why I’m here”

“Well there had to be a reason you came in the first place. Just tell me what is on your mind Anna, please”

I needed to get out of here. I tried to shove him out of the way. But he took hold of my wrists.

“Annabelle stop”

He said softly. I pulled my arms free, and stepped back away from him.

“Why did you have to change? Why did you make me realise?”

He stepped toward me.

“Make you realise what?”

“That I had always loved you”

I yelled. His face fell. He obviously wasn’t expecting me to say that. I had to escape. I pushed past him and back to the door. He came up behind me and slammed the door shut, trapping my body, between his own, and the cold wood.

“You can’t just say something like that, and then leave Anna. Please just talk to me”

He moved back slightly, so I could turn to face him. He was so close. I could feel his breath against my lips.

“You said you loved me, that you had always loved me. Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“Because I didn’t know”

“When did you realise?”

“Today, Mel said it to me, and I knew she was right. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come here. I know you and Julia are seeing each other”

He grabbed my face, and again made me look at him.

“Julia means nothing to me. We went out as friends. Nothing happened. She knows I love someone else”

I couldn’t breathe. Please let it be me. I thought to myself.

“Annabelle, I have always loved you. Even when we were kids, why do you think I teased you so much? Throughout my life, you are the only one I have ever loved. You are everything to me”

We looked at each other, not knowing what to say. We had just declared our love for one another. Yet neither of us was making a move on the other. After a few moments John spoke.

“Ok, Anna, I’m going to kiss you. I’m only telling you because once I start. I will never want to stop. If you don’t want forever, then tell me now”

I felt tears spring to my eyes. As they fell, he bushed them away with his thumbs.

“Please don’t cry sweetheart. I hate it when you cry”

I reached out, and ran my hand through the back of his hair, pulling his face toward my own. When our lips touched, it felt like an electric charge had shot through me. He pulled me closer, as our kissing became more passionate. His tongue explored my mouth, making me moan. Oh god I wanted this man so badly. His hands caressed my back. Pulling my chest flush against his, my hardened nipples almost painfully chafing against my bra.

His firm hands grabbed my backside. I squealed with delight. I was so unbelievably turned on. I could feel the wetness, seeping into my underwear. He pushed me backwards, so I was once again between him and the door. His lips moved across my jaw, and down along my neck. I was groaning unashamedly.

He grabbed the top button on my blouse. Then looking deep into my eyes, he started undoing each button, till he had them all open. As he pulled it off, and down my arms. His eyes never left mine. It was so erotic. He kissed me again, more passionately this time. His hand moved up between us, and wrapped around my swollen breast.

I arched my back, pushing my chest further into his hand. He pinched at my nipple, making me moan against his mouth. His kisses moved lower. Over my neck, and down across my chest. Until he was licking at the swell of my breasts. When his mouth clamped over my aching bud, I almost lost control.

No man had ever made me feel this way. I wanted him inside me now. I ached for him deep in my belly.


I begged, needing more. His fingers found the button on my jeans. He popped them open easily, with his expert hands. As he lowered my zip, I felt my heart lurch. This was the moment I had been waiting for my whole life. A man I loved was about to touch me there. He eased my jeans down my hips. He knelt in front of me to remove them, from first one leg, and then the other.

He tossed them aside, then his eyes raked over my almost naked body. I was trembling all over. His hands ran up my legs, across my thighs, and his thumbs skimmed across my aching mound. I leaned my head back against the door, loving the sensation as he repeated the movement on my most intimate part.

His thumbs entered my underwear, from both sides, clamping my clitoris between them both. He applied pressure, and moved them up and down. I was in heaven.

“You are so wet baby”

He muttered huskily. My whole body was alive under his touch. And his words send shivers up my spine. I heard a tearing sound, only realising what it was, when I saw him toss my destroyed underwear aside. Then his lips were on me. My legs almost buckled, as he flicked his tongue along my slit.

Using his thumbs again, he pulled me open. His mouth suctioned onto my swollen bud. His teeth scrapped it as he sucked. I grabbed his hair, pulling his face harder against my sex. Oh Jesus this felt so good. An unfamiliar feeling started to wash over me. It resonated across my loins. It moved up over my stomach, and across my heaving breasts. My cheeks blazed as I felt my body jolt.


I yelled, as the orgasm took over me. His lips and tongue never relented, as I bucked against him. He stood up then, and pulled me into a kiss. I could taste my own excitement on his lips. Even after that mind blowing experience, I wanted more. I wanted him inside me. I reached out and grabbed his t shirt in my fists, tugging it up. He broke our kiss to remove it fully.

He had a fantastic body. I never would have guessed. He was toned and tanned. A well-defined six pack lay before me. I ran my hands over his chest, appreciating the contours of his muscles. Then I reached for his flies. Not as expertly as him, I undid his trousers, pushing them down and off, along with his underwear.

I took in his naked body. His penis stood to attention. It was huge, and I panicked a little. Would it hurt? I didn’t care at that moment, I just needed him now. He reached behind me, and unclasped my bra, freeing my breasts. He pulled me to him again, and our naked bodies touched. His hands grabbed my behind again. And instinctively I lifted my legs, wrapping them around his waist.

I felt the head of his penis against my opening.

“Oh John please”

I heard myself moan. It was the only time I was glad my mouth ran away with me. He thrust forward, and entered me fully. I let out a little cry of pain, and he froze. He looked deep into my eyes. I knew he had just realised, he had taken my virginity.

“Please don’t stop”

I said as I leant in and kissed him. He seemed to hesitate, so I began to slowly rotate my hips.

“Oh fuck Anna”

He moaned against my mouth. Then he finally started to move inside me. The pain of his first entry, quickly subsided, giving way to pleasure I never knew was possible. He kept a firm grip on my backside, giving me the leverage I needed to match his thrusts. Our moans rang out loudly around the empty room.

I could feel the beginning of another more explosive orgasm. When he turned us around, and carried me over to the bed. We landed on the soft mattress, him still deep inside me, making us both groan. He lifted my right leg up onto his shoulder, and started pounding into me hard. I scratched my nails up his back as my climax struck.

My whole body, from the top of my head, to the tip of my toes clenched. I heard him moan above me, and then he stiffened. I could feel his hot seed fill me up inside, making my own orgasm last longer. We collapsed onto the bed, holding each other tight. Our breathing laboured.

He pulled me against him, planting a kiss on my forehead.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?”

He asked softly. I shook my head.

“Absolutely not, it was amazing”

He leaned in and kissed my lips.

“What’s more amazing is you said you loved me”

He whispered, while looking deep into my eyes. I ran my hand over his cheek.

“Well it’s true, I love you”

”And I love you so very much”

We made love again. It was slow, sweet and tender this time. We weren’t in any rush. We had all the time in the world. Afterward we held each other tight, and drifted off into a restful sleep. I looked at the clock on his bedside table when I woke up. It was past midnight. I woke him up with a kiss. He moaned against my lips.

“I have to go, Dave will be worried”

I whispered.

“You stay in bed, I’ll see you later”

I kissed him again, and tried to stand. He pulled me back against him, winding his body tightly around mine. He took me quickly and roughly, both of us screaming out in ecstasy together. Then he saw me to the door. We kissed goodnight, and he watched me walk along to my house. He gave me a wave as I went inside.

I couldn’t wipe the smile from my lips. That was until I saw Dave’s face. He was standing in the hallway fuming.

“Oh so your alive then? What place on this planet doesn’t have a fucking phone Annabelle?”

He yelled.

“Last time I saw you, you were in tears. Then you disappear till 1 in the fucking morning”

“I’m so sorry Dave. I know I should have let you know where I was. I was only down the street”

He raised his eyebrows.

“You were in John’s house?”

I nodded and again the smile covered my face.

“What about that Julia chick?”

He asked.

“Nothing happened between them”

He frowned.

“Oh right then”

He turned and walked into the living room. I could tell from his tone of voice, something wasn’t right. I went in after him.

“What does that mean?”

I asked. Feeling annoyed with him, for putting a damper on my night.

“It doesn’t mean anything”

He lied. He had always been an awful liar.

“Dave I know your lying. Tell me what you meant by oh right then”

“Look Anna, I don’t want to be the reason you get hurt. But he is the one lying”

I felt like he had just punched me in the stomach.

“What are you talking about?”

I yelled, feeling sick.

“I spoke to him before Anna. He called to find out what I wanted him for. He told me he stayed the night at her house. That’s why she was at his this morning. She gave him a lift home”

“But he said she hadn’t told him I knocked. He swore nothing happened between them”

“I’m sorry honey. He’s a dick for lying to you”

“And after what we just did. How could he lie?”

“Oh Anna, fuck, you didn’t did you?”

I felt shame spiral out of control. I turned and ran upstairs. I needed to be alone. What an absolute idiot I was. I should have listened to my instincts. But I thought he would not lie to me. I went into the bathroom and ran a bath. I felt dirty. As I soaked in the hot water, I cried. He had lied to get me into bed. I felt used.

I wrapped a towel around my body, and hair, when I climbed out of the bath. As I walked into my bedroom, I could hear raised voices. As I listened closer, I realised one of those voices was Dave’s. I quickly pulled open my window and looked up the street. Dave and John were in his driveway arguing.

I wrapped myself in my dressing gown, and sprinted down the stairs, and out into the cold night air. I could hear what they were saying as I got closer.

“How the fuck could you treat her like that John, she’s just a fucking kid”

“She isn’t a kid Dave. You need to let her grow up”

“What, grow up so assholes like you can use her anytime you want?”

“It wasn’t like that Dave. I love her”

“So why lie to her then? You should have been honest with her, before you talked her into bed”

“I didn’t hear her complaining”

I got there just in time, to stop Dave taking a swing at him.

“Dave, stop it please. He’s not worth it”

I grabbed his face, and made him look at me.

“Go home Dave, now”

I yelled.

“I can sort out my own problems, please”

I said in a softer voice. He looked at me then and sighed.

“I was just looking out for you kid”

“I know and I appreciate it, but please just go home”

He nodded and walked back up the street. I watched until he was inside the house. Then I turned toward John. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but I spoke before he had a chance.

“Don’t bother John; I don’t want to hear what you have to say. Just stay the fuck away from me, and probably Dave for a while at least. But me and you were done. It’s over. Just leave me alone”

I stormed back along the street, slamming my front door behind me. I waited till I was inside to let the tears come. Dave came out and pulled me into a hug.

“I’m so sorry honey. I didn’t want to upset you. He’s pissed me off so much. I just saw red”

“It’s ok Dave”

I sobbed, hugging him tighter. I was so glad I had him. He wasn’t just my brother, but also my best friend. I actually slept that night, exhausted from all the events of the evening. Thankfully I didn’t dream about him. I couldn’t have handled anymore emotional turmoil.

A few days passed. I spent most of my time, locked away inside our house. I couldn’t go out in case I bumped into John, I couldn’t stand the humiliation. He had rung a few times, but I had not answered. He and Dave had talked, and I had made Dave realise it was my issue, and he shouldn’t lose his friendship because of me. They had come to an understanding, not to talk about what happened between us.

Luckily I had a lot to organise myself, so I was distracted. I was taking a year off after leaving university. I had planned to travel. My last stop would be Australia to see the folks. I could push it forward a few weeks, if I reworked my money.

It would do me good to get away. Maybe have a few holiday flings. Try and get John out of my system. That’s night I asked Dave what he thought.

“I was thinking of pushing my holiday forward. Maybe I could leave next week”

“Next week? But I thought you were going in 2 months?”

“I was, but I just thought there is no time like the present”

“You mean you’re running away?”

I lowered my head. Feeling embarrassed.

“I can’t stand to be here anymore. I need to get away. I miss him, and I hate that. I need to get him out of my mind”

“You should talk to him”


I yelled as I stood up.

“How can you suggest that, after what he did?”

“We all make mistakes Anna. He regrets what happened”

“Yeah and so do I”

“You know I don’t mean he regrets what happened with you”

“Yeah well I do, just drop it Dave please”

He raised his hands in defence.

“Ok I’ll leave it. But at least tell him you’re going”

“Why I don’t owe him anything. You can tell him”


He said shaking his head.

“I really wish you would think about what you are doing though. Don’t go rushing into anything”

“I won’t. I have thought it all through. I’m going on Friday and that’s that”

“I’ll miss you”

He said as he stood and hugged me. I made my way upstairs, before I started crying. This would be the longest time I had spent away from Dave and John for that matter. In fact these last few days were a record amount of time I hadn’t seen John. And as I said to Dave, despite everything, I was really missing having him around.


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