The thinnest line between love and hate part 4

The thinnest line between love and hate part 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



part 4 of the thinnest line between love and hate



part 4 of the thinnest line between love and hate

Chapter1 (v.1) - The thinnest line between love and hate part 4

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part 4 of the thinnest line between love and hate

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 11, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 11, 2015



Jason showed up, after spending the day with his family, just before we were leaving to head back to the hotel. I punched his arm, but only slightly.

“What was that for?”

He moaned.

“I don’t know whether to hit you again, or hug you. You told Sam about my dancing”

“Who’s Sam?”

“Angie will explain all that. But anyway, thank you. I had an amazing night, because of you and your big gob”

I laughed.

“You’re welcome, I think”

He frowned, obviously confused. I heard him ask Angie who Sam was, as we walked out the door. We got back to the hotel, and I said I wanted to take a shower. He gave me a big kiss and said he would wait in the living room for me.

Once I was showered, I thought of a rather kinky way I could say thank you to Sam. I searched my bag, and found my vibrator. I lay, naked, on the bed, and started playing with myself. When I was wet enough, I pushed it all the way inside me, and shouted him. I had never been able to fit it all in before, but now I had no resistance, it felt so good.

When he entered the room, I thought he was about to pass out. The colour drained from his face, and he seemed to sway on the spot.

“Is this what you wanted to see?”

I purred, in my most sexy voice. I pulled the plastic phallus out almost all the way, and then pushed it back inside. I moaned, laying my head back on the pillow. I turned the dial on the bottom of the vibrator, and it sprang to life.

The tip twisted inside me, making me cry out in utter pleasure. I glanced at Sam, and he was undressing. God he was spectacular. I could never get used to seeing him naked. He approached me, his eyes never leaving where my hand was.

He crawled up the bed, till his face was just above my sex.

“You smell incredible”

He groaned.  I pulled the vibrator out, but he stopped me.

“No, leave it in”

The first swipe of his tongue against my lips almost sent me over the edge.

“Oh god Sam”

I moaned.

“I fucking love it when you moan out my name”

He mumbled, and then buried his face against me again. His tongue was lashing at me, as I pumped my vibrator. He brushed my hand away, and took over fucking me too. I just laid back and enjoyed the attention.

Within moments he had me screaming. I trembled all over, and bucked, yelling out his name. When he pulled out the vibrator, I came again. He realised as soon as I cried out, and put his tongue deep inside me, as I rode out my orgasm.

I was totally spent, when he crawled up my body. He kissed my cheek.

“You are just amazing, why the hell, haven’t we been doing this for years”

“God knows, I wish we had”

“Me too baby”

He smiled, kissing my lips. I could smell and taste myself on his face, but I didn’t care at all. I wanted to tell him I loved him, but I couldn’t take him not saying it back.

He moved above me, and I opened my legs, happy to give him access. He stroked my cheek, and stared deep into my eyes. When he entered me, he kissed me softly. He slowly made love to me, gently kissing and stroking my face and hair.

I fell totally in love with him again, as he emptied himself inside me, and I came apart. We slept wrapped up in each other again. Tonight it felt different though, like he was holding onto me for dear life.

Tomorrow was the wedding day, and we were getting a late plane home. Maybe he didn’t want it to end, just like me. We were up so early, that it was still dark. I yawned as we drank coffee.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have kept you up so late last night”

Sam laughed.

“You could have kept me up all night, I wouldn’t be complaining”

I laughed back. He grabbed hold of me, his hands on my ass.

“Do we have time?”

He grinned. I shook my head.

“Unfortunately not, I have to get ready at mum and dad’s, were already late”

He looked upset. But he smiled anyway, and kissed me, before we headed out the door. It was utter madness at my parent’s. As soon as I walked through the door, I was handed a glass of Champaign.

“Come on Jules, the beautician is already here. Sam, you are going with Steven and Jason, your suit is in the living room, don’t forget it”

My mum said. She had fixed the buttons on Sam’s suit. She quickly ushering us in the directions we needed to be. Sam blew me a kiss, when he left the hallway. I would see him in a few hours, but I would miss him terribly.

Turned out, I didn’t have time to miss him. As soon as I walked in the bedroom, I was sat in a chair. My hair and makeup was done, and then my nails. All the bridesmaids had been made up in the same colours. Everybody looked wonderful.

By the time I was dressed, the cars had arrived. We all waited at the bottom of the stairs, for the bride. When she came into view, my breath was taken away. She looked stunning.

The ivory gown had been Grans, it was a vintage. It had been bought up to date, with beading and lace. It had no back to it, and just thin straps on the shoulders. It reached her feet, and the train was at least 2 feet long.

“You look wonderful”

I said, hugging her, tears filling my eyes.

“Don’t cry, you’ll start me off”

She laughed. We all headed out to the cars. I rode with mum and Angie. When we reached the church, the car door was opened by dad. We all climbed out. Sam approached me.

“You look fucking exquisite”

He said, pulling me in for a kiss.

“You scrub up well yourself”

I grinned. He more than scrubbed up well. He looked so damn sexy. The suit fitted him like a glove. Everybody turned to look, when the bride got out of the car. She was just glowing.

“She looks amazing”

Sam said, and I nodded in agreement. The ceremony was so beautiful. They had written their own vows, and they brought me to tears. I couldn’t be happier for Angie.

At the reception, Sam and I danced all night. Even when the fast songs played, we still danced slow, holding each other tight. Tonight, once we got home, our little bubble would burst. I wasn’t ready for that just yet.

“Come with me”

I said, taking his hand, and pulling him outside. I looked around, and found just what I was looking for. I led him to the boathouse, down by the water. Once we were out of sight, I gripped his jacked and kissed him hard.

He pushed my back against the door, and I reached down, freeing his already hard penis. He tugged at my dress, and I wrapped my legs around him. Within moments he was inside me.

He fucked me hard against the old wooden door. The creaking it made had me worried it would break. Soon I was too lost to care. We came together, and I spoke his name again.

“God I fucking love you”

He smiled, kissing me. I couldn’t respond to the kiss, as I was too shocked. Had he just said he loves me, or was it just a passing statement? I thought I better not ask. I didn’t want to ruin the night.

Angie and Dave left the venue about 11pm. Our flight was at 1am. We said our goodbyes, and left to go to the hotel. We quickly packed our stuff, and drove to the airport.

By the time we had given the car keys back and checked in, it was boarding time. I slept most of the flight, Sam’s arm draped around me. I couldn’t help thinking of the flight there. I had been devastated when I had woken up in his arms, how things had changed. Now I never wanted to leave his embrace.

We landed about 6am, I was exhausted. Sam had left his car at the airport, so he drove me home first. On the way, he stopped outside a house.

“I wanted to show you this”

“Whose house is that?”

“Hopefully mine one day. This is the house I have been saving for. Jess and I were born here. It means a lot to me. It was the last place we lived with our parents”

I grabbed his hand. He smiled at me, but I could tell there was sadness behind his eyes. He drove me home in silence. I wish I could take away his and Jess’s pain. He helped me in with my bags, and I stared up at him.

“Thank you so much for this week Sam, I can’t thank you enough”

He pulled my body against his.

“It’s been my utter pleasure baby”

He whispered, kissing my neck.

“I should give you your cheque”

I suddenly said. I’m not sure why I just blurted it out, it just seemed to happen. He took a step away from me, and frowned.

“My what?”

“Your payment, I owe you for coming with me”

Again he took another step back. He looked like I had just run over his favourite puppy.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong. I’m just waiting for my cheque”

He snapped. I wasn’t sure what was happening. I pulled out my cheque book and wrote him a cheque for £3000. When I handed it to him, he looked at it, and then at me.

“This is too much. £500 a day is £2500”

“I think you deserve the extra”

I smiled, hoping to get a smile back. Instead he just turned and walked out the door. I was so confused. I ran out after him, but he had already pulled away. What was going on? Was he just after the money, and what we had meant nothing?

My heart broke, thinking this could be the reason he just left. I needed answers, so I ran back inside and called a taxi. I cursed myself that I had drunk at the reception. I hated waiting around.

The taxi finally came, and I directed him to Jess and Sam’s house. I jumped out and ran to the door. A blurry eyed Jess answered.

“What is it with you two, are you determined to get me up”

She moaned.

“Sorry honey”

I said. She grinned then, and flung her arms around me.

“I have missed you”

“Me too”

She stared at me, and frowned.

“You look different. Omg you had sex”


I yelled.

“What has Sam said?”

Her mouth dropped open.

“Oh my lord you didn’t. You lost your virginity to my brother?”

She basically yelled everywhere.

“Shh, is he here?”

“No, he dumped his bags and left again. He seemed pissed off”

“Can I come in?”

“Course, is something wrong?”

“I’m really not sure”

I sighed. We went inside and I explained what happened.

“So he kissed you, gross, then just left?”


“Nothing else happened after he kissed you, gross again”

I slapped her arm.

“Shut up, it is not gross”

“Whatever, so did anything else happen?”

“I gave him his cheque; I even gave him an extra £500. But that wouldn’t cause this would it?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Did you tell him the extra £500 was for services rendered?”

“What, oh my god, do you think that’s how he saw it?”

“Isn’t that how you would take it, if the situation were reversed?”

“Oh god, I’d feel like a prostitute”

I sat down, and put my head in my hands.

“I swear I didn’t mean it like that. I know how hard he has been saving up; he even showed me the house, on the way back from the airport. I just thought I was helping. I need to talk to him”

“I don’t know where he has gone honey. Wait a minute, he showed you the house?”


“The shit, he’s never shown me which house he wanted”

Obviously he knew it would probably upset her too much. I swiftly changed the subject.

“Sorry for involving you in this, but when he gets back, would you explain it for me?”

“Yeah, I’ll have a word. Now bugger off, some of us have work in the morning”

I hugged her.

“Thanks Jess, I’ll call you later”

I got home and just felt desolate. I didn’t even have his mobile number, so I couldn’t contact him. I knew Jess would try her best for me, but I wouldn’t want to speak to him again, if he had done that to me.

I hadn’t heard from Jess or Sam by early evening. I called the house.

“Hay honey. If you’re calling for Sam, he isn’t here. He’s staying with his friend for a few days. I tried to explain what you said, but he didn’t want to talk about it”

“Shit, he isn’t going to forgive me is he?”

“Just give him a few days babe, I’m sure he will realise it wasn’t meant the way it seemed”

“Yeah I guess”

“I didn’t ask you how the wedding went, were your mum and Angie their usual wonderful selves?”

“Actually we had an amazing time. Angie asked me to be maid of honour. Sam somehow softened them all. I actually can’t wait to go home again”

“Wow, I never thought I’d hear you say that”

“We were even honest about Sam in the end. They were understanding, apologetic even”

“Oh my god, I’m truly shocked. So Sam basically saved your family”

She said in a snarky voice.

“Yes ok, I know I have fucked up”

“Well I had to say something, you’re my sister, but he’s my brother, I have to stand up for him too. But that’s all I am saying on the subject. I’m bowing out now; I will not be in the middle, because I refuse to lose either of you”

“I promise I won’t involve you again”

“Ok babe, look he just needs a few days, he’ll come around. I can tell how much you like him, however much it creeps me out, and I want this to work for you both”

“I know honey, thank you. If he comes home, could you text me?”

“Yeah sure. Speak later”

A week and a half passed, Jess had called me each night, to let me know he wasn’t home yet. I hadn’t been to see her, as I was feeling unwell. I even had to call in work sick.

“If you don’t go the doctors today, I’m going to come and drag you there myself”

Jess yelled at me over the phone. I agreed to go, and so here I sat, in the doctors, waiting to find out why I was feeling so unwell. They called my name, and I walked in. I explained my symptoms, and she asked a question which literally froze my whole body.

“Could you be pregnant?”

Oh fuck. Sam and I had not used any protection, not once. But I was on the pill.

“I’m not sure”

I muttered.

“Ok, here, if you could give us a sample”

She handed me a pee bottle.

“Once you have done it, we’ll talk again”

“Thank you”

I again muttered. I was in an absolute daze. I couldn’t be, surely. I did the sample, and again waited for my name to be called. When I went back into the room, the doctor smiled at me.

“Hello mummy”

She said. I sat down quickly, before my legs gave out.

“Oh my god, oh my god. I can’t be, I just can’t”

I was babbling.

“Jules, are you ok?”

The doctor asked. She was suddenly concerned.

“Are you sure, I mean these things can be wrong can’t they?”

“Well, we will send you for a scan, just to be sure. But I’ve never had a false positive I’m afraid. I take it this is not good news”

I thought about what she said. Good news. I was going to be a mum, Sam was going to be a dad, was it good news? I had no idea.

“Just surprising”

I smiled. I didn’t tell anybody what the doctor had said. What was the point, till I had the scan? It was, however, confirmed the next day.

“You are about 2 weeks pregnant. I’m surprised you were getting symptoms so soon”

“I’ve been a bit down, I wasn’t eating properly”

I admitted.

“Well, everything looks absolutely fine. But you must eat; you’re eating for 2 now”

I rubbed a hand over my belly, silently promising my baby I would look after it. I was back in work the next day. The medication the doctor gave me, helped with the nausea. I was placed in an office, with a pile of old files; I had to put into storage.

I really did hate this job sometimes. While I was busy, I spotted a file with Sam and Jess’s surname on. I grabbed it and scanned its content. Jesus fucking Christ, I thought, this was huge.

I showed it to my supervisor, and he was happy I knew the people in this file.

“I knew this couple for many years; I often wondered what had happened to the children”

“Can I talk to them about it Jim, please?”

“Sure, go ahead kid”

He grinned. I really liked Jim, it was a pity he wasn’t the boss. I quickly ran out of the office, and drove straight to Jess’s. I prayed Sam wouldn’t be there, because this was my chance to make everything right.

Jess was home, it being her day off work.

“Hay honey, how are you feeling?”

She asked me with a hug.

“I’m ok thanks, Jess I need to talk to you about something”

“Ok, come in”

We took a seat at the kitchen table. I placed the file down.

“I found this while I was filing away old cases. It’s your mum and dad’s file”

“What is in it?”

“They took out an insurance policy many years ago, before they even had you or Sam. It was a rather large sum, and it has gained a lot of interest through the years”

Jess took a deep breath.

“They added your names after you were both born. The whole policy belongs to you both”

“Why have we never heard of this?”

“It was to be given to you, once you turned 18. But you left the foster care system when Sam was just 16, you were only 14, and then you were hard to trace. It is all in here, they wrote to everyone you may know, and had no joy”

“So what your saying is, we have been given money for our parents being killed”

I grabbed her hand.

“Oh honey it’s not like that. Your parents wanted this for you both. They set this up for you. It’s yours, and I know they would be so happy for you to have it. Do you want to know how much?”

“It just feels wrong”

“I know honey, but it was their wish for you. It’s what they wanted”

“Ok, how much?”

“2.4 million Each”


She yelled.

“You’re kidding right?”

I smiled.

“I’m truly not. They made sure they were completely covered, for every eventuality. They did this for you and Sam babe, you deserve this”

She smiled for the first time.

“Oh my god. Were rich”

She jumped up, and started pacing.

“What the fuck would I do with all that money?”

I stood up myself, and grabbed hold of her.

“Anything you want, it’s yours. Your set for life, your parent’s would be so happy”

“They would wouldn’t they?”

Tears started streaming down her face.

“I can’t believe it”

We both jumped around like lunatics.

“I can’t wait to tell Sam”

“Would you mind terribly if we didn’t tell him straight away?”

“Why not?”

I explained my plan. Jess hugged me.

“That is the sweetest thing. He will love you”

“Good, because I love him so much”

Her mouth hung open.

“You’re in love with him?”

“Yes, I know, it’s shocking. But there is a thin line between love and hate”

“Oh babe, I am so happy for you, for me, for us all”

We hugged again, and shed a few tears. A few days passed, Sam was back home, but I had asked Jess not to mention anything, including me. Jess had been to my office and put her claim in for the money. We were both so excited.

It took a few weeks to arrange everything. I had missed Sam so much, and Jess told me he was utterly miserable without me. Today I would see him again, and I hoped everything would work out in the end.

I had asked Jess to bring him to the house, and when they walked in he was asking many questions.

“Why the hell are we here Jess? Why is the door open? This is just torture; you know I’m nowhere near my target”

He spotted me then. He frowned.

“What the fuck is going on?”

He snapped. I took a step toward him.

“We can explain. If you will just stop shouting”


He huffed. I held my hand out to him.


I said. He took the keys from me.

“What are these?”

“They are yours, to this house, welcome home”

He scowled at me.

“Look Julie, I didn’t want your damn money, and I don’t want your damn charity either. I will get this house with my own fucking money”

“You did”

I interrupted.

“What are you talking about?”

“Jess, do you want to explain?”

I watched his face as she told him everything. So many emotions were shown, by both of them. They hugged tightly and the Sam turned to look at me.

“You told her about the house?”

He said, with a slight smile.

“Thank you Jewel”

I stared at him, and waited, hoping he would make a move toward me, but he didn’t.

“Ok, so I guess, I guess I should go”

“Yeah, thanks again”

Sam said, breaking my heart. I turned to leave.

“Wait just a damn minute”

Jess yelled.

“I will not let you both make such a bad decision. I know I said I would not get involved, but this is ridiculous”

She turned to me.

“Tell him what you told me”


I gasped.

“What did you tell her?”

Sam asked. Screw it, I thought, I had to tell him.

“I told her I was devastated. I didn’t think what you would feel that way about the money. I was just thinking about you getting this place. I swear I wasn’t paying you for anything that happened between us, despite what it must have looked like”

He sighed.

“You paid me £500 extra, you said I deserved it. What would you have thought?”

“I know what I would have thought, I’m so sorry Sam. I wanted to do this for you, to show you just how sorry I am. And to show you just how much you mean to me”

“What do I mean to you?”

“You mean everything. I love you, more than I ever dreamt I could. I want to be with you, every day, for the rest of my life”

“Thank fuck”

He said, before scooping me up into his arms.

“I love you baby, so fucking much”

“So will you have us?”

He frowned down at me.


I placed a hand on my stomach. Utter shock crossed his face, and Jess let out a yelp.


I nodded. I had never seen anybody smile so wide in my life. He hugged me tight.

“Thank you honey, for making me the happiest man alive”

Jess jumped into the hug, and we all cried with happiness. My best friend and the love of my life, and new husband, were at my side when I pushed our son into the world. He was perfect in every way.

We called him James, after Sam and Jess’s dad, with the second name being Alex, after their mum. It seemed only right, since it was their plans for their children’s futures, which finally brought us back together. I couldn’t be happier I had hated him, because it made my love for him so much more powerful.

There truly was a thin line between love and hate. 

© Copyright 2019 K L Sherrington. All rights reserved.


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