The thinest line between love and hate part 2

The thinest line between love and hate part 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Second part of The thinest line between love and hate


Second part of The thinest line between love and hate

Chapter1 (v.1) - The thinest line between love and hate part 2

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Second part of The thinest line between love and hate

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 11, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 11, 2015



“Sam, stop joking around, what the hell are you saying?”

He stopped smiling, and reached for my hand. He took a deep breath.

“Ok, honesty. I fancied you the second I laid eyes on you. I knew I didn’t stand a chance, so I made it easier on myself. I could deal with being around you, if I wasn’t too close”

“So you behaved like an absolute Neanderthal?”

“Basically, yes. Look I’m not asking you for anything and I know being here with me, in bed, is probably your idea of hell. I just wanted you to know, I’m not the asshole you think I am, and it was just self-preservation”

I was dumbstruck. I had never guessed he felt like this.

“Anyway, goodnight”

He muttered, laying down, with his back to me. Oh shit, I was in trouble. I liked him so much too. I always had. The only thing that put me off was how he was with me. That had all been an act. That was probably why Jess always told me to give him a chance, she knew the real him.

What was I going to do? The last few days, I had seen a different side to him, a side I thought was an act. But it is his asshole side, which was the actual act. Maybe I should give him a chance. I lay down beside him, and reaching out, I ran my fingers along his tattoo. When my hand made contact, his body stiffened.

“This is amazing”

I said. He looked at me over his shoulder.

“You’re amazing”

He smiled. Reaching out, I stroked his cheek.

“You should have just told me Sam. The only thing I have never liked about you was how you treated me. Everything else is, well its perfect”

He turned his body around, so we were lying facing each other.

“I’m nowhere near good enough for you”

I couldn’t help laughing.

“I’m serious. You’re beautiful, funny, and intelligent. Everything about you is perfect. I’m a struggling actor, who can’t even afford his own house”

“You are talking such bullshit”

I laughed again.

“Fine laugh at me”

He huffed. I placed my hand back on his cheek, turning his head, so he was looking at me.

“Sam, these past few days, I’ve seen nothing but a wonderful, funny, sexy as fuck guy. I don’t care what you do; I don’t care where you live. I care about you. I wish you would have spoken to me sooner”

His fingers lightly stroked my cheek.

“Jewel, can I kiss you?”

My stomach did a flip. Oh my god, was this actually happening?


I said. He nodded like he understood. I moved my face closer to his.

“Because I want to kiss you”

I placed my lips against his, and he responded fiercely. His lips were so soft yet firm, he knew exactly what he was doing, and he was making me tingle all over. He spun me onto my back, taking over control. His arms wrapped tightly around my body, and he pulled me closer. His hands slid up the back of my t shirt, caressing my naked skin. God this felt so good, and so right.

I wanted him so badly, like I had never wanted anyone before. When I heard the toilet flush, in the bathroom outside my room, I realised where we were.

“Sam, we have to stop, before this goes too far”

I mumbled against his mouth. He looked down at me.

“I want you so much”

He whispered.

“Me too, but not in my parent’s house”

I laughed.

“Shit, I forgot where we were, damn”

He grinned. He gave me another long kiss, and then placed his forehead against mine.

“We are sleeping at the hotel tomorrow”

He sighed. My insides felt like a million butterflies had just taken flight in there.


I smiled. He lay back down, and pulled my body against his. I lay my head on his chest, and I was asleep within moments. I was woken in the morning by a kiss on my lips. I opened my eyes, and Sam was standing over me.

“Time to get up beautiful”

He smiled.

“MMM, nice way to wake up”

I smiled back. He kissed me again, and then left me to get ready. I took a shower, and got dressed. When I walked into the kitchen, where all the noise was coming from, Sam greeted me with a kiss. It was so nice not to have to pretend I wanted to kiss him.

“Oh god, you’ll put me off my breakfast”

A voice I recognized well said from behind me. I turned and squealed.

“Oh my god, Jason”

I ran to him, and he picked me up, kissing me on the lips.

“I can’t believe you are here, when did you get in?”

“This morning. I’m so happy to see you gorgeous”

“Me too”

I said, kissing him again. We all ate breakfast together, but I realised Sam was being off with me. When my dad asked him if he would go to the reception venue, to take some chairs, he jumped at the chance. I followed them out, and grabbed his arm before he could get in the car.

“Is everything ok?”

I asked. He just nodded.

“Sam, what’s going on, have I done something?”

“No nothing. I guess I should have known you would have other guys after you”

I understood then what he was saying. I started laughing.

“You’re jealous”

“So what”

He sulked. I grinned at him.

“Sam, Jason is my oldest friend”

“I don’t kiss any of my old friends like that”

“Oh my god, Sam, he’s married, to Mark, a man”


“You are so cute”

I teased. He gripped me around the waist with one hand, and grabbed my ass with the other.

“I’ll show you how cute I am later”

He threatened, sending tingles up my spine. He planted a kiss on my lips, and then climbed in the car, leaving me standing there breathless. Jesus, tonight I would be his, in every way. I was so nervous. My mind went back to why Paul had really left me. He called me a frigid bitch. We had been dating for almost a year, and I couldn’t bring myself to sleep with him.

I guess part of me knew he wasn’t the right one to lose my virginity to. Sam however, was exactly what I wanted. I would usually talk to Jess if I had any issues, or questions. But as Sam was her brother, how could I ask her advice on this? I decided I needed to talk to someone, Angie would have to do.

I walked back in the house, and asked Angie if I could have a word. We went to my room, and sat on the bed.

“Is something wrong?”

She asked, looking genuinely concerned.

“I wondered if I could ask you something personal”

“Of course”

“Have you and Dave…you know”

“Have we had sex? Of course we have any chance we get baby”

She laughed. Then her mouth hung open.

“Haven’t you and Paul?”

“Not yet, I was waiting for it to feel right”

“And now it does?”

“God yes”

We both giggled.

“Good for you, he will be an animal in the sack, you can tell”


I gasped.

“Oh come on, look at him, I’m jealous”

I was so surprised, Angie, jealous of me.

“I’m just kind of nervous”

“Oh my god, you’ve never done it before”

She stated, rather than asked. I bit my lip.

“Oh god Jules, stop being nervous, you will love it, believe me”

“I know. If the way he makes me feel when we kiss is anything to go by, I may never let him leave my bed”

We giggled again. I liked this. Angie and I had never really talked like this before. We were usually too busy picking at each other.

“I like us getting along like this”

I smiled.

“Me too, and I’m so happy for you, he’s such a nice guy”

“He really is isn’t he?”

She hugged me, and then stood up.

“Anyway, back to work. But don’t wear yourself out today; you’ll need your energy later”

She winked. I laughed as we headed back downstairs. Again we had a very busy day, but by the time dad and Sam came back, we were thankfully finished. We all sat down and ate supper. Sam and Jason got on like a house on fire, I was so thrilled. Jason’s opinion meant a lot to me.

“Why don’t you two stay here for the rest of the weekend, it would save you money on the hotel”

My dad said to us. I felt awful saying no, how could I say it, without hurting his feelings? Luckily Angie saved the day.

“Actually dad, I’ve told Jason he can stay, I said he could have Jules room”

“Well that should be up to Jules Angela, not you. No offence Jason”

“None taken Mr G”

“That’s fine with me”

I smiled, trying hard to hide the joy. Angie gave me a wink, and I had to stifle a laugh. She saw us to the door, when we were leaving. She hugged me and whispered in my ear.

“I think almost everything is done now, so there is no rush for you to get here early tomorrow”

I smiled at her.

“Thanks Angie”

“Anytime sis”

She looked over my shoulder, directly at Sam.

“Have a good night Paul”

She laughed, and then went back inside. I felt my face blush.

“What did she mean?”

He asked me with a lob sided smile.

“Oh she’s just teasing you. Ignore her”

“You seem to be getting on a lot better”

He said to me, when we climbed in the car.

“We are, thanks to you. You’ve managed to do, what I thought impossible, for many years. You’ve softened my mum and sister. That’s an amazing fete”

“I really like your family, especially your dad. I was given the dad talk today”


I gasped.

“What did he say to you?”

“He asked me to take care of his little girl. Of course I promised I would, especially once I get her back to the hotel”

He smirked. I felt my entire body heat up. A ball of nervousness tightened in my belly. It was actually going to be tonight. I was going to sleep with Sam. A man, who I couldn’t even stand being around a few days ago. When we reached the hotel, he wrapped his arm around me, leading me inside.

As soon as the elevator doors closed, he pinned me against the wall, kissing me. I was in utter heaven. Nobody I had ever kissed made me feel this way. My whole body was alive. His lips moved down my neck, and across my collar bone. I let out a little moan.

“I love that noise”

He grinned up at me. I laughed, this was just so weird. He stopped kissing me, and frowned.

“What’s funny?”

“Sorry, I swear I’m not laughing at anything you’re doing. I just can’t get my head around this. A few days ago, you were the last person who I’d expect to be snogging”

“Well I’ve wanted this for a long time honey, and you’ll be moaning more than laughing soon, believe me”

Moisture gathered at my core. Holy shit, I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me. However much I loved my favourite toy, it had never compared to the throb I was getting now. And that was just through kissing. The lift doors opened, and he took my hand, literally pulling me to our room.

I opened the door, with shaking hands. Once it was open, he gripped around my waist, and lifted me inside. When he placed me back on my feet, I turned to face him, and smiled.

“Just so you know, I fancied you the moment I saw you too”

His sexy smile sent my pulse soaring. He took a few steps back, and sat on the couch. I stood looking at him, slightly confused. I took a step toward him, but he put a hand up, stopping me.


I asked.

“A little dickey bird told me, you once worked in a dancing bar, to raise money for university”

I felt my cheeks flush. Only one person ever knew about that. I would be kicking Jason’s ass tomorrow.

“The thought of you stripping, has had me semi hard all day”

I bit my lip, trying to keep in the laughter. He reached in his pocket, pulling out his phone.

“I even downloaded your favourite song to dance to”

He pressed on the screen and Tom Jones; you can leave your hat on, started playing.

“I’m going to fucking kill him”

I laughed.

“Don’t give the lad a hard time, he thought I knew already”

“So what, you want a lap dance, is that it?”

“No, if you were to do that honey, the night would be over in moments. But I would love to see you strip”

As soon as he said it, I was excited to do it for him. I realised I was suddenly in charge.

“Get the song ready, I’ll be back in a moment”

I smiled. He was suddenly like a child at Christmas. His trembling fingers fiddled with the phone. I rushed to the bedroom. I had learnt that Sam was a talented actor, these last few days. Well now I would show him my talent. I had only worked in the lap dancing club for one summer. But I was the most requested, and the most paid. I had found my niche dancing.

I pulled out my sexiest underwear, and found my summer hat. Perfect, I thought. I quickly changed into the black underwear, and pulled on my short skirt, and white blouse. I would usually wear leggings under this skirt. But the main point, was so he would see my underwear when I bent over.

I tied the blouse in a knot, instead of doing up the buttons. Pulling my hair out of the tie I had had it in all day, I messed it up, so it was all sexy. Then I pulled on a robe, and headed back out. He watched me closely, and when I placed the hat on my head, he drew in a shaky breath. I grabbed a chair, and straddled it, with my back to him.

“Whenever your ready baby”

I smiled over my shoulder. Again he fumbled with the phone, and the music started. I swayed my body to the rhythm, and when he started singing, I slowly slid the rode off my shoulders. When it hit the floor, Sam swore under his breath.


He would obviously be able to see my ass, the skirt was that short. I swivelled my hips, riding an invisible man. Gripping the back of the chair, I lifted up slightly, grinding against the air. I spun around, and sat back down. Starting from my ankles, I ran my hands up my legs. When I reached my knees, I pulled my legs open.

His face was a picture. I thrust my ass forward, so I was off the chair, pushing my pussy toward him. His breathing increased. I sank to my knees, and started undoing the tie on my blouse. I slowly peeled it from my body, revealing my bra. I caught a glimpse of the front of his pants. He wasn’t semi hard anymore, that was for sure.

The skirt came off next. I had my back to him, bending forward over the chair, when I let it drop. “God lord” He gasped. I had to hold in a laugh. I once again straddled the chair, and leaned right back, my hands flat on the floor. My hips continued thrusting. I lowered myself flat onto my back, and then sat up.

I unhooked my bra, and slowly slid each strap off, watching him over my shoulder. He looked almost pained. Turning around, I held my hands over my chest, and slithered closer to him, so I was between his open thighs. I reached out, and placed my hat onto his head. He didn’t make a move to take it off; he was too busy eyeing me closely.

I squeezed my breasts together, whilst twirling my hips. Sam was practically panting. He gasped again, when placed my hands on his thighs, revealing my tits. He reached out to touch me. And I slapped his hand away.

“No touching allowed in this establishment sir”

I said, with a grin. He growled at me. I placed my hands either side of his thighs, and pushed my body up over his. I wasn’t touching him at all, but I could feel the heat off his body. My boobs were practically in his face, and he was hypnotised. I turned and touched my toes, giving him a close up of my ass and soaking pussy. I twirled my hips, and it was obviously too much for him.

He groaned, and grabbed my hips, pulling me onto his lap.

“Enough, I can’t take any more”

He said against my ear. His lips kissed along my neck, and his hands found my aching tits. I lay my head back on his shoulder, and ground my backside against his bulge.

“Fucking hell Jewel, your just, Jesus, I can’t even fucking speak”

I laughed, and reached up to remove the hat. I threw it across the room, and kissed his cheek.

“Your turn”

I grinned. He stopped kissing my shoulder and gaped at me.

“I cannot dance”

I started laughing again.

“I meant your turn to get naked, soft ass”

He reached between us, and took a handful of my bare ass.

“You’re the one with the soft ass honey, and what an ass it is”

He squeezed my cheeks, and I squealed. I jumped up, and spun around, straddling his thighs. I was surprised at how forward I was being, because I was so nervous. But the dancing had loosened me up, and now I just wanted him. I placed my crotch against his, and bucked my hips.

His eyes closed and he hissed between his teeth. I yanked at his t shirt, throwing it aside. I traced the outline of his tattoo.

“This is so fucking sexy”

I muttered. Leaning forward, I ran my tongue along his chest. His hands caressed my back, and backside. Reaching down, I unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned his jeans. He lifted his hips up to pull them and his underwear down. Once they were at his feet, he kicked them off. The only thing between us now, was the thin material of my knickers.

“You are so fucking hot”

He whispered in my ear, while licking, kissing and sucking at my sensitive skin. I felt his fingers slide into the sides of my underwear.

“Do you have spare knickers with you?”

He asked.

“Yeah, why”

As soon as I said yes, he tugged at them. They tore away without a problem. I gasped, oh god that was fucking sexy, I thought. Then my soaking wet pussy was against his solid rod. I felt my body stiffen. He leaned me back slightly, looking deep into my eyes.

“Are you sure you want this?”

He asked. I did, I really wanted this, but I was just scared. Could I actually say that to him though? I realised I had to, he had to know I was a virgin.

“I do, I’m just a bit nervous”

I mumbled, lowering my head. He placed his finger under my chin, tilting my head up, making me look into his eyes.

“Talk to me Jewel”

“I’ve never…”

I couldn’t say it, I felt so embarrassed. He didn’t push me for an answer. His hands moved to my hips, and he positioned me above him.

“Slowly baby”

He said, leaning in and kissing me. I lowered my body, and felt his tip enter me. I sucked in a breath, god it felt so good. There was slight resistance, so he held my body close to his, and thrust forward with more force. After a slight stab of pain, I was in complete heaven.

I hung onto him tight, as he started moving in and out. He moved slowly at first, and then increasing the speed as I adjusted to him. Soon I was matching his thrusts, with my own. I never knew anything could feel so amazing. He pushed me back slightly, adjusting his angle, touching a spot inside me, which made me see stars.

His lips closed around my nipple. He licked, sucked and bit down, sending me soaring. I could feel my orgasm approaching. I pushed onto him harder, taking his whole length inside me. Fuck he was huge, I felt almost painfully full.


He gasped. His fingers curled around my hips, gripping me tightly. Our thrusts became erratic, as we both raced to our finish. When the first wave of pulsing pleasure rushed through me, I almost blacked out. We both moaned out loudly, as I felt his spasms begin. The feeling of him filling me up was too much. I grabbed onto his shoulders and collapsed onto him, letting him take over.

A few more pumps and we were both spent. He kissed along my neck, and cheek, till his lips touched mine. I kissed him hard, and held him close.

“Now you have honey” He whispered in my ear.



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